and i don't know who the other one is

…. I wonder what it took for some of the most vocal voices in this fandom to publicly change their opinion. I mean I know we all get tired, that’s not.. a problem, lol. I’m talking about going from vehemently believing/defending HL, to vehemently being against anyone who believes they’re together. Like what gives?

you know what, how about a masterpost of my completed DC fics because whynot

popular tumblr post: don’t date or be friends with people who [trait i have because of my personality disorder]

me: :-)

How the XNXPs I Know Deal with Negative Emotions

INTP - *Whining intensifies* 

INFP - * Cries laughing at everything that could be considered even slightly humorous and rambles incoherently* 


ENTP - *literally dying inside* Lol have u ever touched a baby’s ear iTS SO SQUISHY EREREHEHREH  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Person: “ How is your day going, ENFP :)? I sure hope it’s great! ” 

ENFP: “STFU YOU EFFING * insert said person’s extremely sensitive insecurity here*” 

*Describes how they’d murder someone in uncomfortably graphic detail*

another thing I remembered that’s great about One Day at a Time is how elena and alex both have a different understanding of spanish. Elena who is the older sister barely speaks it and has more difficulty understanding it than Alex. It’s just such a real and important portrayal of a latinx immigrant family. Not to mention, how a lot of latinx living outside of latin america don’t speak spanish and it’s just so important to highlight this and understand how it plays a part in understanding latinx immigrant identity. 

Post-adventuring, Percival and Lady Vex'ahlia de Rolo host a lot of fancy political dinners in Whitestone and the two of them are notorious for being intimidating as fuck because they’re both absolute legends and at these dinners, they’re charming and funny but every so often one of them will imperiously survey the room, turn to the other and whisper something in the ear of their spouse, who will either nod or whisper something back, face impassive
It’s terrifying

In reality, Percy and Vex have a game they play during boring dinners where they will whisper progressively dirty things to the other, trying to get the other to break, but they both have AMAZING poker faces 

They get away with it for like five years until one day Vex whispers something in Percy’s ear and he turns beet red and spits coffee all over the guy next to him, and spends the next ten minutes apologizing profusely to a very confused diplomat while Lady Vex'ahlia laughs so hard she almost falls out of her chair


a super secret sordid romance between two eternal rivals who hate each other so much that they take literally every opportunity they can to stand together. and bicker. and hold hands. and smile about one another like a pair of idiots.

but not because they like each other or anything geez what even gave you that idea

You know how your parents always warn you that your internet friend “may not be who they say they are”? Well, they’re true; every friend I’ve made online is always the best, the cutest, the most good person, and they always say they’re not. Your parents always tell you how dangerous they are, and they’re right; just the sight of one of their selfies has your heart beating, your chest aching,and it hurts not being with them in real life. Your parents say they’re nothing but trouble, and they’re right; it’s always troublesome when you want to hug someone hundreds and thousands of miles away. . 

Your parents were right about your online friends; just, not in the way you thought. 

KD k-fandom is having their annual gathering now (this year it’s called KADI-ONE). They share lots of cute fanart (in the form of photocards)… I’m so jelly rn.

Me, an old woman sitting in a rocking chair on my front porch: True love? Yes, I remember true love. Two people who fell so deeply in love that they didn’t know what to do with themselves. Inseparable, they were, never apart for a moment. They loved one another so desperately it hurt to watch, so deeply that one could not go a moment without the other. Oh they played it off, didn’t want to admit what they were feeling, some say a greater being was keeping them apart, but I knew. I knew… *sighs* Fucking Star Trek

i often think about how it went with will when he failed to save someone’s life for the first time. i guess it was during the last olympian.

imagine this actual kid who tried everything, but the camper, maybe even his close friend, still died 

i believe chiron was the one who comforted him, because chiron was more than a teacher to him and chiron knew that will, like other demigods, was just a kid who grew up too fast

Reasons to ship Scott x Malia
  • He calls her Lia
  • He was the one who changed her back into a human
  • He was the first person she saw as a human
  • He teaches her
  • “What if I told you that you’re the only one that I have left?”
  • He saw her naked (a lot!) but it isn’t a thing for them
  • They respect each other
  • “What’s wrong with you?” “Nothing” “Your heart is pounding like crazy. Are you nervous?”
  • She sends him home when he wanted to help her with the desert wolf to protect him
  • ”I’m not asking. I’m offering. I’m just saying its okay if you want to [talk]”
  • They both broke up and are free for new love
  • “I can handle Peter” “You can handle him better with me!”
  • ”Malia. It’s okay. You’re safe.” 
  • “Scott you need your inhaler! Scott use it, use your inhaler!”
  • They saved each other many times

-She turns against her own father to protect him

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My name is Rey. Just Rey.

                         Pava. Jessika Pava. Blue Three.

So, I like totally lurk through the mr robot fandom because it’s like half people who wanna ride rami until he splits them in half and like the other half who just think of rami as this total memelord child and poorly photoshop every picture of him one way or another and it’s like I don’t even know what to do with this information. I have no clue how to process it and it’s like im too gay to want to fuck this man but I also don’t think of him as a child and I just appreciate his acting and wanna get a beer with him. Where do I fit in?

“Who are you and why are you following me?” The man hisses in Credence’s face. He is looming so close, all heat and vitriol – just like the other Mr. Graves. A full body shiver takes Credence, the tremble unwilling to leave him afterward, settling deep underneath his skin.

“No one, I’m no one.”

It’s the wrong thing to say.

Mr. Grave shifts. Credence can’t see it, but he gets the distinct impression there is something being held at his throat – a wand, likely. Give it to Mr. Graves to stand his ground. Credence should have been more careful, should have factored in that Mr. Graves is deadly and feels cornered, even though Credence is the one up against the wall.

Two years ago, Credence would have nearly died of fright.

Two years ago, Credence would have ripped the city apart at the seams.

autumn dusk at central park by @brawlite

So the awesome Brawls wrote this gorgeous Gradence fic, packed with FEELS and pining that I die for, and graciously let me read the story while they have been working on it so I have been drooling nonstop for the past few days. I simply love this moment where Graves catches Credence following him, so I had to draw something.