and i don't care that i don't care

In honor of Britney Spears’ birthday, I want to remind everyone that this woman was publically ostracized for struggling with the onset of mental illness, divorce, and loosing custody of her children after years of media scrutiny and hypersexualization starting at the age of 17. No, she is not just a crazy woman who shaved her head. She’s the victim of an industry that loves to build a woman up before tearing her down.

When you truly care for someone,...

…you don’t look for mistakes
Instead, you fight the mistakes.
You accept the faults and you overlook excuses.
The measure of love is when you love without measure.
There are rare chances that you’ll meet the person you love and who loves you in return.
So once you have it. Don’t ever let go.
The chances might never come your way again.

It’s not that easy, you know? Pretending I don’t care about him. Actually it’s really hard, because he’s all I want and he’s all I can think about.
—  L.N
DARP Door 3 for everyone else <3

//My lovely followers and rp partners (both current and past) <3. There were so many of you to choose from for the DARPA Door 3, but my limit was 3 (and I cheated and did 3 per character anyway XD). Since I couldn’t get to you all, know I love you and appreciate you, every single one, and wanted to do a little shoutout to those here that didn’t get their own special post (though I can’t get you all and if I miss you I’m sorry, I just want to share with you all how much I love you and make sure some of you have the opportunity to cross paths!!! XD)

@helpforwherethehurtis - YOU WILL ALWAYS BE COLE. Done. <3 Also, please forever fill my dash with gorgeously soft bunnies.

@ayanelath - For all the good times, none of the bad, and all the ways Ayane shines. I hope things are going well, and I hope that you’re still having fun <3 

@thosewhospeak - Tama is amazing, and there should always be more Tama/Herah vitriol on my dash forever. <3 I can’t wait to write more.

@aclassikrem - Krem is so much fun. I’m glad that you’re writing him and doing him justice, and I hope things are going well <3 

@canticleofmercy - I cannot, repeat CANNOT, wait to rp with your Thrask. I’m so excited. Thank you for taking a character that gets such a small voice in the games and expanding upon him and giving him life <3

@dragonagedmage - Yue is wickedly delightful and so ridiculous. He’s a lot of fun to play with a concept. <3

@thedalishbloodmage - Merrill rarely gets true justice, because she is seemingly a polarizing and misunderstood character and I’m so glad you’re taking her on and doing all you can with her. I know how much you love her and it so wonderful to see her here.

@inquisitorataashi - You took such a rare concept and treated it so well, morphing it into your own in-depth character. And Adahlen has so many of his own flavors and characteristics that it’s really amazing. (Everyone go follow Adahlen dammit <3). Also. Gladstone. Is. The. Delight. Of. DARP. and although we don’t RP anymore, I’m glad to have had the chance.

@ser-pounce-a-mage - Thank you for writing an Anders sans Justice. It’s such an interesting concept and so fundamental to his character, and changing that up is such a fun idea to play with (especially since the original plan was that Justice was going to be paired with Velanna for DA2 so it almost WAS what we got <3) I really love your portrayal of Anders a lot.

@lucernimaevaris - My friend, we will always need Mae <3 Thank you for writing her, for taking the time to give her the love she deserves and for doing it so damn well. You are a treasure. Always. <3

@redlyriuminfused @traitxrteryn @dreadwolftakethee - Where would we be without characters like these who deserve such love for being such AMAZING characters. I hope you three get all the love you deserve (all of it) for taking on the challenge of writing characters that can so often be conflicting and polarizing. Stay with us. We need you. Don’t go away! <3 

@natalia-hawke - I hope things are still well with you, darling, and that you’re feeling happy and safe. I hope that you and Natt are causing as much mischief as ever. <3 

@aeluned and @ygaren - you know why you’re here <3 I love you. Always. You ridiculous wonderful bundle of fun. And Sahlin needs Elu more than he’ll ever be able to admit. <3 She is and always will be his oldest, dearest friend, and the only reason he’s alive today.

THERE ARE SO MANY MORE. I CAN’T NAME YOU ALL. BUT I LOVE YOU EACH AND EVERY ONE! <3 Know that you’re appreciated, by me and so many others, and happy…Dec. 3rd? XD 

“ask-dr0wned-ben said: ADM: If you need someone to talk to I’m always available. I know my English is not good, but I can try to help you, okay ??

ask-dr0wned-ben said: ADM: Honey, don’t listen to them please. They’re not worthy of your attention! You’re a sweet person, okay? Block sending these anonymous ones. Don’t go on hiatus, please. I love your art, I love you! You’re a great person and you don’t deserve it!

thehouseofmonsters said: holy shit that’s fucking awful ;A;!! take anon off if it helps”

I’m literally sobbing right now. The only support I’ve gotten for this type of thing is from my girlfriend.

Thank you guys so much, it means so much to me that people actually care.

someone should come talk to me about the smile han has when rey tells him her name. because he noticed her face when they first arrived into the takodana atmosphere and she finally saw green for once in her life. and that’s probably just? really ironic? that he can’t even help but to smile? she spent her entire life on this desert planet. finally being introduced to a place where there’s blues and greens and every color imaginable besides the browns and goldens she’s so used to seeing every day. rey. a literal rey of sun in these vast plains of foliage. 

I'm sorry guys

This isn’t a happy subject but it needs to be said.

I do not appreciate people coming onto this blog and telling me to kill myself on anon.

I’m legitimately struggling with thoughts like those. I tell myself that enough; I don’t need other people to reinforce it.

If this continues, I might have to take a hiatus so I don’t actually do it.

@ anons doing this I don’t fucking care if it’s “just a joke”. It’s cruel and inhuman. Just stop. Please.