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Boss Theme (Rough Draft) (Excerpt)
QZ Productions
Boss Theme (Rough Draft) (Excerpt)

Working on one of the last themes I need for Project Celestial Tower’s demo, the Boss Theme! (or one of them anyway).

If you sense something darker about this battle theme than the last, don’t worry, there’s a good reason for it. ;)

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Ok I started OUAT and I ship Graham and Emma so hard!!! And now he’s fucking dead! Why do I ship things that I know will end badly, with one leaving or dying??? Why do I do that to myself??? Dammit! I mean I knew she was going to end up with Killian, I started this because of Captain Swan, but I thought Emma was going to have some fluff with Graham before he died. (yes I knew he was going to die before I started, I spoiled myself, don’t judge me).

I hope CS is worth the wait, from what I’ve seen it will. But damn it people, how did you survive all these years with all these angsty feelings??? I THOUGHT THIS WAS A HAPPY SHOW?!? I got played. I NEED SOMEONE TO TALK TO!

Vulnerability - a Kikyo x Silva drabble

Word count: 583
Summary: A brief look into Silva and Kikyo’s relationship. Mature themes, nothing explicit.

Silva has heard somewhere before the the appeal of a naked woman lies in her vulnerability. When a woman sheds her layers, when she sheds her artifice and her cosmetics, she becomes softer, gentler, and somehow more beautiful for it. Silva has known women who, behind the privacy of bedroom doors, become this. They are all bare defenseless curves, shy looks from under eyelashes, blushing cheeks. Vulnerable and soft and everything that men want.

Or, at least, everything that certain men want.

His wife is a different sort. His wife is like no woman Silva has ever known before her, which is why he has chosen to never know another woman after her.

Kikyo stands before him, pale and bare. Although she stands tall, with shoulders squared and back and straight, Silva still stands taller still - his own head and shoulders above hers. She is thin – dainty in comparison to himself, and some might mistake her for delicate. If he were to wrap both hands around her waist, the tips of his fingers would touch.

He could break her, if he wanted. He could break her with his bare hands.

(Or, he might could, if she were another woman. Silva does not want another woman.)

Yet, for all his stature and all his strength, for all that she is tiny and bare and defenseless, Silva thinks that Kikyo could not be further from being vulnerable in this moment.

Exposing herself to him like this, she seems somehow more powerful – as if by having shed her clothes she exposes to him the full force of all she is capable of. Dark eyes glimmer at him with confidence, with knowing. He wants her, and she knows this. She knows that he knows just how much control she wields over him.

And, oh, he wants her.

Her long, black hair is loose. It hangs past her full hips, flows down over her shoulders and partially hides her breasts from his view. He reaches to take a lock between his fingers and move it aside, but his motion is stopped when Kikyo slaps his hand in reprimand.

“Now, now,” she coos, her tone soft and indulging. “You know it’s my turn to be in charge for the night, dear,” she tells him. As she speaks, she lifts an arm towards his face, her fingers combing into the locks that hang beside his jaw in a moment of tenderness he knows will be short-lived.

Then, her eyes go dark, go hard. He feels her aura expand and knows she is letting him feel it to remind him to obey. Claws extend from her fingers as she pulls her hand from his hair and re-positions so he can feel five sharp pinpricks at his throat. “Kneel,” she commands, her voice dropping into a low tone that vibrates through him and goes directly to his groin.

Silva obeys. He drops to his knees, then sinks further still to sit on his heels after her fingers shift to wrap around his neck and press him down.

“Good Silva,” she praises in her softer tone again, lifting one leg and bracing her foot atop his bare thigh. “If you keep being so compliant, you may yet earn yourself a reward.”

Silva grins at the possibility. He brings a hand up to let his fingers curl delicately around the back of her calf. “Yes ma'am,” he answers, then drops a kiss to her knee. “How may I please my mistress tonight?”

Who the heck are you following?

A hot mess, that’s who.

*I am literally the most embarrassing person on the planet* tbh.

Okay, so seeing as I’m only 5 people away from 200 followers, (WHAT?!?!) I figured I’d do a little post about myself just so you guys know who you’re following. Don’t worry; you don’t have to read it (literally, I’ll be none the wiser), but hey if ya do, be prepared for lots of gifs because I am obsessed with gifs! And for those who don’t want to read it, I’m gonna put a cut so I’m not obnoxiously infiltrating your feed!

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quick update: so, i’ve been working on setting up a multimuse for my ocs but in the recent days, i’m finding myself getting very easily overwhelmed by social interactions even with friends. so i’ve decided not to release the url or promote the blog just yet, until i feel more comfortable with being open about it. if we’re mutuals and you’d like to follow me there, please like this post and i’ll send you the url when it’s complete. otherwise, i won’t be advertising the name or following people on there unless given the okay.

also in addition, activity on my other blogs may be slow for awhile because of how i’m feeling right now. but hopefully this new blog will put me at enough enough ease to return again.


some holly doodles to wind down for the night…..she would 100% be a hippie