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Anatomy take 2

I’m doing an anatomy elective for the next two weeks that involves helping out the 1st years with their anatomy lab. I was told it would be the Head & Neck block at this time of year, when I signed up for it last spring. They have since switched the schedule and it is now the muthertruckin Pelvis block. Our lab tomorrow is the anal and urogenital triangles…

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Which is the exact opposite of what I’m interested in. I also don’t remember a damn thing about it. Time to crack open the atlas again…

one of the greatest crimes of the harry potter movies was the absence of dobby wearing a million socks and hats. i have never seen a more relatable character and i am so offended 


Happy birthday, nerds.

anyway here’s Stefán Karl and Kjartan Guðmundsson (aka Robbie Rotten and Stingy from the play) in Áramótaskaupið 1999

also uh looking like a razorbill means having big eyes and staring at people or sth? it’s a weird icelandic saying idk

“To love you is to fall, knowing that I’ll still be caught in the end. To love you is to gaze at the sky and get lost whilst counting all the stars in the sky, searching for the one star that will try to out-shine you, without ever being successful. To love you is to be at peace; to see beyond the negativity. To love you is to feel embraced, protected from all harm. To love you is to live a never-ending dream; one I do not want to wake up from.

To my dearest @huiyomi.

Tyki and Road sticker designs

Companion piece to THESE. I’ve been wanting a Tyki sticker so bad you have no idea, and Road was a natural choice for the second design. I wanted to make Wisely too, but I’m 95% sure I wouldn’t be able to sell more than five, so, currently, it’d be a waste of time and money. I might make one for myself later if I get desperate enough^^

Okay, Mick Rory and Harley Quinn BroTP headcanons:

  • he hardly ever calls her Harley, it’s ‘Pigtails’ and Harley fucking loves it
  • as in, “Hey Pigtails, Snart and I are knocking over a bank, you and Rash wanna come?”
  • Rash is Ivy’s nickname, due to the fact that she gave Snart one the first time they all met, and he finds it endlessly hilarious even though Snart has told him Not to Talk about it
  • has offered to roast Joker alive and provide marshmallows for s’mores while he does it
  • you know those chocolate bars that have chili powder inside? Mick and Harley held up one of they delivery trucks and all of those chocolate bars are THEIRS now
  • is one of the few people Harley can really trust and open up to, and her psychiatrist background helps him work through issues
  • the Legends crew is in Gotham and Harley and Sara are ready to fucking throw down when Mick steps in between and tells them both to knock it off
  • “they’re cool, Pigtails.” “that one’s looking at me like ‘m crazy.” “you are, but cool it, Haircut.”
  • when Snart came back and showed up in Gotham again after his supposed death, Harley hit him really hard with a mallet
  • “ow, Harls!” “how DARE you leave your common-law husband like that and leave him all worried! I TOLD you guys that I do couples’ counseling!”

Every time I see this tweet going around I think of this, and as far as I’m aware no-one’s done this before…

(I know it’s not the actual source but the tweet has been flying around this website under so many different re-posts this is all I got)



“Just know, I’m not afraid of you.”

“Ha… you’d better not be that careless, fairy boy. We’re a lot more serious than you think, and yeah, we can actually cast a death spell, which we’re going to do right now. Say goodbye to the world.”