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This is a more personal post than I usually make on this blog, but today is Gilda’s 71st birthday, and I just wanted to make a post to recognize and thank her for the impact she has had on my life. I have been a fan of Gilda since I was a shaggy haired, snotty-nosed little 4 year old. I used to watch old SNL episodes and I was enthralled with Gilda. I spent hours at a time imitating her characters to try and make people laugh and be happy. I saw how much joy Gilda brought people and I knew that’s what I wanted to do when I grew up. Over my life Gilda has helped me in many ways. Her words of wisdom always seemed to give me the exact advice I needed at the exact right time. I read and watched interviews where she talked about her childhood and her life and in that I found a person I could truly connect to. I saw myself in her stories of eating disorders, teenage awkwardness, neurosis, etc. I saw that we went through many of the same struggles and it gave me the strength to push forward. If Gilda was strong enough, I would be strong enough, too. By 15, I more seriously started perusing acting. I did a couple improv shows, I got a few parts in plays, I performed theatre for children. Every time I stepped offstage I had a smile on my face and a warmth in my heart. I knew I was were I needed to be, I was doing what I had dreamed since I was 4 years old.
Today, as a shaggy haired, snotty-nosed 18 year old, I have just finished my Freshman year of college as a Theatre major. A few days ago, a girl came up to me and told me that she came to see one of the shows I was in and that show is the reason she decided to become a Theatre major.
All this to say: thank you, Gilda. Thank you for inspiring me, thank you for giving me strength, Thank you for teaching me that life is funny and it’s important to laugh, thank you for shaping me into the person I am today. Happy 71st Birthday, Gilda Radner✨

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I think it’s funny how straights watch bad liar and don’t pick up on the gayness until the last minute, like, I’m over here only 15 seconds into the video yelling about how much of a lesbian ‘Daughter Selena’ is


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I’m growing increasingly nervous about a previous customer at my old job.

He has my personal cell phone number (had to text him information while I was working at the old company before).

Haven’t heard from him in a year. I don’t even work at that company anymore, and haven’t for like, 6 months.

Anyways, he’s been blowing my phone the fuck up every day for the past 3 days. Originally, it was innocent just like “hey is this still Whitley? It’s Omar (last name)!”

Me: (instantly remembers him)yeah this is Whitley. How’s it going Omar?

And we’re just talking normally, still thinking it’s kinda weird he’s checking in on me cause I mean, I worked at an different AC company and handled his whole install, like nothing really special about it.

Anyways the conversation turned into “let’s meet up, you know how I do business networking? I have some info that may help the new company you’re at. And just to catch up! You were always so nice to me Whitley, wanna make sure you’re doing well” and then he’s like “is there a jealous boyfriend I should worry about?”

I stopped responding at that point cause it DID NOT feel right at all, I got a bad feeling.

He’s called me multiple times now, and texts me 3-4 times a day since then. I know that doesn’t seem like a lot but like, I literally have 0 relationship with this guy, he’s a fucking customer from my old job, I don’t even work at the company he’s a customer at anymore. We met in person ONCE, when he came into the office and dropped off doughnuts for me and the other office girls.

Idk the whole thing is making me really uncomfortable and idk what to do about it

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Jer/za isn't realistic and no one said that it was. But despite not seeing chunks of their story together we've seen more than enough to believe these characters love each other and that they're #1 to each other. Jellal was missing for a huge part of Erza's life and yet her feelings never wavered. Nirvana's end confirmed that she had had said feelings all along and the almost kissed made the ship MUTUAL. That's more than any other Erza ship ever had. You can have your Gray/Erza hcs but

that’s all they are. You don’t have the manga’s support. Show me within the manga Erza caring more about Gray and feeling closer to him than to Je/llal..You can’t because said evidence doesn’t exist..The quality of the interactions aren’t the same for one. I don’t dislike Gray/za but it was never presented in a romantic light or put above Jer/za in any way, shape or form.
And to say that “if Mashima wasn’t constantly tearing Gray away from his friends to push Gruvia, Gray and Erza’s natural dynamic would be more than enough to constitute a ship with a decent shot at endgaming” implies that the characters have a will of their own and we all know they don’t. The author chose to develop what he chose to develop and we all must deal with it, there’s usually no wiggle room or what ifs in shounen. Sorry to have wasted your time though :)

I also didn’t say that it was or wasn’t. No-one’s questioning the validity of Jellal and Erza’s feelings for each other. No-one’s questioning that Jellal and Erza are more canon than Erza and Gray, or that Jellal and Erza are going to endgame. I’m not arguing the canon validity of either ship, we clearly know where things stand.

What I am saying is that Gray and Erza have more than enough canon material to constitute a legitimately plausible ship. You can argue that the Tower of Heaven was heavily romantically coded for Grayza in the same way that you can argue that the end of the Nirvana arc was platonic, and Erza was crying over the fact that she got her best friend back just to lose him again. (Which I did, both ways, on my first read-through)

No, saying “if Mashima wasn’t constantly tearing Gray away from his friends to push Gruvia, Gray and Erza’s natural dynamic would be more than enough to constitute a ship with a decent shot at endgaming” implies that Gray and Erza’s friendship as it’s currently been written would’ve been enough to build an endgame ship on. If Jerza had never endgamed for [insert Jellal angst reason here] and Grayza did instead, I would completely accept that as plausible (if not for Juvia, ofc). In terms of Fairy Tail’s (weak) relationship building, they have enough to go on.

Grayza doesn’t have the author backing that Jerza does, but it’s not a exactly headcanon-reliant crackship either - it’s certainly a lot easier to imagine their canon dynamic than it is Jellal and Erza’s. Sorry for wasting your time as well; I feel we’re just going to have to agree to disagree.


#i refuse to acknowledge that this is not magnus #the sweetest moment with scared magnus and caring alec #this is what we all deserve #and i hope we will get it #but for now i will stare at these gifs and think how lucky we are to have this couple #of not only amazing leaders #but also amazing beings who love each other till hell and back