and i definitely need to start exercising again

🔮 A Beginner’s Guide to Low Budget Divination

Getting started in divination can be an expensive feat, especially if you want to try out a bunch of different methods. It gets slightly worse if you have to keep it hidden for any number of reasons. So I’ve compiled a list of ideas for (acquiring) tools and such, which might come in handy for those who don’t know where to start. 

This post will be focusing on a few popular divining methods, feel free to add more!


○ The cheapest possible option is making your own. You’ll need:

  • two regular plain playing card decks. You might have these at home, or you can check thrift shops or dollar stores for cheap decks. You’ll need a total of 78 cards, which is why you’ll most likely need two decks.
  • a pen

You can see where this is going. Grab yourself a list of minor and major arcana and write their names on the cards. You can add little drawings if you feel like it! It’s not the fancy pastel fantasy fairy deck, but it’s all you’ll need to get started. 

○ If homemade isn’t for you, check thrift shops and yard sales for used decks. 

○ Sometimes, the Rider-Waite goes on sale on Amazon, so I’d recommend checking that out. Also, the pocket-sized version is usually cheaper than the full-sized one (and easier to hide, if you’re practicing in secret), so keep that in mind.

Oracle Decks 

Again, thrift shops. Thrift shops all the way.

○ If you want to do it yourself, I can definitely recommend using this tutorial as a guide. Making your own really is a fun exercise and leaves you with a very personal tool.


Maybe I lied about thrift shops. They’re a bit of an unlikely bet in this case. I’ll be giving you five methods to make your own runes, though! 

  • collect smooth stones by the sea, a nearby lake or river, whichever is convenient. You’ll need 24 for a complete set of Elder Futhark runes, or 16 for the Younger Futhark. Write the runes on your stones, and there, you’re done. You can finish them off with any glaze you have available, if you want to. (Stones or rocks from anywhere else work, too, but they won’t be as smooth - it’s a matter of preference). 
  • make little disks out of modelling clay and carve the runes into them. These could turn out quite small if you want them to, making them very convenient for traveling witches (or those who need to hide their craft). 
  • if you happen to have wood-carving/wood burning tools available, you can also make runes from wooden discs. 
  • I know someone who knows someone who made her runes by writing them on bottle caps. Not the most orthodox method, but hey, they work.
  • something that just sprang to mind: you could make them from old coins/pennies/cents/what-have-you. I never tried it, but that’s another idea.


○ The cheapest one I saw so far was at a local occult shop, for about $10. Maybe there’s something cheaper close to you, it’s worth checking.

○ More often than not, I just use a necklace. Really, it doesn’t seem to make a difference. If you don’t want to use a necklace, you can make one by tying a ring to a piece of string. It’s a method I’ve seen mentioned by a lot of other practitioners, and it works fine.

Popular Divination Methods that Don’t Require Special Tools

(or at least nothing you don’t have at home already)

Palmistry - telling fortunes by reading the palm of someone’s hand. I have a palmistry tag in which you can find a bunch of different sources on how to read palms.   

Shufflemancy - a divination method which uses the shuffle function of any music player available to you; here is a handy little guide

Stichomancy - this method uses books for divination, check out this introduction

Further Reading: 

○ this list of divination types, some of which you might not know about yet. Not all of them are still in use, but they make for a really nice overview nonetheless.

this fantastic compilation of links for beginners on popular divination methods

I know a big part of losing weight is exercise so I tried getting into yoga again because I feel like its an easy place to start and I can do it at home for free. I’m on day 3 of a 30 day program I found on youtube. I can feel the soreness of my muscles, a feeling I really miss. I used to hate yoga because it was too slow paced for me but I’m actually enjoying it quite a bit. I think now more than ever I need the mindfulness of the practice and I definitely appreciate it more than ever.

Gajevy Love Love Fest 2016 - No Panties (warm up prompt)

It was originally Erza’s plan to do an entire guild training session. She was becoming annoyed with the “lax” training of some of the guild members and decided that everyone needed to get their acts together. In light of the abysmal performance at the last 24-hour endurance race, her first decision was that it would start with physical fitness alone. “You never know when your magic will disappear,” she said, as she shouted to the entire guild.

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Junior year of college has started for me so this month I will be making goals more geared toward studying and organization.  Let me know if you guys have any good study tips or organization tips. I’d love to know! 

Study a little everyday: I’m a study crammer and I really hate that because it makes me so stressed out. I want to really space out my study time so I’m not cramming like a day before an exam! 

Finish HW/ Do assigned readings ahead of due date: My classes have been going on for a week now and I’ve been doing a good job of doing everything before it’s due.  I am really determined to stick to this because I find that if I space out my time and finish my things early, I have more time to relax, hang out with friends, etc.  

Eat healthy: My stress coping mechanism is to eat eat and eat!  I want to make it my goal to eat better and if I do feel the  need to stress eat, eat healthier foods!  (I am hoping that my begin vegan will make it harder for me to eat junk foods that I usually snack on in my stress filled rage.)

Exercise more: Usually when school starts I have this bad habit of not working out.  I’m pretty good with doing yoga 2 times a day but I just want to make sure I stick to that, and also I really need to start running again.

Keep my planner updated: Everyday write out the things I need to do in my planner and most importantly, accomplish those things on my planner. 

Get enough sleep: I definitely need to learn to get enough sleep, especially when during exam week. 

Smile and laugh everyday: College life can get a little hectic.  This month I want to make it my intention to find a reason to smile and laugh :) Mental health is more important than grades! 

Summer Lovin'- Chapter 2

Thanks for the feedback and stuff, guys! Hope you enjoy :)

On my first full day in California, my parents left me alone. Unfortunately I couldn’t say the same for the day after. They made me feel guilty for being lazy so to get them off my back I decided to go along with them for a fun filled day of checking out the town. Of course, “fun filled” was laced with sarcasm. I was simply being a begrudgingly uncooperative teenager. My parents weren’t all that bad to be honest, I just felt like I was missing out on having fun, especially since I kept getting texts from all my friends back home saying how much partying they’re doing. I just kept having to remind myself that in a couple of weeks I’d be back partying along with them.

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