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North Stars - Peter Parker X Reader (Soulmate AU)

A/N: I heard that @tbholland was having an AU night last night and decided to write this as quick as I could, hope it’s good and that you guys like it (sorry if it’s a bit late btw, I tried to write this before today and failed xD) 💜💜

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You never really believed in North Stars, to you they were just another set of soulmates who found each other in a different and rarer style, buy to everyone else they were more than just soulmates, soulmates made each other happy and the had either similar interests or completely different that they learned to love, North Stars were homes, the person you would never leave, and you only ever had one North Star, you could have multiple soulmates. How it worked was that every 25 years, two people were given compasses that would lead them to each other and they would live happily ever after when they finally found their North Star. But there was a catch, every 25 years, the compasses were only given to people on their 15th birthday, as to give them more time to find their North Stars as everyone theorised. The truth was, no one really knew why it was a thing.

You had heard that Peter Parker, funnily enough, your best friend, had received one. Rumour was that his was acting weird, like it was constantly near some kind of magnetic field, which meant his North Star hadn’t received one. No one expected Peter to get one, but you somehow knew, the little bit of hope knew he would be the one to get the next compass, and you were so afraid that you wouldn’t be next.

That’s why you were dreading when you woke up on your birthday, Sunday, the day before you would have everyone asking you if you had gotten one, it was the same for every other fifteen year old, and you knew you wouldn’t be any different. You sighed before smiling, hearing the rushing steps of your little brother as he ran into your room, pushing the door open and jumping onto your bed, just missing landing on your stomach.

“Hey! Watch it, kid! You could’ve killed me!” You said jokingly, pulling your brother into a hug as he tried to squirm away.

“Let me go! I regret this! Someone help!” Your brother called jokingly as you gave him a kiss on the cheek before letting him go, deciding to just go through the day in your pyjamas, it was your birthday right? You planned on just having a family day inside anyway, it was oddly better that way.

“Hey Y/N! You have two packages! One’s from that Parker kid and the other’s unmarked. What should I do with them?” You heard your older sister call as you walked into the kitchen with your little brother, your sister walking in seconds after you with the packages.

“Um, I guess keep them both, could you put them in my room, please?” You asked, kind of confused. Yes, Peter always sent you packages on your birthday, but the truth was, you had been ignoring him ever since he got his compass in fear that he would only talk about his North Star and what they would be like, the thought alone brome you every time. And the unmarked package spoke for itself really, but your parents very openly assumed what it was.

“Maybe it’s your compass? Why don’t you open it? Or are you going to open Peter’s first like always?” Your mom asked, making you blush slightly as you looked at the dining table you were now sitting at.

“I uh, think I’m going to wait to open Peter’s this year, save it for last I guess.” You said, still looking at the table, your flustered look now replaced an unsure gaze.

“O-okay, what about the unmarked one? Do you want to open that now?” Your mom asked and you shook your head.

“I’ll open them later, right now I just want to spend time with you guys.”

Which was what you did, watching whatever movies you could find as the two packages sat in your room, two of them being very important, just in two different ways.


You walked into your room, tired, but not enough to fall asleep just yet. You got a few things from your family, nothing too big, but you still wondered what the unmarked package was. That was when there was a knock at the door, your dad going to answer it as you sat on your bed and grabbed Peter’s gift.

You opened up the box and immediately came face to face with something you didn’t expect, it was a little spider necklace on top of a white/light pink corsage. You smiled before hearing a tap at your window, somehow knowing that it was him as you quickly let him into your room.

“So? Will you be my date to Homecoming?” Peter asked and you nodded, smiling before your face falling slightly.

“What about your North Star? What if you find them before then?” You asked, unsure about what he would do. Would he leave you for them? Would he stay with you out of pity before going to find them? You really weren’t sure.

“They can wait, Y/N, I’ve known you forever and I really care about you. It doesn’t matter where my North Star is, they can wait, I want to spend time with you like I would them. You’re special to me, and if that means not finding the person for me just to be with you for as long as I can, then I won’t go out and find them, and if they find me, they’ll have to wait.” Peter said and you smiled before your dad knocked on your open door, a slight smile on his face as you and Peter looked at him holding a package for you.

“Here you go, Y/N/N. Peter, you better be careful with her, otherwise I won’t be the one you have to worry about, you’ll need to keep your eyes open around her mother.” Your dad said as he passed you another package, this one only having “Congratulations!” on it, you furrowed your eyebrows as Peter nervously nodded at your dad.

“Do you know what this is? That’s two kind of unmarked packages I’ve gotten today, and I don’t know which one’s creeping me out more.” You said before Peter grabbed the other one and inspected it slightly, shaking it ever so slightly to hear nothing, even though the box was heavy. “That one freaks me out more, definitely.” You said as you pointed to the one in Peter’s hand, him nodding in agreement as he held it normally again.

“On the count of three?” He said, well, more like asked and you nodded, the both of you sitting down as you let out a sigh.



“Three!” You both said as you started opening the packages, Peter opening the one he had much faster as he dropped it on the ground, making you look up in time to see something fly out of the box.

“Shit! What the fuck is that?” You asked as you grabbed a wooden plank that was once apart if your old bed, one that you destroyed a couple weeks ago and kept this piece, just in case.

“How am I supposed to know?” Peter asked before trying to web the thing, unintentionally making it fly towards you as you batted it away with the plank, but it didn’t stay down long before you went into the hallway and grabbed the baseball bat your dad bought years ago that no one ever used. Until now at least.

“Peter! I got the bat! Open the window wider!” You said as you ran back towards your room, your family hearing he commotion and following you as Peter opened the door and, seeing your family, jumped onto your bed and flipped, grabbing the thing before throwing it your way. You swing the baseball bat and the thing goes flying out the open window, both you and Peter running towards the window to close it as the thing came flying back.

“I thought you were the tech nerd, that why I asked. Look, it’s all technology, it’s hidden, but not very well.” You said, still breathing a but fast before the thing moved and you backed up, that was before seeing it hold up a congratulations sign, it set off a mini firework before backing up, blowing itself up as pieces of it went flying.

“What was that?” You heard your sister ask as you and Peter shrugged, turning around and leaning on the wall next to each other before you little brother walked up to you with something in his hands.

“Y/N! It’s your compass!” He said, making you and Peter freeze slightly, knowing what that meant as you slowly took it from your brother, seeing the compass pointing towards Peter as you started to smile.

“Well, I never expected that one.” You said as you both smiled, Peter kissing you as you both smiled, your brother making disgusted noises as he turned away. You pulled away from Peter before his pocket beeped, he pulled it out and you saw that it was from Tony Stark.

“Hey guys, um, I’m gonna quickly take this. Y/N, could you come with me?” Peter asked and you nodded, following out the door as he led you up to the roof, answering the call as soon as you both got there.

“Hey guys, how’d you like my gift for Y/N? I mean, it kinda blew up practically in your faces, but I heard that you guys are North Stars and decided to have a little fun.” Tony said, making you sigh a little in relief as Peter smiled at you, but that was before you realised what he said.

“Wait! How did you know?” You and Peter asked at the same time, earning you a slight laugh from Tony as he looked at you through Peter’s phone.

“You guys are really uneducated in this, everyone knows before you, it gets spread by someone at the right time so, by the time the last person gets their compass, everyone knows. Trust me kids, you’re gonna be the stars of the school for this, no one gets a break after becoming a North Star. My friend was apart of the last pair, she’s still gets asked about it, and it’s been 25 years.” He said and you and Peter looked at each other, not really knowing what to say before something on Tony’s end started beeping, bring your attention back to the billionaire. “Sorry children, Uncle Tony has to go deal with a few things, be good. Oh, and don’t let anyone get to you tomorrow, it’s a good thing that your North Stars, no heartbreak. Bon voyage!” Tony said before hanging up, leaving you and Peter a little stunned before you looked at each other again.

“Well, um, I didn’t know he cared so much.” You said, slightly laughing in disbelief, as Peter smiled at you.

“It really depends on how he’s feeling. But uh, what about tomorrow? How are we gonna deal with work and stuff if everyone wants to know about… This.” He said, holding up his compass a little as you shrugged.

“I guess we’ll figure it out, somehow.” You said and he smiled at you, kissing you again like you had been together forever, which it was already starting to feel like.

Not that you complained.


A/N: As usual, don’t know how good this is, sorry for any mistakes, but I really like this AU and I’ve been trying to write it for ages, but this is the best I’ve written on it, so this is the one I’m posting xD

Bonus (kinda):

“I love your pyjamas by the way.”

“Shut up, Parker.”

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In stream the other day, we started talking about an Avengers Mall AU, and now I can’t stop thinking about it, because I have so many years of bad retail stories built up in my head and non-powered AUs usually don’t work for me, but the longer I think about it, the funnier this gets.

Steve and Sam are two guys who retired from their military branches and teamed up to run an artesian bespoke candy shop.  Steve has no idea half of their sales comes from the fact that Sam put the candy pulling hook in the front window and teenage girls just stand there, drooling.  Sam is totally aware of this, and uses it to ALL his advantage when he’s doing the sugar work.  

Bucky took a part time job at the Hot Topic across the way because hell, he was spending all his time hanging out with Sam and Steve, might as well get paid.  He was the only reliable employee over the age of seventeen; he is now the manager and he’s FURIOUS about it.  His staff is made up of Nico, Kamala and Sam Alexander and various people who get hired and then don’t make it through the training because Bucky glaring at you while you take register training is just SO HARD TO HANDLE.  No one is sure if he’s after Sam or Steve or both.

The SHIELD crew runs a pretty decent mall restaurant, but yeah, used to be a Golden Corral and Fury reserves the right to yell “Do you see a buffet here?” at anyone dumb enough to think it still is.  He doesn’t actually do it, because most of the people who are confused enough to ask are retirees who remind him of his grandma, but still.  He reserves the right.  Nat is a truly terrifying line cook, Maria’s front of house, and Phil’s the head waiter.  Clint doesn’t actually work there, but he’ll put on an apron and belt out an impressive rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ in exchange for free food, and no one else on staff wants to do it, so he eats there A LOT.

Clint is always in the mall.  In the back corridors.  Hanging out in the food court.  Wandering up and down the anchor store escalators.  Everyone thinks he works somewhere else.  No one knows where he actually works.  There is a betting pool.  It has been building for YEARS.

Jan runs the sort of high end boutique that has like, four outfits in two sizes on six gigantic racks.  There are no prices.  You do not ask how much it is. You know if you can afford it.  If she likes you, you can afford it.

Thor runs the hardware store.  No one knows why the hardware store is there.  This is not the sort of place one would see a hardware store.  Thor says he inherited it from his father, and it was there before the mall, and no one really wants to look into it.  Mostly, they seem to get by on selling knives..  Big knives.  Little knives.  Knives as long as your arm.  They get by on selling knives, because who’s buying screws at this place?  Oh, right, anyone Sif TELLS to buy screws.  "You need screws.“  "Oh, no, I-”  "You can always use more screws.“  "Y-yes, ma'am.”  She might be domming half of their customers without knowing it.  The Warriors Three run the stock room.  Badly.

Bruce runs the used bookstore down on the lower level where he can’t really afford the rent but the mall management like saying there’s a bookstore, and no one else is going to rent that hole, so he gets to stay, hiding in his piles and piles and piles of used books.  Mostly science and history, but he does a brisk business in romance novels and murder mystery paperbacks.  He likes it down there.  He wishes people would stop trying to get him to come upstairs to socialize.  He also kind of wishes people would stop coming down TO socialize.  His cousin Jennifer runs the register and helps the customers most days, she’s very quiet and very mild mannered and wears very lumpy clothes and giant eighties style glasses, so no one recognizes her when she goes to her second job, as a crossfit instructor for the gym on the top floor.  Jenn is, as they say, RIPPED. Put her in a leotard and her whole personality changes, it’s like she’s a different person.

Carol is a recovering alcoholic ex-pilot who runs the bar at the ‘bad’ chain restaurant down on the far end of the ground floor.  Other than the SHIELD place or the food court, it’s the only place to eat in the mall, and honestly, you’d be better off in the food court.  The food is trash, but she can mix a mean mojito and she knows every secret of every worker in the place, and she’s paid double on Saturdays because she’s her own bouncer.

Jessica Drew runs the arcade on the main floor, one of those stupid ones with 'glow mini-golf’ and games that constantly spit out tickets, you know, legalized gambling for children.  It’s a chain, but the give out far too many prizes and she and her staff (Peter, Miles, Anya) would be fired if they also weren’t the highest grossing location on the eastern seaboard.  They throw the best birthday parties in the state, and have a waiting list that’s like, months long.

Wanda’s shop sells… Something.  No one knows what any of this stuff does.  Or if it’s legal to own.  But when you find something you want, OH GOD YOU REALLY WANT IT.  She mostly sits and reads, and drinks tea from Hank McCoy’s tea shop. 

Stephen Strange quit his job as a surgeon and retired to run a magic and joke shop.  If you ask him why, he just shrugs and said he made some very bad choices.  A relative somewhere oversea, Asia, Clint says it was somewhere in Asia, died and left him some sort of inheritance.  So now he just sells fake rubber vomit and teaches slight of hand.  Buy him a drink, and learn more than you wanted to know about card tricks.  Walk into his shop, and be prepared to sit through at LEAST four card tricks before you can escape.

Greer run’s “Tigra’s Treasure Trove” on the second floor, it’s the anime and manga and gaming and comic shop.  She wears cat ears and a tail.  Every day.  No one’s sure if she does it to bring in the otaku, or if it’s a lifestyle choice.  No one wants to ask.

Tony owns the mall.  Owns like a hundred malls across the country.  No one knows, Obie does the day to day running of the management company, but Tony owns them.  He’s mostly in it for the buying and selling, but he likes this mall.  This one.  He likes it here.

He has a Sharper Image type store on the top floor.  It’s him and Rhodey and Pepper and Pepper will kill them both one of these days but he sells the sort of stuff you do not need but God you want it.  You walk into his store and it’s all apple store chic, white and chrome and gleaming surfaces, collapseable tablets and robots and holographic projectors and all the geek chic that you want and everyone in the mall wants something from him, they’ve all got something on layaway (he only does layaway for other retail workers because he doesn’t want to keep track of this stuff) except Steve and it makes him insane.  He spends far too much time trying to figure out what he can stock or create or build that will get Steve into his shop.

Pepper calls them “Steve-Grabbers,” Like 'grandma grabbers’ but designed to attract the most sincere hipster she’s ever met and she’d kill Tony over adding this stuff to stock without telling her, but it all sells.  It all sells.  In his desperate attempt to attract Steve, Tony misses and attracts EVERYONE ELSE.

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hey. i hope this isn't too weird but i don't know who else to ask. do you know the name of this artist who drew pinup-style posters depicting the perfect gentleman (like, very masculine-themed art in general) but he'd actually been using his boyfriend as his model all along? i remember seeing a post about him on tumblr a long, long time ago, but i can't find it anymore.

Hi ! 

First of all I’m sorry for the while I was busy like never before BUT I think I know the illustrator you are looking for :)

It’s probably J.C. Leyendecker and you’re right he used his lover Charles Beach as reference for his paintings. 

Here is some of them:

I hope it helps ! 

Have a beautiful day and thank you very much for your question ! 


what the signs say when being called out on their bullshit
  • Taurus: Ignores you; Acts like they didn't hear what you accused them of
  • Gemini: Just smiles and doesn't respond to you
  • Cancer:
  • Leo: I did it because I CAN and if I want to I can do it again and you don't have the right TO SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT
  • Virgo: Can you prove it? No? Then stop talking
  • Libra: Sorry, it was unintentional...
  • Scorpio: What? I never did anything wrong. YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE WHO'S WRONG HERE
  • Sagittarius: Okay let me tell you why you're wrong kiddo-
  • Capricorn: I don't know what you're talking about, you're being dellusional. Get ur shit together
  • Aquarius: I'll give you 5 bucks if you shut up about it and not tell anyone
  • Pisces: Shut up don't be such a crybaby about it. BITCH I SACRIFICED MYSELF FOR YOU I did it for everyone else's good you will see that in 3 years

I want to be a reporter. I can’t believe I didn’t see it before.

Hamilton Characters as things my friends and I have said
  • Alexander: I think I read somewhere that if you haven't slept for twelve days then you die, I havent slept in six days, let's fucking go
  • John: my dad got mad at me because now we have five cats because I just keep feeding them
  • Aaron: there are no wrong opinions, except for yours, because you are wrong
  • Hercules: I'm wearing fucking unicorn leggings, do they fit me? Fuck no, do I look fabulous? You better fucking beleive it
  • Lafayette: *speaks french on the phone to parents* *hangs up* I need to speak my second language now or else I'll forget everything for fucks sake
  • Angelica: why are all my catch phrases just telling people how dumb they are
  • Eliza: they don't like me? I'm going to show up at their house with a cake
  • Peggy: *holds cheap Iron Man mask where her face is in the mirror* WHEN WILL MY REFLECTION SHOW WHO I AM INSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE
  • George Washington: hello yes, as your dad I like to inform you *takes a lunchbox out of bag* I've packed you a lunch son
  • Thomas Jefferson: I'm sorry I didn't see them and as you know if I didn't see them they don't exist
  • James Madison: *turns to someone he doesn't like* YOU'RE NOT COOL
  • King George: *in class* *turns to person next to them* you're smart, do it for me
  • Phillip: well sir, I have never been stabbed but I imagine it would be quite inconvient
  • Maria Reynolds: oh they're together? Huh.....I'm going to fuck that up

I think Roger Waters’s voice is concrete proof that you don’t need to be an amazing vocalist to make good music. You just have to be passionate about your music and use your emotions as a catalyst for your voice.

in which flash lives in a fancy house and peter and michelle are far too dorky for their own good.

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine (THIS ONE!)

  • okay, so like. mj always knew that flash was wealthy, you know. he drives a really fancy car and he wears an expensive watch. his hair is always styled in that…rich dude way. but she’s never really had to face how wealthy he truly is until she’s driving deep into the suburbs, surrounded on either side by houses that keep getting larger and more grandiose.
  • ned is in the back just, gawking. “that house is the size of my apartment building!” “oh my goodness, is that a fountain?” “that car has a rolls royce just parked in the driveway!” and ned’s gasping breaths are the soundtrack to their car ride because peter’s phone died and they don’t know the radio stations this far out of the city.
  • when they finally pull up to his house, there is a large driveway that leads up to an even larger house. cars are lined up and down the block and they seem some people from school walking up the driveway. mj parks around the corner and takes a deep breath. she turns around to look at ned and betty and smiles, “ready?”
  • when she looks back at peter, he has the odd look on his face that she doesn’t really want to deal with right now. “ready, loser?” she asks him. and before he can answer, she opens the car door and stretches. when she walks around the car, peter is waiting for her. “ready as ever.” he answers.
  • she can’t help it so she wraps her arms around his shoulders and he wraps his arm around her waist. they walk like that to the party, peter snug under her arm and him pulling her close.
  • she ignores the smug look on ned’s face when he wiggles his eyebrows at her. she just turns and looks straight ahead, allowing herself to enjoy the feel of his fingers squeezing at her waist.

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i think jieun won't die because bum is NOT A KILLER and he's going to try to kill sangwoo since he doesn't love him anymore (ch.15) so they either run away together or jieun runs and she's going to find seungbae and he's going to save bum and that's how the bl will start because i refuse to accept sangwoo/bum toxic relationship to be the focus of this story, also seungbae is the only one who can save bum

Ji Eun will most likely die. Bum will most likely help Sangwoo kill her either willingly (because he listens to what Sangwoo says) or unwillingly (because he wants to save his own neck. literally.). Bum has BPD which can make him feel different things for Sangwoo as seen throughout the entire Killing Stalking series up until its current chapter. Bum will not be able to kill Sangwoo even if he tries because he does not have the physical capabilities to do so. Bum also cannot run away because of the current condition his legs are in. Ji Eun is handcuffed to the basement which means she is definitely no longer capable of running away. The door is also apparently locked and cannot be opened from the inside. The BL started from Chapter 1 when we learned that Bum had a thing for Sangwoo. The manhwa and its description are centered on Bum and Sangwoo who do, in fact, have a toxic relationship which is ultimately the focus of the story. Also, Seungbae, the only one who can save Bum, is probably running around with coffee cups in his hands right about now.

dooble for day 3 of @dirkweek. floating… hogwarts… au… thing?? idk my son being happy makes me happy

woW tumblr messed up the quality. click for a not blurry version?

  • Sarada: Boruto!(Stomps towards him)
  • Boruto: What?!(glances annoyed )
  • Sarada: I found something of yours!
  • Boruto: Like what? (Confused stare)
  • Sarada: This!(Shoves diary in his face)
  • Boruto: Hey! You stole my diary! Thats personal! (Glaring)
  • Sarada: I didn't! You left it laying around on the train from our last mission idiot!
  • Boruto: So What! Doesn't make sense you're so work up over it!
  • Sarada: Oh yes it does! You wrote how much you adore my father, to the point of falling for him!
  • Boruto: Ew, What? No! ( gags)
  • Sarada: Don't deny it!
  • Boruto: I'm not denying anything! ( throws hands up in the air)
  • Sarada: I'll refresh your memory! (Opens diary)
  • Boruto: Hey! don't open it! ( reaches for the diary)
  • Sarada: Dear diary a certain someone in my life has unexpectedly made feel butterflys. The way their dark raven hair blows in the wind, how their pitch black eyes turn a bloody red when angry. Its so wrong but I can't help feeling this way.
  • Boruto: ................ (sweat drops, blushes)
  • Sarada: You can't feel that way about my dad!
  • Boruto: I don't! Dattebasa!
  • Sarada: Who else would you be talking about!
  • Boruto: Ugh, just drop it you weird girl!
  • Sarada: No!(Steps closer)
  • Boruto: (grabs her shoulders)
  • Sarada: (Sharingan activated)
  • Boruto: Its you! You dumb raven haired, pitch black eyed, sharingan welding freak!
  • Sarada: ...................... ( widened eyes & blushes)
  • Extra
  • Chocho: I knew it! (Hiding in the bushes eating chips)
  • Mitsuki: So did I.
  • Chocho: Ah! You scared me!
  • Mitsuki: Sorry.
  • Chocho: Yeah you should be! Their feelings are out in the open, ours should be as well!
  • Mitsuki: You still have that sickness I see. Focus on getting that fix.
  • Chocho: I Know you love me, you're just playing hard to get. (Winks & flips hair)

Thank you for 1K, I honestly don’t know how I have such a large following but I appreciate it.

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“i’ve been travelling a lot and somehow you’re in every single city i go to seriously what the fuck who even are you how are you doing this” au

Kay, so I know you were thinking Andreil and them meeting under different names - or at least with Neil having different names. Don’t ask me why that lead me to think “spy au” when it really should have been a soulmate au. (Also don’t ask me about this spy au I have no idea what I was doing, I don’t even know if they’re actually spies or it’s just a mobster thing, I don’t *k n o w*)


There was something off about the whiskey in this city.

It didn’t seem to matter which pub he stepped into – any local brew here in Bornholm had a certain… something in the taste of it. Perhaps something to do with the cask the brew had been aged in… but he couldn’t be sure…

“What do you know of Danish whiskey?” Andrew asked, to seemingly no one. The bartender, bored of cleaning glasses, tossed him a curious glance and then scanned the room, seeing only distant guests chatting quietly by the windows. She might have answered him if he had spoken in Danish. But his question had been voiced in Russian and it was intended for the man looming behind him in the shadows.

The bartender startled when the man sat down beside him. Clearly, she hadn’t known he was there. Typical, Andrew thought, for one of Riko’s Kingsmen.

“Very little, I’m afraid,” the man answered, somehow not making any creaks or squeaks in the aged wooden bar stools. “I never grew the taste nor the interest.” A small wave of his hand dismissed the bartender, who had come over in anticipation of an order to break the monotony of her day. Disappointed, she let them be.

“Not going to run?” The man asked, curious but not thrown off-balance by the abrupt difference in their regular routine of international cat and mouse. Such grace was probably expected when running in Riko’s inner circles.

“You always seem to find me,” Andrew mused, swirling his off-tasting whiskey in its tumbler. “How is that, exactly?”

“You are stupid enough to think Riko cannot find you.”

Andrew chuckled to himself. “Riko cannot find anything I don’t want him to find.” He took a sip of his drink, then turned to his companion and looked him up and down. Grey, non-descript clothes and a wool trench coat, revealing nothing about his build, style, wealth, or loyalties (national or otherwise). He was as inconspicuous as ever. “I meant why is it you who always comes? You’ve hardly been effective at bringing me in.”

The man said nothing, did nothing, and Andrew almost laughed. “Who is it who’s found me this time? Alex, Alfons, Sven? I’ve lost track the number of aliases you’ve given to me to burn.”

“Call me Joseph.” Andrew scowled, pretending that barb didn’t dig under his skin. It was a stinging reminder that he knew next to nothing of the man Riko kept sending to pursue him – whereas Andrew’s life story was parceled somewhere in a neat little file folder and Joseph had read it. Probably more than once. “He won’t play this game much longer, you know. You’ll have to fight back eventually.”

“Will I?”

“You’re running out of cities to hide in and Riko knows it.”

“Does he think he’s running me into a corner?” Andrew finished off his whiskey, letting the burn of alcohol remind him to hold his tongue as much as possible. For Aaron’s sake. “You know the fun thing about traps? When they go off, it doesn’t make a difference who fell into them.”

“…You mean to turn Riko’s own plans against him?”

“I plan to let Riko orchestrate his own downfall and laugh from Hell when he joins me there.”

Joseph fell silent, a hand brought to his chin as he contemplated this new information. Andrew’s eye caught on the tattooed ‘4’ on his cheek and he almost reached to itch at the ‘5’ mirrored on his own face. Instead, he motioned for another drink, trying not to worry that he had revealed too much. Let Joseph scurry back to the Raven King with this warning. Let Riko be on his guard, let Riko grow suspicious and paranoid – whatever it took to keep Moriyama eyes following the wrong twin.

Even if it made his skin crawl to be made prey again, made his hair stand on end every time he felt eyes follow his movements behind his back.

Hell would be an eternal rest compared to this hunt.

Joseph’s ice blue eyes flickered back towards Andrew when the bartender brought over his second drink. Smoothly, Joseph plucked the drink from Andrew’s hand and took a quick sip of it himself. Setting it back he merely said, “Tastes like wine.”

Andrew peered in the glass, as though he would be able to see what Joseph meant by merely staring hard enough. Wine in whiskey…? After his own sip, he began to debate whether he was curious enough to google about Danish whiskey later on. He decided he wasn’t.

Joseph stood, again in such a way that no sound was made, even though the chair was pushed back against the floor. “When he sends Drake,” Andrew ignored the impulse to flinch, “you’ll know he’s done preparing.”

“Drake, huh?” Andrew drawled, remembering that the name would mean nothing to Aaron. “Will that be another alias of yours?”

Joseph violently gripped the back of his chair. Andrew had the crazy idea that Joseph would have preferred to seize Andrew’s own hair. Or maybe his neck. “Drake will know you when he sees you.” Carefully, Joseph leaned in close to Andrew’s ear and whispered, “Like I did, Andrew.”

Now that was surprising.

Andrew took a minute to stare Joseph down, scrutinized his every feature for recognition that must be there. Black hair, he thought, eyeing auburn waves. Merryhill Elementary. Sacramento, he remembered, memories of keeping his distance from all the other students and watching one other boy do the same.

“Abram…” He didn’t say it so much as the name simply escaped his mouth, running along his exhale the same way Abram had run all those years ago, in the middle of October. Everyone had called him William back then, but Andrew had noticed he never responded to it and had bullied him into telling his real name. Andrew had never told anyone else and he had never actually spoken the name aloud before now.

Not even six years after Merryhill, when he had spotted a boy bearing a striking resemblance to Abram that he almost called out. They were in Phoenix then, his foster family roaming some mall or other on the only vacation Andrew had ever seen as a child. He might have said hello, just to investigate, but the boy’s mother was yanking him away, scolding him for reckless behaviour and calling him Casper.

His eyes were brown then, Andrew thought, wary of the pale blue that barred Abram’s soul from him.

“You need the Queensguard,” Abram insisted, unshaken by Andrew’s remembrance. “Let Kevin help you.”

Andrew scoffed, unconvinced. If Andrew had heard the rumours of the Queensguard, an inner group rebellious to Riko’s Kingsmen, then Riko already knew about it. “Kevin is the one who needs help.”

“Why do you think he kept sending me to find you?” Abram finally relaxed his grip on the chair, seeming to relax now that their games and deceptions were done with. How long had he been waiting for Andrew to realize? Did he think he already had? “I told Kevin after the first mission that you weren’t Aaron and it only made him want you worse.”

“Should I be flattered?”

“You are of invaluable worth to Kevin, much more so than your brother is to Riko. Aaron is Riko’s grudge and his betrayer but you? You could be Kevin’s answer.”

Andrew glared and pressed a knife to Abram’s thigh in one quick move. “I am nobody’s answer.”

Abram pushed on, “Kevin’s Queensguard has all the pieces but he’s no match for Riko as a mastermind. You? You’ve already outsmarted Riko a dozen times over, toying with him on this wild goose chase. But Riko’s gonna tire of playing the game by your rules and when he sends Drake for you and discovers the truth, there will be nothing you can do to protect your brother.”

The knife dug two inches into flesh. Andrew wondered if he expected Abram to react with more than a blink of surprise. As one of Riko’s Kingsmen, Abram was probably used to knives, used to torture.

Aaron had been.

“You need bigger toys,” Abram insisted, backing away and off of Andrew’s now-bloody knife. Abram, to his credit, only shifted his weight and pulled his coat tighter, ensuring no bloodstain could be seen. “Come to Paris eight days from now. Meet Kevin yourself and see if you can do better on your own.”

And then, before Andrew said anything else, Abram laid some Euros on the bar and left, no limp apparent to any eye less discerning than Andrew’s. He wondered if he ought to demand more specific details on where exactly in Paris he was supposed to meet Kevin but he decided not to worry.

If he was in the city when the time came, Abram would be sure to find him.

  • John: Is there something you want to know, Merle?
  • Merle: *pauses* Yeah! There is something I would like to know. Are you my friend?
  • Griffin narrating John: The smile drops from his face, and he stands up and I think he reaches out his hand---with the fire---but he pulls it back down, and-uh-he kinda shakes his head and he says
  • John: What am I doing?
  • Griff: And he looks out the window for, like, a minute without talking... and he turns back to you and says
  • John: To, have friendship, Merle, it requires you to... Love someone and be invested in your shared happiness and these things, Merle, friendship and love and happiness.... They're -they're all so... Small. In the grand scheme of things, Merle, they last a second. And I just don't, *sighs*. What bring you happiness, Merle? I know that the game is over but... Wha-what brings you joy, Merle, please I- give me this freebie- I'm-just tell me.
  • Merle: What brings me joy.... is... Life. I think you've can find joy---anywhere, in life. I think it's a conscience choice. I think you- you choose joy. In life, and no matter how bad things are-no matter how crummy-no matter how dark.... You find joy. I found joy, honest to god, gettin' to know ya! I found joy playing chess with ya! I find joy in whatever I do! I don't always do things right 'nd I don't always do things smart, but whatever I do... I find joy in it, because at the end of the day, thats all ya got! You can always come back to the joy ya had, to the joy ya found, to the joy you gave other people!
  • Griff: Uhm, I think his back is turned to you for most of this as he just kinda looks out the window. He says
  • John: I think there was probably a time where I had joy- where I e-experienced fleeting happiness or anger or fear but god, it's just been so long. Merle, I... I used to spend my days considering the nature of time and existence- maybe that brought me joy, once, but unlike everybody else whoever thought about those questions, whoever pondered the meaning of it all... I, and you may find this hard to believe, but, I solved it, Merle, I saw the fullness of time. I- I pondered eternity and was the first person, and only person, to successfully visualize it's treacherous arch.
  • Griff: He sits back down-uh-across the chess board from you and he says
  • John: You're a man of the cloth, Merle, certainly you've wondered too about what awaits our conscienceness after death or-
  • Griff: and he laughs. He says
  • John: Perhaps for some people who think about it, ther-theres nothing but infinite oblivion that the eternal erasure of your conscienceness or-fo-for some it's eternal life and their god's glorious kingdom or eternal cycling through all the inhabitants of their world. Any of these options, Merle, any of them are just, i-erasure or contentment or revival. Any of those are fine as abstract concepts, but eternally, Merle. Eternally? You can't possibly conceive of the length of eternity, Merle. I have. It's maddening and hopeless, but it's this burden we're all saddeled with from the moment of our creation. it's a finishline that by it's definition will never arrive. It stretches forever and ever- it's too ambivilent to even taunt those trapped behind it. It is the cruel price of existence, Merle, and it is too horrible to bear, once you've seen it. Existence, Merle. LIFE, Merle! It's horrible... to exist. To live is... horrible.
  • Griff: And he, kind of, chuckles and he realizes he got a little carried away there.
  • Merle: I don't think I want to hang out with you anymore, John. I think I'm take off... and you can continue... wallowing in your sadness and your oblivion 'nd seein' nothin' but the negative and I'm gonna go on my way... and I tell you what! If we ever meet each other somewhere in infinity, you can apologize to me and tell me you were wrong.
  • Griff: He chuckles a little bit, and he turns towards you and he says-
  • John: I'm sorry you feel that way. You're the first person who I've, sorta, talked about this to who hasn't listened. There were... everyone listened, Merle. I'm not being hyperbolic. Every person in the world was swayed. I don't know why you're different... but everyone else listened. Everything! Everyone across out whole plane of existence, ou-our shared vexation, with life, covered the world like a blanket, and soon every bird in the sky and every tree and every forest and every blade of grass and grain of sand, shared our fury, and it wasn't long before... It changed us.
  • Griff: And I think as he's talking, Merle, you see this scene outside this constant orange sunset start to turn inky and black, with these colorful ribbons of light you've seen inside the hunger-so many times. And he says-
  • John: We changed our entire plane into something new all together. A single being fueled by discontentment, searching for something bigger than this existence. Regardless of the cost.
  • Griff: He turns towards you and he says-
  • John: You call us the Hunger. That's not entirely inaccurate, cause we are hungry, but it would be more accurate to simply call us dissatisfaction, but soon-
  • Griff: and he holds up his hand, and says-
  • John: You will call us Ascendant.
  • Merle: Well, we'll see. John? Thanks for the chess game and kiss my ass you sanctimonious bastard.
  • Griff: He frowns and says-
  • John: Huh. I feel sad.
  • Griff: And he kills you.
More To The Story - J. A.

Y/N: Guess who’s back, back again. It’s me if you couldn’t tell. Sorry if you wanted someone else, you’re stuck with me. Anyway, I’m rambling again. So I got this lovely request and for the first time ever I had no idea where I was going with it. I really don’t know how to feel about this so please tell me what you think. I hope I did it justice and you enjoy reading. Love you guys!

Requested: yes

You sneaked out of your room and went down the stairs carefully, trying not to make any sounds. You checked your phone. 1:04 a.m. Letting out a yawn, you zoned out for a minute but quickly composed yourself. You couldn’t risk getting caught by one of the boys. Turning on the flashlight on your phone, you turned around the corner and tiptoed into the kitchen. Now it was time to wait. After five long minutes Jack finally walked through the door, looking over his shoulder one more time before making his way to you. As soon as he reached you he pulled you into a tight hug, placing a kiss onto your lips. You instantly melted into his touch and sighed, enjoying every second of being in your boyfriend’s arms. Sneaking around behind everyone’s back was hard enough but living in the same house as Jack and not being able to kiss him whenever you wanted broke your heart. But as of right now, you had no other choice than to accept the situation. You knew it was for the best.

You still remembered the day you had first met the boys. After graduation you were going to attend a college in L.A. Jonah, being the great cousin he was, suggested you live with him since it would save you a lot of money. He flew you out as soon as summer break started, claiming he wanted you to get to know your way around the city and get to know the boys but you knew he mostly did it because he missed you. The two of you had been attached by the hip growing up and you still had an amazing bond. That was also the reason why nobody was surprised at how well you got along with the other boys. You clicked instantly, it was as if you had known each other forever. But a certain curly haired boy connected with you, not just on a friendly level. You spent every minute of the day together, going out or staying in. And then there was the flirting. A lot of it. The others never commented on it, thinking you were only joking around. What they didn’t know was that there was more to the story.

You had been sitting on the couch, your head leaning on Jack’s shoulder while reading your favourite book when you felt him sit up. Confused, you turned your head in his direction, only to find him staring at a spot on the floor in front of him. You sat up too and leaned over so you were making eye contact with him “Penny for your thoughts?” You could tell he was debating whether to tell you what had been bothering him or not by the way he was clenching his jaw and furrowing his eye brows. You sat on the floor in front of him, making him look down at you and took one of his hands in yours. His face softened and he reached out to brush a loose strand of hair behind your ear. “Can I try something?” Your heartbeat quickened and you only managed to nod before you felt his lips on yours. You had been dreaming of this moment longer than you wanted to admit. He cupped your cheek with one hand and pulled you closer with the other one. Your hands immediately went up to his hair, playing with the curls, knowing it was his weakness. You could have stayed like that forever but humans needed air so you pulled away smiling, not breaking eye contact.

You had talked for hours after that and had come to the conclusion that you liked each other and wanted to give this relationship a shot but decided to keep it a secret. You were scared to see how the change would affect your groups dynamic. Another problem was Jonah. You knew he wasn’t the type of person to tell you who you could and couldn’t date, no matter if it was a random guy on the street or his bandmate but you didn’t want to make things awkward for him, especially if Jack and you broke up. A secret relationship seemed like the perfect idea, it was like a test. But the thing you didn’t think through was how hard it would be to keep the act up in front of the boys. You had always been touchy-feely, that didn’t really change. But it was quite the challenge not to slip up while talking to each other. The only thing Jack wanted was to call you his, tell you how perfect you were. But he couldn’t. At least not in English.

“Bonjour, ma chérie” That was how Jack had greeted you the first time. You looked at him with big eyes, not believing what he had said but he just winked at you. The guys all looked between the two of you, confusion written all over their faces. Before anyone could question what was going on, Jack spoke up “(Y/N/N) and I made a bet. She dared me to do a skateboarding trick. If I couldn’t do it I would have to buy her ice cream every day for two weeks and if I could she would have to teach me French. And as you can see, I won” You looked at him like he was crazy, not understanding what his plan was but you still went with it. And that’s how it all started. You had taken French for four years, you were almost fluent by now and Jack memorized a few sentences he needed to know to shower you in compliments without the guys getting suspicious. You played along and soon it became a habit to just talk to each other in French.

The two of you were sitting at the kitchen island, just talking. You were currently ranting about some teacher from college, telling Jack how bad he was at lecturing when he interrupted you “Je t’aime” You immediately stopped talking and looked at your boyfriend with wide eyes. You thought your mind was playing tricks on you, that the lack of sleep had finally caught up to you but you could tell from the look on Jack’s face that he was being serious, this was real. Before you could even open your mouth to respond you heard something fall to the ground and turned your head to see none other than Jonah practically stumbling into the kitchen. He had an unreadable look on his face and you prayed he had only just walked in. But your hopes were crushed when he walked up to Jack, eyes narrowed and fists clenched. “I didn’t quite catch that, what did you say? You love her?” You looked between the two boys, the shock prominent on your face. You didn’t know what was going to happen, how this was going to go down. The only thing you knew was that it was time to tell Jonah the truth. You had to come clean. Being the brave one for once, you took Jack’s hand and cleared your throat, catching both of the guys’ attention. Jonah looked at your connected hands and it seemed as if something clicked in his mind. Looking back up, his face softened when he saw your glossy eyes.

“Jonah, I- I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry. I’m sorry we didn’t tell you. We didn’t know how you would react, we were scared. Everything was still so fresh and we wanted to test things out before announcing it. Please don’t be mad, it wasn’t Jack’s fault. He wanted to tell you but I was being a coward and I didn’t want things to change betwee-“ Jonah let out a chuckle, confusing you even more “I could never be mad at you (Y/N/N). I get it, I really do. I’ve always known there was more to your relationship than you let everyone believe. You probably won’t believe me when I say this but I’m happy for you. Jack, you’re my best friend, I know you. You care for her, I can tell. And (Y/N/N), I know you better than anyone else. From the second you two met I knew something would happen. And I was right, as always” You rolled your eyes at the last comment but couldn’t help feeling relieved. Jonah wasn’t mad. You quickly pulled him into a hug and muttered a low “I love you”. When you let go you turned to Jack.



“Je t’aime”

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I really hate it when males use their privilege to get in comfortable positions, acquire skills etc, then transition and go on about how "cis" women are lame for being less achieving than them. Like, yes, of course you are more successful, you were priviledged from birth for being born with a penis! (sorry for the rant, I don't know where else I can express this, I'm so afraid of backlash)

Oh you mean like how the Wachowskii brothers who both built their careers with the advantage of being white men now get to be hailed as the top “””female””” directors because they decided to play dress up? 

You know over women who have had to claw and scrape and work twice as hard because they didn’t have the privilege of being born male?

Don’t be afraid of the backlash. It’s bullshit and we should keep calling it out.

  • Grog, impatient: What are you guys doing down there that is SO loud?
  • Scanlan: Sorry, we met somebody who was even stronger and awesomer than you, but we still love you and we'll bring him out to meet you soon.
  • Percy, absolutely distraught: Keyleth.. has a pet giant... robot... I don't know what to make of this-
  • Keyleth: I have a new friend.
  • Vax: A wha- a what?
  • Percy, clearly put off: It's a thing I've been working on, but apparently someone else has done it first so nevermind.
  • Keyleth: But it's a thing you've been workin on-
  • Percy, in a bratty tone: NEVERMIND. I'm not working on it anymore!
  • Scanlan: You could do a pocket fisherman an-
  • Percy, now full on pouting: It's passé and stupid, I don't want to hear about it.

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I know that you're friends with campaign, becks, sembell or sunshine but I'm new to tumblr so I don't know who else to follow. Any recommends?

omg! So many! And I’m sorry because I know I will forget a lot of people!

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