and i don't even listen to punk bands

Actual conversation I had Christmas morning
  • Brother: *something about I Prevail*
  • Me: Okay but I don't listen to them
  • Brother: WHAT HOW?!?!
  • Me: You don't even listen to Neck Deep. OR KNUCKLE PUCK
  • Brother: Who's that?
  • Me: Dude. We are in a Chicago suburb. Get on your Chicago pop punk.
  • Brother: Dude I listen to like 15 bands. I don't have time for anymore.
  • Me: .......

anonymous asked:

Why don't you like 5SOS?

Well, I listened to their album, but I’m not really feelin’ it too much. And I know everyone hates this and some people will unfollow me for saying this, sorry, but they sound an awful lot like a boy band to me. Never mind the “instruments they play themselves”, when you actually listen to the songs, they sound like pop boy band songs, nothing even approaching rock or punk, as their fans are always trying to insist, to assert that they are a “real band” or whatever. Most of the songs sound like radio style, manufactured pop tracks. Not any different than 1D. (But 1D’s fans, a lot of them are kind-of insane, and I know most 5SOS fans are not.) And I’m just not into that.

That’s just my personal opinion on them. Not asking anyone to agree. Just elaborating since I was asked.