and i didn't understand what exactly she was saying

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I need your advice...I'm a Muslim and life in Belgium but I'm Turkish. Two weeks ago ad our religion class We needed to read the Bible but I refused. That's not what it's about I know better now. But the day after some of my friends asked what happened I told them that I didn't want to talk about because I knew they wouldn't understand (they don't, they're Belgian Christians, they have never felt like they didn't belong and oppressed) cont...

Then one of my best friends said: “Well I think you should’ve read it and otherwise you should just go to a muslimschool” it had hurt my feelings so bad. It was so rude & mean & she didn’t even listen & that’s exactly why I didn’t tell them about the Biblething they already have something to say and think. The next day I called her and said how I felt about what she said. “wow sorry, I’m not gonna change my opinion for u” and that was it now she’s acting like nothing happenedwhat should I do??


Hey! First of all I’m Turkish as well and I’d reply in Turkish but I want people to read this so I’ll just do it in English.

As a person who was born into Islam, and then lost faith and became an agnostic, and later an atheist, I can safely say that religion is something you find when you start searching for it. I found my faith back to Islam at the end, but for that to happen I went through so many stages. I read all the holy books, read all the alternative lifestyles and anything that involves religion. I believed in nature but it wasn’t enough. I believed in something else but it wasn’t right. I stop believing in everything and that just wasn’t fine for me. So what I mean is, if you don’t want to read The Bible, then don’t. Europeans are all about freedom and freewill so if anyone pushes you just let them know that this is your decision. But if you ask my opinion, just because you believe in Allah, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t read The Bible. You learn a lot of different things in every holy book, and when you read The Bible you can compare it to Qur'an in your mind and see the differences and so many similarities.

Religion is not black and white, and instead of listening to people blindly and following them, read the books yourself and you so things as you understand. Maybe you will understand it in a different way, and it is just so sacred and beautiful.

As for your friend saying that you should go to a Muslim school; I think that is unnecessary and pointless. That just causes more diversification, and before we know it, the world is going to be separated. (it already is kind of but still. If you like your school and your friends, stay there and practice your religion and live your life the way you want to. If they disrespect you then you can do something, but don’t expect them to understand. That’s not life. Not everyone will understand you, or not everyone will go through the same struggles that you are going through. Respect is the key. If you go to a Muslim school, everyone will be similar and you will feel like you belong there but it’s the easy way out! Instead you have to fight for the life you want, and you should do it where ever you want, not where it’s convenient for your friends.

If she acts like nothing happened, great. You go along with it but this should tell you a lot about her. You find out who your friends are in situations like this. Friends are people who accept you the way you are, and if she has a problem with the way you are then you are not going to change, your friendship will.

There are many people who are going through similar stuff and it’s not just about religion. It’s much more than that, it’s discrimination. If you feel discriminated don’t just stop and wait for things to change. You have to fight for it.

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