and i didnt see a gifset yet

ppl get so emo over jiraya and naruto and make all these sappy posts and gifsets abt them but like even if jiraya didnt do all the disgusting inexcusable shit he did , like, tsunade was an actual mentor & supportive of sakura, regularly giving her attention and praise and guidance even in her adult life. tsunade pushes sakura, but still clearly respects and cares for her. yet i rarely ever see content or meta abt them

after the time skip sakura had like so much major skill development bc tsunade was clearly actually training her in that time but literally naruto came back with no new abilities just some slight improvement on old ones like what was jiraya even doing?? we can guess tbh

tsunade took time away from being the damn hokage to personally train sakura while, in the time we saw, jiraya couldnt stop harassing women and spending 12yo naruto’s money for like 10 secs to actually train him. symbolic popsicle can fuck off tsunade was the best

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Can you pls do top 5 of wonho staring at kihyun? have u done that? I saw lots of moments like that hehe

ayy you know what i was surprised no one asked this earlier bc this is like the easiest one too do lets face it wonho’s whipped

#1 - the number one of all wonho staring at kihyun™ pics i would have given anything to get a video of this I MEAN ffs look at this. like the fondness, that smile on his face?? i’m really :(

#2 - okay i’ve had to screenshot this myself lmao bc i couldnt find a gif/picture of this anywhere but!! basically, after wonho gave kihyun his jacket on ki’s birthday :( he went and sat down and just kept glancing at kihyun watch the video and you’ll see his eyes literally move along with ki :( // video here

#3 - i dont, and i refuse to understand why kiho shippers seem to sleep on this gif right here dont yall see THAT LOOK on wonho’s face as he looks up i mean come on not to make this sexual but look AT IT!! // full gifset here

#4 - okay this is one of my faves purely because this was something minhyuk was making them do and wonho didnt have to look that shy and do all that™ // full gifset here

#5 - honestly is really the kiho performance™ like all i ever want from life is to see kihyun’s reaction to this, that is all // gifs used here