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Hi lovelies,

As some of you may know (I’ve whined my fear share about it - sorry!), I’ve been working on a fic for a while that I’ve gotten quite stuck on. Inspiration has, so to speak, left me. So, I’m gonna try something new, and post this sneak peak for you - it’s the first 4,7k of chapter one of what is known as ‘The Vegas Fic’ and which will probably be titled ‘The Greatest Thing’ unless I come up with something better. I’m hoping that the fic will be something you’d like to read (?) and that posting this sneak peak will sort of obligate me to finish it! Hopefully, knowing that there are people out there waiting will work as motivation for me. I hope you enjoy? And please let me know what you think - whether it’s even worth finishing and all. x
(Oh, by the way, I copied this from google docs, so all the italics and such disappeared, soz!) 

CHAPTER ONE (or half of it, anyway):

If Harry had to describe Vegas with one word, it would be ostentatious. He’s never cared much for the city to be honest, all the flashing lights, the partying, the gambling, the countless amount of strippers, the sense that you could just throw away all your inhibitions and let go… yeah, he appreciates the quiet life nowadays.

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How Sam would comfort his girl if she were big
  • Big Girl: *Looking sad while with Sam*
  • Sam: *Notices her expression* Hey, why the long face?
  • Big Girl: *Sighs* Some guys on the street called me fat today.
  • Sam: What? Did you know them? *Seriously starts to consider hunting them down to beat them up*
  • Big Girl: No, they were just a couple of strangers. And I'm just thinking of how nice it would be to not have the truth thrown in my face all the time like that.
  • Sam: ... You think you're fat?
  • Big Girl: Well... I know I'm a bit hefty but there's not much I can do to change that. I've tried but nothing really works. But I just wish, sometimes, that I could love how I look and that I wouldn't have people affect me that much. You know?
  • Sam: ... *Contemplates for a moment before he suddenly scoops her up bridal style, lifting her with ease*
  • Big Girl: Woah, what are you doing!?
  • Sam: What are you talking about, doofus?
  • Big Girl: Wha-?
  • Sam: You weigh, like, nothing to me.
  • Big Girl: That's because you have super human strength!
  • Sam: Yeah, and so what? Even without it I can still lift you as easily and can do this. *Starts to spin her around.*
  • Big Girl: *Lets out a little squeak as she wraps her arms around Sam's neck and quickly starts to laugh as he continues to spin them both around*
  • Sam: *Slows to a stop* There we go, that's better. *Waits for her to calm her giggles before he touches his forehead to hers* It doesn't matter how much to weigh, I'll carry you around the whole friggin' world if it'll make you happy. Those asshole who don't know you like I do, don't fucking matter. You're beautiful, oofus. That's a fact.
  • Big Girl: *Stares into Sam's eyes and her face glows from her smiling. She leans forward and hugs him tight while still in his arms* I love you Sam.
  • Sam: I love you too.
Girl Meets Ski Lodge (Part 1) Recap
  • Cory: Alright ya losers, shits about to get real.
  • Everyone: No it's not.
  • Josh: Hi.
  • Maya: Yes it is.
  • ~and then~
  • Literally Everyone even Rucaya @ Triangle: DIE
  • ~and thennn~
  • Maya: Me and Lucas would save the world.
  • Riley: No you wouldn't.
  • Everyone: *eats popcorn*
  • Riley: Me and Lucas would love each other forever.
  • Maya: No you wouldn't.
  • Everyone: *eats more popcorn*
  • Lucas: *is a coward*
  • ~and ThEeeNNNnn~
  • Maya: Riles, this shits gonna have to get real.
  • Riley: It'll be fine.
  • Evan: Hi.
  • Riley: No it won't.
  • ~meanwhile~
  • Auggie, on why they won't give him any screen time these days: I DON'T KNOW I WISH THEY'D STOP
  • ~tO bE cOnTiNuEd~
  • Billboard: Do you think young women have it easier today?
  • Madonna: Hmm ... It depends on what you mean by "easier." I guess it's easier on the one hand because it's no-holds-barred and you can do whatever you like. On the other hand, if you're a pop star and want to get your records played and reach the masses, you have to play it very safe. You have to be very politically correct. There aren't a lot of young pop stars who actually have opinions -- or, they have them but they don't express them. Individuality is not encouraged. Keeping your brand going and not rocking the boat -- that's what is encouraged.
  • Billboard: What do you make of Miley Cyrus?
  • Madonna: I like her. She seems like she doesn't care what people think. People are always telling her she's dirty or crazy or trashy, and she doesn't care. I love that about her. In her peer group, she stands out.
  • Billboard: When you look back on your career, what part do you think you played in changing taboos about growing up female in America?
  • Madonna: I don't think there was one part. I think it's an ongoing activity in my life. I'm continuing to open doors for the women behind me. I don't know many women who have had a successful career in pop music as long as I've had. And I waited until I was older to have children. I raised children and wasn't married. And I continue to express myself -- my sexuality -- in my 50s, even though that's also considered taboo, and I get a lot of shit for it. But in 20 years, Miley Cyrus probably won't get shit for it. Then, it'll be like, "Oh, yeah, that's nothing new."