and i didnt see anyone else do it

about galra Keith

so does anyone else see Keith being galra as a little bit of a metaphor for being gay?? I mean it’s something he thought about for a while, but could only recently put a name on (which is similar to my experience). Some people didnt accept him at first, namely Allura. 

He also has some quotes that a lot of gay people can relate to, specifically “I didn’t just turn galra!” which is really similar to the “i didn’t just turn gay.“ When Keith rescues a soldier in episode 9 and that soldier turns out to be galra, Hunk asks “so do you all just know each other?” which i thought was really funny because keith’s face afterward was a face i had both made and seen when asked the same question about being gay.

all in all i related to keith’s experience figuring out that he was galra a lot when it comes to my own experience finding out i was gay

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i'm curious; what do you think of andy mientus?

okay so im gonna share an embarrassing story with you. when i went to go see dwsa, i stagedoored because i had learned minimal asl and i wanted a picture with sandra mae frank (she didnt even come out that night but i fell in love w treshelle so it was okay). anyway, andy mientus came out. my mother, who hadnt recognized anyone else expect for marlee matlin and camryn manheim, made this excited noise next to me. 

“i know him!” my mother said. i whipped my head around, saw andy a few people down the line, and turned back. 

“thats andy mientus,” i said, mouth twisted in displeasure. he was a good hanschen, but i had came to this show not liking him and goddamn if i wasnt going to try to stick to that. “he was marius in les mis and he was in this show, smash.”

“yes!” my mother continued, “you have to take a picture with him”

i, who had been taking pictures with everyone, didnt understand why my mother wouldve assumed that i wouldnt take one, but i still didnt rly like andy and i wanted to be contrary so i hissed, “i dont want a picture with him.”

it was then that i turned away from my mother and saw that andy mientus was literally Right behind me. he was clearly in hearing range. he had clearly heard me. i wanted to sink directly into the ground.

“hi,” he said, when he came to me, in his smooth, quiet voice. he was shorter than me. he was wearing a hat and a coat and looked super Soft. he signed my playbill. “did you like the show?”

i, flustered and embarrassed, said “yes! it was so good, you were so good! will you take a picture with me?”

“sure!” andy mientus said, smiling softly, because hes a Kind man and he was going to take a photo with me even though he 100% heard me talking shit. 

(the photo he took w me was Really good photo too)

so um. basically i think andy mientus is a Good Guy and a great actor. he comes off as a dick on social media sometimes, but irl hes so Small and soft spoken and tbh he was BEYOND fantastic as dwsas hanschen (even tho he does that rough thing w this voice thats apprntly bad for u). i used to hate him but Now i stan the hell out of him.

Imagine Joji, Ian, Max// college au part 4!

you walk along the isles of the Barnes and noble, scanning the books for inventory while the day winds down to and end, you can smell the fresh air every time the door opens in the back. you want to leave, but there are a few stragglers in the store, mindlessly trailing fingers over the hardbacks of textbooks and such. you hear footsteps approaching you and look up to see your store manager Aubrey with a smirk.

“There are three gorgeous specimens asking for you at the front of the store.” she says, almost teasing you, honestly you’re at a loss.

“what…? really?” you ask, she nods.

“one dark haired and mysterious, one tall and gorgeous, and one cute little puppy of a thing. which ones yours and which one can i have?” she says confidently, you realize shes talking about the guys and you laugh. you look towards the front of the store, but you dont see them. you walk over with aubrey and see them towards the children’s area, Ian and max are hovered over a large pop up book. Max reaches over to feel the fur, Ian slaps his hand away.

“ow! cunt…” max says pouting, Ian feels the fur and Aubrey huffs a laugh.

“so they’re both big puppies…” she says, you look over at a small couch where Joji is sitting leisurely flipping through “The Hungry Caterpillar”, you smile softly. you look up at Aubrey and give her a pleading look, she rolls her eyes and takes the scanner from you.

“you have to cover for me on Tuesday then, my little brother gets out of school early” she says, her deep red hair swishing as she speaks. you walk over to the small couch and plop down next to Joji, he looks up and smiles.

“ I loved that book when i was little” you say he puts an arm around you, all of those small touches are instantaneous with him now. Sometimes you dont even think about it, and find yourself holding onto his sweater, or softly gliding your hand up from his knee to mid thigh. It’s almost like a nervous tick, its just comfortable.

“So I was thinking we could catch that movie, the scary one you have no interest in watching” Joji says, closing the book softly.

“oooo a movie sounds great! right guys?” you throw a stuffed animal at them and hit Ian in the face, he pushes his glasses up with the back of his hand.

“hell yea!” Max says, always down for anything remotely fun. you smile up at Joji and he seems completely amused. 

you walk up to the movie theater entrance and smell the popcorn instantly, you soak it in, with the cold air, you’re preference in fun has changed so drastically. you smile up at Joji and he huffs a laugh.

“whats so funny?” you ask, he shrugs.

“you never know when im asking you on a date” he says, you tilt your head and suck in a breath.

“oh god… really?” you ask, he chuckles and shrugs.

“It’s fine, ill just have to be more blunt next time” Joji says. you shake your head.

“im sorry joji” you say he smiles and opens the door

“I’ll let you make it up to me” he says, you nod.

“I’ll buy the popcorn!” you say jogging ahead to get the tickets, Ian and max follow, and you all get tickets to see some scary movie, you have a love-hate relationship with scary movies, they make you feel like a pussy, but you love the rush. you wind up buying three large popcorn bags and m&m’s and slurpees all around.

“are you ready… ot be scared out of your mind” Ian asks, trying to act scary as you walk into the theater, you roll your eyes at him and he smiles satisfied with your reaction. you choose seats in the very back row, and sit by Joji, max and Ian file next to him. you like movie theaters, they get so dark, but the volume is uncontrollable. scary movies always have jump scares, and it can get loud. you feel Joji intertwine his fingers with yours and smooth his thumb across your hand. you live for these small touches… There was a couple days when you ddint know where it was going with Joji, he pulled back after that night. You consider that the worst night, but you never tell him that, it wouldnt do any good. You couldnt believe how afraid you were, you felt kind of badly when he left early in the morning but you knew he needed his medication. you sat on your couch instead of studying, and you watched romantic movies with tragic endings, and you cried. you didnt expect Joji to come back, so you were tear stained and fidgety when you opened the door. Joji just hugged you and apologized more, you didnt want his apologies though. ever since then he has been distant, so when you realized this was a date, you were so relieved. you watch as the movie starts, and you anticipate the jump scare, but you fall for it anyway, unintentionally squeezing Joji’s hand. you glance up and see him smiling, amused with your fear. he smooths his hand over your thigh and you relax a bit. the gore in the movie is terrible, you wince alot, and youre embarrassed about it.  you look over at the guys and see that Ian and Max seem to be in some Slurpee contest, seeing who can finish theirs first. you smile as max puts a hand over his throat, it must feel frozen. The popcorn is gone, and you offer to get a refill for walk out into the lobby, you need to adjust to the light. you get the refills and head back to the theater trying to balance them, you set them on a counter by the arcade to readjust. 

“need some help?” you hear, you look up and see some guy, youve never met. he is wearing one of those fake Letterman jackets and torn skinny jeans, his beanie sagging a bit.

“uh no thanks though” you say grabbing the popcorn bags by the paper, but the grease makes them slide.

“you sure?” he says, smiling flirtatiously. you nod.

“positive thanks” you say again.

“im not trying to be a douche, you just look like you could honestly use the help” he chuckles, you smile relieved he isnt hitting on you..

“oh uh.. well thanks for that” you smile.

“what are you watching?” he asks, you tell him which title and he shrugs.

“im not much for scary movies” he says, you huff a laugh.

“,e either” you say, admitting.

“then why are you watching it?” he asks, you shrug.

“im here with some uh…” you dont know what to consider Joji… “some friends, and uh” you just avoid it all together figuring it will be better that way. 

“ahh nice, peer pressure is a bitch huh?” he says you chuckle.

“its not like that… theyre great” you say feeling ike maybe you made them seem like assholes that drug you here.

“well thats good, if you ever wanna maybe-” you see him look up as someone places a hand on the small of your back.

“hey babe, you were  taking a bit, i came to see f you needed help” Joji says, you blush deeply at that word looking up at the guy in front of you. hes giving you a look you assume means ‘i thought you said just friend?’ so you hand Joji a bag.

“thanks for offering to help” you say, walking towards the theater.

“you know him?” Joji asks, a low voice, un-entertained.

“no he just offered to help” you say Joji removes his hand from you and walks beside you, almost coldly. you sit in the soft theater chair, Joji doesnt try to hold your hand or anything. when the movie ends you all walk out together.

“i have to pee so badly!” max says, heading for the bathroom, Ian follows

“fucking Slurpee” he mumbles. you look up at Joji, hes scrolling on his phone.

“are you okay?” you adk, he glances up and nods.

“fine” he says, you tilt your head.

“really?” you ask he looks up at you then over your shoulder, sighing and tensing up a bit. you look over and see that guy and some other guys messing around by the arcade games.

“seriously?” you say looking back at Joji, he looks down at you, there is no soft look on his face. 

“youre jealous?” you ask, he seems uneasy.

“im not jealous, i just dont like seeing you flirt with random dudes” Joji says, you already dont like this, an argument? no…

“i wasnt flirting with him!” you say defending yourself, why are you making it worse? why do you sound so angry?

“thats not what it looked like, its fine i mean why cant you flirt with people when youre just out with friends” Joji says you swallow hard, so he did hear you.

“well what do you expect? you’ve been really distant how am i supposed to know what you want when you dont tell me? ever since that night, its like you dont wanna… be with me…it made me feel like shit but i still wanna be around you, because i actually like you” you say accusingly. Joji looks behind you and you see Ian and max show up again. you walk outside ahead of everyone, the ride is quiet mostly, besides Ian and max’s commentary about the movie. you open the door pretty quickly when they drop you off at your place.

“night” you say shortly, closing he door. you hear another door shut and roll your eyes. you try to ignore the annoyance in yourself as you walk towards the stairs and get up to your door. you unlock it and open it, Joji grabs the door and shuts it quickly grabbing your hand.

“I like you, and i think thats obvious, that was a cheap play” he says, you roll your eyes and dont reply staring at the floor expecting a lecture.

“second of all, im allowed to be jealous, that douche-bag was hitting on you and i ddint like it. I dont wanna see you with anyone else, i dont even wanna think about that, get me?” he says. you feel like youre in trouble, he makes alot of sense.

“well i didnt do anything you didnt have to punish me like that” you say quietly.

“i was upset, you called me your friend, so i acted like a friend. you want me to act like more?” Joji says, you still dont look up at him.

“of course i do..” you say. you dont even see it coming. Jojis lips are against yours almost instantly. he pulling at your shirt and unbuttoning your jeans, all while pushing you back into the couch. youre so surprised you dont even protest as he rips his hoodie off and goes at you again, nibbling your neck and biting a little hard at you. you give off small gasps as he grabs your hips, pulling you up against him.he kisses you deeply, feel his hands all over you, gripping and grabbing at your ass. he turns you around and pushes you over the end of the couch, you feel him separate your legs and hes in you quicker than you can let out a strangled moan into the couch. and your hands grip the fabric.

“joji..!” you manage as he smooths a hand over your back and down to your ass, grabbing you. you dont object, youre actually turned on…hes thrusting into you, and its hitting new spots, you moan out loud as he pulls you by your hips against him. you arch your back and push back against him involuntarily, it just feels so good. the way he moves into you feels incredible.

“mm… thats it… show me you want me baby” he groans you moan louder and match his movements. Joji grips your shoulder, pulling you back into him more and more, he raises you up to bite your neck more. he slides out of you, and you watch as he sits on the couch, pulling your arm towards him, he moves you so your straddling him.

“show me” he says against your ear as you hover over grip his shoulders nervously, but your need is more lower yourself onto him, and moan, he’s so deep into you now you dont know if you can handle it.

“fuck… joji…” you whimper. he grabs your hips hard and you grind against him.

“fuck…!” you moan, he growls against your ear.

“ride me.” he says, demanding it. you lift up a but and he pulls you down hard, gaining another tortured groan from wrap your arms around his neck and lift up a bit, he slams you back down every time.

“i cant… joji please” you whimper, its all too much, and too good. you feel him lift you a bit and easily let you fall against the couch, he pushes into you roughly and bites your neck, lightly now. leaving little red marks everywhere he wrap your legs around him and bite your lip.

“stop holding back” he says, driving into you harder making you moan didnt even realize you were griping his hair, you arch your back as your orgasm builds up.

“yes… oh god…joji..!” you moan screaming his name as you come. he doesnt let up though he continues mercilessly and you feel him relaxing all your tightened muscles. you hear him start to groan with every thrust and start to grunt with one hard thrust, he pulls out of you quickly and you watch as powerful spurts slide across your belly. Joji bites down on your neck and you soak in the light sting, the pleasure over powers it so much. Joji breathes deep, and youre exhausted. you open your tightly shut eyes and look at him hazily. he lifts off of you entirely and you wonder if he really is mad. you close your eyes again and feel him lift your legs, sitting down under them, wiping something soft over your belly gently. you hear a swish of a trash bag and then his warmth is against your side.

“you okay…?” he asks lightly after a little while. you nod lightly. he wraps his arms around your waist and pushes an arm under your head supporting it.

“was i too rough?” he asks in a whisper. you dont respond though, you’re half asleep, the exhaustion taking over. there was so much pleasure it burned through you. Joji studies your face, peaceful as you sleep. you’re strangely lucid, and feel his fingers tracing up and down the center of your torso, and around your hips. then something soft covers you, and you turn in your sleep, facing the warmth, hitching a leg over him.

you start to wake slowly, but you dont want to, youre still sleepy. you smell something sweet, vanilla? you open your eyes and youre staring at the back of the couch, clutching a soft blanket against your chest. you stretch and roll overlooking over at the kitchen, Joji is standing over the counter in a long sleeve shirt and his joggers. you watch as he sets something light brown onto a sit up and rub your eyes, walking over to the counter beside him. Joji looks down at you expressionless.

“morning” he says, you take a deep breath and look down at the waffles.

“im starving, that smells amazing” you grumble, he turns to you and looks you over,you watch his dark eyes study you. he reaches forward and grabs your waist pushing the blanket around you tightly. he leans down and kisses your forehead. down to your neck.

“yea im hungry too” he says, you flush with butterflies everywhere, blushing deeply. you kiss his cheek lightly.

“your cold” he says feeling your arms and shoulders.

“little bit” you mumble.

“go get dressed ill finish up then we can eat” he says, you nod and break away from him. you walk into your bedroom and rummage through your drawers, nothing looks comfortable. you look over at the bed and see Joji’s sweater laying there. you walk out into the kitchen and Joji looks up, smiling when he sees his sweater on you, and some sweatpants. he likes you in his hoodie. you slide into the tall chair in front of the cupboard and he pushes a plate of waffles towards you.he leans against the counter across from you and cuts into a waffle, you dig in and sigh, relieved. the sugary syrup and butter blend nicely.

“you really are starving huh” Joji says, you swallow.

“yea, had quite a work out” you say, still sleepy, must be giving you courage. Joji smirks, satisfied. you drink the last bit of your milk and push the plate away so you can lay against the counter on your arms. you look up at Joji as he rounds the counter to you.

“I’m still hungry” he says biting your neck, your clit throbs at his words, his low voice and his hot breath down your neck, you smile and huff a laugh. you swivel on the chair and Jojis pulls at your sweat pants, lifting you onto the counter, its cold against your ass. joji pulls his joggers down a bit and pushes against your already wet entrance, you wince a bit and suck in a breath, he stops.

“sorry… just a little sore” you say Joji looks a bit sorry. you watch as he lowers himself down between your legs and pushes you back softly, you push the plates away and feel him kiss down your belly, reaching your center. you let a long satisfied sigh out as he swirls his tongue around your clit. your nervous to be displayed like this, but it feels really good, and gentle. he kisses you lightly and continues flicking his tongue over your clit, building you up quickly, you moan and grip onto his hair, you unravel quickly, moaning his name… he lets up and looks up at you.

“already?” he asks, you blink and blush, he smiles proudly. raising up and sliding a finger down your slit, making sure your wet. he slides into you gently and you arch your back hes so gentle now, caressing your breasts and holding onto you lightly while he prolongs each thrust until his breathing quickens and hes pushing harder, but cautiously. you feel him twitch and watch as his lips part when he pulls out, covering your lower belly with his cum. Joji likes the view, his sweatshirt pulled up to your chest, sweats around your ankles, his cum on you. he reaches over for a paper towel.

“ever thought about birth control?” he asks, gently wiping your belly. you shrug and sit up sliding off the counter and pulling up your sweats.

“i should probably do that” you say he leans down and kisses your lips softly.

“im sorry if i hurt you” he says you shake your head.

“it was really good… i liked it alot” you admit. Joji  pulls you against him and you look up.

“alright, so if any other guys approach you, lets agree that you’re taken” Joji says, you blush and nod.

“id love to” you say with a slight smile breaking through. he leans down and kisses you again, you feel the smile on his lips.

 hi i answered some character qs. theres more under the cut (+ more pics)

indigobleau said: Bro bro what’s Ian’s favorite article of clothing??? Also has he ever seen a beautiful stranger out in public and thought about them for a week making imaginary scenarios of them falling in love???

his astro boy shirt!! i draw him in a lot more clothes than he actually owns, but that ones canon. he also enjoys his patterned socks.

& not really, except maybe for that lady at the 24hr bfast diner he goes to at 3am a lot. the first time she called him dollface he was like holy shit (shes one of those people who calls everyone by a pet name). he doesnt have fantasies about falling in love but he finds her very comforting. he also sort of wants to put his face in her soft warm bosom but thats a little creepy ian

egg-face said: have ian and donovan dated at any point??

no. they live & work together tho. so sometimes donovan is like IM GOING TO PF CHANGS & ians like I WILL ACCOMPANY YOU idk if that counts as a date

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Reasons I have problems with my family

Me: I think I’m gonna get this tattoo.
Family: OMG don’t even say that. Body mod is such a sin don’t waste your money on things like that.

Me: I’m getting my ears gaged next year
Family: no you’re not, if you do I’ll rip them out of your ears. You don’t want gages anyway

Me: it only matters if I think I’m doing the right thing. Other people’s opinions of me don’t matter!
Family: lol yes they do. They do because we said so. That’s so dumb you would even think that.

Me: I like supernatural and my little pony!
Family: wow you’re a satanist and a faggot? We’re disappointed in you.

Me: I want to buy this merch with my own money that I earned by helping out and being nice to you people!
Family: lol no you’re not. It was my money first and I can take it back. I can also take your computer, phone, and video games when I want to cause I don’t agree with you.

Me: Look at this person, they were born feeling like they’re the wrong gender and just want to feel comfortable in their own body…

Me: *quietly* I want to take accounting this year and maybe make a “real” living…

Me: *stays in room all the time* *crying*

Family: *pretends they see nothing and go on with life normally*

Family: haha what did you say fag? That’s it, now you aren’t aloud to have anything you enjoy for a month. Enjoy.

Does anyone else have problems with their family like this?


“I do not understand your request”
“Its- its just a tradition…”

Strange but i like it =w= hope this is what you wanted!

I still got 2 more couple mistletoe requests! If theres anyone else who had a different pairing, I’m willin to take it! Im just curious to see some ships!!

Lets take a moment to talk about Dr Emily Grey

Did any of you SEE Dr Grey tell Locus to back off in season 12? He didnt have to but he backed the fuck off. Can you imagine him doing that for literally anyone else? 

And she acts like she doesnt care about things but she clearly does. Dr Grey clearly sends Locus off to protect her patient (Wash in this case). And gosh she tells Wash to show up to a medical appointment and I highly suspect he showed up because you do NOT say no to Dr Emily Grey or she will hunt your ass down for your appointment. And Wash has all kinds of trauma with medical types so it speaks volumes that when they find an empty base when they exit the building in season 12 episode 10, he calls out for Dr Grey and clearly trusts her. 

Can we talk about how Dr Grey cares about her patients but expresses it by trying to scare them into listening? To Doyle: “Remember, you’re no use to me dead!”

And in episode 16 she barely cares about able bodied people but instead focuses on her sick and injured patients. Because that’s her priority and by god she is going to get them out.

Im not sure why she is the way she is even if I have suspicions, but damn does it make her effective at making sure certain people who push themselves too hard get their goddamn injuries treated BECAUSE CAROLINA IF YOU OPEN YOUR LEG INJURY ONE MORE TIME SHE IS GOING TO SET YOU UP IN BEDREST FOR A VERY LONG TIME. 


I was tagged by @geographyofhell to post some music ive been listening to lately, in order from top left:

  • Bones - SoftwareUpdate1.0 
  • Bosse De Nage - II 
  • Boduf Songs - Lion Devours The Sun
  • Bloodborne OST (not just Old Hunters DLC but the art is better, so…)
  • Lazerhawk - Skull And Shark
  • Power Trip - Manifest Decimation

I’ll tag @necromanceher @grimewizard @duhastbyrammstein @reallycoolskeleton @welcomeprincessovhell @genderdeath @deathcarpets @heteroflexibility @daughterovthedevil, anyone else who wants to do it from seeing, just tag me in the post so I can see what you’re listening to!

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hello! do you think that if sasuke didnt end up with sakura he would end up with someone else, like karin? personally, i cant see sasuke with anyone else, i think he would just continue as an wanderer

If Sasuke and Sakura didn’t end up with each other, they both would have been alone.

Sasuke has never described any other girl as being “dear” to him or as close as family, and Sakura herself says it best here:

So yeah, SasuSaku or they’re both alone, simple as that.

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brah abt that growing up poor thing same i go to a pretty rich person school talking to people makes me feel like shit

YEA it was like that for me in school and even on tinder i cant like people who obviously have money because i feel like i wont be able to do stuff with them or like theyll see my house and judge me or be grossed out :c

Thanks tho i didnt really think anyone else felt similar


did anyone else notice that niall brought his new guitar onto the stage even though he didnt use it???? like, he just wanted people to see how beautiful his baby is… i cant with this kid anymore.


im tagging myself for the selfie’s 2016 these are my overall selfies that i have compiled and may next year we all glow up better than 2016.

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To my future daughter
Im going to love you like the way i will love your mom. Im going to teach you to be tough so when a fuckboy hurts you you will know how to handle it. Im going to teach you what to go for and what not to go for. Im going to teach you that you can be a little princess but still act mature and still be able to do things for yourself. Im going to teach you that love comes and goes but the right one will make you see why it didnt work out with anyone else. Im going to teach you that its okay to fail a test. Im going to teach you to be able to feel comfortable about yourself and be comfortable with how you look. Im going to teach you the sports you want to learn how to play. Im going to teach you that when you are feeling depressed that you arent alone, that your mom and i are here for you. Im going to teach you to be the bigger person about problems and tough situations. Im going to teach you whatever you want to know about life. I will also teach you that im still going to love you even when i have to let go of my girl to the man of her life


6 selfies of 2016 !!! ujwjkwke it was literally so hard to find 6 selfies where im not just sticking out my tongue lmao

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im just now starting s3 of aos, and i wondered if anyone else felt they ruined ward's character? i felt they didnt do much with his character after garret died, his storyline just got worst (esp the agent 33 thing or whatever) and she died and now hes going to get revenge just like hunter and i dont see it ending good. his character felt blah now when it was good before hydra. i would have loved to keep him as a good guy although brett played him great, the writers just didnt do him justice

Most people feel the same way you do. The writers were incredibly short-sighted with Ward. They were so excited to play the Hydra-Twist that they didn’t consider what to do with Ward after that. They never were able to find a place for him, and his character suffered for it.

Not to mention there was no consistency with the way Ward was written. Ward spent season 2A trying to right his wrongs and earn redemption. He took responsibility for his actions (multiple times) and was generally really zen (which he explained was a result of his numerous failed suicide attempts). He told Coulson he wanted to help him, he offered them information, wanted back on the Team, and even dedicated himself to finding Daisy’s family and reuniting her with them.

And then 2B/3A happened and the writers completely subverted that. Suddenly Ward was angry, resentful, obsessed with revenge and blamed everyone else for his own mistakes. He went from being a man who genuinely and deeply cared for Fitzsimmons to kidnapping and torturing them. Everything that made Ward who he was had been erased.

I believe that the writers purposely retconned Ward’s personality because he was getting too close to redemption and they never wanted that for him. They had to make him insane and completely Evil to justify making him the “big bad” of AOS, because the real Ward was more of an antihero and probably would’ve ended up as a Neutral Mercenary. The Real Ward wouldn’t have obsessed over SHIELD and killing Coulson.  The Real Ward NEVER would have rejoined HYDRA, let alone ran HYDRA. Especially after spending 2 full seasons insisting he wasn’t loyal to HYDRA, didn’t care about HYDRA, and only cared about Garrett.

And ultimately, the Real Ward wanted a family, a place to belong, and to be a hero. That was what we were taught again and again seasons 1-2A and that simply doesn’t make for a good Villain.

The writers have never done Ward justice and never respected his character. They had a Vision for what they wanted for him, and he grew beyond that. Rather than change their Vision to fit the character, they changed the character to fit the Vision.

- Ariel


Do NOT try to make Mark or Jack or anyone else upset because they didn’t see your message or couldn’t respond to you.

DONT send them messages like, “Well, I guess you hate me because you never responded to me.”








Ok but consider this: instead of making lists on one page where you’re bound to run out of space and continue somewhere else, resulting in complete disorganisation, dedicate special pages in your bullet journal to stick your lists to on post it notes. You’ll be able to take them out once you do the things, they’ll be in one place and you’ll never run out of space !!

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T H E   S O N G   O F   A C H I L L E S

“We were like gods at the dawning of the world, & our joy was so bright we could see nothing else but the other.”


@soupery tagged me to do the 9 selfies from 2016 thing haha Tagging (only if u want to): @galactibun @p-uppystars @sigmatique @rykitsu @captain-kitt @glitchanova and anyone else who wants to do it (just say i tagged u lol)

anonymous asked:

How come after all this time, you're still a big johndave shipper? Like, hasn't any other ships overpowered your heart? Like daveka+? I hear that's the it thing cause it's canon or whatever. I ship it pale but apparently, most dk shippers see it like its just to excuse how "obviously red it is". Hm.

this got really long so

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