and i didn't even include him! d=

I have no idea where these quotes first originated, but I’ve seen a bunch of things like this made for other shows, and I really wanted to create a Uraboku themed one considering I haven’t seen one yet. Sorry if it’s really lame. I print-screened the pics from episodes I’d downloaded and then I used Paint and Picmonkey to edit everything. I’m so old-school.

When John talks to Sam he calls him:

  • Sammy (16 times)
  • Sam (14 times)
  • Boys (7 times) (to both Sam & Dean)
  • Son (5 times)
  • Kiddo (1 time)

When John talks to Dean he calls him:

  • Dean (8 times)
  • Boys  (7 times) (to both Sam & Dean)
  • Dude (2 times)
  • Dean Winchester (1 time)
  • Son (1 time)
  • Buddy (1 time)

When Sam talks to John he calls him:

  • Dad (28 times)
  • Sir (9 times)

When Dean talks to John he calls him:

  • Dad (35 times)
  • Sir (3 times) 
  • Daddy (2 times)
Johnny Horton

I was given the go-ahead to tag @sonofhistory in some of this guy’s music, so here we go! 

So this here is his song Johnny Freedom, which is literally just a personification of #patriotism and it’s remarkably catchy

And THIS was the first song I ever heard from him (I was raiding my dad’s cassette tape collection and found this gem :P ) ((Edit: I didn’t include the title in this sentence but this is Battle of New Orleans))

I’d never even heard of Jim Bridger aside from this song but he was a real dude and I think that’s really cool

I never thought I’d love a song about Abe Lincoln but here we are o:

One of my personal favorites here, is his song John Paul Jones

He sang from all perspectives too though, like his song Johnny Reb is about a confederate soldier and it’s a helluva feels trip regardless of what the confederates fought for.

He also did a song on the Battle of Bull Run and it’s another poppy song (also my favorite lyrics in the entire song are ‘the gentlemen were gay’ even though I know that’s not what it meant)

Jump forward in history to WWII, I got extra credit points on a history quiz because I learned about the Bismarck from this song and so I knew what it was 

And for some final tears on my part, Comanche the Brave Horse is a train wreck of emotion about General Custer’s horse.

I know these songs are old, but they’re unique in their content and surprisingly educational value that’s also got a good spike of humor to it at times. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I think they’re worth a listen!

I also know he’s got a lot more songs that are super good that weren’t included in this post; these were the immediate ones I had thought of! ^w^