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I forgot to showwwww but I did a real, tangible painting!!! irl!!! For a contest. It was the first time I ever painted something original on a canvas (I had painted on canvases loooong ago but. studies and still-life…) It was an adventure lmAo… the canvas was huge (80cmx50 or smth like that) and forming colors in real life was HARD but I loved the experience


When your favorite album turns one year old, it’s only logical that you should turn it into cross stitch. Happy Birthday Badlands 💕

Sometimes family members make the patient more agitated and make my job way harder...

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Stay Strong today, sheith shippers.

today a popular artist posted some gorgeous sheith kisses y’all should check out, but unfortunately: every time someone outside our happy bubble is reminded sheith exists, the search has a little explosion of upset antis.

if anyone needs a safe place to complain or a space to forget about the drama, my messages and inbox is open and my blog is discourse free.  Let’s celebrate even harder this wonderful, loving pairing. <3

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           “That’s exactly what I’m sayin’.  One night and tequila lead to this.”  She said very calmly.  “I figure ya should know.  Not sayin’ ya hafta ta do anythin’ but not sayin’ you can’t either.”  She paused.  “That came out very confusin’.  If you want to know the baby fine if not, no harm no foul.”

Turn 1

So I went to Reddit to see the videos and people’s reaction. Now we’ve got people saying:
• 100% Vettel fault
• 50% Vettel 50% Verstappen fault
• Racing incident

For me it was clearly 50 - 50 here between Seb and Max. Also this is really similar to China *looks at Helmut Marko*.

Verstappen: He saw a gap and went for it like every racing driver. The problem was because of Kimi he couldn’t see how much tight Seb took that corner he knew that he was there he didn’t know how tight he took the corner. This was very ambitious and high risky from him. We can all agree that he had a really bad start which then led to both Ferrari overtaking. Maybe if he didn’t go there and just went on to make the corner safely he could’ve of attacked the Ferrari’s later on without any damage.

Vettel: He was definitely a little bit faster than Kimi coming into the corner first and leaving enough room for one car which was Kimi ‘cause he was a little bit faster than Max. Seb definitely couldn’t see Max because Kimi’s car hid it from his view and mirrors. Seb did take the corner really tight leaving enough space for one car not two. But what happend here was that Max went for the gap that Kimi left there, Kimi was trying not to hit Max but when he moved his car he hit Seb into his rear right wheel resulting into Kimi hitting Max taking a part of his front wing off and ruining his floor.

Kimi: You cannot really blame him for anything if he closed the gap Max could’ve of hit him in the rear with how much speed he was carrying in results of a bad start. Kimi had nowhere to go just like Seb in China.

This is my opinion. But I just cannot see how people could blame this 100% on Seb. Look I know I’m a fan but I do know that half of the fault is his. And I know when to say yea he did make a mistake he was never and never will be innocent. Like some of the fans look not only at Seb but the rest of the drivers. Also all of them are arrogant, thinking only of themselves but at that moment Seb left enough room for Kimi thinking about his teammate but Max thought only about him trying to make up for the bad start.

Also laughing at Red Bull protecting their golden boy blaming it all on Seb and Kimi when it was obviously 50% of his fault adding to that that he crossed the yellow line (the start line) and started from white.

I’ll answer the messages in my inbox in a bit, first I need to say...

I’m side-eyeing everyone who reblogged that gifset saying that it looks like the kid is Misty and Miranda’s daughter AND specifically using the word “lesbians” really hard.

Misty is/was interested in a guy. That’s canon. Even if she were interested in girls too, even if she were to end up with a woman–guess what? She still wouldn’t be a lesbian. Because, unbelievably, straight and gay aren’t the only sexual orientations that exist.

It’s nice to be reminded that I’m not relevant even by people who in the same breath will call for “representation”.