and i don't appreciate it one bit

For those sweethearts warning me not to get my hopes up - I really do appreciate the way you’re trying to guard my heart.  And I mean that.   Tone is hard to convey over the internet and having people care about my emotions is a sweet and precious thing.

When I was younger, I used to make it a point to not get my hopes up.  When you’ve got a good imagination and a bit of a wild one, its very hard for life to live up to your expectations and being disappointed hurts.  I always tried to regulate my excitement, my pleasure in a future thought, to avoid the disappointment being too great of a drop if it didn’t happen.  I was very sensible.

Now?  Not so much.  If it makes me excited or happy, I’m going to ride that wave and enjoy the hell out of it.  Why?   Because I am tired of not being as happy as I can be, especially if its my fault I’m that way.  I want it full, drain it to the dregs and when I can be happy, I want to be as happy as I can be.  Does life still disappoint me? Well, yeah.  But you know what?  Disappointment doesn’t feel that strong these days.  It hits, I absorb the impact - but its not new.  It’s familiar.  I know how to accept it these days and then set it aside gently and I know how to give myself whatever perks I need to get over the sharpness of it and keep going.  And you know what?  I was still happy before, really all the way happy.  And I know, from experience, how quickly I can find happy again if I’m willing to grab it and squeeze.  Life’s emotions have evened out.  I’ve run them often enough to know their feel.  And I like embracing the things that make me happy in the present.  I’ve already measured it.  I can pay the cost at the end for the happiness of the now.  If it was a permanent injury I’d be more judicial but this?  Thank you for watching out for me and by all means do what you need to do to keep your own heart safe for hurts that can still feel sharp.  But I’m going with happy on this one.  If I’m wrong, I’m wrong.  That’s a small disappointment and easily set aside after its hit and I can absorb that.  In the meantime, I’m all in for the happy (or at least excitement and pleasure in looking forward to something I had not been).  

You are the sweet heartedest, most beautiful and gentle handed followers I have ever had and you make the warmth swell up inside my chest.  I adore y’all for watching out for me.  The world is a good good place because you are in it.  Everyone has to guard their hearts in the ways that are best for them.  Thanks for watching out for mine.

Why I love Wanna One: Jisung edition
  • Let’s start from the most commonly know undeniable facts: Jisung is a memelord. He was never afraid to show his fun and carefree personality and that made people love instantly love him. But he is much more than a meme
  • He’s beautiful: Honestly I never understood people dragging him for his looks. Have you guys seen him? Have you seen his heart fluttering boyfriend looks on Instagram?! I may or may not have saved all of those photos on my phone.
  • He doesn’t take himself too seriously which is a great attitude to live life. Nevertheless, he always approached important matters responsibly and efficiently showing his serious and assertive side when needed. 
  • His dedication to his dream: At the age of 27 (Korean age) most trainees have already given up. Don’t get me wrong 27 in the real world is not old (don’t @ me youths) but for undebuted kpop idols it’s basically game over.
  • Despite that and the fact that he’s coming from a financially unstable company, he still stayed loyal to his dream and his fellow team mates in MMO and did his best to make it work. 
  • His determination and strong will: After ranking high on episode 5, the infamous netizens decided to make his life miserable and attack him for no reason (and they still do, who do I need to fight to make it stop) which even though it broke him for a moment (made his ig account private), he kept going. Inspirational. 
  • He’s talented: His extra and fun personality is what helped him to be noticed but have you heard his beautiful singing voice?? I was so happy he chose Downpour for the concept evaluation and we finally got to hear him sing. He can also dance, a skill he has polished by being a back up dancer for already debuted idols. 
  • He’s caring: Anyone who’s watched Produce 101 Season 2 has witnessed Jisung’s loving and considerate personality. We saw him taking care of his fellow contestants numerous times, encouraging and giving advice and even comforting eliminated trainees backstage when he made it to the final 11.

For these and many more reasons I love Yoon Jisung and you should too because he’s a beautiful, talented, caring soft memelord who deserves to be appreciated and cherished. 

(5/11) - WannaOne appreciations

I Don’t Love You I Want in Your House     |     LadyLondonderry

Louis/Harry & Liam/Zayn   |   6.9k   |   Teen

Harry comes into the bakery almost every day trying to woo Louis.

Zayn works out at the gym maybe a little more than necessary so that he can get the chance to watch Liam train.

Niall is the only one who ever checks the mail.

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"Namjoon is a genius and namjoon is in the top tier of kpop rappers." How so? I don't disagree, I just want to hear some Namjoon appreciation.

me: loves this ask

me: takes 8 years to respond

im sorry i took forEVER to respond pal! i wanted to do this justice and ive been hella busy


1) lets look at the obvious first; the reception of various rappers and the general rap community

  • Warren G: “Even though I wasn’t able to understand his lyrics completely, I can say that it was really good. The flow, the style and his rhythm are all very good.” and “When listening to Rap Monster’s songs, it sounds a bit like me or Snoop Dogg rapping over the beats to what we’ve made.” AND “If I comment from an artist and a producer point of view, Rap Monster is one of the best rappers I know. The way he delivers his rap is outstanding.” (me: *chokes*)
  • Tiger JK: called namjoon “the industry junior who changed his preconceptions about idols.”
  • SPIN Review: “With smartly snagged instrumentals from Run the Jewels and Big K.R.I.T., a cameo from Tech N9ne sidekick Krizz Kaliko, and surprisingly sturdy hooks on the piano-bar blues “Life” and the hammering standout single “Do You,” Kim Namjoon actually stands a chance of making a dent in the States.”
  • XXL Mag: “Rap Monster rarely fails to live up to his name. The Ilsan, South Korea-raised rapper is one of the region’s most dexterous rappers, capable of switching flows effortlessly as he glides across an array of diverse instrumentals.”
  • DJ Booth (Lucas G): “I really like the balance between rapping in Korean and rapping in English. If the project was all in Korean, I’m not sure I could have connected with him but by mixing the two languages together he provides the listener with a brand new experience; I don’t feel like a passive listener. Shit even when he’s rapping in Korean, I can still feel his words. He’s got a hunger and an excitement that can be felt in any language.”
  • Tony Jones: “Rap Monster can outrap any rapper” (tbh not super relevant but i had to include it bc its so cute)
  • i highkey feel like there is more but rn im functioning on half my brain cells rip

2) lyrics; this is really important to me. lots of ppl pick rappers off of their beats and how lit they are.. THIS ISN’T RAPPING. if yall want lit beats tune into the producer or just listen to trap. that’s not what rap is about. 

lyrics are CRAZY important! and like, diss and bragging lyrics are such a sidebar. if you can only diss and brag I’m sorry but you aren’t worth shit lol.

here in my opinion are some of his best lyrics (READ THIS SHIT! YALL PLEASE)

  • “the thing that redeemed me too, the things that pushed into me - the distant precipice and everything, that’s all me - foolish humanity, you too can become gods - hold your head straight and try, a saint’s smile - Jesus’ footsteps, Allah’s prayers - even until Maria’s love, all of it is inside you - this is unconditional redemption and unconditional belief” (God Rap)
  • “I live to understand the world - But the world didn’t once understand me” (Always)
  • “these people who clamor for respect with their own mouths - even they don’t know the misjudgments of those words - freedom and self-indulgence, they’re obviously different” (Do You)
  • “if you look less at wits, there are a lot of things that change - you were born as a hero, why are you trying to become a slave? - “because it hurts, it’s youth” - that kind of definition is the biggest problem - in life a genre is a trap, just like music - because you become an idiot as soon as you’re tied down there - fuck that.” (Do You)
  • “every night inside me I quietly fight with myself - my heart pounds, my colleagues stab me in the back - while saying that I became a moron after joining a company- yeah fuck you I’m an idol, yeah yeah I’m an idol - at one time I hated it but now I love to get that title” (Awakening)
  • “I thought I could catch the mirage known as happiness - but the me in front of my desk wasn’t happy even for a moment - without my mom knowing, I put a sheet of white paper between the pages of my workbook - my identity that I wrote down matched to the drum and bass - a different, relaxed feeling compared to when I got my report card” (Voice)
  • “do you know the reality that there’s no shadow in the fire? - then will I become the fire or will I become the light, that’s my question - so if I become the light then in the daylight, then the darkness - closes his eyes when it’s bright and when others sleep, opens his eyes again - even though I felt suffering I thank you” (God Rap)
  • “life is more beautiful knowing that we’ve taken a loan on death - even light is treasured more when there’s darkness - the sunshine appears after we’ve passed through the storm” (Life)
  • “but the thing that we all learned at some point was how - to step on someone, to catch them, to erase them, to hate them - fuck all the peace and love, I know that that’s the natural enemy of success - that’s too obvious” (Life)
  • “everything can coexist, positive and negativity - the thing that guides me and this world is ultimately those two’s synergy - all wanderings related to existence, sometimes until they’re chaotic - even those moments now seem lovable - if you’re confused about what is right and what is wrong - what makes me want to live again, think about it” (I Believe)
  • OK SO LIKE THESE ARE DISS LYRICS BUT YALL BETTER KNOW THIS IS SOME OF THE MOST SAVAGE SHIT IVE EVER HEARD: “Even if you don’t like me, you know me - I like hate comments more than no comments - I DON’T KNOW YOU - BUT YOU KNOW MY NAME” (Cypher 4
  • credit to btstrans for lyrics

3) delivery…  every rapper has their own style and namjoon for sure has great fucking delivery omg (that voice tho). in terms of pure flow i have three fav songs…

Awakening: the song that made me a Rap Monster fan (way before I knew what kpop was). The intensity and emotion in his voice still gives me chills.

Joke: his vocal control, his phrase stylization, his ability to spit so flawlessly with like no air… Joke is ALL about flow

P.D.D.: so chill… but the way he raps still draws in the listener; this is partially due to the natural depth and beauty of his voice, but a lot of it is in the energy his delivery has, even when it’s relaxed as fuck. namjoon raps like he’s telling a story, and the rise and fall of his voice is perfectly responsive and sensitive to his lyrics.

4) live stages! his lives are great. i won’t say they’re perfect, but they are still awesome and he always gets hype as FUCK and gets the audience into it

What Am I To You: i literally get so fucking emotional. dont debate this with me, this is honestly his best live stage ever. fucking flawless.

Do You: you see me bopping to this shit in my home? im getting fucking hyped yall as i write this

OKAY BOO BOO HOPE YOU LIKED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! comment/reblog with what you think makes Namjoon an amazing rapper!!

as always, if you think im wrong, pls message me ;)

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I challenge you to a drabble of a Reylo lovechild asking mommy and daddy how they met please and thanks

And so Coupdedoop discovered then, that she had no idea how to write a three year old. For she herself, has hardly ever interacted with one. Hope you like this Nonny! It was done pretty quickly but almost too quickly… so I’m hoping it’s alright!

“And so, Cinderella and the Prince were married, and lived happily ever after. The, End.“

“Mama! Read it again!” Rey smiled and hugged the small bouncing child tight.

“Padmé that’s the second time we’ve read you that story! How about you pick another?”

Padmé pouted and shook her head, dark curls bouncing into a mess that Rey would have to brush out before Padmé fell asleep.

“But Mama, it’s my best! I want my princess story!”

Kylo laughed from behind the two-leaning in the doorway.

“Then how about a story about your mother?” Padmé stared at her mother with wide hazel eyes-mouth hanging open in shock.

“Mama? Mama’s a princess?”

Rey rolled her eyes and smirked at Kylo.

“No. Mamas not a princess, my lovely.”

“You’re absolutely right!” Kylo strode over to the bed, sitting down at the end, trying not to take up too much space on the child’s bed. “She’s a queen now. After all, she married a prince didn’t she?”

Rey snorted, giggling slightly at Kylo’s corny expression.

“Prince! Oh, that’s funny.”

Padmé lightly tugged on Rey’s shirt, demanding her full attention.

“Mama! Mama?”

Rey smiled lovingly at her daughter.

“Yes, dearest?”

“How did you and Papa meet?”

Rey raised a brow, and smirked, turning over to look at her husband, who twiddled his thumbs innocently.

“Ask Papa.”

Kylo shot a put-off look at Rey, and sighed, putting on an exaggerated dreamy smile and reaching over to push hair from Rey’s face.

“You see, Padmé, it was fate. I had been having dreams about Mama for a very long time before we met. I knew that we were meant to be together. So one day, Papa went to go find his lovely princess.”

Rey rolled her eyes, sitting back with Padmé who eagerly sat at attention, drinking in her father’s every word.

“I searched high and low for her, but to no avail.”

Padmé wilted slightly, lip trembling.


She instantly brightened up, eager once again and shaking with excitement. Rey couldn’t hold back her grin, watching Padmé bounce with joy.

“I found her. On a beautiful green planet by a large stone castle.”

Padmé gasped and looked at Rey in shock.

“Mama IS a princess!”

Rey shook her head.

“It was Maz’s castle, sweetie. Mama’s not a princess.”

Padmé didn’t seem at all discouraged by this however. In fact she seemed to ignore it in its entirety in favour of believing her mother was true royalty.

“Papa! What happened next?” She demanded, reaching out for her father.

Kylo instantly reached back, taking Padmé into his arms and holding her up above him as he flopped back onto the bed.

“One of Papa’s soldiers told Papa where the princess was, and I went to go find her in the forest. Silly thing was running away, can you believe that, pumpkin?”

Padmé giggled and waved her arms about, enjoying the airtime her father provided.

“Mama ran away? Like Cinderella!”

“Yes! Just like Cinderella!”

Rey groaned, crawling down the bed a bit to sit beside her husband, who looked up at her with a ridiculous grin.

Rey didn’t really have the heart to tell Padmé that she was running from a warlord. Not a prince. That would be a story for another day.

“Finally, I caught up to the princess, and do you know what she did?”

Padmé shook her head, but was clearly enraptured and desperate to find out.

“What? What did Mama do?”

“She shot at me!”

Padmé’s face dropped, and she turned to glare at Rey.


Rey froze, not at all expecting the story to take this turn.

“Oh- uh-”

“Papa was forced to defend himself! And fight his precious princess!” Kylo moaned on, in an over the top voice designed to entertain.

“Mama, why?! Papa must have been so sad!” Kylo sat up, placing Padmé into his lap and nodding solemnly. Expression grave as stone he was about to be buried under should he not shut the hell up.

“I was very sad Padmé. And it didn’t stop there!”

“If papa wants to live it probably should.” Rey hissed.

Padmé shot a dark look at Rey- looking far too much like a younger version of herself.

“Mama should apologise to Papa!”

Rey stared at Padmé, quiet as a mouse. She couldn’t quite comprehend what just happened. Truly she didn’t expect this story to take such a turn. She glared at Kylo.

“I’m sorry Papa.”

Kylo bit back a grin, and nodded.

“Thank you Mama, I appreciate that.” He leaned in to give Rey a kiss, and she turned, lips to his ear.

“You’re the one who will be sorry later.”

Happy (late) Birthday to @sai-shou !

The Monster neighborhood united to greet you with a blazing cake, lit by the Dragon King himself! He’s proud of his blaze, and of his cake as well. It looks like Tama has got a gift, a small plush, just for you! She’s a bit shy but she’s impatient to give it to you. Zino, here, says nothing – but he’s smiling. Tama loved the plush he made for you. And he silently hopes you will, too. 

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I never understood why y'all make smut with void stiles. Void is completely taking over stiles' body without consent and it's even worse when y/n is stiles' friend or part of the pack because she knows it's not him yet she's having sex anyways. Don't know how you guys are okay with that at all

Well, I can’t speak for others, but I write Void smut cause I think Dylan looks hot as fuck when he looks like he hasn’t slept in weeks, which is pretty telling as to how good looking he actually is, that he can make that shit look sexy. Also I get off on evil so…

No one said you had to like it or read it and this message comes off as a bit judgey. Everyone is different, some people like things that others don’t and I don’t appreciate you shaming me or others for writing or reading something.

I’m aware of what Void did, he’s an evil spirit, he took over Stiles’ body cause Stiles was weak and susceptible to it because of the nemeton and all that jazz. But Stiles is also a fictional character, so I can’t feel bad for having an imagination and wanting Void to bend me over a table and have his way with me, sorry.

I feel similarly about Tate Langdon from AHS and he did a lot worse things, so, idk. 😂🤤😏

I almost deleted this and didn’t respond cause I read it and I laughed out loud but I decided to reply because maybe you just didn’t realize who you were messaging cause I am literally Void trash. If that’s a problem I get it, just letting you know that the Void fic isn’t going to stop, especially since he’s my character for The Princess Squad and I’ll be writing at least one Void fic every month.


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Hello! I hope you don't mind me asking, but how did you get your job position on Star Vs :o? I want to work on an animated series myself one day, but i'm a bit lost as how to actually get a job in the business. Any sort of help will be appreciated! ♥

Hey friend! My hiring story’s a bit crazy- I was actually doing some Star fanart for one of the Fanart Saturday things on the DisneyXD tumblr, and someone actually reposted some of my stuff to reddit. One of our directors Tyler Chen saw my art on that reddit, liked what he saw on my blog, and asked if I’d like to do a board test! And a few weeks after that, I was hired because it just so happened they were looking for a revisionist for season 3!

So while luck and timing were a big part of it, I feel the most important part of me being hired was having years worth of comics and art on my blog. I never went to art school, so I’ve had to do most of my studies and networking on my own. Being an eager student and someone who likes to reach out to other artists will definitely take you a long way! So do a ton of studies, try doing comics or sequential art that shows how you can tell stories, and make yourself visible online. Good luck!

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Heya! I'm new to this blog but I love your art with a passion. I was wondering if you could do Shigezane X MC?? You don't have to but if you have the time, I would really appreciate it.

Don’t know if your request was before or after I decided to take my art to the next level of smut- So I enlarged it and cropped a bit. Ima post the entire photo separately and tag you- but this pic was made specifically for your request.

The full image is directly above this one on my blog.

Hope you enjoy it! Please let me know what you think!

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This may or may not have been asked before, but I'm going to ask it now because I'm tired of seeing it be argued over. Back on your old art blog you posted an Animal Crossing bit where Isabelle points out how much the mayor has changed--- An ACNL Facebook group I'm in has basically started a riot with one another trying to decide if you were showing how awkward the first day look is, if the character is trans*. I'd really, really appreciate a reply, and I don't mean to bother, thanks!

Man that drawing really blew out of proportion.
But yeah the character is supposed to be trans

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I want to thank you all in advance for doing the translations!!!! I was worried no one was gonna be subbing this season and there'd only be text translations (which is also awesome & appreciated, don't get me wrong, but subs on the episodes is next level). Very relieved to find out about you all! Thank youuuu!!!!!

Thank you for the appreciation! Subs do take a bit more work than just translating which is why we have an awesome team of translators AND timers! It makes everything easier and helps us get the subs out faster for you guys.

The Gold family cosplaying as Hakuouki characters cause I’m Hakuouki trash now and I just had to draw Bae as Heisuke ever since I saw someone make a joke about Baesuke. I just had to after that pun, even though I’m probably only one here to appreciate this whole thing but who cares, I can draw whatever I want! 

Basically Bae is Heisuke cause of the pun and cause they’re just badass sweethearts, Rumple is Okita cause both are a bit sadistic tricksters with a huge heart and neckline, Gideon as Saito who appears at first to only be an emotionless warrior dressed in black but is actually a big ball of feels and Belle as Harada cause they both are just overall swell people with a strong sense of justice if they both are a bit rash in their actions sometimes. 

Bonus: the chipped cup as Yamazaki, my sweet ninja too good for this world


Alex Kamal appreciation week: Day two | Favourite episode: Here There Be Dragons

i choose this day, because i really enjoyed him having a bit of a storyline by himself and actually being the focus point. plus he was super badass

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Y'know, I'm trans, I don't feel safe around TERFs, I don't really feel safe around radfems in general because I had a bit of a horrible past with one who was very emotionally manipulative because of her views. But. I'd rather live and let live and I appreciate people like you who try to bridge that divide a bit. I don't understand how you telling people to have the Basic Human Decency of Not Telling People To Die is so controversial. I think people forget they aren't the only human on tumblr.

Thank you

Helpline || Chapter One

Chapter One! I hope you like it! Feedback is appreciated!

Delicate, soft fingers tapped a beat against the leather steering wheel of Jasmine’s 2011 Ford Fiesta as the radio played softly in the background. After a weekend in Seattle, Washington, the eighteen-year-old girl was beyond ready to go back home. Although Portland, her hometown, was also fairly large, the craziness in Seattle was too much for her. She turned the radio up a little bit as she got closer and closer to Portland.

The car beeped, signaling the check engine light to turn on. Jasmine sighed and thought about pulling over. She was only a few miles outside of Portland, and, despite the warning, she desperately wanted to go home. Making a decision to just go easy on the car, Jasmine slowed down a little bit, angering the people behind her. She ignored the honk from them and continued going five miles under the speed limit.

Too soon, her car started beeping rapidly and she smelled the scent of burning rubber. Jasmine groaned, thinking of all the possibilities of what was wrong with her car. She forced herself to pull over, earning glares from everyone behind her. She took a deep breath as she turned her car off and sat there for a moment.

Dear God, please let everything be fine. She prayed before getting out of the car. She counted to five before opening her eyes and seeing that one of her tires blew out. Great. Jasmine sighed before walking to the back of her car and opening the trunk. With wide eyes, Jasmine dug into all of the equipment she stuffed back there early that evening when she left Seattle. After searching for about six minutes, Jasmine’s dyed-blonde head popped up from the trunk with a look of defeat. She’d forgotten that she had to take her car jack out so she’d have enough room for all of her stuff. She took out her phone and checked the time -  2:24 a.m. There was no way she was going to call anyone.

“Dang it, Jas,” Jasmine muttered as she closed the trunk in defeat.

With a sliver of hope and lots of faith, Jasmine grabbed her ukulele out of the front seat and climbed on top of the hood of her car, hoping someone would notice her as they drove by.

Keep reading

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I hate asking you this because it is such a selfish ask since you don't like these characters but could you summarize the omake of Kanou and Ogura? Just the text if you do. I know you have stated you didn't want to do that one but I can't find it in English anywhere and I'm so curious. I understand if you still don't want to though. Thank you so much for all the dedication and work you provide to the fandom already. You probably don't get enough thanks for the hours you put in. It's appreciated!

Hey anon. I get some appreciation asks. I usually keep them in my inbox instead for posting them. But thanks for being polite! I had a bit of time, so here are main points from the Kanou/Ogura omake:

Kanou was in medschool, Ogura studied agriculture. 

Ogura offers to start calling each other by a nickname. His nickname for Kanou is Akki (from Akihiro). Kanou’s reply: “You remind me of a dog, Ogura-san, so I’ll call you Dog”.

The last omake isn’t a joke; in it, Ogura says that one day Kanou, seemingly having read all the literature in the club, stopped coming. A year after that Ogura graduated from university. Several years later Ogura passed Kanou on the street. The last sentence is “I had always… wanted to be his friend”. 

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what's the fascination with cy twombly? i honestly don't like his work. opinion?

Firstly, his work visually is one of a kind. He sits outside or on the perimeter of every movement he came into contact with. I relate to and appreciate how reclusive he was. He didn’t feel like he owed anyone any explanations. I always detect a great deal of sensitivity in anything he’s done, despite how vastly his work changed and evolved over the course of his life but there was always I think just a little bit of humor; he really understood the ‘joke’ that is painting. Everything I’ve read and anyone I’ve spoken to who knew him in any capacity has attested to his wit and good humor. I think they’re just really very beautiful and delicate paintings, even when they’re aggressive. And like I love that his work is so mysterious? I like that it’s such a challenge to parse his work. I like that in order for me to get anything out of a Twombly when I stand in front of it, I as a viewer have to offer something up. Twombly’s work is really what opened me up to everything art can be. They so unexpectedly brought me so much joy and they still do. Everything about them is very earnest. I just love them ? And I’m sorry for you that you don’t like him but I hope there is something that makes you feel the way I and countless others feel about Cy Twombly.