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(that monster AU thing you're making) was Jeremy ever scared that they were going to eat him?

Nope! Mainly because he assumed Michael was a werewolf and that Gavin lived off of seeds of some kind. By the time he figured it out he knew that if they wanted to hurt him they would of done it already. Being introduced to Ray and the Gents was a little off putting but he still trusted the two to make sure he was safe!

i was watching old fencing matches jackson was in and just thinking abt how much he sacrificed to be an idol and how he deserves literally the entire world and more


But why would you get hardwood when you could get a good stone/ceramic tile??? Because, yeah, you can sweep hardwood, but you can do that to tile too, and then instead of having to get them sealed and stained and treated every few years and being horrified when someone spills red wine all the fuck over it, you can just be like “I got this” and easy mop the dang floor on the regular so that it never looks anything but brand new again?

Seriously, hardwood floors need so much maintenance and get fucked up so easy.

They’re easier to find, though, which is a big factor too.

I can think of only two homes in my entire life that had tile in all the public spaces, and both of them were in Florida, where carpet and wood are both really poor choices because of flooding and humidity.

If it’s a choice between carpet and hardwood- which is is, for most homes on the market in the kinds of climate I would live long term- hardwood is the way to go for me.

But I also give exactly 1% of a fuck if someone stains my floor with their drink b/c that’s a story I can tell people at later parties or whatever, so I realize this is probably an atypical belief.

TBH if you’re the kind of person who is that concerned over the state of your floor then yeah, why on earth would you go through all that every few years, just buy rugs..?

Or I guess get tile put in? I assume this is a thing that the kinds of people who have the kind of budget that allows for that level of maintenance can afford, because DIY tiling is… just… askdjhfakdjhf it was so bad and I don’t recommend

TBH, though, I guess what I really want in a floor is “not a carpet, please god not a carpet” which usually translates to hardwood in this market.

*steps up on soapbox*

I am hereby giving out hugs (or smiles and thumbs up for people who do not want touches) to anyone who at any point has felt ashamed or angry or upset or stupid for buying into media narratives. 

It is not your fault. At all. Not your fault!

Please be kind and forgive yourselves!

The entire system is set up in such a way that you’re supposed to believe everything the media tells you. It (normally) benefits the celebrity and celebrity teams and the media outlet if media outlets don’t push too hard “to find out the truth” and consumers don’t think to pull back the curtain. 

Let’s take a hypothetical media company who depends on celebrity interviews for ad revenue. The higher caliber celebrities you interview, the more people give you hits or views and the more money you can make from advertisers. Therefore, anyone who is interviewing will not risk alienating the celebrity/mgmt team/label etc when doing the interview or publishing the final piece. Asking blacklisted questions, giving unfavorable opinions of the celebrity, or not following the narrative can all result in the celebrity/mgmt team/label not wanting to work with that media outlet again - which could lose them money in the long run if they’re then known to cause problems. And that’s even if the interviewer has put any extra thought towards digging into an entire history of a celebrity to even question what they’re being told. 

It doesn’t benefit any of the parties who are making money if the consumers push too hard to see if a certain story is “the truth.” 

Plus, as a consumer of media, it takes a lot of effort to parse out a) does this make sense b) who is it benefiting c) who might be pulling strings behind the scene d) does this jive with past history/rumors you’ve heard from behind the scenes. 

And there are a LOT of celebrities out there pushing narratives, so to do that with every celebrity for every story you’re told is near impossible. 

So don’t be hard on yourselves! It’s okay! You’ve learned a bit more how the media works and you’re a little bit smarter and if you have spare time you can think about how it applies to other celebrities, but please do not spend any time putting your past self down for buying into it. 

[Hideweek day four: Winter - Blue]

A/N: This fic follows the headcanon that Hide got injured on his arm after his run in with Kaneki in the sewers, and consequently had to get it partially amputated. If you’re not comfortable with this kind of content, you may want to avoid reading this fic.

Winter had been his favourite season once. He had loved the feel of thick blankets cocooning him in his sleep, the hot cappuccinos warming his mornings up, or the way his fingers would trace sarcastic words on car windows fogged up from the biting cold. He had loved the cozy atmosphere, the way life seemed to slow down even in a big city like Tokyo as colourful umbrellas danced under the rain and shoulders were squeezed under their surface to keep from catching a cold, borrowing each other’s warmth in the meantime.

Now, winter just accentuated the cold feeling of loneliness in his chest. Two years and counting, and he still had to get used to the feeling. 

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alright guys. let me give you college advice. this is advice coming from someone who started college on monday. august 22. first time ever. 

do whatever the fuck you want to do. not sure? do it. try it out. live to your full potential. scared? don’t do it again if you don’t like. i swear to GOD, just go once and see.

i was torn between swimming and rugby. the girls at the rugby table remembered my name and they were nice. the meeting was on the same night. i can’t make all of the rugby practices. i had 75% chosen swimming.

swimming was the safe choice. i know how to swim, i’m a fucking lifeguard, and i’ve never played rugby in my life.

but y’know what??? fuck the safe choice. i tried something new. i went to the rugby practice and had the fucking time of my life. literally, it was one of the best things i’ve ever experienced. 

so this is my advice. for the first month of college, you’re going to be out of your comfort zone. that’s fine. that month will end. but during that month, you NEED to figure out what you’re going to be doing. and do it. you can try SO MANY THINGS.

don’t just choose the safe choice. play rugby. meet new people. sit down to someone random and eat with them (haven’t done that yet, but).

BECAUSE YOU LITERALLY NEVER KNOW. anyway. this was unwarranted and i just wanted to rant about my first rugby practice ever because it was LITERALLY AMAZING

anyways life is weird. i went from feeling like i was super close to some sort of breakdown last night to finding out the director of the centre i’ve been doing placement at has been floating my name with the recruitment team for a full time assistant position in the toddlers room :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

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What animals do you think the killers would be? Idk why, but I feel like the Wraith is a fox, but I want your interpretations please

Well I had been going off what philipojomo did here and they had Wraith as anubis! Which is really, really fitting! I would have gone with something to do with canines anyways, because of the Wraith’s perks. They had the Trapper as a wolf, and I don’t think hillbilly was settled on, and I’m not sure what he’d be either. But the nurse… I feel could be a coyote. I live in the woods and we have a lot of problems with coyotes and their barking and howling is horrifying to me, just like how I find the nurse’s screams scary ;w;

Maybe I’ll draw them sometime! I still need to get the hang of drawing the other killers besides Wraith. I was more focusing on the silly scenarios of only one survivor or so having animal ears/tails and how they and others react to that, so that’s why I haven’t really done it already.

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happy birthday to you;
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i just made myself emo thinking about how taeyong’s definitely going to cry when nct gets their first win