and i don't even like this :


In today’s episode of ‘I’ll just put these random words together to make it sound drastic’ I present to you:

‘fetishizing friendship’

If you think your friends are attractive or god forbid start to date a friend or develop romantic feelings for them, you have a friendship fetish, sorry I don’t make the rules antis do

if you write friends to lovers, tag your fetish pls to warn the children

(OR ‘shipping otayuri is fetishizing friendship’)

at this rate i feel like whoever plays mulan in the disney live-action is either not going to be chinese or is going to be half-chinese and white-passing like chloe bennet or what

anonymous asked:

How can you be a wlw when your friends with some of the most homophobic bellarke shippers and you hate clexa

Ayy Olofi no puedo mas,

My sexuality and ships are in no way correlated that’s first and foremost.

Second of all homophobic? Que interesante because I follow 106‬ people actually less if you don’t want to count networks and personally have spoken to each of them and I think maybe five of them are straight… Or it could just be medha.

How about this sapinga you come over here to my inbox attack my sexuality when you’re self esteem is so low that if I saw you on the street te tumbo because you’re made of carton, y yo si te lo digo porque yo no tengo pelo en la lengua y que

guess which bitch has applied to 8, count them EIGHT, different summer internships without even crying ONCE?????

Nat’s costume progress so far!
I have been pretty diligent and on time getting the coffins. I try to dismiss the mission that drop 1, and keep the ones that drop between 2 and 4. As for the drops from the horse, it will be 40 more hours, they did planned it for the costume to be obtained during the last episode, so no worries.

Also I Will beat Hi-Vo once more before the Episode ends. Still unsure if I can get Dino. I want it. And I will fight! How are y'all doing?