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I need some tips on getting through high school and also how to get good grades when you're depressed and just don't care about anything anymore.

Hi Anon,

Here are some awesome ways to beat school blues:

College needs:


Helpful sites:

High school needs:

Mental health resources:

Misc resources:



School resources:

Stress relief:

Studying/school help:


Foreign Languages:



Study Needs:


  1. Remember that today’s day in age is different from how it was back then. So don’t stress about school too much.High school students today have the anxiety of what a mental patient in the insane asylum had in the 50s. Here’s also a thing to show how times have changed.
  2. Prioritize. List what needs to get done first and when. Sometimes getting the bigger/harder tasks is easier than conquering the smaller/easier tasks.
  3. Set times when certain projects need to be done and stick to that deadline.
  4. Turn your phone off or give it to your parents while doing work/studying. I know that we live in the age of technology and literally everything is at the touch of our fingertips. Honestly though you can wait on what your favorite celebrity has to say or if your crush liked your instagram photo. You’ll be more involved in that than you are into your work.
  5. If you have trouble in a certain subject and there is no assigned seating, take advantage of the front. I guarantee you’ll learn more.
  6. Ask your teacher what exactly you’ll need to know. If you’re taking notes during the year, write in the margins whether or not it will be tested. It will be easier to know what you will be tested on.
  7. Save your exams. Half the time your teachers use the same questions (or questions similar) from your exams on your midterms or finals.
  8. Don’t try to do homework straight afterschool if you can’t, despite what everyone says. Give yourself an hour, and try to get some exercise in. I find it stops me getting bored of sitting down. Not to mention helps me concentrate better.
  9. Don’t just read the material, write it, draw it, recite it, quiz yourself on it! Until you have the material down.
  10. Join clubs, sports, or organizations! You’re guaranteed to find friends in there. You’ll already have common interests. Start with that and go with the flow.
  11. College kids: If you don’t have assigned seating, and you have been sitting in the same seat for 2 weeks. That is you assigned seat now. Don’t move or you’ll screw everyone up and they will hate you.
  12. Color code things, such as your notes. If you want to see how I color code my notes message me and I’ll be happy to show you
  13. Be kind to one another.

I hope that helps!



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Hey! Regarding the sixpenceee fiasco I've been reading her posts and stories for like years and it might just be because I usually skim but I don't recall any specific stories that target mental illness. Do you have any clear examples??? Rly shocked tbh bc I used to love her

I’ve been seeing the stuff go around for a couple of years now and I admit at first I didn’t pay it much attention, which is a shame because a lot of those call out posts had good links that are now all gone because of people deleting. As a result, a lot of the initial stuff that made me start thinking more critically about sixpenceee’s posts have been deleted. I’ve spent the last few days trying to source them again via people’s new urls and internet archives, but literally 90% of the links are gone.

So, I’ve done a bit of digging of my own, and I’ve managed to find some still live posts that I think illustrate what I’m saying a bit better. I’ve screencapped them all and will be hosting the images myself independently of a specific post, so the links should always work.

I’m specifically focusing on the content of this ask here, with posts that use mental illness as entertainment, or treat it in the same way as regular “creepy” (i.e. horror) content.

  • The case of Margaret Schilling is a post about a woman in a psychiatric hospital who died after getting lost in the building, and her body wasn’t found for many weeks. There is a short paragraph at the end about how the hospital is apparently haunted by Margaret now, but the majority of the post focuses on her being mentally ill and the suffering she must have felt being lost and dying of cold and exposure. There’s also a picture of the stain her decomposing body left, so beware of that. It’s tagged #paranormal.
  • The Mentally Ill Man Who Cured Himself With a Gun is a post about a man with serious OCD who tried to kill himself by shooing himself in the head, resulting in brain damage that “cured” his OCD. The photo is of a man with a gun to his head, if that will bother you. It’s tagged as a science post.
  • Short Creepy Story is a story from Reddit where the “creepy” event is a schizophrenic woman acting strangely because of her hallucinations. That’s it. Dude’s mum is schizophrenic and he goes upstairs to find her in the bathtub thinking she’s in The Little Mermaid. The title is “short creepy story” so like, yeah.
  • The Child Star is a story from Reddit which focuses on children being sexually abused and not understanding what’s going on, and the police interviews with one of the grown up children who is now clearly suffering from mental illness thanks to the trauma. (Full story)
  • The Suicide Orphan is a story from Reddit which focuses on an orphan that drives people insane and results in them committing suicide, and I know that this isn’t the only example where sixpenceee posts things that use suicide as the main element of a horror story, which is exploitative and also I personally think it’s inappropriate to use something that comes as a result of serious suffering and imply that it was the creepy ghosts that did it. (Full story)
  • “Psychopath” post includes a link to a quiz where you can see where you “fit in on the psychopath sprectrum”. I’ve seen people mention her using outdated terms in her posts and so this is here as proof that it does happen, and also because “do you have a severe personality disorder?” is a bit of a cheap entertainment trick in my opinion.
  • Karin Catherine Waldegrave is a post about a woman who replies incessantly to her own posts on social media, believing she is the target of a conspiracy. It’s clear she’s likely mentally ill. The post is tagged #creepy.
  • Chinese Water Torture is a post about the torture method that drives victims to extreme stress-related mental instability, and is here both because of that and because the fact that it’s tagged #creepy, which doesn’t seem appropriate.
  • The Edmonton Train attack video shows someone apparently in an altered state of mind through drugs or mental illness (or both) attacking someone on a train. She gifed a video which has since been deleted but a different video of the attack can be found on Youtube, and described it as “insane”.
  • Drawings of a Young Schizophrenic Boy is exactly what it says – a bunch of drawings from a young boy suffering from schizophrenia. The boy is quite obviously distressed by his hallucinations but the post is treated like the other paranormal posts, designed to shock and scare. The post is also tagged #creepy, which is inappropriate. (Close up of caption and tag, as the image is difficult to read)
  • Made By a Paranoid Schizophrenic Patient is another drawing by a person suffering from schizophrenia, also tagged #creepy, and this one with a self-promo in the caption.

I also found a post where sixpenceee addresses the claims of ableism. She says she agrees on the points made about films and stories portraying the mentally ill/physically disabled as “scary”, and that she tries to avoid using words like “insane”. She also asks people to differentiate between her paranormal/creepy posts and her scientific posts. However, she still continues to frequently refer to things as “insane”, both as descriptors and to self-promote her blog (1, 2, 3).

This covers the things I’ve seen people claim she does, but if anyone has any other links (especially things saved from earlier posts like this) feel free to add on.

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Hi! I just binge read your blog and I love the way you write. Like everyone is so in character and some of them are so funny or really sad *cough*jumin angst*cough*. Do you think you guys could do the RFA finding MC's old fanfics? Either her account or the ones on her computer? You don't have to, but I think it could be funny. Thanks for all you do! seriously, you are one of my fave mm blogs

Thank you! We’re flattered. Enjoy these:) 


  • You let him borrow your computer while his was being fixed
  • He was looking for a folder he saved there a few months ago
  • There was named “FF” which he thought it was the acronym for his most recent play “Fairy Fly” (we can’t name anything pls dont judge)
  • He was looking for his script so he opened it
  • What he found was a bunch of titles which sounded oddly familiar
  • Most of them were dated from three years ago….so curiosity got the better of him
  • He found himself surprisingly addicted
  • He’s half way through it…when he recognizes himself being described
  • You had written about a musical he was in
  • Thinking he was home alone, he started reading it in his dramatic voices
  • You hear it from the other room, and you think the dialogue sounds familiar
  • “I didn’t know you wrote fanfiction about me, babe!”
  • “I…didn’t know I would ever actually meet you. I kind of forgot about those…”
  • You’re mortified for the next few days as he keeps teasing you about it


  • He had found an old SD card lying around
  • It looked like the one he lost years ago, so he decided to check out the contents
  • He thought it would be some photos from high school
  • But instead, there was a bunch of word docs
  • He opened them and found a bunch of stories about various games
  • He was half way through, cracking up at how BAD they were
  • The characters were all mixed up and it was mostly crack fics
  • After pretty much reading them all, he takes the SD card and returns it to you
  • All he says is that he found it and figured it was yours
  • You breathe in relief
  • “This must be where I put all my fanfics from when I was in middle school. It would be horrible if anyone read them.” 
  • Yoosung can’t stop himself from giggling
  • “Yoosung, you did not!” 
  • “I did….I never saw that side of you before…”
  • He can’t stop laughing and you can’t stop hitting him


  • She had a break from work, so she decided to log into Zen’s fanclub forums
  • She noticed some young new fan recommended a fanfic author
  • Jaehee clicked on the link
  • She noticed most of the fics were from years ago, but she tried reading through some anyway
  • When she meets with you next, she starts sharing
  • She’s hardcore roasting all the fics about how they were out of character and didn’t capture Zen’s characters correctly
  • When you finally ask the pen name, she gives it
  • You laugh nervously “That…that was my old account.” 
  • There’s just a moment of silence
  • Jaehee clears her throat, “It had potential!”
  • “Thanks….”
  • She tried to encourage you to write again since you now had more experience
  • “Jaehee…my latest update was a week ago.”
  • She makes herself your new Beta reader


  • He mentioned that he recently met an actor from this show
  • You casually mention how you used to write fanfiction for that show when you were younger
  • He’s curious and asks if he can see some
  • You agree, thinking he’s going to scan over it
  • But he prints it all out and reads it…like he would a normal book
  • He didn’t realize he was about to get hit with some really bad angst
  • At one point, he forgot it was you who wrote it and kept texting you about it
  • “Yeah….I know, Jumin. I wrote it.”
  • “Oh…right…”
  • To your horror, he sends the link to your account in the chat room
  • Thankfully, he didn’t say it was you who wrote it, so you’re still somewhat anonymous
  • But you still end up getting some texts from Jaehee who figured it out
  • He encourages you to write some of your own stuff as well
  • He would help you get published if you ever wanted to start a career from your talent


  • You ask him to help back up your old laptop’s hard-drive
  • So, he has your computer for the day
  • As he was transferring files, he came across your fanfiction folder
  • He looked up some lines of text and found your account online
  • At first, he read it as a joke and would comment after every chapter
  • But he actually got really sucked into it
  • You started noticing something was up when he would be unusually protective about his recent browser history
  • Also…he commented under the name “thathackerdude”
  • Real subtle there
  • It all came out when he got to the end of one of them…and found you never finished updating
  • He breaks open your door
  • “I demand to know if they died or not! MC, don’t keep secrets from me!”
  • As a small act of revenge, you refuse to give him the rough drafts for the end of that fic 

Check out our other headcanons~ Masterlist

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Hi! I want to start getting into making graphic tees but idk how to start. I know you don't make shirts but you talk to people who do so I'd figure I'd ask you if you had any knowledge on getting started (where to get the shirts, etc). Thanks for reading this!

Hey there! I actually have just started trying to make some designs of my own, so I can give you some information about what I know so far!

So what I’m currently experimenting with is Screen Printing, something I was taught in High School and wanted to pick up again :-) I was planning on making a post on my blog on how DIY Screen Printing, so do look out for that as it’ll include photos w/ better instructions. 

Firstly - it can be quite expensive. I personally didn’t bother buying a ‘starter kit’ because they are very expensive for what little you get.

Here’s what you’ll need for both making & printing the screens.

Making the screens:

You can buy your own screens from an art store, or make your own. I would really suggest just making your own as they’re nothing special, super easy and cheap to make.

  • Cheap/old canvas with a wooden frame (cut out the middle of the canvas, and replace it with the silk screen)
  • Silk screen (I bought this roll, as well as another that was more expensive)
  • Nails/push pins

Preparing the screens:

  • Emulsion and sensitiser (I use the Speedball Diazo brand, you can find it online or on ebay. It can be expensive, and this will probably be the priciest part of it all)
  • Newspaper
  • Push pins (not those flat ones)
  • Dark spot to place the screen

Printing the screens:

  • Newspaper/scrap paper (it can get messy)
  • Your screen
  • Printing paint
  • Squeegee or hard card 
  • Paintbrush (for fixing up any mistakes)
  • Hose/shower
  • Old toothbrush

There is a really great video here that will give you lots of information, I found this one the easiest one to follow as she explains everything really well. You can also download her free PDF that goes into greater detail. This one is also great too, but a little more professional. 

I won’t write down how to actually do the screen printing process as it’s way too long, but you can click through to those links and they’ll teach you a lot. I will be posting that blog post on this DIY soon though, so hopefully that will teach you a little bit as well.

Good luck with it all, and if you need anymore help please feel free to contact me again! :-)

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Hello! I saw your a new account and I was wondering if you could maybe set up a few rules on your account just in case? But I will ask a fluffy, soft, and hopefully funny ask in case you don't do anything to ~dirty~. Can you have the RFA ++ react to an MC who makes random noises well doing something, like she says "zoop" and such in a high pitch kinda baby sound voice? Thank you lovely, I wish you luck on your account!

Aw, thank you! I did have a rules page set up, but I forgot to link it in my bio whoops. But it’s there and should be working now! As of now, I don’t do NSFW, but I may change that after a while, I don’t know yet. It depends on what happens in the future. Anywho, back to the headcanon! I love this idea, it’s so cute! I hope you don’t mind that I didn’t include a lot of specific noises she makes; I was struggling to come up with others. Let me know if you want me to add or change anything! I hope you like this!


  • The first few times you did it, he didn’t pick up on it
  • Then, while you were doing the dishes one day, you made a little noise and he f r e a k s out
  • “MC are you okay? You made a noise! Did you cut yourself? I told you I would wash the knives for you!” uh Yoosung are you okay
  • You had to explain that you just did that sometimes, for no particular reason
  • oH
  • Once he has calmed down about all that, he started to keep an ear out for when you did that, just because he found it adorable


  • You were out together on a walk when you saw a dog
  • And you just said “Squee!” in a high-pitched baby voice, nyooming running over to see the dog and leaving him behind, confused and low-key nose bleeding at the noise you made
  • He waited patiently for you to finish petting the dog, then immediately wrapped you up in a hug when you came back to him, not even caring about the paparazzi or people seeing
  • It was just too adorable for his heart okay give this man some love
  • He made it his mission to get you to make those noises as often as he could because it was just so cute???


  • You were helping her in the café when you started making various high pitched, squeaky noises
  • She was so confused
  • Were you speaking in a different language? It wasn’t one she had heard before?
  • When you two were alone, she confronted you on it, asking what you were saying
  • “What? This noise?” You proceeded to make a series of adorable, high-pitched “zoops”, “squees”, “nyooms”, and “nyas” that melted her heart
  • “Yes, that noise. What is it?” You proceeded to tell her that you do it for no special reason, you just did it, but only in front of people you were comfortable with
  • Whenever you did it around her from then on, it brings a smile to her face and puts her in a happy mood


  •  He loves everything you do
  • Just seeing you doing the most menial things,  like reading a book, relaxes him and brings a smile to his face
  • You know another thing he loves: Elizabeth 3rd
  • So, put both you and Elizabeth together, and he is in love
  • Now, add Elizabeth playing with you, zipping around the room and purring happily while you kneel on the ground and go “Nyoom Elizabeth!” in a high pitched coo
  • Yeah, rip Jumin Han
  • That is what he came home to one day, and let me tell you, he melted right on the spot
  • He also recorded the scene and made the audio his ringtone, much to your annoyance
  • He also asks Jaehee to start a project revolving around you and cats to try and get you to make that noise more sorry Jaehee



  • The first time he heard it was on the CCTV, when he was being a creeper checking up on you while taking a break from work
  • You were playing with the cat robot he made, and started to coo at it like someone would a baby
  • And then you started mimicking what it said, right down the robot cat’s vocal tone
  • He doesn’t tell you that he heard you, though, nono
  • Instead, he decides to subtly mimic your noises while passes by you that little brat
  • He even tried to get saeran in on it, but he wanted nothing to do with it
  • You catch on quickly though, and shut it down
  • He still lives for hearing those little phrases, though, it melts his heart


  • You were doodling in a notebook while he took photos when you started to make little squeaky noises
  • “MC, are you feeling okay? You’re making weird noises…” he just cares for you so much asdfjlkjsd
  • You reassure him you are fine, and you resume doodling, he continues taking photos, then you do it again
  • “Dear, are you sure? You did it again.” “Yes?” “Then why do you keep making those noises?”
  • That’s when you make the noise again, and watch as his eyebrows knit together. “Yes, that.”
  • You laugh before explaining you did that when you get super concentrated, kinda like others stick their tongue out when concentrated
  • He feels silly for worrying, so you both decide to call it quits and retreat to the bedroom for a cuddle session
  • From then on,  whenever you started working on something that required concentration, he stuck around, listening for those noises and smiling to himself when he hears them


  • You two were just chilling one day, minding your own business, when you, out of the blue, went “Squee!” in a high pitched baby voice
  • MC what the heck how old are you 12???
  • “What was that?” He asked, looking up from his book to see you just sitting on your phone
  • “Hm?” “Why did you make that noise?” “This?” You proceeded to make that little noise again, and he nodded. “Oh, no reason. Why?”
  • “It sounds adorable,” he muttered, and when you asked what he said, he went “I said it sounds horrible now let me read”
  • Poor boy was flustered
  • Wouldn’t admit it, but he loves those sounds you make at random, and it makes him smile whenever you do it

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Do you have any tips for writers who want to write sim stories but don't know how to get them posted in order?

Hi Nonny! I’ll be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure what this question was asking, but I don’t like to give advice that isn’t at least somewhat well-thought out. So here are my tips for starting out and how to format/order your posts (or something like that.)

Jade’s Super Awesome Tips For Getting Your Simblr Story/Legacy Off the Ground i.e. Potentially Helpful Formatting Tips For New Simblr Writers

First of all: If you want to do a sims story, DO IT. They’re great creative outlets, and someone will want to read it! And remember, it is your blog, so do whatever you want, and don’t feel pressured to have to make things a certain way. But, if you want to be organized, these are some guidelines: 

1. Identify your posts in some way. Doesn’t matter how. Some simblr writers use episode, some use chapters, some use a mixture of both (i.e. Chapters for longer portions, like an entire arc, and episodes for each individual scene. Example: Chapter 1: Episode 1, Chapter 1: Episode 2… etc.). This is helpful in letting regular readers know if they’ve missed a post, and follow along linearly. It’s just helpful all around.

2. Linkage. My dudes, this is so important, which is why I made a previous post about it. A lot of simblr writers are already doing previous/next links on their posts, and that’s GREAT. Everyone should definitely be doing this. Personally, I really think the movement should expand to include “beginning” links. On my own posts I have all three, a link to to the start of that particular story, the previous post in the sequence, and I update all posts to include the “next” link once I have it posted. Tumblr’s post formatting makes this SO easy, there’s no real reason not to do it, because it’s super helpful to readers, and trust me, people want to read from the beginning. Maybe not everyone, but you also don’t want to turn people away because they couldn’t find the start of your cool story. So, I repeat, all stories should have this format: Beginning/ Previous / Next links on each post. I’m beating a dead horse here, but it’s so nice, as a reader, just to be able to flip through someone’s story via easy linking, because I don’t have to break my immersion of the story by tabbing out or looking around, or scrolling through your posts to find the next one in line.

  • Helpful side note: If you’re the type of writer who posts things out of chronological order, using these links would still be a good idea, because you can go back and edit them at any time, and you can link to any post on your tumblr, so if you post something later down the line that you think should have happened at an earlier time in the story, you can just rearrange your links to reflect your correct chronological timeline.  
  • Here is my tutorial on how to link your story posts with beginning/next/previous links!

3. Tag correctly. Some simblr writers have more intensive tagging systems than I do, so I won’t speak too much about this, because as a reader, I don’t really use tags to navigate new stories I read. But it is still important to tag all posts in a story the same, so either with the title or legacy name, and then you can tag individual chapters or episodes if you want to. Also be sure to tag if you’re doing a story, or a legacy, or whatever type of story. I use #ts4 story #sims story #ts4 storytelling, there’s a whole other slew of legacy tags which I don’t use, cuz obviously I am not a legacy simblr.

4. Have a table of contents or story page of some sort, especially if you’re doing multiple stories/legacies at once, but even if you’re not, it will help people who are lurking around your profile navigate through your story. If you’d like an example of how to format them, here is my story page and here are my table of contents pages.  As I am not the be all and end all for formatting, I think another great example is @beverlyallitsims index page (she made it SO easy to catch up on her MLSC story and now I’m just another Randy fangirl. I’m a living testament to this process working wonders!). 

5. Billboard advertising. Okay, now this one is totally optional, but if you are doing a legacy or story, it’s a really nice little touch to have a banner or some tell, even if it’s just a small one (you don’t need to be some Photoshop wizard), to let people know that this is an ongoing thing you’re doing, not just a random collection of photos (those are cool too!), but some people go looking specifically for stories and/or legacies to read, so having a banner or something with your story title or legacy name (generation number) is a good idea, too. 

Bottom Line: Make your stuff accessible! Unless, of course, you don’t actually want people to read it lol, which is totally fine, too. Some people like to use their blogs as a personal outlet, and don’t need to be noticed. But there’s nothing wrong with trying to be visible, and if you do have a small pool of readers, be generous and help them along. Total strangers want to read your work, put in a little extra time to make sure their stay is a pleasant one. You know, before you rip out their hearts with your edgy theatrical sim-drama. 

Again, idk if this answers your question, Nonny. But I do want to help! If anyone has any questions or is looking for advice, feel free to message me, either privately, or on Nonny, I don’t mind. My inbox is always open. 

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I just recently joined SA, I need the fish to bite. I don't know what to put on my profile to make it appealing. Like, most guys that have approached me so far have been "salt". I need a POT. I know it takes time for them to come around but what should my profile consist of to have the good guys come around. What attracts you to a SB's profile? Help me please. Lol

An appealing SA profile is actually easy to create; it does not need to be elaborate or long and there is nothing magic about what separates a profile that is going to get a lot of hits versus a profile that gets no hits at all.

And here is the secret: Good photographs!  And, more than one, preferably.  

Do not post blurry selfies, pictures where you cropped out your boyfriend, pictures with you and a bunch of your girlfriends at a bar, obviously hammered, or pictures of your favorite “duckface” pose.

Instead, post good quality photographs that show me who you are.  I want to see at least one face picture and one “full body shot”.  And make sure they are recent photographs; I always chuckle when a girl posts a picture that has a “date stamp” on it from one or two years ago.

Your selection of photographs tells me a lot about you, far beyond just your physical appearance. Your choices will tell me, among other things, (1) how serious you are about being a SB; (2) how committed you are to cultivating and communicating your “look”; and, (3) believe it or not what type of arrangement you are looking for.  In other words, if your pictures are sexy and provocative, I am thinking that you are open to an arrangement that includes intimacy, even if you say in the “what I’m looking for” section that you want platonic arrangements only.  Most SDs think, well, if sex is off the table, why did she post a picture of herself in lingerie?

I have more thoughts on the whole photo issue that I posted recently. Check it out for more details:  

Another tip on Profiles:  Use your profile pic to communicate your message!

The “About me” and “What I’m Looking for” sections of the profile do not have to be overly long or detailed.  I’m going to let you in on a secret:  a lot of guys don’t ever bother to “read” the profile, they make their decision based on the photographs alone.  However, more “refined” and serious SDs (i.e., the non-salty types) do tend to spend time reading the profile and make their decisions based on what they read. So, it is worth spending some time on.

Again, I have a couple of posts that cover this subject, so here are the links:  

Crafting your SA profile

Setting up on SA

And, finally, I think it is always worth talking about what you should NOT put in your profiles, especially if you are new to the game, so, here on some thoughts I had on that subject:

Learn from Newbie’s mistakes: SA Profile No-Nos

So, version 1.0 of your profile is up and most of the guys who have approached you are salt.  I think that if you follow the advice listed above, you’ll find that real POTS are going to start contacting you.  Now, here is the rub:  that which attracts good POTS shall also draw hordes of salts.  No two ways about it, and, unfortunately, it makes sense if you think about it:  if your profile communicates your allure and desirability as a SB, POTs will come a’knockin, but so will all the undesirables!  Success has its sacrifices!  But, quite frankly, that ain’t such a bad problem to have.  If you learn how to weed out the salts efficiently – i.e., not wasting time with their games – you’ll have plenty of time to focus on the men who deserve your serious attention and consideration!

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THANKS SO MUCH for shedding light on Taka/Hiro's relationship. I discovered Hiro through Taka and I got caught up in these horrible forums saying that Taka & Hiro don't like each other. I didn't wanna believe it! So I tried looking for ANYTHING(like pictures of them being chummy) to prove those people wrong but came up empty. What you said MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!It's totally understandable why they keep their Relationship away from the public eye. I'm happy they're on good terms. YOU'RE AWESOME! :)

You’re welcome (^^) This is going to be a looooonggg reply but it has to be said.

I’m aware of some people saying the brothers disliking each other. I stay away from OOR fandom because of these kinds of people. I found that the bigger the band got, the crazier the fans became. Some of those so-called fans behave almost like haters especially when talking about the Moriuchi family and MFS …… particularly Hiro.


To me it’s strange how these fans came up with their “conclusion” of the brothers “supposedly disliking each other” when all the clues and evidences are showing exactly the opposite.

1) These “fans” conveniently left out the fact that Taka started to personally show photos with his parents ONLY after OOR started breaking into the American market and performing at Yokohama Stadium. After people firmly acknowledged him as a star on his own. There were no photos of Taka and his parents at all during the years of OOR trying to establish themselves in Japan, right?

It took Taka more than a decade to break away from the “Mori’s son” image that was plaguing him in his Johnny days. So, isn’t it natural for Taka to want his little brother to be viewed and acknowledged as his own person by keeping their professional lives separate?

2) There is one person on YT who claimed that “Hiro dislikes Taka” based on the assumption that Hiro talked awkwardly to him about his birthday in that conversation with Takeru Satoh. This person even went on to say that Taka was the reason for his parents’ split. My Goodness! Papa and Mama Mori have always loved and supported their children despite that difficult time in their lives. A marriage is a complex thing. You are insulting them by accusing their son of that.

Hello people, Hiro speaks in “keigo / honourific language” with Taka because their mother Masako Mori raised him that way. She wanted her kids to learn to respect older people since young age. Hiro spoke “keigo” to the older members of MFS in the beginning too as he admitted in this HAL College interview. It may appear awkward or something different to other people but it’s normal to this family. I saw a video of their mother saying Taka’s friends thought it was “Sugoi!!”. Also, for Heaven’s sake, Taka is NOT the only “tsundere” older sibling in the world yo! 

3) Did anyone notice that Takeru Satoh asked for Taka’s permission first at around 0:41**  before continuing telling that story about Hiro? Taka replied with “Hai…hai….”* or “Yes….yes…”.. Takeru didn’t simply blurt out everything just like that. He knew the conversation was being filmed and he remained respectful even though they are besties. Oh, didn’t Takeru say in this video that he’s also friends with Hiro?

*Update: Taka said 『いい / ii』not 『はい。。はい / hai…hai』but it means the same in this context. Sorry for the confusion :-P

** Update (5 Dec 2016) : Since the video I linked was removed, I put the original video the clip came from, 3にん. Takeru said it at around 13:37 time mark.

4) The fact that Hiro is friendly with many of Taka’s friends is a clear clue that he is VERY CLOSE with Taka. I think that applies to even ordinary people like us. You must be truly close with your siblings if their friends are yours too, right?

Top photo is GEN playing ping pong with OOR members Ryota & Tomoya with RxYxO Coldrain watching. Well, by now, many MFS fans (at least those who read my blog) should know who GEN is to MFS, right?

This photo of Hiro & Toru is REAL. Not Photoshopped. They were at Subciety’s Christmas / Year End party in December 2012. It was held at Wonderbowl Restaurant in Shibuya, Tokyo. Many of GEN’s friends were there like Maximum the Hormone, AIR SWELL, Takahiro Ikeda (BMX Pro rider) and a bunch of others. The entire MFS members were there. Alas, only Toru came representing OOR ….. huhu. Anyway, I think you can see from Hiro and Toru’s body language that they’ve known each other a long time.

5) When their father Shinichi Mori was hospitalized for cancer scare, I believe all the 3 Moriuchi brothers were together by his side because he informed all 3 of them about his condition. Read the translation here by Dessy.

Look at their message and flower bouquet for their father on his 50th Anniversary of being in the music industry. The 3 brothers shared the bouquet together instead of sending it separately.

6) I remember reading an interview where Taka said he’s happy that each of his family member is doing their own thing and specifically mentioned about “my brother has his own band”. Sorry I forgot which interview though. I believe it was from Ryeon’s blog. If it’s not there, at least you get to read a bunch of her OOR translations (^^)

7) This is an actual photo of Taka buying a present for Hiro and it wasn’t even Hiro’s birthday from Taka’s friend Yosuke’s blog on Ameblo (it’s gone now…huhu). But you can read that part on Dessy’s old Tumblr here.

8) Their mother Masako said her sons would visit their father during important occasions like Obon Festival and New Year in this interview or the translation by Dessy here.

9) Let’s not forget how busy musicians’ schedules are.
i. Touring. Packing. Unpacking. Packing. Moving. You know how exhausting that is?
ii. If they’re not touring, they’ll be in the studio working on new music or rehearsing for the next show.
iii. There are also series of meetings with staff and crew.
iv. Discussion with designers and engineers for their stage show, lighting, sound, merchandise.
v. Interviews and promo rounds with magazines, TV and radio stations.
vi. Photo and video shooting.
vii. Meet & greet with fans.
viii.Travelling from city to city. This takes a lot of time. Doraemon’s magic door exists in comics only.

OFF time from band to band may not match unless you’re on the same Tour. It’s unrealistic to expect Taka and Hiro to get together easily. Hey, I work a regular office job and I hardly see my own family even though we live in the same house!

10) That Daikanyama Unit sighting of Taka at MFS Live and his message on IG still make me feel warm and tingly inside (^^). The show was under Tsutaya Records’ special event ツタロック / TsutaRock for those who bought the ALONE single from them. OOR was scheduled for Ozzfest 2015 on 21 November. So, Taka squeezed in some time out of his busy schedule to see MFS on 19 November.

This is a photo of that Daikanyama Unit show. The concert report from Tsutaya is here.

Here is the photo that Taka uploaded to IG that night. Look at his message.

Take a closer look at what some of the Japanese fans were saying.

Isn’t it obvious that Taka is supportive of MFS and is happy for Hiro?

What I’m trying to say is the family is a lot closer than what we think or know. It might take a bit of effort to see the hints and evidences but they are there. So, it’s horribly mean and cruel to accuse the siblings of disliking each other simply on the basis that we don’t see their physical closeness.

neechollayy  asked:

Your sunset embroideries are amazing!! I'm new to embroidery and have some personal photographs I'd love to do something like that with, and I was wondering if you have any tips? (I understand if you don't want to share secrets though, since you sell them. I only mean to compliment!)

hey, thank you! I totally get why other artists might want to keep their techniques to themselves, but not me! I get so much personal enjoyment out of embroidery that I honestly love sharing the hobby with others. I’m so happy to help out.

I’ve got a link for my other how-to asks, Helpful Tips, where you can read what I’ve answered so far about my style and techniques, but I haven’t ever talked specifically about the sunsets and copying realism, so yeah! let’s talk sunsets!

I’d recommend that you should try to choose a picture that is relatively simple. I don’t think it’s impossible to do a complex photo, but my specific style works really well for sunsets because sunsets are already just smears of color - I can lack on a lot of the detail and yet you can still see the view. I’ve attempted more complex scenes, but they don’t work the same way - or at least, I haven’t figured out how to successfully stitch them ;) 

Other than a few tree trunks and telephone poles, all of my sunset stitches are flat / left-right / slope = 0 (that’s right, I’m a math teacher). I vary the length of the stitch, of course, but not the slope. In embroidery, the direction of your stitches creates texture, so keeping them all in one direction keeps the focus on the image rather than the thread. 

Purposeful randomness to blend floss color takes a little practice. You gotta Bob Ross it. Just put your little stitches where they need to be. Happy little stitches. Blendin into their neighbor. Randomness doesn’t mean evenly spaced, randomness means sometimes they’re far, sometimes right next to each other. This is one I’m working on now - you can see how I’ve set it up, how the stitches are going, and also some of that random thread action:

Oh, and most important of all, buy a ton of embroidery floss colors. Don’t just buy the color you need, buy the shades around it too. You never know when you need a sliiiiiiightly different color. (And you can’t really just add a little white to lighten it, you know?)

btw, that’s 7 of 14 colors that I will use to finish that sunset. here’s all 14 laid out before I started:

In summary - keep it simple, even the stitching, but use a lot of colors. 

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You're disgusting. Rooting for a black man to die so that your non existent ship can rise. It's been 6 years, with 6 seasons and they're still not going canon. Seriously when will this end, it's becoming pathetic.

Nonny, you should try reading the comic- Ezekiel does die in the comic, let me link you. Morgan too.

We know Scott Gimple and TPTB follow the comic closely- they admit it all the time. So thinking Ezekiel and Morgan will both die, as they have already done in the comic is a reasonable conclusion.

You clearly do not know me at all, Nonny, or else you would read my posts and understand I happen to like both characters.  Liking a character has nothing to do with expecting them to die.  

In fact, I posted in October 2015 at @twdzone , before 6.01 even aired, that I expected my favorite character, Glenn, to die at Negan’s hand in 6.16 and the season would end with Lucille coming down and the screen going to black. 

Read through my archive and see the facts around which characters I like and my continued support of Richonne, Morgan and may other characters. I stand behind my posts and if you took the time, you’d realize just how wrong you are, Felicia. 

You don’t care about truth or facts Nonny, you just revel in being ugly and hateful behind the cowardice of your device screen. That’s so boring and been done much better by others. Up your game, you need the practice!

Your comment is much more anti-Caryl, than pro anything else. I like Caryl, what they had in past seasons and what they might have going forward if the ship goes canon. 

One ship getting something takes away nothing from any other ship. Not in polls, on magazine covers or anything else.  There is no “winning” or “losing” in shipping and enjoying the fandom IMO.

Why can you only be happy if fans of another ship are disappointed? That’s fucked up in every way.  You have a twisted perspective, reaching out to someone behind the cowardice of an anon and taunting a total stranger. You must be such a joy to be around every day. I pity your friends, family and co-workers.  

Perhaps some calming chamomile tea might brighten your day a bit?  I suggest 3 gallons to start, or perhaps some lovely photos of puppies, kittens or other sweet things to balance your sour bitterness. I hope you have a lovely afternoon. 

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So @ WhiteCastle on twitter is doing a thing where you use a hashtag in your tweet and they donate money. Unfortunately, the money is going towards Autism$peaks and I don't know what to do about it? I'm seeing people I follow use the hashtag and I want to say something but I also don't want to be accused of being the asshole trying to make people stop donating just because I have a problem with the company. Is there anything that can be done?

First: I’m going to link for evidence, with a warning that there’s gross posts referencing A$ and even photos with that bloody puzzle piece, to the account in question and the hashtag, just in case people are like me and ignorant of this going on. The tag is full of light it up blue and horrible, gross posts. I’ve looked at it so you don’t have to!

(Here’s the colouring-in flyer advising that donations up to $50 000 will be made until the end of July. Also not something you need to look at; warning for heavy lightbulb imagery and more puzzle pieces. So gross.)

I’m going to say that my recommendation is that we go further than merely asking people to not hashtag; my recommendation is that US folks also boycott White Castle altogether and get as many people as possible to do the same, if this is something they are in a situation to ask. (And we non-US folks can also ask our US friends and followers to do the same.) Telling White Castle they are supporting a toxic hate organisation won’t get them to stop, since they haven’t bothered to look beyond their ableist assumptions to see what A$ is; watching their profits fall as a result might. It’s not a great weapon, but it’s the only one we have, so we wield it as best we can and see how far we can get this message outside of autism/stimming/ND spaces.

(Please note that even if they raise that $50 000, there’s nothing to stop anyone from continuing that boycott until White Castle ends their association with A$. They’ve been associated with A$ for a long time, so we can boycott for as long as it takes.)

Second: This is a really hard situation, anon, and I’m afraid that I’m only going to make it harder. I don’t have a simple solution for you.

I’m going to tuck the rest under a read more cut, so this post is easily reblogged for folks wanting an easier-to-read resource for passing about Tumblr:

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Wear sunscreen.

If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. The long-term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists, whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience. I will dispense this advice now.

Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth. Oh, never mind. You will not understand the power and beauty of your youth until they’ve faded. But trust me, in 20 years you’ll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can’t grasp now how much possibility lay before you, and how fabulous you really looked. You are not as fat as you imagine.

Don’t worry about the future. Or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum. The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind, the kind that blindside you at 4 pm on some idle Tuesday.

Do one thing every day that scares you.


Don’t be reckless with other people’s hearts. Don’t put up with people who are reckless with yours.


Don’t waste your time on jealousy. Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind. The race is long and, in the end, it’s only with yourself.

Remember compliments you receive. Forget the insults. If you succeed in doing this, tell me how.

Keep your old love letters. Throw away your old bank statements.


Don’t feel guilty if you don’t know what you want to do with your life. The most interesting people I know didn’t know at 22 what they wanted to do with their lives. Some of the most interesting 40-year-olds I know still don’t.

Get plenty of calcium. Be kind to your knees. You’ll miss them when they’re gone.

Maybe you’ll marry, maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll have children, maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll divorce at 40, maybe you’ll dance the funky chicken at your 75th wedding anniversary. Whatever you do, don't congratulate yourself too much, or berate yourself either. Your choices are half chance. So are everybody else’s.

Enjoy your body. Use it in every way you can. Don’t be afraid of it or of what other people think of it. It’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own.

Dance, even if you have nowhere to do it but your living room.

Read the directions, even if you don’t follow them.

Do not read beauty magazines. They will only make you feel ugly. 

Get to know your parents. You never know when they will be gone for good.

Be nice to your siblings. They’re your best link to your past and the people most likely to stick with you in the future.

Understand that friends come and go, but with a precious few you should hold on. Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography and lifestyles, because the older you get, the more you need the people who knew you when you were young.

Live in New York City once, but leave before it makes you hard. Live in Northern California once, but leave before it makes you soft. Travel.

Accept certain inalienable truths: Prices will rise. Politicians will philander. You, too, will get old. And when you do. you’ll fantasize that when you were young, prices were reasonable, politicians were noble, and children respected their elders.

Respect your elders.

Don’t expect anyone else to support you. Maybe you have a trust fund. Maybe you’ll marry a wealthy spouse. But you never know when either one might run out.

Don’t mess too much with your hair or by the time you’re 40 it will look 85.

Be careful whose advice you buy, but be patient with those who supply it. Advice is a form of nostalgia. Dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it’s worth.

But trust me on the sunscreen.

—  Kurt Vonnegut’s commencement address at MIT in 1997

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Hi, i wanted to start a rp blog here on tumblr, but i have no idea how rp works here on tumblr, can you help me or give me some tips??

*Cracks knuckles* okay here we go (also I am kind of a novice, 5+ years on tumblr rp)

You can look at my blog @comingdxwn as an example if you’d like. The theme is a bit more complex than most, but I’d say my writing style/formatting/etc. is fairly common among roleplayers. ^-^ I don’t know how much you need to know, so I’m going to speak as if you know nothing. 

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Do you have any advice on starting a book blog? I want to start one and write reviews but I really don't know how to start.

  • Be yourself.
  • Make sure your blog URL is unique and clearly book-related. It’ll attract more people to your blog.
  • Pick a good theme. Something clean and easy to browse. Make sure your colour scheme is easy on the eyes.
  • Speaking of themes, no autoplay music. Please. I beg.
  • Create an about me section where we can get to know you, likes/dislikes, book preferences, etc.
  • Be yourself.
  • Post original content. Book reviews, photos, memes, fanmixes, fanart, discussion posts, live-blogging, recommendations, etc.
  • Tag your original content so people can find you. As a rule make sure to tag the book title, series title and author. Also only the first five tags show up on the tracked tags, so make sure they’re your first ones.
  • How to review:
    • The most important thing about a book review is to be clear about your thoughts. Don’t just regurgitate what happened; talk about what you liked, disliked, felt, etc.
    • Be honest. Don’t say what you think people want to hear, say what you really think.
    • You can check out reviews on goodreads and tumblr for review structures. Don’t be afraid to play around with them until you find one you’re comfortable with.
    • If you hated the book, do not bash the author. Talk about what it was you didn’t like. Try to include at least one thing you did like.
  • Don’t repost other people’s pictures. If you post a picture from flickr, etc., make sure you credit it. As a rule, keep away from weheartit, google images.
  • Be yourself.
  • Follow other booklr accounts.
  • Talk to others, engage in the community. If someone makes a post about a book you’ve read, reply. If someone reblogs one of those ask games, send them an ask. Strike up a conversation via ask. It might seem daunting at first but the more you do it the easier it is.
    • I found it easier to engage in the community after I transferred to a primary blog. So consider making your book blog your primary blog.
  • Participate in community things - book photo challenges, readathons, readalongs, giveaways, ask games, etc.
  • Take advantage of book blog memes. Click here for a comprehensive list.
  • Be active. Personally, a queue is what works best for me, that way I have things being posted all day. I also try to post original content at least once a week. The more active you are, the more people will notice you.
  • Post links to other social media accounts - Goodreads, Twitter, Booktube, WordPress, etc.
  • Be passionate. Don’t give up.
  • There is more to booklr than your follower count. That being said, hosting a giveaway is always a good way to get a head start on your follower count. But make sure to follow through. Fake giveaways really piss people off.
  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. There is no such thing as perfect. Do what you can, when you can.
  • Don’t be afraid to post non-bookish things. It’s your blog, post what makes you happy.
  • Be yourself.
  • Turn your ask on. You can turn off anonymous, but make sure you’re open to your followers.
    • Don’t freak out about answering everyone immediately. Take your time.
  • I’d think twice about asking people to promo you. It usually just annoys people.

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I hope you don't mind me asking (I prefer first person to google perspective.) But if you have time, what is indigo?

I don’t mind you asking at all! In fact, I’m really glad you did ask, and somewhat glad you didn’t go to google first simply because there are some websites that make being Indigo sound really pretentious, and that’s not what it’s about. I want to do your question justice though so this might get a little long.

The easiest way to explain it, I think, is that Indigo is a term used for people who feel a deep desire or need to change and improve the world. It’s not quite as simple as that though.  There are a lot of traits that go along with being indigo. Some of these traits include but are not limited to:

  • Highly intelligent, though not necessarily studious - our grades might have been poor, we might have refused to do our schoolwork, or refused to accept our teachers authority, or wanted to but couldn’t due to parental pressure.
  • Creative - we tend to enjoy creating things, and working with our hands. Though that also involves an appreciation for creativity. Personally I don’t think this trait is limited to just our own acts of creativity.
  • Always asking why - we have a need to understand the world we’re in, how things work, because how else could we work to improve it. Particularly we ask why we’re told to do things.
  • Have a deep sense of empathy, some might call us empathic or empaths. We feel the emotions of others strongly, and often have a good sense of the vibes people give off, read emotional situations well.
  • May experience feelings of existential depression or helplessness. These feelings might range from a wave of sadness to complete despair. May suffer from anxiety
  • Likely to struggle in service oriented jobs. We resist the system of ‘how things are done’ and feel there should be other paths available, the conveyor-belt of society doesn’t suit us
  • Might be highly sensitive. Such as crying at small insults, raised voices, harsh tones. Alternatively we may appear cold and have our defenses up at all times.
  • As mentioned above we struggle with the system and the conveyor-belt society. Broken systems are a challenge for us whether they’re educational, political, medical, legal, housing, etc. We see how things are broken and have trouble with their brokenness. We want to improve them.
  • Might alienate ourselves from or be angered by politics and news-sources due to feeling as though we can’t change anything.
  • A sense of knowing or good intuition. Some indigo might know things before they’ve been informed. Or be able to tell when people are being dishonest.
  • May have had an interest in spirituality or religion from a young age.
  • Possible sensitivities to foods, drugs, medicines.
  • Seek meaning for their lives, and trying to understand the world.
  • A deep desire and need to change and improve the world.
  • And more…

While not all of the traits will fit every indigo most will identify with a majority of them. Some links for you to help you understand:

11 traits of Indigo Children

Traits of an Empath & 11 Identifiable Empathic traits

16 habits of highly sensitive people

If you’re curious if you are an Indigo my dear friend Kira sent me some photos of a quiz she found that might help:

Notice that it says you might have many of the characteristics, not necessarily all. There’s a lot to being Indigo. If you’re still interested my ask box is always open so feel free to ask me about it, or maybe dive into the tags on tumblr, there are some great posts about it.

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I'm a larrie and I don't really get this 'big larries lies!!', you are always so good to discuss things with and I'm always up for different opinions on things, so... I follow a lot of larry/larrie blogs obviously and some do post about "recipes" but 90% it's from an anon and the OP almost always say that they can't say if the story/information it's false or not. I never believe those things... I'm not sure if you understand that most people don't? If it's a story people mostly think it's cute.

im really glad u asked anon…seriously. bc antis can go on about “big larries lie!!!” all the time w/o elaborating so ur question is valid. and it gives me the opportunity to lay it all out as best as i can! thanks to @thelarrative for tagging stuff properly so i could find all of these posts! otherwise my undocumented ass would’ve been searching for years! 

okay let’s get started (we’ll go larrie by larrie):

vansandburberry: lied about danielle leaving during the x factor taping. someone who was actually there said that was a lie, that danielle stayed the whole time and left with louis.

lapelosa: hoo boy. perhaps the biggest liar of them all. claimed she knew briana did not give birth by saying “Yes I know the whole story is fake” but failing to give any sources. when asked if she knew “for a fact” if larry was still together, she simply said “yes i do”. no sources, no elaboration. just a yes bc DUH. who needs evidence or proof when you have lapelosa’s word. said she knows for “a fact” that azoff signed the whole band, that larry are definitely engaged to be married (from a reliable mysterious he/she-who-cannot-be-named-but-most-definitely-exists-of-course), that there “is no baby” in this lovely post that compiles her lies together.  a continuation on that whole azoff thing she claims to know in this post. on top of all of this…an anonymous entity submitted this story to lapelosa about meeting the tattoo artist at bondi ink who’d done louis’ dagger for him…it reads like a poorly, cheesily written fanfic, the most notable quote becoming larrie jargon: “the rose has already been taken care of”. to lapelosa’s credit she simply posts it and thanks the submitter for the story however the post gains almost 10k notes and as an anti blog at the time, i was FLOODED with anons quoting this bullshit at me and saying i’d lost. when lo and behold…the tattoo artist debunked the entire thing thru an instagram post that has now been deleted. but was the original submission updated with this debunk? nope! it was not! allowing it to conitnue on into internet eternity where unsupposing larries who’ve never heard the story to consider it as #fact (the debunk photo was posted by another larrie on this list however it only received 22 notes vs the 9k+ ppl who saw the original).

worshippedlove: has this document where she supposedly compiles all of the things she’s been told by “people” over the years about louis and harry being spotted together. source for the specific story in this post is ambiguous, story is exaggerated and details that actually place louis and harry together have been filled in (i.e. tattooed guy immediately became louis, no questions asked even though it could’ve been anybody with tattoos). 

conscious-ramblings: told a complete lie about Joe McElderry’s coming out under the guise of her supposedly “working in music” 

srslycris: talked complete nonsense about simon being “a wreck” over “a lawsuit” being waged by the entire band that aligned with the larries’ “it’ll be march soon” mantra. when march came and went without event, cris here had to do some improvising which proves to make absolutely no fucking sense.

aaronbutterfield: a “journalist” (i use that term oh so lightly) pretended to be “brand new” to the larrie culture when he wrote a heavily biased article on larry and why “things were shady”. turns out that was a big lie! @britishsoldierharry carried out the difficult task of exposing aaron for his larrie twitter likes and discovered that he actually wasn’t that new to the whole larry conspiracy after all! and to make matters even more sketchy…he then proceeded to unlike all larry-centric tweets sometime after britishsoldierharry created the original post! huh! fancy that. on top of this, he also said “no other celebrity child has ever had their birth certificate leaked” when that was a blatant lie. he also made this fucking ridiculous post that still makes my blood boil to this day about briana either “profiting off of someone’s closet” or “[sleeping] with a boybander all to become pregnant”, which he bases off of when he has interpreted she would have her first period (which ?????). uh huh. all the while not giving any sources as to how he KNOWS FOR A FACT all of that is true.

saracha33: misled her followers into believing that louis and harry were ALWAYS seen at the same time on the same day which….was proven to be very much not true.

lesbianslovelouis: the doll lady. convinced a very substantial portion of the larrie fandom that freddie was a doll (2 links there). was hailed for finding “the right doll” that was “obviously freddie”. was clearly wrong about freddie being a doll as he is very real and very lovely. a nice big fat lie that she never had to take responsibility for.

BONUS POST: @got-stars-in-your-eyes compiled this post a long time ago, which includes even more big larrie lies! rather than retyping them all out again, you can check out the post which includes other big larries like droppingtheveilofmaya, tellmethisisnotlove, zenlikejen, larryappreciation and more.

a bonus tidbit: this happened just before i ever ventured into the larrie tumblr world so i am not the expert as to what the entire situation involved or who exactly was involved…but it’s evidence that big larries purposely lied to their followers and manipulated what they were posting in order to keep the conversation “on track” to their liking. the post exposing it all is an interesting read.

finally, i am super glad to hear you don’t believe everything you read. but unfortunately others do not operate this way. u will just have to trust me when i say that larries do buy into this stuff and often do bring it up when they talk to me. i’ve had this blog for a year and had to constantly debunk stuff that i’ve debunked time and time again bc multiple larries buy into what the big larries are feeding them. it’s not good, seriously. and some larries will consider them facts until they’re called out on the bullshit and then retreat back into “it was just a headcanon it’s not that deep!!!!!!” which can be frustrating.

anyways, that doesn’t really even begin to scratch the surface with these larries but it’s enough to get a rough idea of the way these people behave! let me know if u have any questions at all :) 

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Hey! just saw your tags on that booty shorts meta, I was wondering what you meant by "the emperor's new clothes in reverse or twisted"? (i've seen the video I just don't understand your comment?) thanks and have a wonderful day !

*cracks knuckles and considers that perhaps one shouldn’t muse somewhat cryptically in tags before coffee or the sun even coming up because one might have to actually explain oneself in the light of day and after coffee*

OK, here goes:

So here is @susurrantpetrichor‘s post about the shorts.  And these were my tags:

it’s like the emperor’s new clothes in reverse or twisted, he actually is wearing them but we still can’t see them, if we didn’t know from behind the scenes stuff we’d assume he’s wearing more than he actually is

Basically all we saw during the episode was this:

If you only watch the show but don’t pay attention to tumblr or twitter or con reports, all you’d know is that Sam commented on Dean wearing shorts and that Dean responded that it was a “free bunker”.

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Hello! I was just wondering, why do you ship Wanda/Steve? I don't mean this to be rude, or anything, I'm actually just really curious. Thanks, and have a great day! :)

This is kind of a big question. I’m not gonna lie. I don’t think you sound rude at all and I completely get people asking because it’s a ship that’s only been touched on a couple times in some “recent” runs (Avengers Disassembled, Uncanny, Captain America and the Falcon which is older but nonetheless) and then hinted at in some of the old comics. I’ve touched on this topic here, here, here… I think those are my tiny rants. But I’ll expand here a bit, now including some MCU things we know. Minor Age of Ultron spoilers and speculation below.

So in the comics, I think I covered that fairly well in my links. Wanda, always a bit all over the place, has canonically since early early comics, admired Steve and his abilities as a leader and his ability to be so…pulled together? I also remember reading somewhere a while back, I’ll look for it but honestly I don’t have the source right now, but that during one of the original old Avengers runs, Steve and Wanda were meant to end up together, but the run ended prematurely so it didn’t happen. So this didn’t come from thin air. They’ve always had this mutual respect and admiration for one another and their abilities. And, the biggest thing I addressed above, was that Steve has always been good and kind to this character who has made so many mistakes and honestly fucked up a lot. Even in a story like AvX, where they weren’t a couple, he was ready and willing to bring her back into the team after what she’d done when she came back to the mansion looking for forgiveness. Really, everyone was, but Steve was team leader. The reason she didn’t end up back with them? Because they left the final choice to that fucking asshole the Vision, who told her to go away (this is not a place for my Vision feelings and I sincerely hope to like him in the films because I do want to like him it’s just tough for me with how he’s treated Wanda). Honestly, so many people close to Wanda have screwed her over at one time or another, but not Steve. The only time really was in that book they did of basically AUs, and there was a high school AU and Steve and Wanda had been a couple but broke up. But like, of all the couples, guys. They paired them. Anyway. They’ve always acknowledged what their relationship is and had a great dynamic between them, teasing one another–and at one point, when Steve tries to push Wanda away romantically because of how much older he is, she first starts telling him how she isn’t a child like he might think, and says–and I quote–”Well, Captain, everyone is nearly 50 years younger than you, you will need to come to terms with that. And with this. Love is not convenient. Love is not orderly or logical. Love is where you find it.” Then they kiss. If that’s not reason enough man like that’s BEAUTIFUL. You can find a section of those panels here.

Now, comes the newer question. The MCU. Of course, I was shipping it in the MCU before there was much logic, because I had the comic ship under my belt with a dash of hope. Then they sat Chris and Lizzie next to each other at the San Diego Comic Con poster signings and I was an absolute disaster. My laptop wallpaper is still a photo of the two of them from that. But the more we learned about the twins and their new story, the more I kept thinking, hey. Maybe at least they’ll talk. Have a chat in the film. I thought that would be enough. But as we learn more, the more I think this is entirely possible. Wanda is from a torn up country in middle of nowhere Eastern Europe, called Sokovia (spelling is unsure, but that’s what Maria Hill called it). She was orphaned at ten and only had her best friend, her brother, as they likely lived poor and on the streets. They worked together to survive. They had each other, no matter what else. And they fought. You can see, they fought, they spoke up about the causes that meant something to them. And then, this man, a German scientist, gives them an opportunity they wouldn’t otherwise have. To do more. To help their country and fight the people who wanted, as far as they were aware, to take everything they knew away from them. Does that sound like a familiar story to you? Steve Rogers, sickly, orphaned young, only had Bucky, survived because of each other, met with a German scientist to potentially do something more–Steve Rogers said it himself. And if that’s not “shared life experience”, man, I don’t know what is. Furthermore, because of her upbringing, there’s so much Wanda doesn’t know in MCU, about this world, about pop culture, silly things like that. Steve’s been there. He knows that. He can help her in so many ways. But she’s not useless, either. We’ve seen Wanda has a fight in her, a bit of sass, something that is so Steve, so like him. They’d just understand each other and get each other. And now, the more footage and stuff I see that has them talking (it looks like in terms of leadership and the twins they’re pitting Tony and Pietro and Steve and Wanda) and fighting side by side and talking to each other, the more I think that there’s a chance this could be real. 

And that, dear anon, is why I ship Steve Rogers and Wanda Maximoff. 

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I posed this a few times yesterday and the day before and have not seen it addressed yet by anyone I've asked. I hope I'm coming across with the pleasant intentioned curiosity that I have and not the people think I'm being accusatory. What I do not get is how people that believe in Larry and that they have been forcefully, heavily closeted, can turn around and say Ziam is real? I don't understand the logic that Larry was forcefully separated but Ziam was allowed their "interesting"'interaction?

Hello, I actually wrote about this in great detail already. You can read the post here.

I think it’s worth reiterating that if you had two pairings in the band go from this:

to this:

That it would have never worked. People liked One Direction because they could see the obvious chemistry between the five of them. It would have not only been highly suspicious, but also detrimental if all of a sudden you had no Larry or Ziam interactions because it would suggest, as the tabloids have tried to for years, that there was an extreme divide amongst the members. 

I do not know what Larry agreed to or if there was something put in writing to outline the parameters of their acceptable behaviour, but I would imagine if Ziam had watched this happen that there would be no way that they would agree to similar terms with the hindsight of just how bad things appeared for Louis and Harry. They would have also been older I imagine, and more famous, and thus in a better position to negotiate. 

Then again, Ziam’s stunts seem far more extreme. Zayn gets engaged and then is apparently caught cheating because some girl took a photo of him sleeping? He was actually engaged. To a girl. Still baffling. And here’s Liam’s reactions every time the engagement is brought up:

Oh except when Jimmy Kimmel told Zayn not to get married and Liam was all:

Also I found this gif when I was searching for those which is not really relevant but still made me feel some kind of feels:

Um, what was I talking about? I don’t know. Go read that other post though, it goes into more depth. As if you needed any more long-winded answers. 

Why do y’all put up with this? I’m a rambling machine. If you ask, I’ll tell you exactly what I think in as many words as I see fit. This is why I can’t answer everything all at once. I write like novellas for everything.

Anyhoo, thank you for your message. I hope this that the other post I linked to sufficiently answer your question. If not, hit up my ask box again at your own risk and I’ll try and break it down some more.