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any idea why Jackie said she didnt feel anything in Jackie Bags Hyde when she kissed Steven? She was chasing him for a while and then once she kissed him she was like "oh i felt nothing"

The real answer is that the writers thought ending that story line like that wasn’t going to left as many questions as it did. Who knows why they decided to break it that way. One of the many things went wrong.

The in universe answer may be something I think most of us agree, that she just couldn’t identify was what she was feeling in that moment, because it was too diferent from what she once felt while with Kelso.

It’s not familiar and we tend to get scared at unfamiliar stuff, especially when is too intense. My headcanon is that she felt numb after the explosion inside her belly, because honestly this kiss looks like the bomb:

The other option is that she just decided to lie because of the intensity of it. Again, she has been hurt many times before and she knows Hyde’s story with girls. He doesn’t date, he has a record of having the same girl for the long of a week. What tells her it could work out?

He rejected her a million times, and would had he said the truth? We know that there’s a big chance that he would, but she doesn’t. She needed the Kelso experience all over again to finally understand that she doesn’t need that shit, and that she needs to start trusting him and her instincts.


you and Josh had only been hanging out for a week and already you were best friends. you two went for ice cream, went on walks you even started watching a new show together.

when Scott had said you had to be paired with Josh to make sure he didnt get in any trouble you had been skeptical of the guy. but it turned out he was just a giant puppy.

you were walking around, you clinging to his arm (a new habit) when you bumped into Stiles. “oooh, am i interrupting something?” he asked, grinning from ear to ear. “Josh and Y/N sitting in a tree-” he started to sing.

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I think it all went down with Seventeen interview. Camila didnt say any offensive words to the girls for Clara to jump in. I honestly think it's between Camren. Lauren wasn't happy she got denied and called their love was an unrequited one. Camren call each other "Bih". Check Camila's tweet last Dec 9. She posted an indirect "pce and blessinz luv u bi" the day when Back to Me hit the charts. She was indirectly showing she's happy for L's success. clara and L don't like to be denied anymore ++

I mean Im not really looking into that, it’s not something obvious. It’s over analyzed? Don’t you think? +++


Is Garnets future vision not working??? She didn’t see that there would be TWO monsters in ‘Gem Hunt’ and in 'Crack the Whip’ her and pearl went searching for Jasper in the snowy place and Garnet didn’t see that she would show up in Beach City to fight and would eventually POOF AMETHYST??? AND SHE ALSO DIDNT SEE THAT BISMUTH WOULD TRY TO SHATTER STEVENS GEM EITHER??? I’m just saying, I know Garnet can’t see everything, but it seems pretty sketchy that she didn’t see ANy of this, especially when the Gems were in danger.

i looked so bad in this butttt omgmmgmgmgmgmg hes so cute i cant believe

when i walked up to him he was like Hey! but i was so nervous i was kinda looking down and i said hi back really quietly n i hope he heard me bc i dont want to him to think i was ignoring him omg!!!

btw this con was kinda lame bc she didnt let me show him the pose i wanted him to do on my phone and they went by really fast so i don’t even think i could’ve explained it to him???? AND they didn’t allow pictures while doing autographs??? wtf????

i hope next time i go to one of his cons it’ll be a lot better but im definitely not going to any in austin lol.

Showed my friend kaylor Vogue video
  • Me: here watch it *continue driving*
  • Her: *laughing her head off the whole time*
  • Me: which part you like the best?
  • Her: lol the part where they looked like they're about to eat each other if those cameras weren't there. The staring contest I mean.
  • Her: damn chill careful, yeah I came up with that, it's obvious. Are they like dating or something? I mean if they're not, they obviously have feelings for each other, man they're perfect.
  • Me: *holding up my tears* I don't wanna talk about it.

‘Lahiru’ saw us walking to the beach on my final night in Hikkaduwa with a massive bunch of fireworks and beers and yelled out. “you’re wasting your money, there are so many people in need in the jungle side of the town and you’re throwing yours away on fireworks.” I couldn’t argue with that, we did have a shitload of fireworks, and we’d kinda been running amok. So I agreed to meet him the next morning before I went. Sure enough he turned up on a bike, barefoot, and we went to the store and bought a bunch of food and school supplies. We then delivered to about 6 different families, all of whom lived in varying degrees of poverty. He didn’t ask for any money, just a soft drink and a pack of cigarettes which he chain smoked throughout the morning. He asked me to take some photos on my film camera and show people back home to raise some awareness. So if you’re ever in Hikkaduwa give him a call! it costs next to nothing to give the people some basics. Lahiru - 0715859076