and i didn't get to meet him

Hello yes my heart is ready to be taken

Headcanon: Bruce likes to use slang words because he knows it makes Dick uncomfortable - he even does it when they team up after Dick becomes Nightwing
  • Batman: *swings onto the rooftop* What's hip and happening homie?
  • Nightwing: Please stop
  • Batman: Why you all up in my grill?
  • ---------------
  • Bruce: You snuck out when I specifically told you not to - that's not very kush
  • Dick: Why are you doing this?
  • ---------------
  • Bruce: The pizza rolls didn't get burnt! *dabs*
  • Dick: *starts crying*
  • ---------------
  • Wally: Is that your dad?
  • Bruce *in the distance*: What up boi
  • Dick: No no, fuck no
  • ---------------
  • Nightwing: You're saying they usually meet at this warehouse?
  • Batman: Fo' sho'
  • Nightwing: I will punch you
  • ---------------
  • Nightwing: Riddler is escaping into my city - I'll take him down and bring him back
  • Batman: I guess I can pop lock and drop this case
  • Nightwing: This is why I left you for Blüdhaven
  • DC fans: Other heroes are just so unrelatable. Batman's a human, so it's easier to relate to him and his struggles.
  • Bruce Wayne: Is $85 enough to buy breakfast cereal or do I need more
  • Bruce Wayne: Clark, we have to meet and discuss the threat of-- what do you mean you're at """work"""? Just leave.
  • Bruce Wayne: Dick, what do you mean your school didn't have a yacht club? You must be mistaken
  • Bruce Wayne: Walmart, what is that, is that a town or a person

< SCAN // Wings Concept Book - Comeback Trailer: Boy Meets Evil - Hoseok >

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The signs as things people have said to me (part II)
  • Aries: oh so you can dangerously climb up that tree in the dark but suddenly I'm not allowed to go down a slide because it's for kids? Fuck you watch me
  • Taurus: okay but if it's not dark yet then is it actually 9pm or is it all just folklore? An old wives' tale if you may.
  • Gemini: so I just basically lied to him like 8 times
  • Leo: I'm sorry for getting lipstick on your jumper. To be fair it's kinda your fault for wearing white
  • Virgo: I'm good at sharing if it's yours but if it's mine stay the fuck away from me bitch
  • Libra: bruv he's sooo into you look at him staring at you oh wait no which one are we talking about?
  • Scorpio: he's a fucking DAD! And he's like 40! Okay yeah I do see the appeal
  • Sagittarius: I just feel like dying for a bit but I don't think there's like any cool stuff in the afterlife (like what) idk like lego
  • Capricorn: so exams? Studying? All that just a myth yeah? We just gonna hang and watch Boy Meets World all day instead?
  • Aquarius: yeah I did have a near death experience. Huh? No I didn't die I was sleeping I think
  • Pisces: just talk to him (about what) just say like... idk wanna get Starbucks sometime? (He works at Starbucks u div) oh... costa?

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Thranduil  drinks to numb his body, for it is constantly in agony.

The aches of Mirkwood creep into his soul, as his fea is connected to the woods, his magic like a shield enveloping the darkening forest. As it ails and sickens, so does Thranduil. And the pain is unbearable.

The spiders and their poison are like a searing hot venom to his body, their webs and nest consuming his trees are like pins and needles shattering his bones. All they touch crumbles and decays. So why should Thranduil’s body not do the same (when the dwarves arrive in the woods, when he captures Thorin, the King Under the Mountain thinks his scars are acquired just from his battles with the dragons. But in reality, Thranduil is falling apart).

Somedays he cannot leave bed, others he stumbles on his throne.

On his worse days, his nose bleeds, his body aches, his head pounds, and he wakes up with advisors and guards ushering him to the healing wing.

Because his pain is both mental and physical, he finds the numbing effect of alcohol to be quite beneficial.

It helped after the death of his wife, before the aches began. Helped him sway away the image of her dead body from his head, helped expel her ghostly figure—brown skin and dark hair, bright eyes and gentle lips—from beside him.

The warm drink brightened his mood just enough so that he could get through a council meeting. It was small at first—a glass of wine a day for one meeting, and perhaps two for another.

And then the aches, they came. Disorienting and agonizing, excruciating, they came. And as the woods died, so did he.

So he began to drink excessively (not quite an alcoholic, not yet at least).

He makes the wine strong, and soon Mirkwood is notorious for its potent alcohol. All thanks to their ailing king.

Yet it fixes very little. Only hazes his mind, muddles it enough to get him through kingly duties.

Other elves regard him as a drunk. Galadriel calls it irresponsible and is glad for his absence in the White Council (and he scoffs at her, for she has never seen what he has, and never felt what he has, not hiding behind realms and rings. He supposes, that’s why Elrond says nothing of the matter).  

His people regard him as a dying elf, a proud king clinging on to his crown for the good of his Kingdom.

As expected, he becomes addicted.

A cup or bottle in his palm; a platter beside his throne, a waterskin on his horse. But he is a king none the less, and the greatest left in Middle Earth.

No one judges his behavior—no one who knows him that is. Not when he blushes from the effects of his alcohol, nor when he passes out on the floor, laughing, after a successful council meeting, with Legolas dragging him out.

Their king drinks because he is hurting. Their king drinks because he is dying.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: Avengers: Infinity War footage was shown at the D23 expo today and it sounds like a mess. I mean, honestly, the first thing I heard was Captain America with a beard and what happened to Mr. Prim and Proper Morality man to let himself grow a beard? I'm still shook, but there's more. Thor meets the Guardians of the Galaxy crew and Mantis is with them now. Every mention of Thor sounds like he's getting the trash beat out of him, yikes. Bucky and Black Panther squad up. Thanos rEKTS everyonE, but I was expecting that part. What I didn't expect was Thanos to pULL APART A MOON WHAT?!? Thanos needs Vision's infinity stone and how rude, can you not? He also has like four children helping him or something? Black Widow is blonde for some reason? I don't know? There is also a scene with Doctor Strange, Hulk, and Iron Man? BUT MY ACTUAL FAV PETER PARKER GETS TO WEAR THAT FINE NEW SUIT FROM THE END OF HOCO AND IM HERE FOR THAT. BUT I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH THE INFORMATION OF AN INJURED SPIDERMAN SAYING "Tony, I'm Sorry." AND IRON MAN TAKING OFF HIS MASK TO HOLD HIS HAND LIKE MY SOUL IS REKT GOTTA BLAST

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*SPOILER FROM V ROUTE* When V is in the hospital and MC meets Jumin, he says that V made him promise to take care of her if something happened, what do you think would have happened if he didn't survive? Sorry for my English. Hehe.

Your English is great! I thought about this a lot and as much as I wanna do a drabble, I would get too carried away, ahaha!

 Also, my eye is a bit hurt right now so it’s hard to see. Sorry for any typos! (´๑•_•๑)


  • Jumin takes his word very seriously, so whether you like it or not, he is honoring his promise to his friend 
  • In the beginning it’s very basic things
  • He could tell you meant a lot to Jihyun even in the little time you knew each other, so he makes sure you’re emotionally stable. He solidifies your position in the RFA and makes a point to check in on you often (are you eating well, living conditions etc.) 
  • But after a while the questions are sort of eating away at him
  • You’re the only other person he can turn to, since you know everything that went on 
  • Your true personal relationship together started with very brief phone calls 
  • When on his way home or in little spare moments of time he would end up giving you a call. Usually with the pretext of wondering how you’re doing. 
  • It moved to small lunch meet-ups arranged by Jumin himself 
    • No need to worry, I’ve taken care of it all. My driver should be arriving outside in a short while…I’ll see you this afternoon.” 
  • They were random at first but before long it was a weekly thing for you both 
  • You loved that he encouraged you to be honest and never leave things out, even if it might change the perception of his dear friends 
  • He is comforted by your presence and starts to get a bit miffed that he has to cut your lunches short often because of work 
  • So you both decide it would be best to meet up weekly at his penthouse for dinner and wine, this way you can talk as long as you want without interruptions 
  • It’s super stiff at first, Jumin isn’t used to having a female in his penthouse, especially at night…but the staff is there as well and it’s strictly platonic
  • Sometimes you would use the time together to reminisce or listen to Jumin’s stories about Jihyun growing up 
  • But as your friendship deepens you both open up to each other more and feel comfortable talking about life and daily frustrations 
  • The rest of the RFA are pretty shocked at how quickly you two seem to have become best friends 
  • Having each other helps get you both through the ordeal, and Jumin is very thankful to be close to the only other person to know the real Jihyun 
  • It’s the beginning of a very long lasting friendship

OK! Heres another Free single character art for @trashof2manyfandoms who asked for A really fancy, formal Draco. AND OMG YES CUS I HAD THOUGHTS! 

Imagine, Harry and Draco who dated most of the 8th year broke up a month before graduation. Harry wanted to be honest about their relationship with everyone and Draco didn't want people to talk behind Harry’s back like they do about him. Draco complaining to Pansy one night “He's the Bloody Hero of everyone dating me is social suicide and he’s too stupid to figure that out”. 

So Draco brakes up with Harry and they go there separate ways getting married and entering the workforce, But they both never forgot how good it felt to be together. Draco and Astoria are very much in love she sees him for who he is and they complement the loneliness and sexuality of the other. 

Astoria to sick to accompany Draco to the yearly ministry ball and Harry actually goes this time to support Hermione becoming the minister, Then he sees him across the room empty glass and as sexy as ever before. 

And they start meeting up. Harry is going through a divorce living alone and Draco is amazed that he had the potential to love so much a trait he knows was learned from his family. 

Bones comic cus I couldn't help my self (so mad I couldn't get Draco’s face to match in this strip that’s why I didn't even attempt color/Harry is missing glasses cus its a ball and I forgot ) 


six of crows | n i n a & m a t t h i a s

He buried his face in her hair. She felt his lips move against her ear when he said, “I never want to see you like this again.”

“Do you mean the dress or the cell?

A laugh shook him. “Definitely the cell.” Then he cupped her face in his hands. “Jer molle pe oonet. Enel mörd je nej afva trohem verretn.”

Nina swallowed hard. She remembered those words and what they truly meant. (…) It was the vow of the drüskelle to Fjerda. And now it was Matthias’ promise to her.

how bangtan members relieve stress
  • Namjoon: goes to the roof of their building, puts in earbuds, and acts out music videos to songs he listens to
  • Yoongi: sleeps or produces
  • Jimin: he has no idea how to relieve stress since he can’t stress-eat so it all just kind of builds (but then says he’ll start relieving his stress by hitting Hobi)
  • Jungkook: he doesn’t know when he’s stressed or not??? (to which Jimin says this is why Jungkook is everyone’s enemy damn son)
  • Tae: used to meet up with his old friends and talk to them about their lives and his problems but is too busy so he just calls now
  • Hobi: also sleeps but looks at their collections of toys (probs his bearbricks) and that calms him somehow because they’re organized nicely???
  • Jin: doesn’t get stressed, or if he does he gets over it after five minutes (Hobi is jealous of this) (x)

Just a short silly piece today. Written for this week’s @txf-prompt-box challenge: Someone falling asleep during an important meeting. Bonus:
How is the sleeping person woken up? Double bonus: Told from a 1st person POV. Set in season 7. 

Also tagging @fictober and @today-in-fic

I don’t often admit this, but I can sleep just about anywhere. I’ve woken up, or startled awake, in cars, in planes and once at a restaurant. As easily as I fall asleep, though, the opposite is true for Mulder. Sometimes it seems to me like he can only find rest when the stars align.  

That, apparently, is not the case today. He’s quiet, which is never a good sign in any case, and sitting still. Mulder never sits still during a meeting, important or not. I should be listening to what Skinner is talking about; I swear he keeps throwing us looks even though we’re in the back of the room, half hidden in the shadows. A good thing, too, because Mulder’s head lolls about and eventually lands on my shoulder. I leave it there for a moment, the weight welcome. If Mulder is asleep, he can’t distract me. I can listen to Skinner’s monologue about - Mulder’s head shoots up and he looks around, confused and lost like a puppy. Mulder blinks at me with glassy eyes as if he’s never seen me before. 

“Meeting. Skinner.” I mouth using simple words that hopefully penetrate his brain. I motion to the front of the room where Skinner is currently fighting with the projector. Mulder nods, turns towards Skinner’s voice. Great. Now I can listen for real. I’ve jotted down a few notes that make no sense to me at the moment. I’ll go through them afterwards. Less than five minutes later the sound of Skinner’s voice and my pen scratching against paper is disrupted by Mulder snoring. Oh no. I stare him intently as if that could wake him. It doesn’t. I nudge his side but Mulder sleeps on. Another snore that’s luckily quiet enough only I can hear it. But I know I’ve got to wake him up. I put my hand on his thigh, squeeze it. Nothing happens. I squeeze again, harder, digging my nails into him. Mulder, instead of waking up, moans. And not even out of hurt. Chairs squeak as a few heads turn around to us. I quickly take my hand off Mulder’s thigh; they talk about us enough as it is. When I’m sure that no one is looking at us anymore, I lean in closer to Mulder. I’m momentarily distracted by how good he smells. 

“Mulder.” I whisper as insistently as I can. No reaction. His breathing is deep, even. If I’d known Skinner’s voice had this effect on him, I would have recorded it years ago. 

“Mulder!” I put my mouth directly to his ear. He shudders, sighs, and sleeps on. Mulder and frustration go hand in hand, but right now I am so agitated I seriously consider slapping him. There’s another sure fire way to wake him up, one I’ve only recently discovered. It’s not something I care to do in a room full of other agents, though.

It’s time to accept that no matter how important this meeting might be, I have no idea what it is about. Thanks to Rip Van Winkle next to me. I put my hand back on his thigh and this time I dig my nails into it hard. Really hard.

“No!” Mulder yelps and his head shoots up. The room falls silent, heads turn around again and Skinner squints to see us better.

“You don’t agree with my assessment, Agent Mulder?”

“Uhm…” Mulder looks at me, pleadingly. “Excuse me, Sir.” Mulder scrambles to his feet and flees the room. Leaving me with the mess as always.

“Agent Scully?”

“I think I should make sure Agent Mulder is all right.” I mumble and Skinner nods. We’ll be summoned to his office later, his expression says. I squeeze past other agents, used to their pitying and amusing looks. I expect to find Mulder right outside the door, but he’s not there. Since almost every agent is in the briefing room, I don’t have any qualms about stepping into the men’s restroom.

“Mulder?” I ask loudly just in case. 

“Is this not the men’s room?” I hear a miserable voice from behind the door.

“It is,” I say and walk closer, “Open the door, sleepyhead.” It swings open with a soft squeak. He looks just as terrible as he just sounded.

“Are you all right?”

“What happened in that room, Scully?”

“You were asleep and I… I woke you up. I’m sorry, Mulder. I didn’t mean to hurt you. You weren’t waking up.”

“You didn’t hurt me,” he says but he’s rubbing this thigh, “I was asleep?”

“Comatose, basically.” I smile at him so that he knows there are no bad feelings. His sad puppy eyes get me every time. The longer I look at him now, the more I am convinced that something is off. “Mulder, how are you feeling?” His eyes are still glassy. Sweat glistens on his forehead and his cheeks are covered in a soft pink tinge.

“Sleepy. I’m sorry I fell asleep, Scully.” I get closer to him and touch his forehead. It feels warm.

“It’s all right, Mulder. I think you might be having a cold.”

“I’m not sick, Scully.” He answers quickly. “I was uhm… having a dream.” The tinge intensifies. 

“A dream?” He nods. “What about?”

“You,” he lifts his head and eyes me carefully, “and me.” I can tell what nature that dream was just by his look. Now it’s me who blushes. We haven’t been dating long and every admission that he thinks about me in ‘that way’ still feels new and unreal. 



“I guess it’s a good thing then that I didn’t do that other thing to wake you.”

“What other thing?” He grins; he knows exactly what I’m talking about. I don’t care, though. The meeting is a lost cause anyway and we’re all alone here. I put my hand on his thighs and lean forward so that our lips are almost touching. 

“This thing.” I whisper and kiss him.

I love how this episode finally showed us how much of an unreliable narrator Yuri has been like… The first ep we saw showed him last year chickening out in front of Victor and running away, thinking he’d spoiled his chance to meet his idol. Then this episode comes out and it’s like…. boy no you got drunk, had a dance off that included mostly-nude pole dancing, then begged Victor to coach you as he flat out fell for you like Russian Icarus getting too close to the light in your eyes

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I didn't know I needed Twinsuns in my life until I read that. And now I just can't get the thought out of my mind of little frail Ben crawling into Mace's lap and just making himself at home. Right in the middle of the meeting when Qui-Gon presents both him and Anakin to the Council.

Ben is strange.

Ben is different.

Ben is not scared of the Jedi council at all and for a moment Qui-Gon wonders what will happen as Ben steps away from him towards Mace and crawls into his lap with no fear as he peers up at the Korun. “If you don’t send more then Master Jinn to Naboo, he’s going to die.” He offered seriously at the Master of the Order.

Mace, for all his vaunted control, looked stunned at the turn the meeting had taken. “Indeed youngling?”

“The red lightstaff goes there.” Ben pointed at a section of Mace stomach before giving Qui-Gon a worried look as the one eyed Jedi master held Anakin by the shoulder still. The blond was smiling nervously at his twin.

Ben just looked back up at Mace.  “If you don’t send more after the Zabrak, its going to be a pyre, not a returned Jedi Master.”

“Ben sees things. His mother confirmed that Ben knew I was arriving on Tatooine before we even landed.” Qui-Gon offered. “He’s very Force sensitive, he and Anakin both.”

Ben is different and he can twist even the sternest Jedi Master around his finger. Of that Qui-Gon is perfectly sure as he watches Mace wrap gentle arms around the fragile shape on his lap.

‘He needs a Jedi Master that can take care of him…’ Qui-Gon shifted and squeezed Anakin’s shoulder gently.


“Jocasta, I have a favor to ask of you.”

“What is it now Qui-Gon, another book you want me to find?”

“No. Have you considered taking a padawan lately?”


‘Be careful of snakes wearing a peacocks disguise…’ The words echoed in Padme’s mind as she spoke to Palpatine. Just as Ben had told her, someone had suggested a vote of no confidence and it was Palpatine, a man she had long considered as close to Naboo as herself. Yet…

Now she was doubtful.

Ben had known about them coming to Tatooine.

Had known so much.

Had warned her.

A snake in peacock feathers….a apt description. ‘Or…’ A insidious voice inside of her whispered. ‘Dressed like a supreme chancellor…as if he already had the office…’

Padme pinched her lips together and looked to Panaka, the captain giving a slow nod as she had warned him.

Yes it was time to take a look into their Senator’s past and representation of Naboo.


Ben quietly let Anakin care for his stump, as always amazed at his brothers innate Force ability. ‘But then again, it is Anakin.’ He gave the other a soft smile and Anakin beamed back as he continued to spread warmth into the stump of Ben’s stump.

At times like this, it was easy to remember that his name was Ben, actual blood brother to Anakin Skywalker and not Obi-Wan Kenobi.

He didn’t mourn that, not anymore. He adored his mother, adored his life with Anakin despite the harshness of slavery.

He had plucked himself out of the timeline only to be born again later with faded memories of the life had as Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Enough remained to change history.

Enough to take care of Anakin and Shmi.

And the raw Force ability that was now his…

He shifted closer to Anakin and let his stump drop to his lap as he leaned into the blonds warm arms, getting a hug.

“Thank you Anakin.” He whispered.

“You’re welcome. Are you cold?” Anakin nuzzled lightly at his brother.

“Not really. Master Windu’s robe is rather warm.” He offered quietly and grinned at the other when he giggled and tugged on the large robe the Korun had wrapped around Ben and Anakin after he had lead them out of the council chamber.

“I can’t believe you crawled into his lap Ben.”

“He’s a stern man, but he likes younglings.” Ben rested his head on Anakin’s shoulder.

The two settled quietly outside the council chamber as they waited for Qui-Gon to return or for the Council to take their decision, whichever cake first.

“…Where is mom going to go Ben?” Anakin whispered.

“With Padme.” Came a just as quiet whisper.

“Oh…what’s she going to do?”

Ben closed his eyes, breathing as he let the chaotic Force in him conjure images. “…A handmaiden for her. Padme’s going to look after her Anakin.” He smiled and opened his eyes as he snuggled closer.

“Is Qui-Gon going to be your master?” The blond continued asking, wanting to know for the safety of his family.

Ben puckered his lips. “No. He’s going to be yours. He’s going to teach you well.”

“But what about you Ben?”

Ben smiled a bit and looked to the elevator that gave a soft ping. “My master is coming now.”

Out of the elevator stepped Qui-Gon and a stern faced woman with her hair pinned back.

“Ben, Anakin, I want you two to meet a fellow Jedi Master of mine.” Qui-Gon offered as introduction. “This is Madam Nu. Head Archvist of the library.”

Ben got to his feet, leaving the warmth of Mace robe and gave the lady a low bow at the waist as if he was greeting a dignitary. “Greetings Master Nu.”

An approving glitter entered her eyes as she nodded. “Hello younglings. Qui-Gon says you’re in need of a Master young Skywalker.”

“I am.” Ben smiled at her, his green eyes glittering back.

She smiled slowly at the sensation she was getting in the Force of the young man and looked to Qui-Gon, who was looking hopefully back at her.

“I see what you meant Qui-Gon…alright. Yes.” She knelt down and offered her hand to the redhead. “Would you like to be my padawan then, Ben Skywalker?”

“I’d like that Master Jocasta.” Ben stepped forward and took her hand in his, holding onto it tightly as he imagined the archives and all the knowledge he could now relearn.

Behind him, Anakin beamed, knowing his brother would still be with him.

Ron decides to "accidentally" run into Hermione upon hearing she's engaged to Draco
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Ron:</b> Hermione! Wow, imagine seeing you here of all places.<p/><b>Hermione clearly at a business dinner with colleagues:</b> Hello Ronald, how are you?<p/><b>Ron:</b> Good, I hear you're taking the plunge. That's...great. I just wish you'd have chosen a better ma-<p/><b>Hermione:</b> Listen, now is not the time for this, I'm busy.<p/><b>Ron:</b> sure, sure but I mean why did you choose Draco over me?<p/><b>Hermione to her colleagues:</b> excuse me<p/><b>Hermione stands dragging Ron to out of the restaurant and says silencio after being sure no one saw them walk into an alley:</b> Ronald Weasley! I was in the middle of a very important business meeting! This was extremely disrespectful, and you know exactly why I "chose" Draco over you. Unlike you he knew my worth, he didn't assume I was his, he pursued me as a man should have done. Where you were a coward and a moron he was brave and brooding. I am marrying Draco, you had your chance years back when we were in hogwarts. <p/><b>Ron:</b> I'm so sorr-<p/><b>Hermione:</b> No Ronald, you listen to me, I am marrying this man. I love him, and he loves me. You don't get to just sweep in when you realize someone else noticed me. I am not your back up plan, second choice, or even your friend.<p/></p><p/></p>