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“If I could have him like this in my dreams every night of my life, I’d stake my entire life on dreams and be done with the rest.” 

Call Me by Your Name (2017) dir. Luca Guadagnino

Dear Evan Hansen characters as stuff my family and I have said
  • Evan: I don't say shit because avoiding conversation is my middle name.
  • Heidi: Never judge a woman by her onions. Especially a woman as awesome as your mother.
  • Zoe: I spend my time recovering from an abusive relationship and putting hot sauce on everything. It's more just a coping mechanism now.
  • Connor: *rehearsing dance competition solo* (in time with the music) I hate my life! When will I die! Everything about life makes me cry!
  • Cynthia: What do I do? I'm an actor for Christian yoga DVDs. I lied. I'm not. But I am very good at making gluten free bread.
  • Larry: Now girls, I'm your father, and I have two doctorates in music studies, but I do have my fair share of vintage baseball cards and haunted softball stories. *shudders*
  • Jared: I spend all my time listening to The Adventure Zone and reading fanfiction, and now you want me to work? Not gonna happen honey.
  • Alana: I wear blazers. BLAZERS. How could you possibly think I'm still "the straight one"?

why don’t you crush what’s left of my soul - 6/25

Anne & Gilbert - Anne of Green Gables

  • My Dad: u r the only person in the world who likes gargoyles anymore. It was awful and it had too many Star Trek actors
  • Me: i will fight u and the internet will back me up

Deforest Kelley + Hats in Steve Canyon: Operation Jettison


Swan Queen Week: Best Friend Romance

Emma finally asks Regina out on a date but she has some apprehensions. Part 3/3 

On my way home from work I was thinking about Sherlock and how much of what I loved about it was trying to piece together clues from the show, whether in subtext or set design or dialogue.  I loved reading and analysing and writing meta.  It was like we were detectives too and the game was on.  

And then season 4 happened and everything became meaningless.  Nothing we thought was important actually was and all those narrative threads we’d been following through the seasons had been severed.  Why should we care about a show when so little thought was put into its continuation?  Why would we support it by purchasing DVDs or tickets to conventions when fans have been disregarded so completely?  

I’ve felt adrift these last few months (which might sound rather dramatic as it’s just a TV show, but it’s true).  Adrift and sad and angry about the fact that a show I once loved no longer plays a role in my life.

I’ll always have fandom, and for that I am thankful, but my experience of the show has forever been changed. 

What do you mean this isn’t how this scene went? 

(I wonder if anyone guessed that it was this particular ship I was talking about drawing~) 

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I dress pretty butch at work so I read as being gay pretty easily and long story short I had a customer corner over by our DVDs and go on a tangent about how when we invite the demons in (??????) we lead sinful lives and do things such as being gay. If I wasn't at work I could have just walked off, but instead I had to sit there and smile and nod. Like fuck off guy, I don't get paid enough for this. One of my coworkers had to literally come and bail me out