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hey dear mutuals! I want to ask you if you could add on this post your bdays and fav characters please? I had a list on my google account but idk why it got deleted….. so… please, tell me again guys! Sorry for bothering!

Mark did not faint

Asfgjk I know we all worry about Mark because of his busy schedule but please don’t spread false information especially if it will worry fans. I know he looks tired in the second picture but please don’t worry. I don’t know what he was doing (maybe there weren’t any seats left or he was about to charge his phone idk) but what’s important is Mark didn’t faint.

Also I know Mark said that he wants to go back to Canada but that’s almost a given (especially with a family like Mark’s). Yuta has said he would like to see his parents too and I’m sure the other foreign members want to do the same but they all seem to really love their families so its not surprising that they’d want to see them. so yeah I wouldn’t worry too much about that either. Take what you want from this, I just don’t like seeing other NCT fans worry over things like this so I hope this helped you.

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“I’ll keep you safe.” Arbias <3

A family reunion? Tobias sighed, considering the idea. Being the workaholic he’d always been, taking a week off of work for a trip to Riverview wasn’t something he’d typically be keen to do. Isn’t your family… enormous?

Archer shrugged in response. Yes, especially when you bring together all of the Larsens & Hawkes & all of the other cousins & spouses & their children. But it’s been forever since I’ve seen most of them. He could see the hesitation on his husband’s face. It could be a lot of fun. I’d finally be able to show you & Ellie off to my extended family.

For an entire week? the older man groaned.

The blond smirked, a glint in his ocean blue eyes as he stepped forward & wrapped his arms around the man’s waist. We could use a vacation.

We both know that I could plan an extravagant vacation, on a nice sunny beach, the crisp ocean splashing against the shore. Ellie can play in the sand while you tan that sexy body of yours, Tobias crooned, the mental images already swirling happily in his head. A week in Riverview with a bunch of people I don’t know sounds….

Exciting? Archer teased.

Chaotic, the man returned. Plus what am I supposed to do about work?

Archer rolled his eyes, ready to protest. He’d known before bringing it up that his husband may need a bit of convincing. It’s during Spring Break, Toby. There’s no classes to worry about & I promise, the label will be fine if we both take a few days off. Besides, we’ll both have our phones & you can bring your laptop.

The older man mumbled something incoherent as he buried his face in his husband’s shoulder. Any other objections, Toby?

It’s just…. he paused, trying to think of something he could counter with but he knew by now that he’d been beaten. Small town. Big family. Lots of names to learn. People passing our princess around with their grubby hands.

The younger man laughed, nudging Tobias gently. My family’s hands are not grubby. We were all raised well, good manners, money & class. Making his husband look him in the face, Archer chuckled again. Is the Tobias Presley feeling a little intimidated? Are you worried about my family judging you or our relationship?

It wouldn’t be the first time, the raven haired man muttered.

Aww, baby! the blond hugged him, kissing him sweetly on the cheek. We survived that just fine, didn’t we? And now Eric loves you & he adores our daughter. You won’t have anything to worry about. I’ll be right there. “I’ll keep you safe.” I promise.

i was tagged by this super cutie @velvethoseok so even tho i’m lame and uncultured as fuck i’ll give this a shot!

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1. Relationship Status: single, even tho i’ve sold my soul 

2. Lipstick or Chapstick: chapstick usually but i do use matte lipstick once every 400 years

3. Last Song I Listened To: tbh i think it was ‘view’ by shinee but it also could’ve been something from super junior i don’t remember exactly

4. Top Three Shows: honestly i hardly ever watch tv

5. Top Three Characters: um..idk i guess anyone from the perks of being a wallflower bc that was one of my favorite books for the longest time

6. Top 3 Ships: probably yoonseok & namjin, n then jimin, tae, n guk can hang out with me lmao

I will tag @blood-sweat-and-sin, @hobisbuttcheeks, @springdaes, @jikooties, @yonssi, and @softjiminstan 

honestly, i really want people to understand that intent is not isolated from effect. your intentions when you do a thing do not excuse the repercussions of doing a thing. for instance, if you accidentally hit somebody with your fucking car, just because you didn’t meant to does not magically mean you didn’t

your only two options then are two a) accept that you’ve fucked up and do everything you can to assist the damaged part, or b) argue that you didn’t mean to do it, so you should be free from consequences. 

guess which option is the asshole option. 

It’s done (I think)!

It could use a little more cleaning up, maybe, but I really like how it turned out, despite everything. I think it doesn’t look as shaky as I was expecting it, so that’s a good thing.

I wanna make some more of these little gifs, and maybe eventually make a longer animation… Idk.

Thanks to @great-taco for the critique in the previous one, ha ha, I made that part slightly longer, but I’m not sure if it’s still long enough? Critique is appreciated, friends :0

Sasako…wearing glasses…


You get to see the scary side of the brothers. (More of the 20s au) this idea was inspired by the lovely @reaching-for-love. Buckle up because the next comic for this au is gonna be sad.
Comment, request, enjoy

My country is celebrating 100 years of independence this year and we are also achieving marriage equality on the 1st of March. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our achievements as a nation than celebrating equality and human rights. Congratulations, Finland, may there be many more victories such as this and may your freedom last a thousand years!

(yes, the Finnish flag appears backwards because she’s waving it around)