and i don't even like sports

An alternative to Bitty being completely oblivious to Jack’s feelings

Bitty is a gay man in a collegiate sport who grew up in the Deep South. He is Aware™ of himself at all times, even if he doesn’t talk about it on his vlog. He probably knows that although he is accepted now, if he crosses an invisible line of physical/emotional affection with some of the guys that acceptance can disappear in an instant. We can speculate on the sexuality of the other guys, but none of them are open in the way Bitty is, so he has to operate on different rules than the other guys.

We know, canonically, that he is mostly exempt from rough-housing. This isn’t because he’s smaller, it’s because he’s gay. Rough-housing is toeing that line and Bitty would probably be careful to exclude himself whenever possible. The other guys probably exclude him with the excuse that he’s small, but there’s a layer underneath that they would never acknowledge. This is the sort of thing that even really supportive straight friends do, often unconsciously. It’s part of the “unwritten rules”.

So, back to Jack. We’re shown the two of them getting increasingly touchy in the background of several panels Year 2. We’re shown through Bitty’s twitter that Jack seeks him out, incessantly chirps him (which by Bitty’s own admission, is a variation on flirting), and starts to include Bitty in the rough-housing. Bitty overheard the conversation with Parse and heard Parse interrupt Jack with what was probably a kiss. Bitty can connect those dots - he’s not dumb. The thing is - he’s also never going to bring it up, because Bitty understands living in the closet and how scary it is. He also understands that Jack’s future is on the line. Jack already has so much stacked against him - the overdose, the crazy expectations, his own crippling anxiety - and Bitty surmises that Jack can’t also live with his sexuality out in the open too. So, he lets Jack get closer, orbiting him, but never, ever pushes him or even hints that he knows. It’s a secret and Bitty isn’t going to violate that.

Instead, he just cherishes the moments he gets. He catalogs them carefully, even though it probably really hurts. The guy he has an outsize crush on keeps seeking him out and sitting too close to him and giving him piggyback rides and lending him his jacket. Bitty knows that this is outside the bounds of his other friendships. He knows that Jack is crossing the line and he lets him, instead of closing himself off and not allowing it like he might have with the other boys. He just shakes his head and says this boy.

What I’m getting at here is that Bitty might have known, or at least strongly suspected, that Jack had non-friend feelings for him. However, he also probably thought that Jack didn’t think they were important or big enough feelings to actually act on. That’s why we find Bitty literally sobbing in Jack’s room after graduation because Bitty thinks that it’s the absolute end of the road for them and even the casual flirtation will be gone as soon as he boards that plane to Georgia in a few hours. Jack is moving on to Providence and the NHL and Jack isn’t going to take the risk on his future. Bitty wasn’t expecting Jack to kiss him, but not because Bitty was oblivious to Jack’s feelings. He doesn’t expect the kiss because he has convinced himself that Jack does feel something for him, but not strongly enough to actually pursue it.

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Yuri on Ice is a sports anime about Viktor and Yuuri. Two bros who enjoy doing bro-like things together.


- naked yoga.

- sleeping together (in a bro way/no homo)

- various public displays of affection from bro-hugs to bro-kisses.

- holding hands so your bro does get lost in a crowd

- getting brogaged so all your friends know what good bros you are!

- bromantic ice dancing in matching outfits while caressing each other’s faces IN A BRO WAY.

haikyuu… isn’t queerbaiting…. it’s not even fetishistic of mlm relationships… it’s literally just volleyball. yea, they don’t have any canon gay characters, but they’re not baiting us either. haikyuu is a sports manga that’s purely sports, and they generally don’t focus on relationships or sexuality. it’s not like fucking free, which simply appealed to women that get off on gay relationships. i don’t really understand how people are comparing the two at all. (you could argue that they’re queerbaiting us with yachi ?? i guess? she seems gay)

believe me, it’d be great if we had some lgbt representation is hq, and i know the fandom is primarily focused on ships, but i don’t really think that the anime/manga is queerbaiting

About Me

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name: Catarina
single or taken: single
crushes: do idols count?
favourite colour: black
married: no
want kids? idk maybe in 20 years
last drink: milk (funny thing i don’t even like milk)
glasses: not yet
make up or no: i like make up but i suck at it so
cats or dogs: both!
evil or good: a little bit of both
fave sport: i don’t do sports, i like watching soccer/football games does that count?
fave animal: lions
weird? very
do you have any haters? i don’t think so, i don’t know enough people to have haters
funny or nah? of course lol
apple or samsung: samsung
smart? i’m a genius lol

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Meanwhile, at "Big Halloween Costume Makers Industry"

Guy #1: Halloween is 6 weeks away, Gentlemen. So, we need more sexy lady costumes, right?
Guy #2: Yeah?
Guy #1: But we’ve already done all the sexy maids and cheerleaders and lady cops. We need something new, something different. Something Men like.
Guy #2: Like what?
Guy #1: I don’t know… beer, sports, football, maybe?
Guy #2: Ok, Ok… So, what about, like, a sexy… Goal post.
Guy #1: … Ted, are you drunk?
Guy #2: Perpetually.


I just saw that Duke University has a campaign just like my school’s! Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania launched the “Don’t Say” Initiative this past week and I fell in love with my school even more because of it. Go D2 Athletics!

riverdale was actually very relatable this ep bc i know several groups of guys who have a points system for girls lol… it’s so sad.. and all of them are sports teams i hate them

Sweet Words

“Oh come on,” Shepard began, swinging her arm around and nearly spilling her drink. “The Mako wasn’t that bad.”

“The Mako was fine,” Garrus answered, chuckling lightly. “Your driving might have left a little something to be desired, however.”

“Like stable, flat ground,” Tali added, her words slurring more by the minute. “Or six flat tires.”

The commander gasped in feigned offense. “No one died because of the Mako. Except, like, a thousand geth–”

She was interrupted by an arm playfully curling around her waist. Kaidan appeared, sporting a ridiculously wide grin as he pulled her close.

“Hey, Shepard. Feel my sweater,” he said, completely oblivious to the chorus of snickers around them.

“What?” She clearly didn’t understand what was happening or why he would make such an odd demand out of the blue.

“You know what it’s made of? Boyfriend material,” he responded.

The commander stared at him for a long moment, completely flabbergasted. She wasn’t sure whether she should laugh, cry, or punch him for being so corny. One sniff, however, alerted her to the root of the problem. “WREX!”

“Something wrong, Shepard?” The krogan in question appeared, clearly understanding the accusatory tone in her voice and barely containing his laughter.

“Please tell me why Kaidan smells like that swill you drink?”

“He said he could handle it. Something about a crazy biotic metabolism. Don’t worry. I’m sure he’ll be fine.” Wrex answered, lifting his cup to the Major.

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Tbh I’ve been wanting to write a story about figure skating for years (in fact, I wrote a couple of drafts during 2014 but I didn’t like them) and I wish I could write a good idea I have right now, but… I just don’t know enough about what being an elite skater feels like, even after years of watching figure skating, and as much as I’ve made my research, I still haven’t found enough information. I don’t want to be inaccurate when it comes to my favorite sport.



This is an alien creature I’ve been working on the past couple of days because I want dragon buns–”Terrorbits” as one friend put it. “Terrorbits” and “Terrorbuns” are definitely going to be this species’ nickname, yo.

They’re essentially rabbit/cat/dragon hybrids who are extremely intelligent, are rather territorial, and are excellent jumpers/runners/sprinters. They’re most likely omnivorous with a preference for animal protein since their brains didn’t get that developed from eating cabbage for millions of years.

Their hands all sport opposable thumbs and are rather dexterous. They can stand straight up on their hind legs without any issue but prefer to have at least two sets of legs on the ground. The second hind pair of arms probably used to be wings from back when they could terrorize the sky besides dominating the land and sea but now they’ve turned into hands and can be used to claw faces off with double efficiency.

I based this one off of a Belgian Hare because I’ve never been able to own one myself and they’re way cool. Coloration is based off of “otter” colored rabbits.

Haven’t really named her yet.

(This is what my actual style looks like when I’m not copying IZ or anything else, lel)

I am the creator of this artstuff. Like away at your heart’s desire but please don’t repost my art–instead reblog this original post. Thank you very much! <3

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You can’t win at sports, you wear yellow shorts, all the other Houses feel sorry for you~♪

  “Oh, you don’t have to feel sorry for us just because we didn’t win. The other houses can get validation from winning, and that’s fine, but we’re quite happy where we are. We lost the game, but we did our best and did so having fun.“

  “You ought to be careful not to get too lax, though. For all you know we could just be biding our time to take everyone by surprise next year. And yellow is quite the delightful color! You ought to try it on sometimes.”

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Deciding to play a stupid prank on people today, Tyree would dress up in a fat suit, feathered and colored like a chicken. It even has a hoodie resembling a chicken’s head while sporting two googly eyes. The human’s face could be seen, but his face is painted white, and he’s wearing a yellow paper cone over his nose. Whatever is underneath the suit’s belly, it jiggles profoundly with every step Tyree makes as he hurries over to the person to begin gyrating his hips, making the belly flop about as Tyree gives them an impish smile behind the fake beak.


I love that I don’t live near Patriot Place anymore. I didn’t even know the superbowl was today until just now. What bliss.

BTS? More like Back To School

When someone tries to talk to you too early in the morning

When you hear someone talking shit about you behind your back

When you realize that assignment was due a week earlier than you thought

When senpai finally notices u

When school finishes

Me on a date in the near future

Date: So, are you into sports?

Me: Well actually…I recently got into running…

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and I really enjoy volleyball…

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and god damn, do I love swimming.

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Date: Wow, you must be in great shape! We should work out together!

Me: -sweats nervously- Fuck.