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Sorry to occupy your TL with this, but it’s important! 

If you think this is cute or remotely healthy - you’re wrong!

It’s yet another demonstration of Hook’s manipulating & abusive nature!

Guilt tripping Emma & Snow, cause she interrupted them and Emma didn’t tell him that she’s got a key! Of course, it’s a little embarrassing, most of us had been there! BUT - whats a common reaction to this situation? 



Because the mother of his fiancee just walked in on them & it’s HER mother and you’d respect her enough, to NOT want her encounter THIS!

But not with Hook, no! 

He’s annoyed and doesn’t even hide it, makes Snow upset & terrifies Emma! He’s rude to his soon - to be mother in law!!!

For no other reason,  just because he didn't get laid! WOW!

They will marry, they’re together - SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? WHY GET ANNOYED AND ALL BITCHY, HOOK? There’s is NO fucking RUSH!

OUAT is far gone from the Family Show theme! It’s sends toxic messages & I don’t even know, if they’re doing it on purpose

CSers think it’s cute & they’re drooling over THIS…..Thanks A & E. You created yet another “generation” of abusive assholes & people who will look at it as cute - until he/she hits them. 

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okay I know it's been a while since bv but I still cannot get over the fact that this competitive boy JK we know LOST his ass on purpose just so he could sleep with jimin like WOW, truly iconic and what was even greater was that he didn't even try to hide his happiness and y'all know he gets a bit upset if he loses, if that don't make u believe in jikook then I don't even know

OKAY BUT WOW I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT THIS LIKE 4 HOURS AGO???? like, he really went out there and lost on purpose because he wanted to room with jimin???? can he be any more obvious???? and then he smiled all big, and it’s like ?? shouldn’t he be upset??? NO BECAUSE HE GETS TO ROOM WITH JIMIN. 

GOT7 as things my friends have said to me
  • JAEBUM: you make things that aren't funny sound funny and it's not FUNNY SHUT UP AND GIVE ME THE RESPECT I DESERVE
  • MARK: i gave u a dollar to buy ME something i didn't give u the dollar so u could buy urself a fucking soda i didn't think u needed me to tell u what the dollar was for
  • JINYOUNG: no, i'm the arrogant one, get ur facts straight honey -- we all know i'm the prettiest out of all of u
  • JACKSON: [flexes biceps] bro do u wanna touch them lol
  • YOUNGJAE: this site shows me the symptoms of a heart attack and GUYS I THINK I'M HAVING A HEART ATTACK
  • BAMBAM: my boobs are so big i can't hide them even if u tELL ME TO
  • YUGYEOM: i'm younger but i am literally 2 heads taller than u. think about that.

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I've never seen anybody mention one extremely good reason why Cas is perfect boyfriend material for Dean is that he would do anything for Sam and never expected Dean to choose Sam over him. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Lisa didn't try to meet Sam? I'm not blaming her at all but I think Dean can't be himself in a romantic relationship if he has to "hide" Sam from his partner. And Cas and Sam have no problem with each other

I’m sure lots of people have mentioned it just maybe not recently :D

I think it’s a huge thing that Cas treats Sam like a brother and, while his first meeting could be construed as negative, actually it was not and showed Cas’ caring side even when he was supposed to hate Sam, then we get some fantastic Sam/Cas moments throughout the show and I just wish we had more but ugh its all to go along under the level of Dean/Cas and grr. I think we will see some great stuff in s13 though with Sam’s grief, I trust Dabb to go there and show Sam grieving for his best friend and brother properly, not just focusing on Dean.

As for saying Lisa didn’t try to meet Sam, personally I think that is massively unfair. Lisa was a SAINT with all the stuff she did for Dean and Sam was soulless and Dean didn’t even know Sam was alive most of the time he was with Lisa!

What was Lisa supposed to do - drag her kid across the country to go find Sam and Dean in the middle of a life threatening hunt to say hey dude, so your my boyfriend’s bro? The one who went to Hell? The one who hid from Dean for a year?


I think the first point, that Cas is great for Dean because he always cares about Sam too and would understand Dean putting Sam first (heck, he TOTALLY forgave Dean for this in season 9 even though it ended up in him DYING, being HOMELESS and being DEPRESSED AS HELL, living in a Gas n Sip, I mean JEEZ, the guy is a SAINT TOO).

Which brings me to another point.

Cas basically is the mix of Jo, Lisa and Cassie. He looks after Dean, is supportive and caring like Lisa was, he can hunt alongside Dean and hold his own like Jo and he makes Dean feel pent up frustration and sexual tension just like Cassie did (the emotional / sex scene with Cassie was HUGELY paralleled to 12x19).

That’s for me what this all boils down to. Cas IS the perfectly written endgame for Dean, through all the expositions of Dean’s past romantic partners and their own story.

It’s awesome and it’s BLATANT from a narrative POV.

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Can you do a gif reaction with GOT7 where their GF/Crush starts speaking in Korean, and they didn't even know she could? ~Thanks!!~ <3


‘Wait, what was that? Did i just hear you speak korean?!’

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*gets startled af*


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*gets overly excited*


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‘God that was so hot…do it again please!’

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‘You do realise i’m gonna talk more korean to you now i know you can understand me, right? you’re so sneaky for hiding this jagiya!’

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‘Damn you sound so sexy when you speak korean…’

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‘You mean…You could understand me all along? Shit…’

*giggles nervously*

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Pet stores in my area REALLY like to try and sell Iguanas as 'beginner reptiles'. Having first hand experience at how temperamental and finicky they can be, I get /so angry/ about this, because they really, really aren't. (Did you know, if you give them kale, the little bastards get bloody addicted to the stuff, and will eat the kale and hide the rest of their greens to act all pitiful so you give them more greens? And will proceed to therefore cause themselves thyroid problems? We didn't.)

UGH why would they- well, we know why they would, profit and all of that, but iguanas are the furthest thing from beginner reptiles. The Petsmart near me has even stopped selling them because they’re so fragile as babies.

Also, that’s a good tip on the kale! 

Fic Prompt

A while back, an anon sent me a prompt from this post and I just finished it because I’m the worst™

This is dedicated to not only said anon, but also to my fellow members of the shrixie defense squad™ @swearronchanel  and @beatrix-franklin for helping me think of puns 😂

prompt: “Stop it, you’re embarrassing me” for Trixie & Shelagh 

Shelagh sat at her desk, tapping her pencil eagerly. She had been checking her watch constantly, shifting uncomfortably in her seat as she painfully watched each second pass. In one hand, she held a blue slip of paper tightly in her hand, and it had begun to crumple from the pressure. Shelagh could feel her forehead begin to sweat, and she felt butterflies in her stomach. Instinctively, she rested a hand on her tummy, rubbing in a circle pattern. Suddenly, a cheerful voice from behind her snapped her back to reality.

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I'm salty about this new chapter. It was all Touka and we didn't even get something like "I'm sorry Hide. I couldn't do it" or "I failed" because you know Hide pushed him to live first :/

Seems to me like Kaneki’s regressed more than been pushed to live. We even got the checkered patterns of doom. Never a good sign. Makes me think Hide might be the one to drag him out of this mess; brings a certain quote from Kaneki to mind:

“You saved me again, didn’t you, Hide?”

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Which was more romantic: the pair skate between Viktor and Yuuri or the last dance between Charioce and Nina?

Viktuuri is cute, but CHARININA ALL THE F WAY they give me so many feels ;_____; the dance was so emotional, I’m still trying to get over it

sorry I’m biased af

Tate Langdon imagine - Dedicated to:  all-things-ahs

‘Another day in this damn hell hole’ I thought to myself as I was approaching the school doors. My mom and dad have just split up so I was now stuck with my mom which sucked because I never really got along with her. We also had to move into some house that apparently all the people that owned the house got murdered in there, kinda freaky shit. 

I eventually entered the hell that was known as school and started walking down the corridor, this was my 4th day here and already the other kids, they think I’m weird. 

I can’t even walk down this fucking corridor without being judged or laughed at. Yeah so I dress differently to the other girls in the school and perhaps act a little different, but that’s no reason to make someone an outcast.

I gave up caring long time ago.

But for the past 4 days I have been at this school; it seemed like I wasn’t the only one who was an outcast. There is this one boy with blonde hair swiped back who would always walk down the hallway with his face painted as a skull and wore gothic clothing, all the other kids would laugh at him too so it made me wonder who he was even more.

I soon approached my locker to get my books out ready for class.

'There he is again’ I said to myself, I stood by my locker just gazing at this boy. He really didn’t seem to care at all about the other people looking at him, he just walked through without a care in the world.

I was suddenly knocked out of my thoughts when he looked at me, his big brown eyes hiding behind the black paint, a slight smile forming upon his lips. I smiled back and he sent a wink my way causing me to blush madly then he just disappeared round the corner. God I need to find out more about this kid.

“Yo bitch I said move out of my fucking way, are you deaf or something?” Some blonde girl said to me from my side along with her two brown haired friends backing her up. “Don’t manners exist anymore?” I mumbled looking at her, not moving out of her way. Then a buff jock looking guy stood beside the blonde girl. “This freak giving you trouble Jade?” The jock guy snickered shoving my shoulder. “Don’t touch me” I said gritting through my teeth.

There was now a crowd forming round me as everyone began shoving me and calling me things like “emo” or “freak and "monster”. 

“Beat the shit outta her, she deserves it” Jade laughed as she slapped me hard across the face. “Get the fuck away from me, I haven’t done anything!” I shouted gripping my cheek. “You come into this school looking like Satan’s daughter and don’t expect us to all hate you? We already have one freak ass kid here we don’t need another” The Jock said raising his fist at me, I covered my face with my hands and waited for the impact. But nothing. 

“Lay one more finger on her and I will kill all of you” I heard a male voice say, I looked up to see the boy, he didn’t have his face paint on anymore. He was beautiful.

“Oh shut up Tate you’re all freaks arou-” The jock began but before he could finish his sentence 'Tate’ had already knocked him to the ground and started punching him in the face. “!” Tate screamed, each word sounding more angrier by the second, I was confused as to why Tate was sticking up for me like this. He doesn’t even know me. 

He got up and looked at me.

“Come on, lets get out of here” Tate said to me standing up and taking my hand, we both ran and ran until we reached the exit of the school gates. Teachers calling our names to get back in but we weren’t listening. I was more intrigued by this mysterious boy before me. 


We stopped running when we reached my house, no one was home and wouldn’t be for a couple of days. My mom was away on a business trip. “How’d you know where I live?” I questioned as he let go of my hand. “Because I live right next door.” He replied smirking. I nodded and sat down on a wall. “Ya know I appreciate you helping me back there, no one else would’ve done that for me” I smiled slightly looking up at him whilst he was taking off his jacket.

“It’s no problem, I’d never let anyone hurt something so beautiful” Tate said smiling. He called me beautiful? I looked down into my lap and began blushing. “I’m Tate by the way” He said chuckling, “Y/N” I replied still blushing red, no one had ever called me beautiful before, or even helped me. It meant a lot even from a stranger. 


It had been hours of none stop talking by both me and Tate. Hours of talking about how much we hated our moms and school. Hours of sharing our favorite things and favorite bands which happens to be nirvana. 

Tate gave me some advice on how he gets through school without a care in the world and it truly helped me. Almost every 5 minutes he would tell me everything he likes about me whether its appearance wise or personality wise. But it was great just bitching about everyone and everything, it almost feels likes hes the best friend I never had. 

We also talked about the history of my house. Well murder house as he calls it and it shocked me as to how much he knew about it.

“Y/N, I’m sorry but I must go now” Tate said looking sad. “Yeah of course, it’s getting late.” I smiled as I stood up and walked to my front door with Tate following closely behind me. I opened the door and stood in the frame looking at Tate. “It was great to meet you Y/N, I’m sorry you had to go through what you did today” He said cupping his hand on my cheek, a wave of electricity shooting through his touch and making my stomach turn. 

Tate began leaning in, his big, chocolate brown eyes piercing through my soul and making me lean in too. Our lips soon connected making my whole world go into a bliss, his soft and plump lips pressed against mine felt amazing. Although I had only just met this boy, he makes me want more.

We broke away the kiss and Tate kissed my forehead. “If you get scared at night, knock on my door and I won’t hesitate to come to you” He said hugging me. I nodded and waved Tate goodbye before closing the door behind me. 

I looked out the window and saw Tate standing there smiling up at me.

'I don’t even know this kid and already I think I love him. Boy what am I gonna get myself into?’ I thought to myself falling onto my bed and smiling. 

Whisper in the Night (Mortal Kombat)

Still writting sappy SubScorp. Still without spellcheck.

Title: Whisper in the Night
Fandom: Mortal Kombat
Rating: G
Word Count: 469
Characters: Hanzo Hasashi, Kuai Liang
Summary: It’s well into the midnight hours and Hanzo has a confession to make.

It’s creeping up on early morning by the time Hanzo makes his way into the room, quitely and with permission from the Lin Kuei guards at the gate (not that they were capable of stopping him but it allowed them to get word to their higher ups that the Shirai Ryu grandmaster was there so they wouldn’t get a shock). Ambient light from outside spills into the room, a sliver of it cast over the bed and framing Kuai Liang, bare chested and half tangled in the sheets. Hanzo undresses and carefully straightens the bedding as best he can, coaxing a corner out from under a leg, gently prying open a fist, hands lingering as he lays the sheet across broad shoulders.

Hanzo slips in bed next to the younger man, propped on an elbow to study him, the scar on his face, the disheveled mess of his hair, the way his cheek presses on the pillow. Hanzo shimmies a little closer, brushing his lips on Kuai Liang’s shoulder. The contact makes Kuai Liang turn over, eyelashes fluttering slightly as he mumbles out Hanzo’s name and something that might have been a greeting as he seeks the older man out, nuzzling against his chest. It’s such a sweet moment, so purely Kuai Liang that Hanzo can’t help the emotion that feels like it’s going to burst his heart. He’d been psyching himself up for this confession for weeks, telling himself that Kuai Liang deserves to hear it and that his family would have been happy for him and for a moment upon entering the Lin Kuei temple, Hanzo had lost his resolve for it. But there, now, with the weight of Kuai Liang’s head on his shoulder, breath against his collarbone, fingers twitching low on Hanzo’s belly, it seems like the easiest thing in the world to say it, breathing in the subtle scent of his mussed up hair, “I love you.”

Kuai Liang’s head lifts up suddenly, face scrunched like he’s squinting though his eyes are still closed. “Did you just say you love me?” His words run together, barely intelligible.

“I thought you were asleep.”

“Did you?”


A smile crosses Kuai Liang’s lips, lethargy making it slow and sweet. He rests his head back on Hanzo’s chest, hand coming up to run through the dark hair there. “Making sure I didn’t dream it.” When he exhales it’s a little chilly but Hanzo’s heart is thudding hard enough to negate the temperature difference. “Shouldn’t say it when I’m asleep,” Kuai Liang’s words slur even more, “can’t say I love you back.”

Hanzo can feel him fall back asleep and he turns his head so he can hide his smile against Kuai Liang’s hair. He holds him close all night.

90% of the time a woman takes a smarter, stronger and more qualified man’s job because of the quota system, specially on the highly praised places like NASA. If she doesnt desearve to be there she souldnt be there, we dont have to force women into workplaces just because they’re women, they had the same education and none of them is Stephen Hawking nor there is a female equivalent of Nicolas Tesla.

Manslation: I’m not a gross misogynist who assumes that women are automatically less qualified due to being women, I’m omniscient! So no, I didn’t pull this statistic out of the cavernous depths of my asshole, it just appeared in my head as one of the pieces of infinite knowledge I can access at any time. If a woman isn’t literally an actual famous supergenius, she doesn’t even deserve to go out in public. She ought to hide her shame in the home, where it belongs, and leave the grownup work to all the strongmen out there just begging for a chance.

Ok but here me out

Eric Bittle

Pole dancing

@fantasticallyflannel and I have been thinking about this for yEARS.

Bitty is obviously a dancer. He’s a former figure skater and Ngozi once compared him to a Jamaican dance hall twerker, so yeah, dancing.

Maybe Bitty needs a fine arts credit to graduate so he takes a dance class but he just can’t stop after that? Like he makes this whole new group of friends in the dance department and its this whole other world that the hockey team has no idea about (except Lardo, she knows everything).

And so one semester Bitty signs up for this modern jazz/hip hop dance class that all his dance friends were bugging him to take (these people have seen him at kegsters, they know what that booty is capable of). So they bug him to take the class but he soon finds out that there’s a pole dancing unit in the course and he’s like oh nooOoOoOooOoOoOo, and this sudden wave of complete fear watches over him when he realizes “I can’t hide this from the boys forever. They WILL find out, and I will die of embarrassment.”

So that semester Bitty doubles down on keeping it a secret. Lardo doesn’t say anything but privately teases him about what he’s learning, along with reassuring him that if the boys actually did find out they’d think it was cool, which Bitty REFUSES to believe. Then she teases him some more about pole dancing for jack or giving a lap dance to jack and bitty is just like “sHUT uP” but Lardo just can’t help it.

Anyways, as the semester goes on, Bitty gets more enthralled in the class and this other group of friends, and he lets his guard down a bit and stops worrying about the boys finding out. Then one day on the bus to a game, Ransom (because he’s friends with everyone) comes across a video on Facebook of Bitty pole dancing and everyone’s like whaaAAAAAAAAT. And bitty is like “I’m gonna go jump off this bus now bye.”

But then of course Lardo was right and the boys are really impressed by his dance moves, and they chirp him about how sexy he is, but also genuinely talk about how sexy they think he is, which is simultaneously flattering and also mortifying to this poor southern belle who would never talk about such lewd things back in Georgia!!! And Ransom and Holster talk about how they would genuinely date bitty he’s so hot and bitty is once again flattered and mortified by these loud strange boys.

And they watch a video of Bitty giving a hot guy in his dance class a lap dance and the boys tease him about it a bit, but then Bitty laments that the guy is super straight and they all cry about it with him. And then they watch a video of him dancing in heels and are like DUDE WTF?? And then they ask Lardo what heels are like and she confirms how hard they are to walk in and bitty is still embarrassed but also kinda proud of himself.

Pffffttt meanwhile jacks just sitting there next to shitty watching the videos trying to hide his boner and shitty is just like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hetalia characters as things I've said whist texting my friends
  • America: how many times will I knock over this lamp before I decide to move the stupid thing?
  • Canada: mom said I can't make pancakes at three in the morning anymore. Challenge accepted.
  • England: this tea smells so good I'm afraid to drink it and lose it forever.
  • France: If I have fictional husbands and an irl boyfriend... Is that bad?
  • China: if I can't have the dang plush cat why did I even go to the store????
  • Russia: why do I get a new set of friends every year? Can people really only put up with me for a year at a time??
  • Japan: I want hot guys waiting on me hand and foot but I also hate people so...
  • Italy: being cute is nice and all, but I really with people would take me seriously. Like God forbid I need to rob a bank sometime! He clerk will just pay me on the head and tell me to go play outside.
  • Germany: my whole life is a cycle of déjà vu and stress-baking and I'm surprisingly okay with it.
  • Romano: I get angry a lot, but I'm usually only really angry for a split second, but throwing hissy fits is surprisingly gratifying so I continue on for a while.
  • Spain: sometimes I'll eat nothing but pop tarts for like 3 days straight and I'll feel fine. Am I even human?
  • Prussia: have you ever had so much free time you taught yourself another language out of boredom?
  • Austria: I feel guilty when I see my violin case just sitting there, waiting for me.
  • Hungary: anything can be a weapon if you're angry enough!!!
  • Switzerland: I made a blanket fort. It has Christmas lights and ritz crackers. Here I can pretend all those fuckboys don't exist.
  • Lichtenstein: I'm perfectly capable of doing everyday tasks, but if they know that I'll have to work and I'm way to pretty for that.
  • Poland: I finally cleaned my room and found all the shit I lost. I'm drowning in accessories. Tell my cat I love her.
  • Lithuania: so I was like "I'm sorry but your name rhymes with the name of that bitch from middle school who ruined my life so we can't be friends."
  • Estonia: am I the disposable friend??? If so, please recycle me, and save the environment.
  • Latvia: i used up all my birthday money on platform boots. Maybe this year people won't think I'm 12.
  • Greece: Lilly pissed all over the rug by the front door again, so I'm hiding her in my closet until mom calms down. Sometimes I wonder if she just hates rugs.
  • Turkey: I saw my neighbor at the dance last week and she didn't even say hi to me! Half her damn wardrobe used to belong to me and what thanks do I get???
  • Norway: I spent 20$ on candles yesterday and now I have no food.
  • Iceland: I just want a cool pet, like a boa constrictor or a flightless bird of some kind. Something that says "I'm weird and don't want to talk to you."
  • Finland: It's not that I WANT to get in a fight per day, but if the situation called for it I'd cut a bitch.
  • Sweden: am I a bad friend for ignoring texts half the time? Like, I just don't like socializing.
  • Denmark: my hair took an hour and a half and I managed to pull a muscle in my arm in the process. Like my damn selfie or I'll scream.
  • Belarus: people exist, and I have a problem with that.
  • Ukraine: ...I just figured out why my bf likes that red top so much. Can I borrow your pocket knife?
More hidekane pain

Ok this is dumb and I’m probably super slow but I’ve only just realized that when Hide told Kaneki “You don’t have to wear it anymore, the mask”, back in the sewers, he wasn’t just talking metaphorically, as in a ‘I know you’re still the Kaneki I knew’ but it was also foreshadowing of what he was planning for him. That is, a happy and pacific life without all the cannibalizing and torture and all the pain.
He was thinking about the new identity he would give him as Sasaki Haise, because c'mon, is there really still someone out there who doesn’t think it was all a deal between Hide and the CCG?
He wouldn’t need to wear a mask anymore, in his new life as a CCG investigator, in plain daylight, where he wouldn’t need to be in hiding and all that jazz.
I don’t know about you, but the realization is crushing me.

i’m laughing so hardd

theres this band called the never ever and one of the members made a comp to win a date with the lead singer

and basically you’re supposed to make an picture of you & the guy (dylan) on a date

and i sent in this:

and they just posted it on their facebook page

all these people from my school are liking it

brb going to go hide under my bed for the rest of my life

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I lost my mom because of heroin and she is now somewhere on the street and has been through so many rehabs we even tried putting her in prison once just to get her off it for a few months but it didn't work if she doesnt use heroin she constantly wants painkillers and if we let her in the house she just steals or screams at me acusing me of hiding the heroin that she can't find. All I want to know is can I ever get my Mother back or have I lost her?

I’m very sorry to hear about that. It’s hard to hear but you can’t give her help if she doesn’t want it, you just have to hope she finds her way back.

izukism  asked:

Hc that Akashi doesn't get puns or jokes at all. He points out how illogical they are and tries to correct the punners grammar/spelling. The one time someone tried to pull a knock knock joke he made them move to somewhere there was a door so they could literally knock. He then refused to answer and said he didn't want to answer for them.

I am in love your your headcanons Bexxu I’m not even gonna hide it anymore

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"I talked to disability services, but you'd understand the material if you just paid attention. You never make eye contact with me, you always look at your lap, you get distracted, and always hide in the back. You just need to focus." This was one of my teachers. I have an autism spectrum learning disability, and he would give me a hard time for asking "obvious" questions, so I stopped talking and hid in the back. And some others didn't even try to pay attention at all but he didn't bother them.

Translation: “I don’t want you to ask questions or learn in your own way that makes you the most comfortable. Why are you not paying attention? Oh them? Well they are not disabled and I hate disabled people, so why can’t you just stop being disabled?”

I hate him. He reminds me of the constant harassment I had to live through in school for needing more clarification and having a speech impediment. He shouldn’t be a teacher. I am sorry you have to deal with him.


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So do you think a nurse or doctor went home and talked about the crazy lady who was convinced that he child was trying to kill them? Do you think their kid overheard and spread the rumor at school? Do you think Stiles clings so tightly to his friendship with Scott because Scott didn't stayed friends with him anyways?

OH MY GOD anon, I think you’re trying to kill me. And I love this horrible, horrible thought. *weeps* 

It’s unfortunately true that things like that do get around, and children can be so cruel. Oh no, now I have all these little Stiles and Scott feels where Stiles is hiding in a bathroom stall having a panic attack and Scott doesn’t understand what’s going on, but he sits on the ground outside the stall waiting for him anyway, even though it takes a really long time. And little Stiles is all shaky and flustered and downcast when he comes out, but Scott is so bright and gentle and treating him like everything is normal, and it helps, and maybe for the first time that day he smiles, just a little. 

*much gross corner sobbing*