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Okay so you know how Crowley possessed Sam to get Gadreel out??? Can you do that but like... Gabriel instead of Crowley? And Somehow he figures out (like sees a thought or something, even though he promised not to read minds but it's hard when he's /inside of him????) that Sam likes him?????

(okay I am utter shit at writing possession *andeverythingelseIwriteever* so excuse me as I gloss over that)

I love the utter hell out of this and thank you so much jesus <3<#3<3<3#<3#<3<3<3333


No one was exactly sure why Gabriel started tagging along with the brothers, after Elysian Fields he just kind of… showed up, and he had stuck around ever since. Of course the brother’s had put him through all the usual tests, holy water, silver, salt, and he had just let them, which of course raised it’s own suspicions. It wasn’t until Castiel verified that it was actually Gabriel’s grace in the vessel that the boys finally relaxed around him. Or, relaxed as much as one could around a being that had murdered and tormented them for a hundred Tuesdays in a row. 

Gabriel had changed. He was through hiding. He went with the boys on hunts, actually became an invaluable resource in both research and weapons management. He was still a sassy little shit, but there was something underneath the persona he was finally letting people see. Sam was the one that noticed the change first, Gabriel was almost…human in his feelings. He could sense the regret/longing/sadness/loneliness, that hovered around the archangel. 

Gabriel had spent thousands of years hiding, running away from his family, and though it was on a much much different level, Sam could relate, even if only a little. He had run from Dean and John, to this day he wasn’t sure if his father would be alive if it wasn’t for his escapade to Stanford. What would be different if he never left? Would Pam be alive, John, Ellen, Jo? Would Dean have gone to hell?  

Once Sam started trusting the archangel, everyone else followed suit quickly - which was actually quite surprising for everyone, given the history between the brothers and their angel - letting him into their lives openly. When they found the bunker, Gabriel even got his own room (which he decked out, just to prove he was still a little shit, but he couldn’t hide his relief at being included). 

When Dean fucked up with the whole Gadreel situation - well it only made sense that Gabriel would volunteer to go boot the bastard from Sammy’s brain, and through a little manipulation between Dean, Cas, and Gabe, they got a yes from Sammy and he was good to go. He hadn’t meant to read Sam’s mind, he had promised early on that their thoughts were private… but when you’re chasing an old-as-dirt shitbag of an angel around inside of someone, it’s kind of hard to not see some of the thoughts of said someone. 

The fact that the thoughts had concerned him didn’t exactly help his case, though. Well, not exactly thoughts, but feelings. Which made sense! Sam could sense him, and therefore his feelings for him were at the forefront of his mind. But Dean wasn’t known for being forgiving, and Gabriel had just gotten accepted into their little family. He had been alone for so long, he didn’t want to lose this too. But. How could Gabriel ignore the fact that Sam Winchester - Sam fucking Winchester. The man with the brightest, most brilliant soul he’d ever seen. The human that went toe-to-toe with an archangel and won. The smart, sweet, loyal, little bastard. - was in love with him?

By the time both he and Gadreel had left Sam’s body, he had worked himself into a panic, not saying anything to anyone before running to his room to hide. Would Sam be mad he knew? Would they understand that he hadn’t meant to invade his mind? He was probably just being stupid, right? They would understand, Sam trusted him, he would believe him if he just explained how he knew. Sam wanted him. Yeah, Sam would believe him, he could talk to him alone, and he would help him face Dean. Sam would make sure Dean didn’t kick him out.  

Before he could get up, there was a knock at his door. “Gabriel? Dean told me everything, uh, I just wanna thank you.” Sam called, “Samoose! I wanted to talk to you actually.” Gabriel swallowed his fear, dragging himself off his bed and opening the door. Oh Father, Sam was blushing, this was just unfair. He looked at the ceiling, briefly praying for strength, “yeah, Gabe?” Sam prompted, leaning against the door jam. Oh fuck it all. Gabriel stood on his toes, pressing his lips the the hunter. Fuck explaining, this would work.

Sam froze for a moment, wide-eyed and stunned, before getting with the program and hauling Gabriel up so they could kiss properly. He briefly wondered where exactly this was coming from, but forced the thought out of his head. They could figure that out later, everything that wasn’t Gabriel’s lips on his, Gabriel’s body flush against his chest, well it could fuck right off. 

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How would the allies react to a stressed/depressed S/Os?

( yo yo i got you fam :0 I’m so sorry this is written so badly AHHHH. And since this could be triggering, I highly suggest that you read with caution or don’t read at all. I will put the read more tag thingy!)

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I love how you always make Izana head of the healer squad (that's because I love him the most)! But it makes me wonder, what would happen if Izana one of the badly wounded? And how worried would Kamui be?

You burst past healer after healer with panic in your heart. This kind of thing wasn’t supposed to happen, not ever. And yet, you were in a situation that was completely unfathomable for either you or your husband.

The healers shifted to let you into the small space, and you were swift to grasp Izana’s hand the second you reached the cot. What you were witnessing, it wasn’t just frightening. Oh, no; it was downright terrifying.

“The blood’s not clotting fast enough; he’ll lose his arm, at this point. We need to move quicker.” One of them said, Sakura moving quickly to press another thick cloth to Izana’s shoulder.

Normally he was the one helping heal the wounded. This time, he was on the other side. Limp, pale and bleeding out on a medical cot. You’d never seen his face contorted in such pain all your life. It shook you to your core.

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I know how you feel I mean I love Opal as a fusion but their relationship is fundamentally built on distrust and when ppl ship them I just

yeah like their relationship is more out of necessity than anything since they’re both in contact with the only other gems on the planet. 

tbh I honestly don’t like any ship with Pearl in it bc I can’t think of a single character Pearl has had a good influence on. Pearl manipulated Garnet into fusing w her multiple times (I know this is a Small sample size but out of everyone else, 0 fused/tried to fuse with ulterior motives) when Garnet was essentially kicked out of society for fusing and it’s set to be viewed as a romantic relationship. You really just…don’t do that kind of thing if you actually care about someone. You don’t trivialize something they accepted exile for. Although imo even w/o the manipulation it’s still an uneven playing field bc Pearl is a servant and even though Garnet obviously doesn’t think of herself that way or put herself in that kind of light, Pearl clearly thinks of her as a superior. Pearl also doesn’t treat Lapis or Peridot very well in the few episodes either have been in (tbf none of the crystal gems have been good to either). 

Unrelated to shipping but still on Pearl’s unhealthy influence on people: Connie and Steven. Even if she doesn’t “mean to” it’s still child abuse to tell a 12 yr old they should stop caring about their lives and live only to serve someone else like that kind of self-depreciation doesn’t exactly go away just bc you made an Oops and apologized, and tbh it’s uncomfortable how close it sounds to abuse apology when ppl go “oh man she was just projecting she didn’t mean for it to happen she’s mentally ill”

Happy Birthday Jaejoong

I’ve been writing you little birthday love letters and just proclaiming my love for no special reason for so long now that I don’t even know what to say. I feel like I’ve already said everything that I’m capable of putting into words.

You’re thirty years old today! Thirty!! Because you exist, this world has been a brighter, happier, more beautiful place for three decades. I’m not all that inclined to believe in luck, but then I think about how, in the grand scheme of the universe, thirty years, or even a lifetime, is nothing, barely a heartbeat, and yet I was fortunate enough to be born just a few years after you, and I can’t help but believe. When I first became your fan, I was a teenager, and you were in your mid-twenties. Now, here we are; I’m in my twenties and you’re moving into your thirties. I spent some of the most pivotal years of my life watching, loving, and admiring you, and I like to think I’ve become a better person thanks to you.

I love you so much. So much. And each day, I love you more than I did the day before. I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you, and I doubt I’ll ever love someone in this way again. Your smile makes me smile, even on my worst days. Your voice soothes and relaxes me like no one else’s, whether I can’t stop crying or am having a particularly bad bout of insomnia. You’re good, in a world full of not-so-good people, and you care, you care so damn much about everyone. You inspire me to be good and caring as well. To be as good-hearted and as compassionate as I can possibly be. I want to become someone you would be proud to know is your fan.

I’ve said all of this and more over the years, but I can’t stress it enough. You’re the light of my life. The brightest and lightest light of all. You’re the fucking sun in my sky, and just like the sun, you’re always shining. My world is a better place because you exist in it. No matter how confusing and messy and complicated the rest of my life gets, the one thing that always stays true and simple and sure is the fact that I love you. You make me smile, you make cry, and best of all, you remind me that there is beauty and kindness in the world. I hope this coming year, and every year to follow, brings you nothing but good times and good health, because you deserve nothing less.

Happy 30th birthday Jaejoong! I can’t wait to spend your 31st birthday together~ ♡

happy birthday to one of the most beautiful people I know: @wlnx

damn you’ve come so far in your life; you’re so full of love for the people you care about, so I’m sharing back the love you deserve hun. now you’re free to buy all the shit you want and go any place you want to (esp when you learn to drive, that’s gonna be fucking awesome!!), and one day I’m gonna go over to pt so you can show me how hellish it is in summer and show me all your fav places.

happy birthday my friend!

Thanks @catlady31 for the tag!!

Directions. Put your music on shuffle and answer these questions. when you are finished, tag some followers.

1) the first song describes how you will die
- Cardiology // Good Charlotte

2) the second song describes your love life
- (The Bargain) Waltz of Treachery // Cast of Les Miserables

3) the third song will be played at your wedding. 
- Everything’s Changed // Lonestar

4) add “in my pants” to the end of the fourth song
- Cum on, Feel the Noize (in my pants) // Quiet Riot

5) the fifth song will be played at your funeral.
- If I Leave // A Day To Remember

6) the sixth song is your theme song. 
- Jumper // Third Eye Blind

7) the seventh song will be played when you think about someone you love.
- Breathe // Scott Weiland (RIP)

8) add “with a shovel and a screwdriver” to the end of the eighth song.
- FEAR (with a shovel and a screwdriver) // Pauley Perrett (Stop Making Friends)

9) the ninth song will describe your week.
- follow your arrow // Kacey Musgraves

10) the tenth song will be played when you miss someone.
- Jet Lag (French Version!) // Simple Plan

I tag: @ozyankee @segsymyboy @tatartot21 
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I found my first grey hair today.

I don’t know how to feel about that.  I’m trying to be happy about it, or at least embrace it, but also I am afraid of losing my colour; I love my colour so much and at various low times in my life it’s been the only ting I’ve liked about myself.

Music Shuffle Challenge

Hey Hey Hey!!! I was tagged by @chabibit :3 

Rules: put your music on shuffle and answer the following! No Cheating!!

1. The title of the song that describes how you die~ Please Don’t (Turn Me On) ummmmmm okaayyyyyy….. the first part is funny but the parenthesis… 

2. Second Song describes you love life~  Sandblast hmmm I don’t know if this is funny or not…

3. This song will be played at your wedding~ Tongues  huh, well… I guess it’ll be relevant for the after party… xD

4. Add “In My Pants” to the fourth song title~ Rebound In My Pants aha wtah ???  

5. This song will be played at your funeral~ The Emperors New Clothes pffft haha alright!! 

6. Sixth song is my theme song~  Lean On hmmm okay, not much to say about this one 

7. Seventh song is played when you think about someone you love~ Taiyou To Himawari awwww this sounds like a really sweet song, I say sounds because its in Japanese 

8.Add “With a Shovel and Screwdriver” to the eighth song~  Move for Me With a Shovel and Screwdriver o-okay… it doesn’t make sense… 

9.  Ninth song describes your day~ Welcome!! Disco Kemokemoke Oh hell yeah, considering I am doing this on my birthday!! 

10. Tenth song plays when you miss someone~ Strike the Slate oooh the way this song sounds does seem like a sad song but nice 

I tagggg~ @honoka-san  @noblige @yamaguchissoggyfrenchfries tbh I just tagged my mutuals :3 hope you don’t mind!! If you don’t want to do this you don’t have to and if you want to and I didn’t tag you, go ahead!! Thank you for tagging me @chabibit !!!

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[ Sends his URL in a jigsaw puzzle ]

  • Reason why you follow them - I actually have just found out, I currently don’t which explains why when considering the below questions I was like ??? I don’t know I don’t see them on my dash. But I’ve fixed that now. As such I’ve taken off the next two questions, as I don’ have answers for them. But I can now say, I’m following them because, presumably, they follow me, and sent me this meme ; D 
  • Your favourite thread of theirs
  • A roleplayer you enjoy their interactions with
  • A thing you like about their character - I really enjoy how smart the Riddler is and how this is usually displayed by being a snarky, sarcastic bastard - because who doesn’t love snark?
  • Do you interact? Why/why not? - We don’t currently, as I said above, just started following them. It’s possible I was following them once before - and never got into asking them… There’s no real ‘why not’ to it. 


uh / okay / likable / awesome / perfect / GOD LIKE
uh / okay / likable / awesome / perfect / GOD LIKE
uh / okay / likable / awesome / perfect / GOD LIKE
uh / okay / likable / awesome / perfect / GOD LIKE We haven’t spoken so I can’t comment

We should…
Talk OOC / Plot / Roleplay / Became bffs.

Plots I’d be interested in doing: Whoops! Left this blank! Uhm, I have no real plot ideas atm for Nygma maybe another not-really-a-reason we haven’t interacted… But I’m always up for snarks… IDk. They could maybe team up on something although they’re both really likely to betray each other. 

How Many Times Have I…?

How many times have I come home
to see your wagging tail?
How many times have I smiled wide
back at your bright and happy face?

How many times have I told you
I loved you more than anything?

And yet

How many times have I put off
like your baths, your grooming, or a snack?
How many times have I loathed getting up
To let you out to go potty?

How many times have I forgotten
to feed you and the cats?
How many times have I remembered -
Shit! - you’re still out back!!

How many times have I put myself before you?
How many times have I put my games before you?
How many times have I put other needless things
before you, my precious baby girl?

I hope that you’ll forgive me.
I regret neglecting you.
Just please know that even if sometimes
You annoyed me to no end
I will always love you, Brianna -
Forever, always, and again.

Have you ever been so in love it completely changes your outlook on everything?
I know true change comes from within but I can’t help but to think it all stems from meeting such a wonderful man two years ago.
Love won’t always be easy, it’s human nature to make mistakes. But finding that someone who’s patient enough and who will love you regardless helps deal with that harsh reality. I feel truly beautiful almost every single day because he never fails to remind me how he sees me through his own eyes. For once in my life I’ve found someone who won’t deal with my stubbornness, he makes sure I eat enough, he makes sure I’m happy.
Lord knows I’ve put him through enough, but I can feel it in my heart that my stupid childlike behavior is in the past.
I didn’t know such a kind, gentle, and considerate man could exist. I didn’t know that merely holding someone’s hand could be the highlight of my day. I didn’t know that after two years I could wake up next to him and still have the same butterflies that I did on day one, I didn’t know that I could cry from happiness. I didn’t know I was capable of feeling anything other than guilt and remorse from my past. I sure as hell didn’t know someone could love someone as much as he loves me and I love him.
But to prove to myself, and to him, that I’m truly happy and stable I’m going on a little hiatus from tumblr. This website is where I’ve turned to whenever I even feel a little bit down.. Because I know it can help drag me down even more. So to truly prove to myself that I’m completely in control of my own mind I gotta leave for awhile and test it. Whenever I feel myself slipping back into the somberly comfortable depression that I use to love, I’m going to tell him and fight it instead of letting it consume me. It may seem small and weird that I would go this route, but I’ve been a part of this website since I was in 8th grade. (I graduated a year ago.) So it’s been a coping mechanism for quite some time.

Why did his life have to end like that? Snuffed out, like a candle. He didn’t even have the luxury of knowing death was approaching. Just a bullet in the head and he was gone. One and done. He’s dead. I’ll never be told to zoom in on his face with my camera ever again. Never again will I see him making others smile. 

His son won’t even remember his dad. He won’t remember just how loved he was. He’ll grow up without a father because one man had so little regard for others that he took the life of another human being.

We’re supposed to love our enemies, right? But how could any of his Mercer family love someone who committed such an evil act? How can we bring ourselves to forgive the man who murdered one of our own? And when the police find him and put him on trial for his horrendous actions, how will he even attempt to defend them? 

“Forgive and forget.” What utter bullshit. If there’s a divine being in a realm far removed from our universe, may he/she/it help us all find a way to forgive the murderer. But there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that we’ll ever forget the atrocity he committed, and there’s even less of a chance of us forgetting our brother.

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I know this is late, but I still wanted to say it anyway. Happy Birthday!! I hope your birthday was as beautiful and special as you're to the whole entire world. I hope you were able to eat lots of sweets! I'm so happy that you got to turn a year older! I hope all of us can have many more beautiful years together! Please make sure to smile a whole lot more today, cause you're super loved!! Happy birthday!!! <3


i hope you know that too! i hope you know that you also loved, you are also beautiful, you are also special a ND PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE THE REASON I SMILE I’M SO TOUCHED UGKSDFGSJKDFG YOU PUT THE HAPPY IN THE HAPPY BIRTHDAY 

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I thought Nathan and Monty is in a secret relationship and father Bellamy just didn't know about it and he almost put it together 'Monty is in section 7.. so is miller's boyfriend.' And then Miller sings that part while holding on to Monty 'but something won't let me make love to you'

You could be right, and all the fan fictions that put them together kinda validates that theory. But i feel the post itself was more of a criticism against Finn than it was about whether or not Miller’s boyfriend was still on farm station when the ark crashed.