and i don't even ship them. until now

there’s a difference between faceshipping and faceshipping… like “I saw these two fcs in a show / movie together and now I generally want a ship with them bc they had a lot of chemistry and there’s lots of material that I want to utilize, plus I think they look good together” is not the same as “I ship my fc with yours and even tho we haven’t agreed to ship I’m going to force my character to fall in love with yours and constantly hint IC and OOC that I want them to be a couple no matter how uncomfortable you are with the idea or how little chemistry they have as characters” even tho the latter can stem from an exaggerated version of the former

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Why do I have a feeling people are gonna start shipping Mirio and Bubble Girl

Hmmm probably cause they had an interaction and he let her out of the tickle machine haha I honestly hadn’t even thought about it until now

But’s it’s fine even if others do. It’s part of the fun  of reading and absorbing the story. Getting engulfed in something you love. Having your own ideas about it.

It’s great when people get excited about things!