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thank you for 500 followers!  here are some seunggil, phichit and seungchuchu icons for everyone to use and enjoy  (๑˃̵ ᴗ ˂̵)و

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Starry Boy | Wen Junhui icons

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my fav part of the series is when someone says something  fucked up to ginko and theres a few moments of silence while he looks at them with a tired expression

+ another doodle i didnt want to post separately:

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You, at least, made an effort. You got up in the morning, tried to be normal for Charlie, followed the pattern of your life. When I wasn’t actively tracking, I was… totally useless. I couldn’t be around my family — I couldn’t be around anyone. I’m embarrassed to admit that I more or less curled up into a ball and let the misery have me. It was much more pathetic than hearing voices. And, of course, you know I do that, too.



“it’s like we’re a real family. in my next life, i still want to stay with my members. even if i’m born again, i want us to be together as btob members. until we become successful singers, let’s go hand in hand with our arms around each other. let’s leave everlasting memories for our fans as btob. until the end, let’s not let go of each other’s hands. whenever you’re tired or you feel like letting go of your hand, i will hold it even tighter.“ 

— seo eunkwang