and i didnt crop them properly

Yeah super suspicios. You know, people are reading your blog and people in this community talk. If you don’t pee on other people, but treat them with respect and love, you can have a great network and be a part of this wonderful community. Just saying, but I already told you that in private a few months ago. And it was pretty obvious that it was directed at me. Please. And you indirectly just admitted it. 

Don’t drag your poor translator into this please. She just joined scanlation and and probably has the wrong picture of this scene already. She has nothing to do with this. Let her show you screencaps of our convo before spreading lies please. 
I asked her if she’s working for you, but she didn’t tell. I figured that that’s the case, so I thanked her, but I told her that I don’t want to have anything to do with you, even tho it was really kind of her to offer her help, and she’s a really nice person, but I want to stay as far away as I can from you, is what I said. Because I don’t like you and your attitude towards scanlation. 

And it wasn’t me who said the Kisa scans are ugly, they haven’t even been released at that point, they were still in typesetting, she said, so that’s a lie. But yeah, at one point, after a long conversation, I told you that I don’t like what you do and how you behave. 

No you should’t have messaged me back then. You didnt ask me for help!!! That’s a lie. You wanted me to give you some of our projects. Just like that.
And you do steal scans from chinese groups don’t you? You know people who scan manga PAY FOR THEIR HARDCOPIES AND MAGAZINES WITH THEIR OWN MONEY before they have to destroy them to scan them properly!!! We buy Doujins too for example. I don’t pay 25 bucks for a douijin so someone like you can steal MY scans (scanning takes time too by the way, scanning, cropping, editing) and just use them without permission?!?! And that goes for every raw provider in general!! You have NO RESPECT!!!
And you do pee on peoples legs by just working on their projects they love and already put money in time into, dont you realize that? No. Respect. 

Edit:  You didn’t only steal raws from chinese groups, but from other raw providers too, who CLEARLY said NO to you. Shame on you!!! People pay for that with their own money. 

To get this straight: I would NEVER tell anyone to go to your page and bash you. 
NEVER. I don’t care about you, your group or what you do. I have my opinion, but I don’t care. Heck, I even had to ask others for your name when I wanted to ask your translator if she’s working for you, because I forgot.
Everyone has their own opinion. I can’t control them. I don’t even know who did that, I don’t know everyone in this communtiy, you know? 
Although you think that, I’m not a bitch. I live in this community for almost 2 years now in peace. I never was at war with another group because I treat everyone with respect.  

You’re stating false things and I can’t let that happen. Me and my team worked too hard for too long to get this group where it is now. Those were too many exhausting days and sleepless nights. I won’t let anyone spread lies about us, sorry. And if that causes people to call me a bitch, then that’s fine. 

You decided to post that comment publicly instead of messaging me in private, didn’t you? I just reacted. Don’t always twist things around, jeez. 
You could’ve messaged me, asking me if that was me. But you posted this rude comment instead. And if I react to that, just to tell you that it wasn’t me, I’m the dick here. Okay, fine with me. 

I’m fine with stopping this. Just forget that we exist and we will return to how it was before. Because, like I said several times, we don’t want anything to do with you. 

This went too far, but… like i just said, I wont let anyone make false statements. 

And this is the last thing I’m going to say in this matter. Instead of wasting my time with this circus any further, I rather spend it on typesetting or other productive scanlation things. 

I also won’t answer any insulting Anons anymore. Insult me all you want, but I won’t give you a platform. 



These were reblogged either in agreement or without comment.

Reasons why “i dont have a bias against white people” didnt convince me.

Also one of the reasons why i was done with her. Was saving these for when i got to a computer so i could crop and post them properly, but applying how she argues, she would have just “lol"ed them away.

Actions speak louder than words.