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So, I'm probably not the first one to notice this but: Boats. Where are they in 40k? I mean, flyers are neat and all but eventually they run out of promethium or tachyons or whatever and it's probably not great to do that over water. Also, we know that there are ocean based xeno species in the galaxy, so has the empire ever fielded battle ships or any kind of floating artillery platform or would they just send a titan to walk through the ocean ala pacific rim?

The Imperium does have sea fleets, but they fall under the purview of the Planetary Defence Forces (PDF). They’ll provide them on their local world if need be to any visiting expedition. The second book in the Beast Arises series actually features a lot of stuff about a naval PDF force fighting orks on an ocean world. 

I’m so stressed my body doesn’t even know how to process it any more, it’s like I exist in another phase of biology, a new metamorphosis brought on by anxiety.

I put $4 of gas into my car today because that was all the money I had access to in the world and I didn’t want to run out on the way home.

Imagine walking up to a gas station clerk and handing over four one dollar bills for pump 2. 1.5 gallons of gas. Not even enough to get the LOW FUEL light to turn off.

I’m so grateful to all of you I’d already be homeless without you I don’t mean to whine on here, I’m sorry.

Godric is doing a lot better. You all are very much to thank for that.

I love you and thank you.

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How do you get over being jealous ? I mean I know it's toxic but I don't know how to overcome it

Knowing that you are worth far more than any object, that no form of anything outside of yourself has any comparison to the internal richness and beauty that you hold in that body of yours. Making that journey inside of yourself, to transform the parts of yourself that have been left in the basement, and transforming them into your greatest gifts that you get to experience and share with the world. All jealously does is point us to the truth that something within us is lacking, which is the lack of knowing that we don’t lack anything at all. One day you will realise that inside you, you possess the most beautiful gifts that anything outside of yourself could ever have to offer. Your task is to find that treasure chest you hid underneath the earth as a child, to protect it from the world of limitations and disbelievers, digging up every part of yourself until you find it and when you do know that anything is possible. How can you lack? When spirit lives inside you. We do not need to look into the world to see what there is to own, first let’s learn to own ourselves, our greatest strengths and transforming our weakness. You are a caterpillar in a cocoon waiting to be transformed into the most magnificent butterfly✨

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Hello :) Can I have modern au hcs for Luffy, Law, Ace, usopp, zoro and Sanji? :D Wishing you lots of luck and happiness for your new blog! ;) X

I live for modern AU’s! 
Also, it somehow means that there are no devil fruit powers for me ^^

Luffy - Modern AU:

  • He lives together with Ace and Sabo.
  • Has a very untidy room with lots of posters and fan-stuff.
  • He’s a student (not a very good one though) and wants to travel the world afterwards.
  • He’s extreme sportsman. Rafting, skating, balancing over the Grand Canyon on a Slackline, Biking through the dessert… He wants to do it all!
  • Often forgets to turn on his camera while doing so.
  • “Ace! Wait! The camera didn’t record it” - “Aw come on!” - “Let’s do it again.” “WHAT?!”
  • Has bruises and black and blue marks all over his body.
  • Is a comic fanboy.

Law - Modern AU:

  • Studies medicine. (DUH)
  • Has a very clean and nice one room apartment.
  • Hates to go out and only does so to go to his lectures or shopping.
  • He still has a lot of tatoos, but not the ones on his hands. Due to him wanting to be a doctor later.
  • His book shelf is bigger than his closet.
  • Is very skilled with high tech, but not as skilled as can be.
  • He wears dark jeans and bandshirts all of the time. 
  • Fluent in English, Spanish and Arabic.

Ace - Modern AU:

  • As stated, he lives with Luffy and Sabo.
  • Is a very relaxed person, had a average graduation mark and now works as a barista undtil he finds something more fitting.
  • Loves fast food.
  • He loves skating and running. Also freeclimbing.
  • His room looks tidy, but he never finds anything.
  • Pro at flirting, but never get’s very far with it. *lol*
  • Movie freak. He has seen every action and horror movie ever made!
  • He’s very good at street dancing!

Usopp - Modern AU:

  • He lives in the little hous that used to belong to his parents. (Luffy comes over every day.)
  • He works as a carpenter with amazing results.
  • He’s also a very talented photographer and artist.
  • He doesn’t have a drivers licence, so he goes by bike.
  • Hates living on his own and is very happy to have his friends come over.
  • Helps the nice old lady living next to him in the garden.
  • His grades were above average, but he didn’t want to go to university.
  • He spends his freetime either with his friends or in the nature. He loves to go camping (only if there is somebody with him though).

Zoro - Modern AU:

  • (I do like theidea of him being a dancer, but let me tell you…)
  • His grades were a bit below average, but alas…
  • He trains to compete in the Olympics. (Mihawk is the current number one, ya know…)
  • He lives together with Johnny (my hudband!) and Yosaku!
  • His room is simple and doesn’t have a lot of personal stuff around, only a big frame with lots of pictures he got fromhis friends for his birthday. (There’s a pic of Kuina stuck into the frame. Now I made myself cry.)
  • He trains four time a week: Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. 
  • Except for that he works as a removalist. Just don’t let him drive the car.
  • He also lives to drive his motorbike. (With a navi)

Sanji - Modern AU:

  • He still is a cook. He travels a lot and visits different countries to get to know their culture and kitchen.
  • His grades were alright, above average, but not that much.
  • Always stays in contact with the others via skype, twitter etc.
  • He therefore lives wherever he can. He tries to keep his belongings in one suitcase.
  • As soon as he gets home he wants to learn in a high ranked restaurant. (aka the baratie)
  • He wouldn’t smoke as much, it’d be too expensive for his lifestyle.
  • He speaks Englisch and French fluently, but is able to chat in Spanish and Italian as well.
  • He loves to dance and is very good at it. (It’s also nice to get to know ladies~ *wink*)

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I'm almost done with Rise and I am delighted (if that's the word for being terrified and also crying). I hadn't read any of it before and I love the view of how the Rising affected ecosystems all over the world-although I admit I was sad that Everglades didn't take place there (am I gonna write fic? probs. I'm just starting my career in Ev. restoration so this is wild to think about!) im also totally captivated by zombie whales. Alaska must be terrifying. Anyway thx for this great collection!

You are so welcome!

I adore the original Newsflesh trilogy, but I do think it’s limited somewhat by the fact that it presents a very America-centric view of the post-zombie world.  I mean, it focuses on a Presidential campaign, that part was sort of inevitable, but still.  There’s so much more out there, and I really wanted the chance to chew on it as much as possible.

I don’t know right now whether I’ll get to do any more Newsflesh novellas, but I’m really hoping.

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I agree. She need to love herself for a while i hate how Jason wants to rush her into a new relationship + Clarke to find a new love in S4 is stupid. I mean she has to figure out a way to save the world then try to actually save it, she still need to grieve over her soulmate and then fall in love again? all that in just 6 months? cuz that all she has before the world ends. You don't just get over ur soulmate in 6 months with all the shit she has to do. Make no sense but when did this show ever?

and let’s not  forget that there is no time jump when season 4 starts…like lexa died a few days ago?? how can she move on so fast??? that’s not realistic. if only eliza taylor could write the show….if only…..

rogue one sentence starters.
  • ❛  we have a mission for you.  ❜
  • ❛  what will you do when they catch you?  ❜
  • ❛  what will they do if they break you?  ❜
  • ❛  the world is coming undone.  ❜
  • ❛  can you be trusted without your shackles?  ❜
  • ❛  let’s just get this over with,  shall we?  ❜
  • ❛  if you’re really doing this,  i want to help.  ❜
  • ❛  they destroyed our home!  ❜
  • ❛  i fight the empire now.  ❜
  • ❛  i fear nothing.  ❜
  • ❛  all is as the force wills it.  ❜
  • ❛  _____ says you are a friend.  ❜
  • ❛  i will not kill you.  ❜
  • ❛  there isn’t much time.  ❜
  • ❛  every day they grow stronger.  ❜
  • ❛  there is a ninety - seven - point - six percent chance of failure.  ❜
  • ❛  _____ means well.  ❜
  • ❛  this is our chance to make a real difference.  ❜
  • ❛  are you with me?  ❜
  • ❛  may the force be with us.  ❜

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So I haven't finished Zestiria yet (I don't care about spoilers at this point) and I have a question (since you seem to be the Zestiria expert) if you don't mind. Who/What is Maotelus, what is his/her significance in the Berseria/Zestiria lore/world and what would it mean if Velvet and Laphicet do merge to become Maotelus and what will happen to them?

Aaah I’m so sorry ; n ;. I know you said you don’t care but I feel like I owe you an apology if I’ve been spoiling you.

Since you asked who Maomao is, I’m assuming you haven’t gotten past the Wind trial, then? You learn the lite version of who he is in-game after that.

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The steven universe fandom is just really embarrassing, again and again. I love the show to pieces but as soon as it's over I want nothing to do with the fandom. This whole thing with Lauren Zuke is just the worst.

yeah I understand, steven universe is my special interest and means the world to me but all of this negative stuff is really piling up and it’s the worst. I don’t like being surrounded by so much negativity. criticism is one thing, but active harassment and treating the ppl who write the show u love like complete garbage is another thing… 💎

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i get that some people strongly don't approve violence but they gotta remind themselves its fictional! and while watching some scenes and cuts of joker x harley in the cartoon.. joker/creators could've just killed harley easily but he/they didn't! and like i'm sure there's more important things in our/other countries to be worrying about then hating on their relationship... and i went to watch SS for the 2nd time just because i adored joker & harley's relationship so much. thats all puddin'! 💖

exactly! I think they need to realise fiction is not reality. I mean if someone hit their SO and then claimed it was because they saw it in a show, will people blame the show or the piece of shit that hit their SO. It’s incredibly frustrating how relentless they are but I would suggest to just ignore it read a few JxHQ blogs to take your mind away from the negativity (that’s what i do anyway). Also yesss their are people/animals dying all over the world but i guess that doesn’t matter as long as fictional relationships they don’t agree with exist. xx

one of my colleagues is off on holiday this week so I had to do both rhyme-times at the library this morning, and the upshot is that I have been going round all day singing under my breath:


I mean god damn that is the catchiest song in the world if you know it then you know what I’m talkin’ about and if you don’t know it then save yourself before it’s too late because trust me once it’s in your head you can think of nothing else


Okay a while back I hit 400 and I’ve been meaning to do this since then, I’m closer to 500 now but OH WELL. I’ve been on this blog on and off over a year and you guys have been then actual greatest in the world. These past three-ish months have probably been some of the best in my RP career and I cannot thank y’all enough for all the love and good vibes. I don’t know why the hell you’re here I guess you like blogs with lots of rap music and too many muses IDK, but I’m so glad you are. 

Seriously ally my partners are the bestest in the world, and I could actually put the name of EVERY person I have a thread with on here but I’ve tried to narrow it down, so here is, MY BIAS LIST/FOLLOW FOREVER                                            


      okay so these are my baby’s, my favorites, my homegirl/boy/people.
      y’all hold me down and for real when i wanna delete or some shit 
      you the reason i don’t. thank you for bein’ in my life and givin’ me
      the best ships and the best talks. 

@jamesjoiint​ : so it was like a toss up if u were gonna be first on my follow forever, or like not on it at all? could have gone either way? but since you’re here I GUESS i’ll be nice. you’re one of the best writers i’ve ever gotten to rp with, because your muses are all just so fuckin’ human. like they’re all real and it’s upsetting i’m emotionally attached to them and I DON’T WANNA BE I DIDN’T WANT TO BE PART OF THIS NARRATIVE OKAY? but like i put up with it because all my muses love yours. they have bad taste okay? idk. but you’re seriously the light of my life and i get so hyped when you come on on and like ik i’m trash who annoys you for replies ‘n shit, but i love our threads so much, and collan and isobel are just really my faves okay, let me love them. seriously, i adore them, and all our ships cus i can talk about any part of the relationship with you and that means the world to me, and i wouldn’t trade it for anything in da world. 

@heartkings​ : okay so. i used to be terrified of you, like legit just so AFRAID? you were super intimidating and part of the group of rpers who i really really wanted to write with and when we finally got some ships, lemme tell you, you became one of my absolute FAVES you’re such a freakin’ good writer and so much fun to interact with. while aisha and isaam will of course always be my number one, all of our ships got me beggin’ for more tbh. like every time you post a starter i have to physically restrain myself from replying to you, because wtf i OWE YOU FOUR THREADS RN, and that ain’t even all of what we got. but legit i MADE A MUSE FOR YOU and then vlad and reagan became one of the ships i’m just obsessed w/ when i expected to not be that into her, and i’m just so <3 <3 for you. you’re amazing and original and the best in the world idk. love me.

@thefcll​ : wow. WHY ARE ALL UR MUSES SO ORIGINAL GIMME THE SECRET!! but rlly tho, you’re such a pleasure to rp with, and to talk to ooc. once again, there is one ship of ours that has just captured my freakin’ heart (only thing you poppin…) but every single one of them has my muses so freakin’ thirsty, and happy and they all adore yours, and i just want more and more and more with you always, it’s a problem???? part of it is just i think we get pretty unique ships, and dynamics goin’ and they got me so fucked up it ain’t even fuckin’ funny, like the hell am i supposed to do with this shit? why are you so great? how? who? what? when? where? all those other questions you got me askin like when will brice finally realize that HE AIN’T GOT NO CHANCE W VEDA OKAY????? ugh, anyway, love u <3

@weightofwar​ : talk about some in depth ships. we haven’t been rping on tumblr much anymore, but you seriously are one of my favorite people to interact w/ both ic and ooc, you and beck are such show stopping cuties that i can’t even fathom how y’all exist. i just want to give you hugs and kisses but if i kiss beck then chloe may kill me so iDK ABOUT THAT. but you bring my muses to life, and chloe and taylor will never feel as strongly about anyone as they feel about beckett, because he is the love of their lives. no questions. i can rave about you for hours, (i’ve shown this MANY times) but, the upshot is you’re amazing, beck is amazing, i adore y’all and please please please gimme and my girls attention because we thrive off ur love. thanks <3

                                          list 2 :  HIGHLIGHTS
     you guys have given me ships that i just adore so so much and i
     cannot tell you how fuckin’ grateful i am. you and your muses mean
     the freakin’ world to me. <3

@lexprinces : i have no words for how much i admire your writing. i love your flow, and how everything just moves in your replies, not to mention you muses are fucking great. niza is such a wonderful muse to interact w/ and a new kind of relationship for shay which i value SO much, it’s really really amazing, and i seriously cannot wait to get into nero and zaylee. 

@inhalcyon : aight, so kai and shay and kai and sienna got me all up in my feelings. first of all kai is legit the only white boy shay can fuck with, and he’s also the only reason i ever would wanna rp sienna again i think. i aDORE him, and you, you’re both very amazing and talented and your replies make me SO HAPPY.

@sideofcomplicated : WHY U GOTTA HURT ME THIS WAY??? all of my ships with you make me so so happy and i always just want more, and more and more. i think you’re taking a break from tumblr rn, but when you come back (and i really hope you do) i’ll be here waiting as will halllie and onika because ur boys love them like no one else and they make me SO HAPPY and they’re so cute and plz just gimme <3

@wolfskiinned : DAMIAN IS SO COOL OKAY? he is just an interesting muse and i always wanna know more about him, and i just stalk your blog quietly like WHY IS HE SO COOL? anyway, he’s amazing, and really really cool and i really respect the lore and how he’s not just a werewolf like everyone else and he makes nat rlly happy even if she is a shy little ball of confusion and doesn’t understand he likes her at all, but i’m so about every thread i have with you and thank you for blessing me w damian even if he is horrible sometimes. 

@raineydayrp : your muses are unreasonably cute and i wanna rp w them all. every time i do, they make me so happy and idk, it’s just a lot of fun. you’re such a sweet sweet human, and i always want more threads with you, and i legit cannot explain how much fun it is to write with you THANK YOU FOR RPING W ME. 

                                         list 3 :  FML
     FML cus i’m not already writin’ with y’all rn. i really admire everyone on
     this list, and i would love to get some threads with you (or if we do 
     have a thread somewhere another one). 

@ncmcds  ..  @injudiicious  ..  @twoams  ..  @mxtroboomin  ..  @vindictivc  ..  @onyxedideas  ..  @loveisliquor  ..  @thxcollective  ..  @windcwseat  ..  @thexmet  ..  @rvvnxnt  .. @pllowtlks  ..  @nxvxragain  ..  @miillennials  ..  @smokingoursmiles  ..  @legendarylcvers  .. @dcddyissucs  ..  @trepidatiions  ..  @justahideawcy  .. @sweetfantcsy  ..  @joyhovse  ..  @cndlstcks  ..  @taintedthrones


I recently reached over 10k hits and 600 kudos on my post-CA:CW fic as well as 100 followers here, so to celebrate I’m going to start accepting prompts!

Not only are you receiving the one-shot of your dreams, but you’re also helping me practice different genres/ships! It’s a win/win situation, so really, please feel free to send a prompt my way, and I’ll do my best to fulfill it~

Thanks again for all the support, it means the world to me ❤

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How long do you think it will take you to get over the uswnt loss? I know it's going to take me 3 years, I won't be over it until they win another World Cup 😭😩

It was hard to watch because we didn’t deserve to lose that game at all. We dominated possession, I mean hell we spent the entire game on their half of the field. But in order to be a better team and to grow you have to endure bullshit like this. That’s something I had to learn when I was playing as well. Morgan missed her PK, but that means nothing. She’s one of the best players in the game. Everyone is shaming solo for not making saves during PKs, but she did the absolute very best she could. Mistakes happen and that’s something you have to understand as a team. Not a single person on that team is to blame for our loss. We out played Sweden and we played with more heart and that’s all that matters.

I wanna say something important to me

If you see someone crying, please…PLEASE go over to them and at least ask them if they’re all right. It will mean the world to them. One time I was in school, 1st hour had just ended which was math for me. I suck at math ok? ADHD, never been good at school in general, and I got a look at my grades in that class. I was really upset because I was convinced my life was over because I was basically failing 10th grade. Anyway, I get to 2nd hour and the teacher starts doing what he’s doing but all I can think about is my grades and how I’m so stupid and bad at school. He gives us instructions to, idk write some stuff down, I wasn’t paying attention. I couldn’t take it anymore-I started bawling. Softly at first because I didn’t want anyone to hear me. But then I just didn’t care anymore, and I cried without caring who heard. But you know what’s fucked up? No one looked up from their notebooks, no one stopped studying or playing on their phones. It’s not like they couldn’t hear me (no one was talking so they could definitely hear me). Not the teacher, the students, nobody asked me if I was ok. I went to get a tissue but we were out so I asked if I could go to the office and get more. My teacher said “Ok. Hey Julia the office needs you down there, why don’t you go with Sarah?”. We start walking down there and she turns to me and says “are you ok? You were crying really hard.” I told her I was just upset about my grades. She said she understood…she’s was on the other side of the classroom where it would’ve been hard to hear me. Someone on the other side of the classroom was able to hear me, that’s how bad I was crying and still nobody even near me asked if I was ok. She was the only one- this 5"2 cute little Hispanic lesbian (I know her and I know she’s a lesbian) who I’m not even that close with was the only one who gave a damn enough to ask. I mean I get that they were doing school work but still. I think there’s something seriously fucked up with you if someone’s crying right in front of you and you just ignore them. So if you see someone who is crying or about to, please don’t be an asshole. Ask them if they’re ok.

Until Forever Ends (3/?)

Summary: Emma Swan is the only lost girl living in Neverland. Killian Jones is a heartbroken pirate on a quest for revenge. By all rights, their paths should never have crossed. But when they do, two lost and lonely souls inadvertently turn each other’s worlds upside down. Captain Swan. Canon Divergence.

Rated: T - Also available on: AO3 / - Word Count: ~3.9k - Trailer

Catch up here: one two

A/N: Thanks for all the support so far! It absolutely means the world to me, and I hope you’ll keep enjoying the story! And again, a huge thanks to my beta @irishswanff!

Chapter 3

‘’Keep up,’’ Emma demanded, throwing a strict glance over her shoulder in the direction of her traveling companion. Hook’s leather jacket had gotten caught on a branch, and he was trying to use his prosthetic to cut it loose. Honestly, it would probably be a hell of a lot easier to simply use his hand for a task such as this one. Was this his way of showing off? “You’ll look for any excuse to use that thing, won’t you?’’

‘’Well, now that I have it, I figure I should make the most of it,’’ he replied, flashing that annoyingly attractive smirk at her after managing to free himself of the thorny branch. She was almost impressed. Not that she’d ever tell him that, of course. In the relatively short time she’d known him, she’d learned he was quite full of himself. She definitely didn’t feel the need to stroke his already bloated ego. What she did want, though, was to know how he ended up with a hook for a hand, as well as the matching name.

‘’How’d you get it?’’ she inquired, determined to hear the story now that it had sparked her curiosity.

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Another day closer to the reveal date!

We know that we have participants around the world–and also that this means we all have different time zones.  This is really cool!  But you may find yourself thinking, when do I post my piece?  Should I time it for North American time zones?

The answer is, it doesn’t really matter!  If you’re in Australia, go ahead and post your pieces on August 26, in your time zone!  We aren’t picky about the time, and if anything, it’s going to be pretty cool to see the fandom peppered with new creations over the course of a day and a half! No matter what time you post, we’ll be sure to queue your art/fic to be posted on this blog.


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I am an architect. Nearly four years ago while working, I fell off of a small boat and broke my dominant left shoulder and traumatized my left hand. Today after three and one half years and six major surgeries I no longer have an attached shoulder or an attached rotator cuff. I have no range of motion. I can write with great difficulty. I cannot draw. I type with my right thumb. I have tried to become right handed. Eating without spilling my food onto my clothing is difficult as is cutting my food. I really am unable to do any chores which require two hands inside and outside my home.
evolved as a means of therapy. Taking photos with my IPhone and then editing and posting them on
Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter , and Flickr has enabled me to transfer my drawing skills to photography.
I have been gratified and amazed frankly that my images have been seen all over the world via the magic of the Web.
Thank you for your interest and your comments.
Stephen Schwartz

i think i might quit tumblr tbh because i recently realized how much it fucking sucks. so many of the people are genuinely horrible, toxic creatures & so many people are aggressive & bitchy as hell for no reason other than their “queen” internet persona and many more things i don’t feel like listing

i mean i knew that it was a shitty site but that’s exactly why i don’t know what i’m still doing here. i’ve got nothing to lose except for a few good memes every day. i don’t even enjoy browsing this site 50% of the time. all it does is remind me of how there are some really terrible people in the world.

i’ve seen people get “called out” & legitimately driven to suicide over the dumbest shit imaginable. people have been chased off of this site and sometimes even out of their homes because people here just love doxxing. this can happen so easily, and these people actually believe that they’re doing the right thing and an alarming number of people agrees with this kind of behavior. fuck every single person who’s ever been part of this shitty witch hunting culture because you’re not helping anyone. you’re not helping the world by sending someone (who was only ACCUSED of doing something) into a soul crushing depression. you’re not helping whoever they may have (in)directly wronged by doing so either. you’re certainly not helping yourselves, because all you’re doing is making yourself into a gigantic cunt. all you have to do is make fanart of a character & then slightly change their skin color & body type, and you will have people out there who will not stop until you try to kill yourself or whatever

what makes this worse is that literally fucking nobody here ever cares enough to do 5 seconds of research to investigate if maybe, just maybe, a person might be lying. everyone believes any claim that anyone makes, no matter how fucking wild it is. yeah of course you can cut chocolate in a certain way and have infinite chocolate. yeah of course that’s a gif of someone dying while having an MRI scan. yeah of course microwaving metal is a good idea. yeah of course blue watermelons exist. yeah of course there was a “dragonkin” US army soldier. some of the people on this site are just so plain fucking stupid that i have no idea how they made it this far in life

speaking of stupid, there’s also the community that supports stealing from businesses because “if you don’t support shoplifting you’re LITERALLY transphobic!”

speaking of which, the “how dare you think otherwise” mentality that the general population of this site seems to have is just saddening. and i mean that it actually makes me sad to see that people have become so unwilling to listen to other people’s opinions. it’s the adult equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and yelling “lalalala i cant hear you lalalalalala”. that reminds me of the person who “didn’t agree” with someone owning a pet fox so they lied to that person’s local animal control about the fox biting people, eventually leading to its death. the way that horrible human beings on this site try to justify their shitty behavior & act like they’re doing the right thing is disgusting and depressing

last but certainly not least, the site itself is the most user unfriendly piece of garbage i’ve ever had to deal with. the amount of bizarre post skips, audio files not working, videos not having audio, links not being opened the way anyone would want them to, etc, is unacceptable. also thank you tumblr staff for never fixing your stupid site and breaking it every other week with useless updates that no one even wanted, thank you for letting porn bots and other spambots run rampant without ever doing something about it. but hey i understand, gotta think of some spicy memes for your next posts & next year’s april fools am i right? fuck you tumblr staff & fuck your stupid fucking necktie belts

this was originally going to be a short post but i thought this was a good moment to describe what i hated so much about this site. i don’t care if you read it or not but it felt good to get this off my chest

i’ll keep the account active so i can still read some people’s posts but that’s it. i dunno why it took me so long to realize this but this site is dead to me. it always has been.

in case you want to contact me:

discord: Heaven Ascension Bun, #1549

What if he falls for someone else?

The moment I let him explore things outside our own little world I knew right there and then, situation like that or even more may follow. And if you’d ask me if I’m scared of the thought, no, I was way beyond being scared. But I love him freely and locking him up just for myself is complete selfishness. And I don’t want that. The world has so much to offer and if I let him grab the opportunities, he’ll get what he truly deserves. I know, he’ll do best and I want him to understand that I won’t pull him away from his dreams. I want him to grow independent. We need to grow apart sometimes. And if letting him grow means walking in temptations, then I’ll take the risk. After all, relationship is about trust. And I trust the love he has for me. I trust that it will always be me over any temptations.

—  excerpts from Sadness and Agony