and i didnt save them so

I was just flipping through episodes on random and started laughing at this scene again because seen in a bigger context it’s just EVEN FUNNIER

since this after all ties directly into this line of thought that Yuuri has after opening up to Viktor on the beach, particularly about how people hugging him makes him uncomfortable (at least in certain situations) and about how he shields his emotions from other people from fear of appearing vulnerable and weak 




AND OBVIOUSLY IT DOESN’T WORK AT ALL because Yuuri is not a character that can just hug things right with just about anyone, he NEEDS that special someone that makes him feel secure and comfortable, and the fact that he desperately tries to create a connection with people is just SO ENDEARING HE’S SO PRECIOUS AND HE’S TRYING SO HARD BUT TO NO AVAIL

it’s just a great scene because it shows Yuuri’s will to follow up on his promise in a way that becomes incredibly amusing while still maintaining key points in his personality and displaying the huge significance Viktor has in his life 

it just makes his relationship with Viktor even sweeter since Viktor becomes that special person in Yuuri’s life that can make Yuuri open up properly, in ways that leaves Yuuri content and comfortable and I just



Supercorp Appreciation Week
↪ Day 1: When you started shipping Supercorp


“[…] part of me missed touching her. I just missed touching her when I was kind and loving towards her. Like I wanted her to stop crying, and to calm her like she did in the true love scene” - The Stable Boy Audio Commentary


His name is Ernie Reyes Jr. but he played a character named Keno (KENO?? KEITH?? COINCIDENCE?? I THINK NOT) in the 1991 movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze (again, don’t ask how I got here)

He’s a pizza delivery boy that gets caught up in turtle shenanigans and literally only exists for one movie but please just look at him.

The black t-shirt, the bright red jacket, tHE MULLET. Did I also mention he’s Filipino because I could go for some Filipino!Keith headcanons like sign me the fuck up

AND WHAT’S THIS??? Have you always wanted to know what Keith would look like reacting to meeting cryptids irl well HERE YOU FUCKING GO. THROWBACK TO THE OG CRYPTIDS OF MY CHILDHOOD: GIANT RATMAN AND HIS GREEN DISCIPLES

Here’s him ready to fight a bitch in a tank top because he loves fisticuffs and is a hella good martial artist. Within the first like four minutes of the movie, he sees these dudes robbing a store and goes up to them ALONE telling them “you’re under arrest” HOLDING A BUNCH OF PIZZAS and attempts to take all of them out alone. I mean he beats the shit out of them but like then a bunch more guys come running out and then he’s like oH SHIT I DIDNT THINK THIS THROUGH but luckily the turtles come to save his ass.

Did I also mention that out of all the turtles he is most similar to Raphael? The red turtle. The most impatient and impulsive turtle. Always ready to fight. PLEASE. Also Raphael doesn’t really like him at first but then Keno suggests he use himself as bait to find the baddies and suddenly Raphael is like “I hate to agree with him but he’s gotta point.” So even though Splinter is like “TOO DANGEROUS” the two of them break off from the rest of the team and do the mission anyways (um) and accidentally find The Big Bad™ (uM) and then get into hot shit (UM) and Raphael sacrifices himself for Keno (UMMMMMMMMMM). But don’t worry Keno brings everyone back to save him.

And then later there’s a scene where Splinter tries to teach him how to meditate but Keno physically can’t do it and runs off to fight instead because fuck patience he needs to kick something. Here’s this idiot literally back flipping onto the stage to fight Shredder one-on-one like wtf he’s so extra™

He also had an action figure even though he was only in one movie and HOLY SHIT THIS IS MORE KEITH LIKE THAN THE KEITH ACTION FIGURE????


Bonus: Keno sticking his leggy out

i dont know if the writers realise this but winn forgiving lyra for lying to him because she wanted to SAVE HER FUCKING BROTHER is not the same as m*n el lying to kara because he wanted to preserve his image as ‘just some guy from daxam’ rather than the fact he was a prince who owned slaves, was a sexist piss stain and didnt do shit to save anyone in fact he literally let his ppl die and watched them do so as he escaped to earth sooo

harry potter rated by mentions of goats
  • philosopher’s stone: mentioned that a bezoar can be obtained from the stomach of a goat which would be pretty solid except its mentioned in the context of snape being a dick to some eleven year olds. the goats didn’t give up their magic healing kidney stones for this. 3/10
  • chamber of secrets: no mentions. 0/10
  • prisoner of azkaban: no mentions. 0/10
  • goblet of fire: both karkaroff and young dumbledore are described as having goatees, a type of facial hair that, unless you’re idris elba or brad pitt or someone, is probably best left to goats. first mention of my main man aberforth and his fondness for goats, though unfortunately phrased in a way that convinced half the readers he fucked a goat. 5/10
  • order of the phoenix: a nice bit foreshadowing in which the hogs head smells like goats. unfortunately, there’s also a mention of the giants eating dead goats. a harrowing image. -5/10
  • half-blood prince: harry reads the half-blood prince’s tip about bezoars and with some truly stunning information retention, remembers what snape said about them being an antidote to most poisons + coming from the stomach of a goat in their first ever potions lesson. i am so proud of him. harry uses this totally unprecedented feat of academic success to flunk out on doing any actual work and piss off hermione. worth noting that harry also uses a bezoar to save ron’s life, begging the question, would the wizarding world be ruled by voldemort and all of our faves be dead if it wasn’t for goats? the answer is yes. a monumental achievement for goats everywhere. we owe them so much. 20/10
  • deathly hallows: aberforth and his fondness for fiddling with goats returns. he apparently throws goat dung at people in times of stress- what a guy. a goat patronus saves the day by looking kinda like a stag if you squint a bit. aberforth reminisces about feeding the goats with ariana. a touching, bittersweet moment. all around a pretty good time for goats. 10/10

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trans lance things bc im in love with this headcanon

  • he figured it out in like middle school when he became uncomfortable with his body and such as puberty hit
  • he originally binded with two sports bras layered over each other
  • it helped for a bit until he kept growing
  • he eventually came out to his family when the dysphoria got too much for him to handle and he couldn’t take it anymore
  • his family was very excited and instantly switched pronouns and names and such
  • he felt so loved and cherished
  • his first binder was a gift from his abuela for his birthday
  • he wouldn’t wear a shirt for days afterwards just to show off his awesome binder
  • he never wanted to take it off which caused him to pass out a lot since he played soccer and was very active
  • he got bullied for being trans but hunk (i hc them as childhood friends) stood up for him 
  • T and top surgery cost a lot so he wasn’t really asking for it since his family was so big and he didn’t want them to spend a lot of money on him
  • but one of his sisters did some research and told their parents so they could surprise him with it !
  • they saved up and had enough money right as he was accepted at the garrison
  • they gave it to him as a gift for getting in
  • he didnt accept it at first but his mamá is so stubborn and wouldnt let him say no
  • so he got the surgery and is on T !
  • he hasnt had bottom surgery yet, but is planning to pay for that on his own when they get to earth 
Random thoughts

Saw a sense8 S2 review by ‘dan the man’ on youtube and when he said kalagang were the heart and soul of the season i squeeled. Dont get me wrong i loved so many thing Lito, herlito, Sun, Nomi, Capheus but the kala/wolfgang and kalagang scenes were so precious and i love hearing people loving them.

I also got to say how rude it is when people still do not bother to learn Kala’s name its lterally 4 letters long, its not hard if you dont know it now, its because you choose not to.

I saw in the kalagang tag someone say they were a racist couple like what even.

Most sense8 fans ship kalagang im sure we all didnt miss racist tones in the ship.

Kalagang go against the norm for interacial couples shown on screen…

- Wolfgang doesnt save kala, she isnt a damsel in distress
- In fact its kala who has helped/saved Wolfgang many times
- They both wanted each other since 1x02, and like in 1x06 Wolfgang never hid he was pretty clear.
- however he never ever pursued her, he respected her enough to wait till she came to him and was ready
- Wolfgang listens and cares about Kalas beliefs and even if he doesnt agree they both have open, mature conversations about this.
- Wolfgang believes he isnt worthy or good enough for kala and even pushes her away to marry Rajan
- Kala isnt just a good innocent girl, i think the xmas episode was super important, kalas line of her having something dark and wicked inside her and Wolfgang having something beautiful and good, that line itself shows how Kalagang are unlike any other interacial couple ive ever seen.
-ultimately people love kalagang for more then their race. Sure you can see they are from diffrent cultures, but their love, chemistry depth and emotions go beyond that, showing us and hence the point of the show that cultures, sexuality etc shouldn’t be what we are identified as we are all humans

Sorry for this long message forgive me haha


“show me your eyes.” you stated.

“why so curious little bird?” Wesker didnt even turn his head to look at you, disinterested in your interest.

“i’ve never seen them before and you saved me six months ago. i’ve been in this underground bunker with you and i dont know anything about you.”

Wesker turned to look at you, or at least in your direction since with sunglasses you never know if he’s ever really looking at you. “would you really like to see them?” he asked.

you nodded. he took them off, eyes glowing. he grinned at your reaction, “didnt expect this did you little bird?”


How did you decide when someone was irretrievably lost—when they were so evil or toxic or just plain set in their ways that you had to face the fact they were never going to change? How long could you keep trying to save them, and when did you give up and grieve for them as though they were dead?

READ IN 2016 » the hammer of thor, rick riordan

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Do you think jackbum has fought? They seem so distant lately. Its so noticeable after all the closeness.

i dont think so, really. i mean there is definately less interactions between them comparing to last year’s ICONIC LIFE SAVING moments but when jaebum sends that LoOk towards jackson i-

ifucking MELT and know that they’re as in love as they’ve ever been (is this gramatically correct??fuck sorry)

that lip bite i


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what bts is like while sexting? 😳😳😳🙈🙈🙈 (tbh i bet like half of them are terrible and just say "damn babe" and "&& then wat?" - looking at u kook)

ok so i was a bit confused n didnt want to disappoint u bc i feel like some members would sext pics and some with words so i just went w that, u know, bc yeah ;-;


Can’t talk dirty to save his life. Will send pics instead. I picture him sending you a normal selfie first, with the caption “are you busy?” If you say no then he’ll follow up with another one, one that says “are you alone?” (at this point u know where this is going). When you say you’re alone he sends a shirtless gym selfie that just says “i was at the gym today. do you think my work’s been paying off?” You’ll say yes (he’s Swol why wouldn’t you?) and then, finally, after hyping himself up for 10 minutes, he comes at you with something stupid like “ok… can i see if your work has been paying off too?  😳 😳 😳”


Lowkey a fuckboy. It’s 1 am and he sends you a stupid selfie of him with his tongue out. Caption: “Send something to make me happy.” You send him a meme and he sends back “😒 you’re not funny, send pics” So you send a selfie first, a kinda ugli one with u in your jammies. “i see those stupid emoji pajamas all the time” “then what do you want” “how do i say show me your tits but, like, nicely” (don’t get mad at me i feel like yoongi is a bit crass ;-;) So you send him the pics he wants and at this point I feel like he’d starting telling you things like what he wants to do to you, what he wants to see next. ;-; 


Highkey shy asking for this. Doesn’t even outright ask for nudes. “i want to see you  😩” is a text you get kind of out of nowhere. a bit unaware, you reply with a normal, boring selfie. “you’re so cute >.< i might wanna see a bit more tho >.<” “oh my god hobi you’re asking for nudes” “OK NVM YOU DONT HAVE TO …” (he’s gonna be really coy about it) and he wouldn’t have you send pics without sending some in return, he’s a good egg


Direct. “this is a bit inappropriate and i’m sorry if you’re busy but i’ve been thinking about how great your ass looks lately and i’d like to see it, maybe?”  (in this scenario u have a nice juicy 🍑 ass) 


A tried and true tactic. He sends a pic of his dick and says “now you ;)”


Actually talks dirty. Is filthy. I don’t even want to quote what I think he’d say. he’d start things out talking about your day … “i spent all day thinking about you. when i was in the shower i thought about you. i was laying down but then i started thinking about you. of course thinking wasn’t all that i did,” jesus by the time he’s done you’re going to wish he was there to do what he said he would


Jungkook is … young. He’s going to look up “how to ask girlfriend for nudes” and go off of what he sees. (i looked it up and the first result contains “hey bby send nudes pls k thnx”) but i think eventually he’s going to just be like “i’ll show u mine if you show me urs!!” because he genuinely thinks that’s a good technique. then when you send them he’s like “damn babe  🙊 🙊 😝 u know what to show me now tho  🐱”