and i didn't think of that when doing his app

exo as things my friends have said relating to tinder
  • baekhyun: they said they've lived in 5 different cities so far and i swiped left of course. i don't need that kind of instability in my life
  • jongdae: so this person is apparently a doctor but they also have pictures of them kissing someone random... i'm not sure what their marketing strategy is
  • jongin: they didn't even say hi, they just sent me their phone number, that counts as being forward right?
  • chanyeol: i matched with someone and we've been sending each other spongebob memes for 20 minutes. make sure you mention that at our wedding
  • kyungsoo: i get that you're emo and everything but you really gotta stop listening to Miguel's music when you use that app i think it's clouding your judgement
  • junmyeon: this person just said they would've messaged me sooner if they hadn't gotten surgery yesterday??? what the hell???? please rest????
  • sehun: how do you match with all these hot people? could you ask some of your matches if they're into men? i'll send you good selfies of me to show them. just think of this as networking
  • minseok: how do you spell my name wrong in your first message? what, you're gonna call me the wrong name on our first date too?
  • yixing: i should've read their bio before i swiped right. i mean yea, the BDSM stuff is a little awkward but i was talking about the fact that they're under 6 feet tall apparently

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i love that hc of vmin !! and i really do see it; he's shown a bit of jealousy whenever jimin hangs out with jungkook or hoseok (by himself) and even put them two down as jimin's dislikes. also the way tae rushes as quick as possible whenever there's a v app with jimin and others (hope on the street, BTS in Osaka like damn tae u said u didn't wanna do the show why the sudden change hmm??) i think it's so cute honestly, he really loves jimin 💕💕

jungkook and hoseok are his rivals for jimin’s affection and i find that the cutest thing.. and yea omfg !!! he literally hopped onto his bike immediately when he heard jihope were filming together (alooonneee) and crashed thru the door still on his fucking bike like HERE I AM. IM HERE. not 2 mention! the vapp where jikook were hanging out and tae filmed alone and pouted when fans asked about where jimin was….. and the more recent vapp where jimin was filming with jinkook and tae desperately tried to get in.. he’s so whipped for jimin