and i don't even like this :

I really like the idea of Keith being able to sweep Lance off his feet both literally and figuratively


I am here waiting for the day Dean Winchester approaches a woman in a bar and tries to flirt with her and she just laughs a little before saying something like:

“I would have let you buy me a drink if I haven’t seen how you stared at your friend in the trenchcoat without blinking for more than half and hour.”

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People probably think Taako, being who he is, consistently tries to avoid situations in which he can get even remotely messy (think high school prep avoiding dissecting a frog in science class). However, this assumption is completely wrong, and the IPRE find this out only a few cycles in. One of many situations consisted of the ipre making a turkey for one of their suppers (Lup insisted) and absolutely no one wanted to touch the gizzard. After a few moments of bickering about who will [1/2]

be the unfortunate soul, Lup unnoticeably leaves the room and comes back a few moments later with Taako who, without hesitation, reaches his arm elbow deep into that turkey’s ass and tears out the gizzard, everyone watches with blank expressions, except for Lup, who’s just hungry [2/2]

lmao taako doesn’t give a shit at all. i can imagine him getting covered in mud or viscera at some point and he doesn’t even flinch like yeah sometimes it be that way 



Quick MML Hogwarts AU sketch dump before Thanksgiving, because I have so many feelings for these kids and some are happy and some are sad and I just want all the fics from @imaginashon

I’d like to say this hasn’t been on my mind for a while, but I’d be lying lol

I don’t know why Raymond has the need to wear a speedo or why Mikayla seems to be taking revenge on Ray-bot with that grin on her face or WHY ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH BOXMAN MADE HIS BOTS HAVE BUTTS or what’s really going on, but I needed to poison other peoples’ minds with this image too hah ha, sorry not sorry xP


it’s… LONELY.  to be more powerful than any man you know, and have to live like a shadow.  to be SPECIAL, and have to pretend you’re a fool.  i know how it feels, i… understand.   /   IND. MERLIN FROM BBC MERLIN,  WRITTEN BY MARTA   /   WARLOCK

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bts november 2017 america promotions bingo:

“I’m definitely an army now”
“can I be a part of the band?”
“I’m bts’ 8th member!!”
“teach me something in korean”
“your fav american artist?”
“your fav food in america?”
“desiigner” “mic drop” or “steve aoki”’
“what does it feel like being here/at the amas?”
“tell us something about your cooperation with unicef”

What I’m most excited about for GOT season 8

Alright, as excited as I am for Gendrya reunion, Jonerys castlesex, Jon/Arya reunion, Jonerys baby, Cersei final takedown, etc., you know what I’m most excited about?

I’m most excited about Jonerys finally being ‘proven’ endgame so J0nsa/antis can finally STFU. As much blocking as I do when I see anti stuff come on my dash (trust me the list is fucking long) - and yes, usually I just block instead of engage with this idiotic people because he, I like taking the high road most of the time - this evening I STILL got some stupid J0nsa meta about how Jon came up with the idea to ‘play’ Daenerys and go undercover. And it wasn’t short. If it were a word doc, it probably would have gone on for several pages. And I’m so bloody sick of it.

Like seriously people, you hate Daenerys so much, stop fucking watching! She’s not entitled. She’s not a villain. She’s not mad. She’s not a white savior figure. She has not had everything handed to her. She has suffered tragic losses and her life has been hard as fuck. Yes she’s got dragons but even they have caused her pain and suffering - when Drogon killed that little girl, having to lock them up in the pyramid in Meereen, losing Vision, etc. - as much as she loves them.

And Jon, I can’t even with this undercover bullshit. They all use the Ygritte thing as an example that Jon is playing Dany but seem to forget or leave out one key detail…JON FELL IN LOVE WITH YGRITTE ANYWAY. He was infiltrating the free folk and yet, Ygritte was his first love. So that argument is completely bogus. So if Jon is playing Dany, why does he bend the knee after she agrees to help him?? Hmm? Makes no sense. Alright, okay…Let’s say he’s still playing her because he doesn’t believe she’ll follow through. Then why does he declare for her in front of Cersei in the Dragonpit meeting, totally screwing them over, infuriating Cersei, and alerting her to their alliance? Okay, okay, say he’s still playing her. J0nsa evidence of this is when, in their private dragon pit convo, Dany says “I can’t forget what I saw North of The Wall, and I can’t pretend Cersei won’t take back half the country the moment I march North.” So apparently this leads Jon to think she might still bail. But, Cersei comes back and agrees to help. They’ve won! Team Dany heads back to Dragonstone to plan their trip North to fight the army of the dead. Yay! Jon got what he wanted. They are literally on the fucking boat north. He knows Dany isn’t bailing. She’s on her way to help him. So why…WHY then does he seek her out and have sex with her, if he’s soooooo in love with his sister???  Because he’s somehow omniscient and knows Cersei will betray them?? Uhhh if he’s so fucking omniscient, why the hell did he even go on the wight hunt in the first place and then call Dany for help when he realized the mission was going to fail, risking her life and her dragon’s lives when they are the only things that can help him? If Dany had died saving him up there, he wouldn’t have access to her armies or her dragons. They wouldn’t follow him. So obviously, he can’t think that far ahead. Jon is an in-the-moment kinda guy. And even if he somehow was thinking Cersei might betray them and sleeps with Dany to get her to want to stay and fight with him (uh, even this logic is not sound), he’s already seen Dany is willing to put things on hold for him and risk her life to fight to save him - wight hunt disaster as example. So when they find out Cersei is betraying them, he already knows Dany isn’t the type to turn her dragons and armies back around and leave him stranded, especially if she’s in love with him…which apparently he’s using to his advantage, right? 

Fucking stupid. 

Sorry, rant over. This just gets me so mad! J0nsa’s make no sense. And I CAN’T WAIT of them to be proven wrong when season 8 comes around. It will be such sweet victory. 

But then again, you know, when Jon and Dany are happy with their three kiddos in the five years later scenes, J0nsa’s will probably be like…well, he still loves S@nsa but he got Dorito knocked up so he wouldn’t just abandon her because he’s a nice guy…but he still loves S@nsa. SMH. Ugh.  

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Classic Papyrus in his Cool Dude duds?:3


Here ya go Jess (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Papyrus in his cool dude clothes ready to date, with some dialogue too because I could!

This is the winning request of the “what should Essy draw first in her new sketchbook” raffle thingie from yesterday, and damn I am pretty happy with how this turned out, haven’t drawn Papyrus for quiet some time and never have I drawn him in his cool dude outfit either, and he turned out pretty damn good :D so happy with his face, and mostly the rest of him too, though not sure if I am happy with his left eye tho it feels like it got a bit too big, and the hand holding the book is a mess but meh, still very happy with it <:

Hope you like this Jess, because I sure do!

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a few weeks ago I think I replied to you I felt like Jen and Darren were still together because of some comments he made - and at the time they went to that party - but what about the beautiful news today? I think Jen finally read all those mother! thinkpieces and got away. Praise be. Now she just needs to really distance from DOR (that podcast was such a bummer for me because of when she mentions him). I cant believe I had to suffer with mother! lol at least they are done.

oh word did they break up?? i hadn’t heard anything yet BUT tbh i never bought it, honestly all her relationships seem to end when whatever project she’s working with them on ends. i bought her dating DA as much as i bought her dating Chris Martin so i’m still not entirely sure this wasn’t all some weird PR shit for mother! and ending that relationship as soon as mother! is done and tanks just kinda confirms it to me lol

【 out of character。】Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate. Enjoy the food, take up the excuse to stuff your face full of whatever desserts you desire. If you’re a traveler, stay safe on the roads as they’re sure to be chaotic. If you’re like me, and are going to be out shopping this weekend, be mindful of your surroundings and be careful. There’s no need to lose your common sense but for whatever reason there are people that do, so yeah —avoid those morons. 

“you don’t get to call yourself gay, you’re bi” but it’s the gay community, gay rights, gay pride parade. when they hit me, it was for being gay. when i look at myself i try to measure the parts of me that fit into the slot; i’m 80% gay even on a straight day. when i kneeled to pray it was begging away the gay part. when i do something wrong, it’s gay. 

when she was dating me, she was terrified of me leaving. “you’ll marry a man,” she said, “you’re bi, none of you are really gay.” when i left her for a man i felt those words like red nails inside me. when another of us commits suicide, a gay boy and i stand outside the funeral and he spits before going inside. “this is because y’all can’t make up your goddamn mind. he couldn’t even decide if he wanted to stay alive”. when i stand and hold hands with a trans boy at a pride rally, someone throws dirt at me. “go home, hetero,” and i feel like it’s better just to leave. “i just feel like shelters shouldn’t let bi people in. they can go to the straight ones. leave the shelter space for a real gay person.” my friend is out on the street at sixteen because she’s bi. in four years, she is dead. “bi people are untrustworthy” “bi people are slutty” “bi people don’t exist” “being bi is a sign of mental illness.”

too gay, i guess, for straight people. but not gay enough to call myself one. not gay enough, even when any other word i use to define myself comes with “slur connotations.” even when they beat me for it. even when i know people who died for it. even when. 

“i don’t know why bi people get upset we don’t make gay rights about them” a sigh, long-suffering, “you guys have no idea what kind of trouble we’re in.”