and i don't know where my lamp is

“wait, warlock… that has to be a mistake.”

there was a strained kind of quiet in the room the minute those words fell from this man’s lips, the glow of the warm lamp light lighting him up from behind as he stood over magnus’s desk. magnus’s face was illuminated by the subtle blue light spilling from his fingers as they swirled over the piece of paper in front of him. his jaw was set in a tight line, slightly jutted forward and his eyebrows pulled together. despite that his body language was entirely relaxed, nearly lounging in the large armchair as he drew up the bill in front of him, magic spilling from his fingertips as easy as the steady rise and fall of his chest.

"i assure you, shadowhunter, there is no mistake.” magnus’s eyes snapped up, appraising the man with a pointed kind of disdain from underneath heavy brows. his tone was somewhere between a snarl and a purr, too relaxed but with an icy kind of anger curled into each syllable. it had been a long day, far too long. a day filled with not enough work that felt truly meaningful and this man had lit a match too close to an extremely short fuse.

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