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Vote Misha Collins for PCA 2017!

Nominee voting for People’s Choice Awards 2017 has started! Click to vote Misha, now!

You can vote on PCA website or PCA facebook page (Click on TV and go to “Favorite Sci-fi fantasy TV Actor” category). But you can NOT vote on twitter.

Voting is unlimited and you can vote as many times as you want. Voting ends on Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016 (11:59 PM, ET).

People from all over the world can vote. You do NOT need to register in order to vote in PCAs.

Reasons to vote for Misha:

Reason #1: Misha – his very existence – makes many people happy, shouldn’t we try to return the favor & make him happy?

Reason #2: Misha is a phenomenal actor, super talented, I mean have you seen Casifer & Jimmy Novak?

Reason #3:  Misha is still so underrated & deserves much more recognition; For example not long ago, he was excluded from the EW magazine cover, even though he had a very important part in SPN winning their poll & many of us voted SPN in that poll because we were sure Misha would definitely be featured on the cover if SPN won.

Reason #4: Misha always uses his celebrity status to inspire & encourage his fans to do good in the world. ( Random Acts, GISHWHES & many other charities that he supports whenever he gets a chance). But even before becoming a celebrity, Misha was a very passionate humanitarian. Like when he was just a little 20 years old student, he & Vicki  started a non-profit called YBA, to teach inner-city youths & specially girls about leadership! Go read about it here & decide for yourself how many awards Misha & Vicki deserve to win. 




Reason #1097365:  Misha is a very kind & thoughtful person. He’s so nice to fans & always goes out of his way to make ALL fans feel included & loved. 

Reason #1097366: Misha haters have recently been very active in their hateful activities;  They have been spreading online hate & asking SPN’s producers to fire him. Not to mention that at several SPN conventions they made Jared & Jensen & even Misha himself hold hateful signs to belittle & insult Misha. Now, winning a PCA for Misha can be a very good way to make sure that Misha won’t hear that little sad & confused hateful group over the sound of our huge love for him, anymore.

Reason # 1097367: Misha has been in love with his wife Vicki since they were at high school & he still talks about her with so much love & admiration at every single convention. Not to mention that Misha has been close friends with Darius Marder for almost 30 years. (Not really relevant - just felt like mentioning it, because cuteness overload!)

Reason # 1097368: Misha joined tumblr & snapchat despite his lack of tech savviness & lack of time. Now, @mishacollins may not be very active here but we know he’s one of us & is with us. So I think we tumblr & snapchat people sort of owe him a special thank you for that.

Note: After every vote you should see this page:

How to vote faster & easier?

If you’re voting on a PC, use this simple plan to vote faster - up to 16-30 votes in a minute:

1. Open a few tabs in your internet browser, (for example 6 or 10 tabs, depends on your internet speed) and load the Actor voting page on each tab.

2. Use [Control+Minus] to zoom out and make sure the page content is small enough that Misha’s name & the “Cast Your Votes” button appears without having to scroll.

3. Go back to the first tab. 

4. Position your mouse over Misha’s name and click to select it. Then hit  [Control+Tab] (with your non-mouse hand).

5. Keeping your mouse pointer in the same place, click to select Misha’s name in each tab, then hit [Control+Tab], until you get back to the first tab.

6.  Position your mouse over the “Cast Your Votes” button and click to vote. Then hit  [Control+Tab] (with your non-mouse hand).

7. Keeping your mouse pointer in the same place, click to cast your vote in each tab, then hit [Control+Tab], until you get back to the first tab.

8. Now the first tab should be on “favorite Actress” voting page (that’s the next category voting page), so position your mouse pointer on “Favorites Sci-fi fantasy TV Actor” button and click it to go back to actor voting page, and again move through the tabs with [Control+Tab].

9. When you get back to the beginning, it should be ready to vote again. So go to step 4 and do it all over again & again.

Please try to vote everyday & everyday vote a lot! Also spread the word & encourage your fellow Misha fans to vote too. Let’s do our best & win this for Misha!

PS. To help spread the word for this campaign, please use the hashtag #Misha4PCA2017 in your social media posts on twitter, tumblr, instagram… so we Misha voters can find each other.  For more info about #Misha4PCA2017 campaign, voting parties,… please follow our updates on twitter.

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i love it that only a few people know what tyler’s tattoos mean

i love that the meanings of them didn’t get spread around

i love that tyler trusts us and we respect him enough to keep his secrets

i love that this information is in the heads of a few people in different parts of the world

Sometimes I want to just grab people who defend Snape’s actions, by the lapels, and shake their stupidity loose…

Yes, he was violently, creepily obsessed with Lily Evans.
That does not make what he did okay.

Do we excuse stalkers in the real world? No, we see them as hella creepy (the damn truth of it all).

He even tried to barter the lives of James and 6mo Harry for Lily, ffs.

And people say he was only mean to Harry to keep up cover… well no. Fred and George, plus others, told all the first years to watch out for Snape because he was a known twat… a bully.

He mocked Hermione straight up, for her enthusiasm to learn. And later on, mocked her physical appearance.

He treated Harry like dirt, because he -a grown ass adult- couldn’t let go of his hatred towards the child’s father. An adult, in a position of power, used it to torment a child/minor… that would be prosecuted as hell in modern times.

He actively went out of his way to torment Neville Longbottom, a child whose parents had been tortured so violently by Bellatrix Lestrange that they now sat as drooling husks in the Janus Thickey Ward of St Mungos.
People excuse that for some reason.

But remember that Snape scared Neville SO MUCH, that the Boggart they faced in third year actually turned INTO Snape for Neville. A boggart takes the form of your greatest fear… that says a lot.


“Oh, but he died for Harry”

No, his very last line said it wasn’t for Harry at all.

“You have her eyes.” means he was seeing Lily. The obsession he had for her was terrifying, and bordering on psychotic (under psychological definitions, he was in a position where this focus was unhealthy and actively prevented him from living a normal life).

We all will love someone, have affection for someone and watch it go unrequited… half of growing up is knowing when to let it go and move on. Relationships, certain goals, dreams, etc.

Snape never did that. He clung to this twisted ‘love’ for Lily, and clung even tighter to the hatred he felt for James Potter…

Yes, James Potter was an absolute twat to Severus in that one little snippet of memory we got. I’m not sure if you’ve met many teenagers, but most of them are absolute little shits on occasion…

But you know what else James was, besides a twat?
He was someone who defied modern conventions, he helped Sirius deal with being the only Black in Gryffindor (imagine how that went down at home), gave Peter courage in an abstract way, but most importantly… saw his friend Remus was in a situation where he’d become completely undesirable to the general population… and broke the law to show support.

James Potter was an unregistered animagi, and so were the others. To support Remus… that was big.
If they’d been caught…

And he grew out of the d-bag phase, which was the most important thing. People say it was only Lily’s influence that did it, that if she’d been with Snape… that would have 'fixed him’, but it’s incorrect.

People only change if they are open to it, if there is an internal drive to do so, and external influences are important to a lesser or greater extent (more support).

- - -

Also, I absolutely abhor people treating Lily Potter (nee Evans) as a commodity. She was the Brightest Witch of Her Age, unlike anything Slughorn (collector of the best, brightest, most connected and talented) had every seen… she was brilliant.
Lily Potter faced down the firebolting Dark Lord Voldemort, KNOWING she could not win. KNOWING her husband had died on the stairs trying to save them, give them more time…
KNOWING he was going to kill her, but god dammnit, she was not going to stand aside and let him hurt her baby, her Harry.

Voldemort told her to stand aside, that she could live if he let her kill the child…
[As per his deal with Snape, who seriously believed she would actually take that deal… thus showing he knew NOTHING about Lily at all].

…but she did not.

Lily Potter put herself between Voldemort and Harry in a blatant display of defiance, of love, of devotion that even death could not diminish. And it was that, her Gryffindor nature to protect and fight to the end, to never back down… that saved her son.

That put a magical barrier around her son that Voldemort could not touch.

Lily Evans was not a prize to be won by James or Snape, she was a brilliant, clever witch who actively CHOSE who she wanted to be with. Do you think James could have stopped her from doing anything, if he tried?

Kind and empathetic, but a lioness with deadly intelligence.

That was Lily Evans-Potter.

- - -

In short… yes, Snape died.

And it was, in a very roundabout way, for the benefit of good… but what we really get when you examine the text critically… if that the whole thing was literally just Severus’s way of throwing a big 'Fuck you’ at Voldemort for killing Lily.

It must also be noted that JK Rowling herself has said that if Harry were anyone else’s child, if Snape had not loved Lily, he would not have cared in the least what happened to him.

Some see that as romantic. Let me step on that notion with harsh reality.

A child who has a giant target painted on him from the second Trelawney uttered a syllable of her prophecy… who is hunted by the darkness and abused by his muggle family members; who finds a new world where people readily accept him and are actually excited to see him…

[In canon …he is immediately pissed on by a man who knew his parents but won’t tell him anything.]

In the AU version we are discussing, where Snape feels nothing for Harry… just imagine it. Watching a grown man (Voldemort) and his followers attempting to murder a child, year after year, and feeling nothing… not a single desire to even talk to him about it.

He has no empathy for the child.

Well, he has none for Harry in canon, either. He just stares at Lily’s eyes and apparently that turns on his 'protect her DNA’ senses internally or something… which isn’t much better.

If we have to celebrate any male character, where the flying firebolt is the Hagrid love?

[Still annoyed with Dumbledore]

Right off the bat, Hagrid went out of his way to care for baby Harry, and then child-Harry when he came to tell him about Hogwarts. Like, he brought a cake, got him a present, talked to him, treated him nicely, sent him a letter his first week at hogwarts… all the way to the battle when his face was abso-fucking-lutely devastated while he carried Harry’s 'body’ in his arms…

And you could see on his face that he remembered carrying baby Harry just like that, a tiny thing cradled in his big half-giant arms… except this time Hagrid thought he’d failed. He thought Harry was dead. And it was killing him.

But people want to hold up Snape as the ultimate pseudo-father figure for Harry?!



It is Hagrid.

Always Hagrid.

With Sirius and Remus being cool uncles on the sides…

- - -

This is how it is, fight me.

Pokemon GO update, the good the bad and the confusing

So pokemon go updated recently and a lot of things changed so these are the things Ive noticed

  • Nests of pokemon are changing all over the world such as dratini becoming eevee and drowzee to lickitung, this might mean its gonna be monthly
  • A lot of the menus have been slimed down so theres less scrolling, NOTE TRANSFER POKEMON IS IN THIS TAB PLEASE DONT DO WHAT I DID AND THOUGHT IT WAS GONE FOR 3 HOURS
  • favourite pokemon can no longer be transferred
  • Some pokemon appear to have changed catch rates, mainly the common ones like rattata + pidgey
  • The catching interface seems to have changed, the pokeball model seems slightly different and theres new animations for runing and appearing
  • The three step bug is gone HOORAY…… except they just removed it all together instead of updating to googles new api. Trackings still there but its still as useless as ever and pokemon still get stuck in there even if theyre long gone
  • Font changes and other cosmetic things in the pokemon menus and eggs
  • speaking of eggs, the egg count got a lot strickter
  • niantic apparently announced that they want to shut down 3rd party apps so a lot of them are being shut down as we speak, or have chosen to go offline for a while and think about what to do.
  • and the big one
  • By clicking your trainers face and in the lil menu is the customise option, you can change everything you could at the beginning including your gender

It’s been 20 years today… It’s totally insane isn’t it? I wasn’t alive when he passed or anything but everything he’s left behind and how he still influences artists and people all around the world after 20 years is genuinely amazing. I know I’m like a lot of others when I say Kurt totally saved my life. I mean even just watching interviews, or the music videos, and just listening to tracks over and over and over again there’s such a comforting feeling in everything. Whenever you have a bad day just jam to some nirvana and the lyrics really don’t even matter ya know? Kurt just has this voice that you just know he felt the same way you do. That’s what was different about Kurt he had so much relation to everything that anyone was feeling, and I mean a lot of bands have music like that, but Nirvana was on such a different level. They were 100% raw emotion and it just doesn’t happen anymore. RIP Kurt

i mean the idea that the older generations are Bad while our generation is Good is pretty convenient for us isn’t it. we don’t have to do anything, just continue to exist and all the problems of the world will slowly melt away as the bad people grow old and die and we take over and definitely do not replicate their wrongdoing or continue to uphold existing oppressive structures in any way whatsoever 😇🌸


So I was doing my Halloween re-watch of Over the Garden Wall, and I came up with a little theory; apologies if this has already been put out there into the world…

What if Mrs. Daniels is the third sister to Auntie Whispers and Adelaide? Thanks to ol’Billy Shakespeare’s Macbeth, there’s a bit of an expectation to see witches travel in groups of three (and the Triple Goddesses concept which also shows up in a LOT of literature). They’re all elderly women who, through one means or another, seek children to do some form of work. Adelaide wanted forced companions at best and slaves at worst, but Mrs. Daniel’s MO seems in line with Auntie Whispers’ “keep children on the straight and narrow through honest labor”. Remember that Mrs. Daniels made Greg do chores in order to get candy… on Halloween.

Many have pointed out that Auntie Whispers and Adelaide have similarities to Zeniba and Yubaba of Spirited Away, but Mrs. Daniels fits into this homage as well. Greg felt that by stealing her Rock Facts rock, he had brought misfortune on himself and Wirt. The final shot of the show is him returning it. Similar to how Haku stole a seal from Zeniba and was made sick due to her curse.

One final detail, Adelaide has a quilt on her wall depicting 3 female figures…

… People is hating on Sebastian for being white?

Man, do you even understand why this men left his country as a kid?

Do you even get what he means with “I didn’t have comic books”, “I was communist”, “I remember this one thing about the revolution when I was a little kid”, “I had an accent so people made fun of me”, “I wanted to fit”?

Like… this is a white dude, yeah, and I do understand white dudes all over the world have been shitting on minorities since forever but here is the thing: when a breathing white dude is nice, happy, respectful and, you know, super unproblematic (thank you god and also jesus, and of course mrs. Stan and husband), is decent and you are hating on him because he is white, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

There is nothing in this world like an “african proverb” because it is non existent. Being a Nigerian and coming from a country with over two hundred different dialects and languages, anyone who says “Nigerian proverb" in front of a Nigerian will never be taken seriously. How do you tell an Igbo man that? Or someone from Yorubaland or even an Iteskiri man. It is one of the laziest and quite sadly a very common thing to do. This is why when i write an Igbo proverb, i mean an Igbo proverb and when i write a Yoruba proverb, i mean a Yoruba proverb because colonization did create a Nigeria but to clump our cultures together and call it one is highly disrespectful.
—  Ijeoma Umebinyuo
“You’re a woman, of course you want children.”



No way.

No but seriously, being a woman does not mean that I do, or ever will, want to have children. Not all women choose their careers over children only to regret it later. Some women just do not want to be mothers. I don’t see how that is any of your concern. It’s not like there is a shortage of people in the world. And there are plenty of parents out there who really just should not have had children. A woman (or anyones) reproductive rights are none of your business.


jiyong is so lovely and precious in every way

Extreme Tourism (top 3)

If running with the bulls or skydiving seem a bit bland to you, then you should try these.

1) Biking The Yungas Road

External image

If you think biking needs more excitement, try biking down The Yungas Road in Bolivia. Speeds reach upto 40mph, there is a 50-meter drop, oh and don’t let me forget to mention that over 200 people die here every year.
Have a different view

External image

2) Mountain Hiking on Huashan Trail in China

External image

A 7,000 foot drop with nothing holding you back but some wood and chains. China reports over 100 deaths here a year, and I still don’t understand why people from all over the world come here to do this.

Look at this idiot.

External image

3) Cage of Death

External image

The cage of death in…you guessed it, Australia. Only Australians could think that swimming underwater, in a cage, with a 20 foot long saltwater-crocodile is fun. 

Did I say crocodiles? I mean dinosaurs

External image


Meet The REAL Royal Family!

This is my costume for July 24th at Gillette Stadium! We’ll be sitting in Section 331, Row 11 Seats 21-25 so come say hi if you see us! 

I basically played the role of an ax murderess and cut off Will, Kate, and their children’s heads and put Taylor and her family’s heads over them because lets be real, the Swifts ARE the real royals. My poster and crown may not be the best looking, but I am super proud of my idea and all the work I put into it. I also haven’t seen anyone with a costume like this so that makes me even more proud! 

If you all don’t mind, please reblog and share this. It would mean the world to me if Taylor were to stumble upon this. 

To Taylor, if you do happen to see this then I hope you know how excited I am to see you live! I know you’re going to be amazing and I’m so happy that I’ll be there to see it! Love you xoxo. BTW TAYLOR! I promised you that I would bring a little gift for Mere and Dibbles if you followed me, so I’m making that promise come true! I have a little present that I’m bringing for you and that cats!


And I could let you, die, if that’s what you want. If you really believe your existence has no meaning. I’ve thought about it myself, once or twice over the centuries, truth be told. But I’ll let you in on a little secret: there’s a whole world out there waiting for you. Great cities, and art, and music. Genuine beauty. And you could have all of it. You could have a thousand more birthdays, all you have to do is ask.

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:what the actual FUCK is exo doing what do you mean sm made the exo-k and exo-m youtube pages in 2006 there is a booklet about the world exo is from? why is the new album cover a compilation of all of the exo logo's that have ever appeared? why is jongin ontop of dead ass bodies when he is the lucky one and why is chanyeol the monster if he is being beaten up? why did sm bring back the stupid half cage? why is baekxing relaxed? why is jongdae and sehun chasing people in the lucky one teaser? what do any of this fucking me a n

Here are my tattoos.
needless to say that twenty one pilots; tyler, josh and everyone that came along with them, helped me more than I could ever imagine.
The music they both create and the messages they are sending us with everything they do, is the reason I am where I am.
The reason I’m as happy as I am, the reason each day all over again I am saved from going back to old routines thanks to them, the reason I have the strong personality I have today (well…not THE reason but they were a big influence)
my tattoos means the world to me, I gave them my own purpose and made them my own. 
I guess I just wanted to say this out loud and just share with you all how important they are. I love them and all of you just as much.
Stay alive, friends. |-/

imagine a group of muggleborns and a group of purebloods having a pop culture reference battle in the great hall and a bunch of halfbloods get to decide who won by the end of it bcs they’re the only ones who actually get everything they’re talking about


Quotes From Amazing Ladies: “When I was a little girl, I was always acting… and the first time I thought I could be an actor was when I watched ‘The Color Purple’. I mean, I grew up in Kenya and a lot of our programming was from all over the world, and we didn’t see ourselves on screen. So it was really rare to see a world just populated with people that look like me. And there was Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah and everything, and they were doing this thing that just - just called me. And you know, it’s so meaningful to be sitting here beside you. And it means a lot to me so thank you for planting that seed.” [x]