and i do not get paid but

Overheard at School Part I
  • Gryffindor: "How much do strippers get paid? I really want to drop out to skip this exam.”
  • Ravenclaw: "Not that much. Prostitutes get paid more”
  • Hufflepuff: "I want money, not STDs.”
  • Slytherin: "Well, you’re not the best dancer, so prostitution would be the most viable career option.”

TLC Shipweeks- Week One Day Two- Satellite

u know when an artist is like “lol my style is so inconsistent here”? well my style is really inconsistent here lmso. i don’t rlly like this

Text for Accessibility:

Paparazzi: Excuse me, Crescent?!

P: What was it like being imprisoned on the satellite for over 7 years?

(background reads “Sybil”)

Carswell: Sorry, are we getting paid for this interview?

Cress: oh thank stars

Consider- Cress and Thorne going on their route/passing out the cure/whatever and Cress gets cornered by paparazzi :)  I wish i had more time bc i wanted to do smthn brotp-ish with Jacin or Wolf for this theme too but meh. maybe tomorrow as a sort of bonus

wait okay actual bonus-

this was my original idea but consider it the sequel to up above, once they get away from the crowd and back on the Rampion. if ur rlly nice and buy my strawberry milk i’ll go back and finish it :3c

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Hello! I'm pretty sure I'm not only speaking for myself, but don't stress about not getting to the sketch prompts so quickly. You weren't paid for it nor did you promise us a time you'd get it done by, so don't worry about it! Just take care of yourself first and foremost and do it at your own leisure!

Aaaaaaa thank you so much for the kind message ;w; and thank you for understanding ♥

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It doesn't even matter if The Fall is related to Netflix or not. You do get that they do pay her to promote THEIR show, The Crown, nontheless, right? Whether she is in a relationship with Peter Morgan. You make it sound like her relationship to this man is the only reason she promotes his show (and gets paid for doing so). And that's quite disturbing to me.

You know what *I* find disturbing (aside from the fact that this ask literally contradicts its own point and nobody likes a tautology).

That there is a (small) faction of the tumblr fandom whose need to prove Gillian’s relationship status in one direction is so pathological, that they can’t even laugh at what is clearly an attempt to inject some humour into the unpleasantness.

Putting aside the fact that the theory you’re toting originated as the speculation of a single fan, and has become the sort of “fact” Donald Trump employs, it is so factually moribund that it offends me as a rational human, and the insistence on everything she does/achieves being contingent on a man offends me as a feminist.

So one last time.

Have some fucking respect.

Gillian Anderson is not defined by her relationship status, she’s not shagging her way to an Oscar, she won an OBE for her talent, not her vagina, she can buy her own jewellery, make her own decisions and it’s none of our business who she dates. Do NOT project your disappointed ambitions for a real life storybook romance on to her life’s work.

I kept my mouth shut for the past week out of respect for people reeling from the disappointment but I am DONE because I wont stand by character assassination passes as “coping”. It’s gross, it’s stupid and it lowers to the tone to something not even the Daily Mail would publish. If you’re gonna throw a theory at me, you’d better come up with some legit receipts because I am done with stayig silent and so indirectly endorsing hearsay and speculation as fact.

Honestly this discourse has become so poisonous and such a self-fulfilling fallacy that all I can say is buh-bye-

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Hi! I was wondering how is it that you guys know so much stuff? You are able to keep up with their moves even when regular fans have no idea. Not that I expect you to release your sources. What I am trying to say is that the fact that you guys are so sure about damie from what we see but I do think that in doubt the fact that you know that it is a fact lifts our spirits up so thank you for that!

Hey:) We just were here from the start of the 50 fandom, and we paid attention. We do our own research, read the interviews, we do not get carried away by rumors or by comments online. What we believe, we believed it because we saw things with our own eyes and not because someone said it. Aside all that, love is something that shows no matter huh? You can’t hide it. And no we do not have sources. Just ourselves. If we happened to know a couple of things more, it was purely based on luck or observation.

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who do you think is the counterpart of elektra in dc?

hmmmmm in the amalgam/marvel vs dc stuff she was always put up against selina, which i can def see bc their position in their respective universes is very similar, but personality wise not so much bc selina’s a lot nicer and less dead inside. in terms i’d go for maybe talia al ghul bc dad issues/romance w matt/bruce or deathstroke bc she has like ….feelings sometimes but she’s a strong believer in repressing them and getting paid, she’s not much about having a life outside of that most of the time. also elektra/talia is the superior crossover ship followed by diana/ororo

I’m just sitting in the bathtub crying into bubbles rn because I can’t fucking afford clothes and food.

I’m just so ready for all this to end and finally get better… It feel like no matter what we do, we just can’t fucking catch up..
we’ve got so many bills.. gas, electric, phone, insurance, car, and trying to pay off a $10,000 loan (which is like $300 a damn month), rent is like $700, I have hospital bills up the ass, and no matter what we fucking do we never have enough leftover for food/necessities/clothes and I’m SICK!!! OF!!!! IT!!!!!!!!!!

There’s no food banks around here because we’re in a small ass military town, I can’t get government help in this state, and even with all three of us getting paid, we don’t have enough to cover everything..

I’m sorry for ranting but like- I’m just so tired of living like this….

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Do you think they pushed the Switch out early? I was talking to a friend about this earlier. All it's got is Zelda ( which is also on WiiU and not different enough ) for 3-4 months, then you get Splatoon 2/Mario Kart. But Splatoon 2 will have to contend with paid for online, which'll probably hurt it. Then you have to wait until December/2018 for Mario, Xenoblade, and Fire Emblem. That lineup isn't even anemic, it barely exists. It feels like this was supposed to be a Summer/Holiday launch.

I think the lineup would feel thin even if every single game they’ve showed was out on day 1. Last year didn’t seem like a release-packed year for the company, so I was thinking that would translate into more games from the different teams around Nintendo. I suspect they have a few more things to announce, software-wise, but it’s probably not much. Smash Bros. Deluxe at E3, maybe?


so, online and even in daily life i see people hating on YouTubers mainly  they popular ones like @markiplier, @therealjacksepticeye and @pewdie, because they get paid to play video games and entertain people in different ways.

People say “ there fan base is mostly 12 year olds, but yet here i am going on 18 and am still in love with them, and there are many others who are over the ages of 16 who very much enjoy these youtubers.

i find mostly adults over the age of 25 tend to criticize there children’s and teens choice of entertainment because “ all they do is scream at video games” but yet will sit infront of a tv for hours watching actors pretend to be someone els and get paid for it, so who are you to get all bitchy because these YouTubers are making a good living entertaining people and actually enjoying there job. What some people don’t understand is that these people save lives, they create happiness and encourage  motivation and success in there viewers, they make people including me feel loved and less alone. to some people they find it stupid that they let these people who they have never met and may never meet create happiness, but what they dont seem to realize is these youtubers have made me happier than anyone iv ever met, and im sure a lot of people can agree with me.

i happen to love these people with all my heart, they make me so incredibly happy, i have isolation issues and they make me feel like i have someone who truly believes in me

this was a shitty rant on how jack, mark, and pewdiepie are real entertainers and save lives

Hello, my name is Aenaria and I sure as shit don’t need to buy another (deep red matte) lipstick, but that sure as shit ain’t stopping me.  That being said, if anyone out there is looking for a drugstore bargain super matte liquid lipstick, the Jordana Sweet Cream Matte liquid lip color is shaping up to be really, really nice.  Not sure of the staying power yet, but considering I paid all of $5 for something that looks like velvet on the lips?  Hell yes.

Okay, to do for the rest of the day (which was supposed to be the point of this post before I got distracted by lipstick):

- Finish up meal prep for lunch for the week (aka part of the goal to eat healthier in the new year)
- Complete that damn data entry for work that I’m not going to get a chance to do tomorrow because of a conference on cloud computing systems I have to go to tomorrow (which is good because yay a day not spent at work but also bad because omg I have SO MUCH STUFF TO DO)
- Write today’s entry for Future!Darcy week
- Pick out outfit for said conference
- Shower (though not dye the hair, that can be done later this week before my weekend away in Boston…and thank god I’m getting out of town for the weekend)

Okay, hopefully I can be a successful adult and do all the things.  I will do all the things.  There is no option.

i’m sick of people stealing my ideas from here and getting paid to do it!!!! i pour my heart and soul into this blog, i answer people’s questions, i share my thoughts on arts and culture, mental illness. i share deeply personal stories. i do all of this for absolutely no money at all. and people just take my central thoughts and ideas, and use them for profit? i’m sick of this.

Elisabeth 20th Anniversary Gala: MizuTod version.

I saw the Mizugumi full costume version of the Elisabeth Gala again today at Bunkamura Orchard Hall. It was so much more impressive than at Umeda! Partly it may have had to do with having so much better seats (1st floor 7th row and yes we paid a lot extra for them…) than last time. Sitting down on the first floor on stage level and not having to use opera glases so much really helped me get into it. But mostly I think the energy was just higher (a sort of senshuuraku feeling as this was the last show with this particular cast).
MizuTod certainly felt more intense and demonic this time around. His bitter disappointment when rejected in the letter-writing scene was still awesome but not as much of a turning point as in the Umeda performance. Ai to shi no rondo was definitely improved (less smugly casual) even though MizuTod might not have seemed as tormented by having feelings as in 2007. There were more paws or claws though somewhat hindered by the microphone. In the beginning I did find Mizu’s singing voice a little too feminine at times compared to 2007 but I either got used to it or she gradually got more into her Tod voice.
MizuTod didn’t hiss in maladie, which is a pity, though he did smile cruelly after kissing Rudolph. They way they end the scene without having a trapdoor to disappear through is MizuTod coldly tosses Rudolph aside, towards the exit, which goes so well with that face. (I don’t remember for sure, but I think MarikoTod and BunRudolph just stayed in the kiss until they turned out the lights instead.)
Mizu also kept another crucial peculiarity in the gala concert: the way her Tod turns all grim and serious at the very end of the final scene. In this performance I think she was so touched by senshuuraku with TonamiBeth she could barely do it, but the change was still there. I kind of think it means “oh shit”, like MizuTod has been so obsessed with getting Sisi he hasn’t really thought about what will happen next, what eternity with her is going to be like, what it will mean to him to love (not just desire). But it might also just be proof that despite the embrace and the white clothes MizuTod hasn’t actually turned nice, he’s still a demon, now possessing his prize.
All in all, Mizu was just so on top of her game! I’m so glad we returned to Japan to see this because it really was the next best thing to going back in time and seeing the 2007 Elisabeth!
I can also happily report MizuTod no longer had the glossy lips I disliked in Umeda but more of a semi-matte beige-brown lip, maybe even an ombre, which truly improved his look. The original makeup was still toned down, with skin a much more natural colour (though more shimmery) and less demonically arched brows (Mizu still knows how to knit her brows when needed though!). Mizu has such an interesting face, perfect for a stage actress. Her profile and cheekbones are amazing and the few lines added in the last ten years only suit her, and Der Tod.
I guess TonamiBeth was good, I just barely noticed her next to MizuTod, except her chemistry with Mizu. Yes I do remember: she was magnificent in Rudolph’s funeral scene, and in the final scene, and in the duet starting act 2. And very funny when pretending to catch frogs or something with Lucheni when first introduced to Franz!
Speaking of which, GaichiFranz is so flashy with his red-blond hair and colourful makeup and dandy moustaches. The flashiness and Gaichi’s face shape and nose and high bangs always remind me of a parrot.
While Juri played Lucheni at Umeda it was Wataru this time around. I think WataruLucheni was a better match for MizuTod, matching his sinister intensity. I also think that Wataru played him a little differently than the sleazy entertainer in the hoshigumi and anniversary versions. He was still that, but also scarier, crazier.
We had a reunion with TeruRudolph instead of Toyoko. Teru really is the best at being dragged violently across the floor in Yami ga hirogaru, even when there were no physical connection.
Among the reat of the original cast, last time I was more occupied with Hamako’s Sophie but this time around I spent more t i me staring at Naga’s Grunne and all the amazing little reaction faces she made. I’m also really impressed with Tomomi’s Max, I love me a good Max who really loves Sisi and conspires with her and worries about her.
Let me just repeat again that MizuTod’s costumes look so much better live than on the DVD! Especially that floor-length velvet coat with black and burgundy sections and silver embroidery just on one side which he wore in the duets with Sisi and little Rudolph looked amazing! I never really noticed it before but it’s now my new favourite MizuTod costume. The deep purple velvet suit with the odd asymmetric raspberry red/dusty rose lace shirt he wears after also suddenly looked gorgeous. And wow, I guess the velvet in the Saigo no dansu uniform is really a very, very deep emerald green, not black as I always assumed.

There was just one downside to seeing this: sitting there so close to the stage made me think about what it might have been like to experience the reunion of MarikoTod and AyakaBeth in full costume one week earlier…

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I read that actors can charge between 10k-50k per con. Now let's assume Eliza charges the most at 20k that means that just for ET each one of the 147 would pay 136.05$ now add the rest of the cast & the venue. What do you get?… A colossal failure!!

From what I’ve heard (not an absolutely solid source so take with a grain of salt) Eliza’s con fee is 30k. Maybe they paid her a fraction of that which is why they could only get her for a single day instead of the whole weekend. But still…yeah. No way those people made money on this. Then again, Elshit was one of the organizers. I smelled the failure a mile away. 

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When do you hope to get the 'Women of Xal' demo out? And when the final version of 'Women of Xal' is finished, do you have to pay for it?

Early February, so within 3 weeks! It’ll be inside the Kickstarter page. As for the final version, it’ll be sold through Steam and other venues that allow DRM-free uploads, so definitely paid.

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Hey lovely!!! I get paid on thursday and I would really love to treat myself to a Youngjae group order/go/slogan thingy that can ship to the US, do you know of any that will be open/are open?

Hi dear, 

Congratulations. As of right now, there’s no slogan sale from Youngjae’s masternim but Voice Factory is still accepting order for her Youngjae 2017 Season Greetings. I try to look G.O for US but couldn’t find. You can tweet her and ask if you’re interested to buy.  (◕‿◕)

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i'm so excited for you to open commissions again!!!! rlly looking forward to supporting your art <3

i will be doing so very soon!!!! i’m just trying to figure out how to do invoices via paypal as it’s a safe way to get paid by folks out of the UK ? i think? but ahhh thank you buddy!!! i look forward to drawing your art!!

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You do you, but I think you should try pitching your book to at least a couple of publishers, if for nothing but to get some experience for when you really wanna get a book professionally published. Good luck on your journey!

it looks so excessively complicated tho….and like i super wanna just get it out there u know? i woudl like to write it and get paid i’m struggling super hard right now and getting my book published as fast as possible will (hopefully) help me out more than u probably realize lol

people have been asking me why i’m in such a  hurry to write and finish and its because i can’t even afford groceries most weeks like lol.. i need this to happen asap