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I’ve noticed so many theories about how our dear Herbert came to be but they all have to do with Krolock meeting some woman and falling love or whatever. But I KNOW who Herbert is. I figured it out! (And have never seen a theory like this one but that does not mean I’m the first to come up with this, I’ve just never seen one)

Die Unstillbare Gier

Throughout this song the audience learns about Krolock’s background, the countless people her fell for, how he always killed them in the end. This song is the key to who Herbert is. 

Und des Kaisers Page aus Napoleons Tross…

When I first heard this song I always assumed that it was actually talking about Napoleon, because I never really listening to the lyrics, but then I looked at it and realised Krolock wasn’t fucking an emporer (which was much funnier than the truth), but one of his court entourage dudes (not necessarily fucking, though). His page, meaning a young male servant.

The only others mentioned in the song are a young girl and a pastor’s daughter, but he also mentions the page, a young boy. He doesn’t actually tell us the boy dies.

Stand er vor dem Schloss.
Dass seine Trauer
mir das Herz nicht brach,
kann ich mir nicht verzeihn.

The actual German translation really doesn’t translate well to English, 

his state before whom castle
that his sorrow/grief
the heart of mine did not break
can not be condoned

and in the Broadway translation the line is changed completely, but the literal translation is best defined as “seeing him before the castle in a state of sorrow did not break my heart, which I cannot condone”

The lyrics say nothing of the boy being dead. Actually, there isn’t even a lie showing a really relation between the two. The boy is sad. Why is he sad? Two reasons come to mind: either it’s Krolock’s fault someone died (like his mother) or he was so attached to Krolock he felt betrayed. So if the boy didn’t die, what happened? He was turned into a vampire!

I think this page is Herbert.

Further proof: 

1. There are numerous times during the musical where Herbert uses the phrase ‘mon Chéri’ which is French for ‘my darling’. Either he is french, or he finds speaking french fashionable

2. Alfred, Sarah, and Herbert are all presented to the audience as young beings. We’re never given a direct age, but the assumption is around 18ish at most I think? Which is a typical male servant age, especially for French circa 1800s, though the ages could go into like the mid twenties.

3. Herbert dresses like a French nobleman in most productions (I cannot speak for all), He’s got the silk shirts, and the lace, and the tight pants