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Mckirk!au. Jim & Bones are agents & best friends w lots of missions. Jim gets captured a lot because he's a klutz w glasses while Bones is the broad-shouldered agent who always saves him just in time. "Dammit, Jim! I told you not to open that box filled with sleeping gas!" "Mmmph. Mmmph!" "You were supposed to wait for me by the hall while i got the files!" Leo grumbles as he takes the tape off of Jim's mouth. "Bones-" "Shut up." He pulls Jim for a hug & smashing their lips together.

I love your thinking!

  • So Jim’s got really skilled fingers, right? Generally, steady hands, and he’s extremely skilled. He was an actual part of the Bomb Squad before he joined the special forces and ended up becoming friends with Bones. So how does someone so smart gets himself in so much trouble? Bones is suffering a headache when Jim’s voice calls out through a mic that he’s compromised; underestimated the number of bad guys on the agreed upon location. So Bones has to get in stealthily, else they might shoot Jim dead before he has a chance to save him. He gets to a safe spot, and snipes the one guy closest to Jim. Jim takes out the other two near him, and Bones snipes another two people. Jim stumbles out of the building, and Bones follows suit. “I can’t believe you, you freaking idiot,” Bones says, but he pulls Jim into a tight hug. Jim laughs. “I’m sorry,” he says, his own arms finding their way around Bones’ back.
  • That doesn’t mean he’s learned, though. Jim’s fighting off a drug lord. And generally, Jim’s quite strong. He can handle these things. Bones is nearby, taking out the bigger, stronger bodyguards. And Jim does fine until the guy he’s up against literally throws a grenade into the bags of cocaine, and it explodes into a thick cloud. Bones knocks both men out, and rushes over to the sound of the explosion. The bad guy’s gone, and Jim’s on the floor. He’s fine, but he’s high as a kite and it’s definitely probably an overdose. “C’mon, big guy, let’s get you to a hospital,” Bones sighs, pulling him up from the floor. “I’m fine,” Jim says, repeating it louder and more than once as Bones sits him down on the ground outside and calls an ambulance. He crouches down in front of him, taking off Jim’s thick black framed glasses and he cleans them with his shirt. Jim reaches out and touches Bones’ cheek. “I can feel you grumpy at me when I touch your cheeks like that,” Jim says. “That doesn’t even make sense,” Bones replies, ruffling the white powder out of Jim’s hair, and Jim leans in to the touch like a cat. “I love you, Bones,” Jim says, smile stupid on his lips. Bones laughs, sitting next to Jim while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. “You too, kid.”
  • Jim’s been taking on a mission by himself. One Pike told them repeatedly not to take without enough evidence. Human trafficking is a dangerous thing. The bad guys can also move around pretty quickly and hide the evidence. And still, of course, Jim goes out when there’s a chance he can save innocent lives. Jim is stupidly brave like that. When Bones finds him, Jim’s being interrogated, head pushed under water ‘til he almost passes out, and then he’s asked about how much the feds know. Of course Jim doesn’t say anything. Bones struggles to fight the baddies off, and by the time he’s done, Jim’s face down in the water and he’s not breathing. Bones drags him out of the water, fingers on his neck to feel a pulse. “Come back to me, you son of a-” he grits his teeth, palms pressed on Jim’s chest. He presses down repeatedly, hoping to pump some air into his lungs. When that doesn’t work, he tilts Jim’s head back a little, pressing their lips together in an attempt to save him using mouth-to-mouth, altering between that and just pressing his hands on his chest again. “Come on, Jim..” he mutters, a sense of panic rising inside of him the longer Jim is just not moving. But then Jim comes back, coughing up water and turning around to throw up all that residue water on the floor. Bones lets out a relieved sigh. “Don’t you ever do that again,” Bones warns him. Jim groans, sitting up straight with Bones’ help, and he smiles at him. “You kissed me,” Jim says. “I saved you, that’s not a kiss.” Bones protests. Jim grins. “Next time you kiss me, at least make sure I’m conscious.” So he does. Jim is conscious now. Bones curls his fingers in Jim’s damp t-shirt, yanking him in for a kiss.
  • The next time he saves Jim, it’s something small. It’s something he can deal with. Bones is slowly waking up in his bed, missing the empty spot next to him. He hears Jim curse loudly, and so he instantly gets up. Jim’s in the kitchen, hand in the running water in the sink. “What did you do?” Bones asks. “Just.. burned my hand trying to fry bacon.” Jim explains with a shrug. He somehow looks stunning in just his briefs, messy bed-hair and his glasses. It’s all kinds of unfair. Bones takes Jim’s hand, gently drying it up before applying some burn relief cream to the red skin. Jim smiles. “What am I gonna do without you, Bones?” He asks, and Bones grins. “Crash and burn,” he replies, bacon long forgotten when he kisses Jim and presses him against the counter, feeling Jim’s arms slide around his shoulders.
  • But then it’s Bones who’s in trouble. Jim and himself are running after a perp, chasing him down the crowded streets. Bones is closest to him. As soon as he gets a clear shot, he just takes it. The body collapses against a fountain. That’s something he’ll never get used to. He runs up close to him, but only then notices the bomb strapped to the guy’s chest, infrared light aimed directly at Bones’ chest. Bones freezes immediately. “Stay back,” he warns Jim, who, of course, doesn’t listen. Jim comes closer, deep frown on his face. “Don’t move, Bones. Whatever you do, don’t move.” “What is that light?” Bones asks. “Looks like a proximity sensor. It can detect movement,” Jim explains, and that sounds terrifying. That sounds absolutely terrifying. “You need to get out of here,” Bones says, somehow itchy everywhere, but he’s too afraid to move. Jim shakes his head. “I’m not going anywhere, partner.” He says, reaching out for his phone. “I’m gonna need an EOD suit, and then I’m gonna get you out of this mess.”
  • Bones doesn’t know how much time passes. It feels like forever. He’s in the burning sun, the square has been evacuated, and Bones feels drenched in his own sweat. His legs feel heavy, and Jim refuses to leave his side. “If I don’t make it,” Bones starts, but Jim’s not having any of it. “Stop it, Bones.” “I’m serious, Jim. If I don’t make it, I want you to look after Jo, alright?” “Bones, you’re gonna make it out.” “Just promise me this.” Bones persists, and Jim grits his teeth. “No, you’re not going anywhere.” He says firmly, and it’s just not up for discussion. When Jim’s old squad team arrives, he finally walks away. Bones thinks about running, but he’s never gonna make it to safety on time. At best, it’d be third degree burns and maybe some life long damage done to his head by the debris from the fountain. At worst, he just wouldn’t live. So he stays. Alone. Eyes closed, and he thinks of Joanna, and of Jim, and how his life up until this point hasn’t been as bad as he likes to think sometimes. Jim comes back, dressed in a thick green suit and he shoots Bones a grin. “You’re in safe hands with me, sweetheart,” Jim says, and Bones opens his eyes again. “You look stupid.” Bones says, and Jim laughs. “At least you never lose the ability to insult me, even when your life is quite literally in my hands.”
  • Jim disables the bomb just fine. Or, not just fine, it starts beeping dangerously fast at first and Jim looks briefly really nervous, until he disables it completely. Bones just feels like his legs are giving in. Jim takes off his helmet, thick arms wrapping around Bones’ shoulder to keep him up. “There. Saved you, you little damsel in distress,” Jim says, and Bones leans in. “Shut up, you and your stupid suit.” Bones breathes, kissing him right there on the street, but Jim’s making no attempt to stop him. “I think we’re pretty even now, right? You saved me once, I saved you.” Jim says when he pulls away, and Bones raises an eyebrow. “We are not even.” Bones says, and Jim walks him to the ambulance for a mandatory checkup. “Totally even.”