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HOOO BOY Golly GEE WHILLIKERS, I can’t wait for OSOMASCOT-SAN! — The Osomatsu-sanrio crossover episode with our favourite cuddly mascots

[This is part 1 of my submission for the @osomatsusan2ndseason-zine — part 2 with Ichi, Jūshi & Todo’s panels coming shortly]

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Y'know, I was willing to give Trump a chance, try and look at things from a positive point of view. But this has just gone way too far, what the hell has ones gender got to do with ones capability to serve the country? I'm speechless

omg first of all i love how you came to my blog to share this opinion, when i saw that i had a message i was NOT expecting this lmao

but yeah same except i was never willing to give that cheeto ass a chance. fuck the military but also everyone should have a right to enlist if they want to. “burdened with tremendous medical costs” LMAOOO AS IF THE GOVERNMENT DOESN’T WASTE ALL ITS MONEY ON ASININE MILITARY THINGS ANYWAY. LMAO!!! i hate this country

  • Me: Ugh I hate Wonderland.
  • Me: Ugh I hate Agrabah.
  • Me: Ugh I hate Monstro.
  • Me: Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite game series of all times and was a very important part of my formative years and will forever hold a special place in my heart.
  • Me: Ugh I hate the Deep Jungle.

When will people learn that you can’t “sneak” a picture of Harry, he will always know that you are there taking an image of him during his downtime without his permission with the intention of sharing it with thousands of people on the internet. Do you I guess, but understand that he sees you and he knows. And while I’m sure he’s gotten used to it, he probably doesn’t enjoy it very much.

What the heck, trump really? OH I’m sorry “president trump” yes your my president so I must respect you. But for that you must respect US. I’m sorry but transgenders are people, just like you! So are all of the lgtb community. I stay quiet everyday, I’m not allowed to say my opinion, it’s America. So for every one who is speaks or stays quiet I’m with you. I’ll stand with you. But for one second you think I will ever stand behind him you are SO very wrong! If you guys want to make me, unfollow me. Never come back. Here on this page I respect everyone. I have my OWN opinion.. But I will still respect them. But we are humans. Jesus get some fricking common sense! I will state my opinion, and I should not fear it. I marched and I will use my voice. Trump may do things but he will never bring us down. Stand strong every single one of you.


Aughhhhh! Okay I’m a little overwhelmed right now with an outpouring of love from all my pals (and more goofy MGS model shenanigans from my main squeeze… more on that later when my actual gift arrives in the mail….) and I just wanted to post my thanks and love for this amazing fandom community that has given me so much over the years. This isn’t a complete list by any means, but I want to give some shout outs while I have the chance. <3

@metalzekesolid is a solid dude and is one of the most honest, down to earth people I’ve ever met who is legit one of my favorite people to talk to

Likewise! @canisdiamandis is hella cool and a lot of fun and I wish we all lived in the same place so we could do high fives and roll around town in matching jackets (which we totally have)

@floating-in-the-blue is absurdly talented and has some spectacular ideas for stories and little projects to bring us pals closer together and I feel cool for just knowing them!

@polmcarts rips my heart out of my chest on a regular basis and has so much skill at just tapping into the sweet, soft, emotional moments and I love them for it

@aprilpoke aughhhh you lways inspire me and I love the risks taking and experiemntation I see in your art so much!!!

@kazuhiradarling is a sweetheart and an absolute dream to work with and I really admire their dedication!

@monostache is so friendly and supportive and an S+++ friend to have ahhhh! 

@mothbats is an inspiration. You’re so fucking talented and creative and your written work is a thing of majestic beauty, my friend. 

@atlasonstandby is just… so kind? And really very talented and doesn’t hate me even though I accidentally ruined their life just a little bit. OTL XD

@ciircumserpent continues to be writer goals and I still think a lot about them and their writing when I’m working both in and out of RP because they are the gold standard (and hella cool to boot) 

@harshsilver Uh… what even was my life in fandom before I met Harshai? Who even cares about that stupid time it doesn’t exist! Their art streams were one of the places I first started making friends and they continue to be a total sempai and WHY IS EASTER EUROPE SO FAR AWAYYYY???? You have made my life in and out of fandom better for you being in it, my friend! 

@fluffwing knows how to bring the cute and I love them for it! :D

@survivorttype is another super talented person that I’m glad to know and their work is so fun and full of life and it brings me joy every time I see it!

@2sneeaky Has such a unique body of work and they’re hella cool and I loved hearing your late-night stories about the banana shit at your day (night) job. omg

@fractalspaces I don’t even know what to say, buddy. You helped me try out a lot of new things and made me feel more comfortable with writing and I love you for that!

@millionfish ….probably the coolest person I’ve ever met or known???? Genuinely kind and hilarious and just… amazing.

@mightyscrub My partner in crime except I don’t think we’ve broken any laws unless it was actually illegal to do that u-turn in Chicago that one time but probably not. AHHHH! I love that you are always up for shenanigans and you are just so damn clever. You are the salted butter to my boiled potatoes.

@selfishmachine007 You’re a new friend but you feel like a golden oldie! I’m so glad our paths crossed and we’re having fun together!!!

Um um um… and like a million other people oh my goodness this is already going so long. Basically I love all of you and I’m looking forward to another year of fun and creativity with you all. YOU ARE ALL DIAMONDS!!!

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