and i didn't get to meet him

I love how this episode finally showed us how much of an unreliable narrator Yuri has been like… The first ep we saw showed him last year chickening out in front of Victor and running away, thinking he’d spoiled his chance to meet his idol. Then this episode comes out and it’s like…. boy no you got drunk, had a dance off that included mostly-nude pole dancing, then begged Victor to coach you as he flat out fell for you like Russian Icarus getting too close to the light in your eyes


More scenes from my Simulator AU!! Lol honestly I just scribbled out this comic really fast, sorry that my lines are messy ^^’

Let’s see…this takes place shortly after Keith gets out of the sim and crashlands into a nearby planet…and Lance’s AI cube is super corrupted, so Keith begs these somewhat familiar people to save him ;w;

The original post for this AU is here if you want to look at it! And everything else is under the tag “Sim AU” on my blog c:

Fluffy bonus:

So I got to meet Tyler again tonight after the show. He was such a sweetheart for coming out and taking pictures with everyone! When I went up to him I told him that I printed out all of the FPE papers and passed them out to everyone and he said that he really appreciated it and loved seeing them held up during Goner. So I asked him if he could hold the last sign up in the picture and he said that we should hold it together. The show tonight was INCREDIBLE and I’m so happy right now, I can’t even describe how much I love this band. Happy birthday Tyler |-/ @twentyonepilots @fpeproject

Got7 doesn’t deserve this bullshit. Why are some fans so damn rude? I’m honestly so disappointed once again. There are literally hundreds and thousands of deserving fans dying to get an opportunity to meet their faves and the fact that some people can flick away this kind of opportunity baffles me. Even if they’re not your bias, be polite. It’s common fucking knowledge to respect others instead of humiliating them in front of thousands of people. You learn this in kindergarten. I’m raging right now.

Dallas was in such an unstable state when Johnny died that he if he really wanted to, he could’ve done anything to kill himself. but I think Dallas getting shot down in front of his friends was his way of warning them. he knew he was going to die when he called and asked them to meet him at the lot, and I think it was to show them that even people like Dallas Winston broke down—even people like Dallas Winston could lose everything. earlier he had told Ponyboy that if he got tough like him, he wouldn’t get hurt, but I think Dallas realized that he was wrong. “nothing could touch him” because he didn’t let it, and once he did, he couldn’t control himself. he was warning them to not be like him and I think even Soda caught on to that when he told his brothers they were going to end up like him. Soda was right when he said that the way Dallas was before he died was worst than being dead, and I think that’s what Dallas wanted them to know.

okay but how did Even learn Isak’s name??

We know that they didn’t officially meet. We know how isak learned even’s name. While they were sitting in the bank (they sneaked out the kosegruppa meeting as you remember), emma came and even introduced himself as “Even” and next day isak checked the kosegruppa list and learned his full name. But how did Even learn Isak’s?? Did he ask someone? Did he check the list, too? Did he stalk him??? I need to know. Isak has to ask this. 

GNU Terry Pratchett

Today, March 12, 2017, marks two years since the world lost Sir Terry Pratchett. I remember it well. I had only recently discovered his works, and I blazed through them laughing all the way. I wanted to meet him, even if I wasn’t sure what I would say. The news that I would never get a chance, the news that the worlds he had created were forever stilled, was painful in the extreme. I was already struggling to deal with what I can only hope to be the worst period of my life, and I was not in a place to deal with the loss for well over a year. Last summer, I had the chance to sit down and re-read all his Discworld novels (as well as a few other novels of his I’m particularly fond of). After putting down the last one at five in the morning, I spent the next hour writing this. It’s hardly an original idea, but I felt compelled to do so. Enjoy.

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itwilltoteshappen replied to your post “I flew out of Newark one time and I don’t recall seeing any paps.  And…”

I literally flew into Newark today probably right after Harry left and there were 0 paps. There were also none when I flew out 10 days ago.



where art thou oh Hideyoshi Nagachika

with cas living at the bunker this is the easiest time to make destiel canon okay like u could do it in aNY filler episode. like, the episode starts and sam is walking through the bunker looking for dean to tell him about a case and they meet in the hallway outside of dean’s room and dean’s like, “yeah, what’s up?” and as they’re talking cas just slips out of dean’s room in the background wearing boxers and dean’s shirt and he’s yawning and sam just stops talking and stares as cas walks out of frame and so dean’s like, “dude, what?”

and sam just shakes his head and is like, “nothing, don’t worry about. so anyway, this case…”

So during Misha’s autograph he was like “Oh it’s you again” in a deadpan joking kind of way (because I’d already seen him for photos and the meet and greet) and I started off by telling him that I’d had a lot of distressing dreams about being late for his m&g and I think he said something like “Oh really?” or “Oh no!” (Idk I was trying to talk fast to get everything out.) But then I said that the most disappointing dream of all was when Vicki was there with him during autographs because I really would have liked to meet her because she seems like an amazing person. I told him that he should let her know that and he got this really warm smile on his face and said, “Thank you; I’ll be sure to pass that along” and long story short I’m glad that’s what ended coming out of my mouth because Vickiiiii :33333

The thing I find funny about Merlin reveal!fics is how Arthur takes it so personally about the years of lying and I’m over here internally laughing like “omg Arthur he’s lied to everyone and you’re only thinking of yourself wow”

How I met Logic

Alright, you guys requested it.

I volunteered to work this particular concert through an organization I’m a member of. I helped with security and tried to keep the ridiculous line to get in under control.

Some higher-ups of said organization I’m part of asked Logic if we could all do a little private meet and greet, and he agreed to it. We all took a group photo, then Logic’s manager said we could take individual photos with him if we wanted. We all got in line to meet the fella, and there were around thirty of us so my turn came pretty quickly.

He went in for a hug almost immediately. We talked for a bit before taking the picture, and let me tell you, he’s really humble. What a chill motherfucker. After the picture, he told me, “Awww, you’re so sweet, and I love your hair.” Then he went in for a second hug.

The concert itself was dope. I was assigned to make sure nobody went through the side door, so I got to stand in the roped off area right next to the stage. He’s awesome live, and he even freestyled a bit for us. I waved at him during the concert and he caught it and poked fun at me. It was gr9. 

Here’s a picture to show how close I was to the stage. No zoom, no cropping, just a screenshot from one of the videos I took.

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Can u imagine jimin stopping by to visit y/n midday but he finds her napping on the couch while cuddling a stuffed animal and he kinda just dies inside from the cuteness and doesn't know how to handle what he's seeing -StillSleepsWithPanda anon

i switched it a little, hope that’s okay! ^^

sometimes when jimin has meetings that pop out of nowhere during his time with you, those happen to be the days where you come to his place. he’ll apologize, promise to make it back quick and head on out to settle everything quick.

there’s a lot of things you could do in his home, trust, you’ve done pretty much all of it. it’s to the point where you’re bored and arranging the packets in his cabinet by color, sorting out the books on his shelves, coordinating everything in sight because there’s nothing else to do. you’ve read some of his books but most of them consist of business tactics and marketing strategies that you completely shut those off whenever you pull out the wrong book.

so when it came down to being restless and having nothing else to do, you’re switching off the television and curling on the sofa with your eyelids slowly fluttering shut (and grabbing a pillow from his bedroom).


by the time he gets back home, he almost immediately rushes himself because it’s been four hours since he left for the meeting. it’s ridiculous, really. he’s specifically mentioned that he shall not be bothered today but when urgent matters rise, he has to be there no matter what.

as he steps through the door and closes it behind him, a small smile creeps onto his face at the sight. your figure lazily sprawled out on the sofa, one leg dangling to the floor, the other tucked beside the pillow. hair falling over your face yet leaving a gap for him to spot your closed eyes and parted lips as you take in breaths of air. one arm following the suit of your leg while the other folds to rest your head against it. jimin appreciates you going all out when you doll up for him (especially those lingerie sets and dresses he manages to get for you) but he adores the way even the simplest clothes of a large t-shirt (which was his, by the way) and a pair of shorts could work wonders as well.

he’s not too sure what to do, feeling lost in his own home but is quick to move when you whine in your sleep, his name, apparently and that’s when he wakes you up. before he knows it, he’s being pulled down to join you on the sofa, not for what he expects but he’ll take it as long as it brings him close to you. snuggled up and squished on the sofa together, it’s a bit tricky to move about but jimin does it well.

his arms cocoon you in and he lets the pillow slide to the floor when you use his chest to rest your cheek against. he pushes your hair back and settles closer to you despite already being so near. his legs tangle with yours as they reach the other end of the sofa and jimin smiles softly when you do, still unconscious but you’re here with him as your arms sling around his waist.

it was worth the rush, really.

Title: Colored Lines

Chapter: 4. In Sync

Word Count: 4127

Summary: Hide always enjoyed the spontaneous irregularities in life, the little things that made every day special on its own. He didn’t really expect something as special as the graffiti that had caught his eye instantly and struck something in him though.

AU in which Kaneki is a graffiti artist that fascinates Hide to no end.

Notes: To make up for the lack of updates I made the chapter a bit longer this time! I’m glad I could update before a month passed, and I’ll try to update once again before finals hit because *sweats intensely* yeah.

Anyway, thanks to my beta kanekibot for being as awesome as always, and I hope you enjoy!

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The Prince//The Guard

“’From that first meeting, I knew it. The way you looked at him, how distracted you were…Get out of my sight before I send you to New Asia to die.’”//“’…I have to hide, so it’s not like I can give you everything he can. It’s not really a fair fight either way.’”

“He clung to General Leger, holding on to him for dear life, his fingers digging into the back of his uniform. He was unabashedly crying, and I’d never heard such a painful sound. I hoped I never would again.”