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top ten WORST adapted plots from asoiaf

  1. You can’t just have a list like this and not start it off with Dorne. A plot that showed the unrest of the realm, that some old Houses still hold loyalty to the Targaryens, that really explains just how much bad blood there is between House Martell and House Lannister. Not to mention told strongly from the POV of POC female who is going to be ruler of her lands by her own right because Dorne allows the succession of a first born child rather first born male. This is changed into a group of angry, violent women murdering rooms full of men and posioning little girls because feminism. You know what- just read my piece on Arianne Martell.
  2. Sansa Stark, post King’s Landing. Certainly there’s problems with Sansa in King’s Landing but post King’s Landing… oh me oh my. Sansa in the books is sitting in the Vale- yes, in the clutches of Petyr Baelish, who ends up being the lesser of two evils. She’s eating lemon cakes and trying to supress the Stark inside her. Still being promised off to wed to some dirt bag- but ultimately safe and satifised. Instead Littlefinger is selling her off to be raped and beaten by Fuckwad Bolton. Now she’s empowered because woman need to be brutalized in order to be strong. Thanks D&D.
  3. The North Remembers. In the books, the post-Red Wedding is extreme. The North is harsh and unforgiving. They don’t trust the Boltons- they sort of hate them- and are only bowing to apease them and keep themselves as safe as possible. (See: the Manderlys, who have family members kept hostage by the Lannisters and don’t want to cause any trouble.) In the show… well the North doesn’t really remember shit. Robb Stark’s death served no purpose because there was no backlash. The North just accepted the Boltons as Wardens of the North, and are still doing so- even with Sansa and Jon staring them down.
  4. Stannis Baratheon- is that enough to say? Stannis Baratheon, is probably the only Baratheon once giving a shit about. He is firm when he needs to be but the show took his strong beliefs and morals into make him practically stone and one dimensional. Stannis is shown to be flippy floopy with his daughter, very loving and caring- would do anything to keep her safe then just allowed her to burned because of her kings blood. Also within this plot is Selyse, who keeps her dead babies in glass jars. Because why not add dead babies to such a horrible plot? Obviously. 
  5. Jon Snow + For the Watch. Remember when in 5x10 seemingly murdered Jon for no damn reason at all and claimed it was “for the watch.” Yeah, well it was.. in the books. Jon was much too concerned with finding “Arya”. The Brothers of the Night’s Watch did what they felt they needed to- kill Jon for the safety of the Watch and all they’ve stood for for thousands of years. Maybe it wasn’t the smarrtest decision, but in the show’s tranistion from Jon Snow to Jonathan Snowflakes (and the brutal rapes and beatings of Sansa Stark) the whole Arya thing got lost, and Jon’s death was done entirely to drive his revenge plot. 
  6. Margaery Tyrell’s Oversexualization. This had been mentioned many times, taking this very ambitious character of Margaery Tyrell, and making her become everything book Cersei feared she was. It altered the entire plot, Cersei is no longer the terrified paranoid queen but a mother very concerned for her child. She manages to have Margaery shamed without getting any blood on her hands, though the Tyrells blame her anyway. Margaery only manages to get away from being shamed because Tommen wants the V. Let’s not get into the regular sexual abuse of twelve year old Tommen Baratheon, because that’s just so much. And how Loras Tyrell does absoutely nothing but be gay, and certainly isn’t storming the walls of Dragonstone and dying slowly so that his father’s men can be free to go help Highgarden from the attack of the Iron Borne. Can I just change this to: House Tyrell and Kings’ Landing?  
  7. The Brotherhood Without Banners. This wonderful group dynamics who are supposed to rally the Riverlands to their cause, who are helping and basically ASOIAF Robin Hoods. In the show, they’re basically thieves with no purpose half the time. There’s no Lady Stoneheart, all they ended up being nothing more than a plot device for Meliandre to see R’hllor resurrecting so she can use it on Jon Snow in three years. Also the way they completely sell Gendry, which is ridiculous.
  8. Bran Stark & The Three Eyed Raven. On first inspect, this could almost be considered a decent adaptation. Bran reached his Raven, is being trained. But Three Eyed Raven (Not Brynden Rivers, because D&D threw that away when they mentioned that he was like, a thousand years old) yet really, Three Eyed Raven is sort of a horrible teacher. Bran has left his care- which hasn’t happened in the books yet- and knows nothing more than he did before, and the only thing he has from his time with TER is three less people who loved and likely a horrible case of survivors guilt and PTSD. 
  9. Tyrion Lannister- his “alcoholism” and how he’s not Quentyn Martell. Tyrion Lannister drank his way across the Narrow Sea, and he’s always been prone to drink. So ofc, his driking problem is cured the second he sees some dragons. Obliviously. Not to mention that they gave away certain points of the lost Quentyn Martell to a white cis male. (Too bad the dragons didn’t eat him.) While in the books we see Tyrion bonding with Penny- another dwarf- and having his suicidal plots. We meet “Aegon Targaryen” and start see how everything in falling into place for the uprising of House Targaryen. Instead we got Tyrion “drinking and knowing things”. Well done D&D, there goes the character development. Show Tyrion has been the same pile of white washed, boring shit for six years now. Podrick’s dick has better development that show Tyrion. (ugh more sexualization of children.)
  10. Arya Stark and the House of Black and White. Aside from the fact that The House of Black and White doesn’t make sense in their own moments- see, Jaqen making it apparent that a face can only be used once the person has died then proceeding to show Arya’s face for simple shock value- it continues to just not show Arya as the fighter she is. Yes, there was some nice blind fighting on her part, but it’s non of the Arya Stark who willing drank the blind milk to empower her training. Add in the Waif who seemingly wanted nothing more than to murder Arya from the day one, and the fact that Jaqen is randomly training her. The House of Black and White had been a stretch from the beginnig, and almost close enough to pass as a decent adaptation when that is actually far from the truth.