and i definitely draw him that way

How to Draw Tundras 101

Step 1:
Draw a Lion

Step 2:
Draw a better Lion

Step 3:
Realize for some reason you need to make this Lion a Giant Lizard instead
(embiggen him)

Step 4:
Lighten, because no way in hell do you want to redraw that from scratch

Step 5:
?????? Tundra on top???

Step 6:

Now go forth, and draw needlessly large and floofy Paw-Hand Lizards

about art:

I know that art is a tricky subject to think about, it’s subjective, but I wanted to share something with you: you beginners do not have to get yourself down to people who are more famous, and please, don’t try lowering them with comments about anatomy or painting. Each one has its style of drawing, none of us can consider one drawing worse than the other, it depends on the subjectivity of each one. Of course I’m no better than designers like Viria, Ursula-Decay or Ceejles, for example, but I’m definitely not worse, for some I am better and some not. Before you curse some artist and lower him, think about it. Each one has his own style, each has his own time, each has his own way, and this must be respected. Art has never been and will never be defined.

Escapism and the INTP

Have you ever wanted to get out of your present situation so strongly that you felt heaviness settling right down in the spot where you draw breath? And it seems that you can’t really leave. You’re stuck in your hard, or dull, or senseless life forever.

At this point, various people have various ways of coping. Because I think everyone wishes he could be doing better than he is. At least once in a while.

What does the INTP do to escape? Contrary to popular belief, I don’t think the INTP is as focused on escapism as the stereotypes make him out to be. That would only be true if the definition of real life were the definition that the SJs make it out to be, and which pretty much the whole world accepts.

But I’ve addressed that whole “real life” concept in other places, and I probably don’t need to drive you all up a nutty wall by talking about it again.

At any rate, INTPs do need to escape now and then. I don’t think their constant abstraction is actually the escapism. That’s their real life. So maybe their escapism, their way of coping with difficulty, is actually to live in the SJ definition of real life for a while.

I was thinking about how dumb that sounds, but then, the more I thought about it, the more sense it made. Don’t we sometimes scare ourselves by the depths of our thoughts? I mean, the universe is only so large, and all that. We’ve got to escape our heads every once in a while, and when an INTP is taking a real interest in the material world around him, you can be sure that he’s trying to escape his head for just a little bit.

this may be the second time i’ve drawn h in a leather jacket and i think i want to start a series, hah. 💛✌️

Spring Break College!AU with Tyjo

A/N: alright guys so here is the spring break au/headcanon with Tyler. There will be a Josh one too! I will post it only if this post gets to at least 75 notes!!!! Josh will not be posted if it’s any less!!!! So pls REBLOG and spread this around!!!!!!!!

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For @the-punk-prophet because I really wanted to draw him and I thought I could help raise his spirits. Sorry, I drew your Mohawk wayy too big. 

I felt like my next digital piece was way past due, so here ya go! (I also included a transparent and a sketch because I thought it’d be cool to see the before and after)

Ardyn Izunia Headcanons

No one asked for it but I’m doing it

He’s very jealous. Whenever he finds someone worth his time he wouldn’t let them go. You could almost call him possessive. Since he’s immortal he saw lots of people come and go in and out of his life, but when he finds someone he’s intrigued in, he’d do anything to keep them for himself.

He loves teasing. He’d tease you all the time, mocking you in a loving way, but just enough to be annoying. Throwing out the dad puns™ whenever he can. (“Gosh I’m tired…” - “Hi tired, I’m Ardyn”)

But he wouldn’t only have fun teasing you with words. He’d surprise you with a hug from behind, driving his lips over your neck and whispering sweet nothings into your ear just to draw back with a chuckle, leaving you craving for more. That’s his definition of fun.

He loves to surprise you. Your surprised face makes him relive his past when he could still be surprised by simple things. He loves to give you surprise gifts without ever mentioning it, even if it’s just a small thing he knows you’d enjoy, like your favorite chocolate.

He can read people pretty well and he knows what you like, he’d lived for ages after all. He knows which touches and words drive you crazy. Figuring you out is almost like a game to him, and he wins this game.


in case no one figured it out.  I like to draw space.  Seri is the definition of cute.

Cute paws, cute back feet, cute little mouth, cute little curls, cute stars, 11/10 too cute for me.

Since he tends to pack himself smaller than is good for him, his energy permanently curls.  Like when you unwrap wire, they always twist back up.  Seri may look soft and fluffy, but he is dense. Most starfolk float because they are barely effected by gravity and will settle like smoke.  Seri can, but he has to consciously go weightless.  Otherwise he whomps to the ground like 40 pounds of blankets.  If he’s sleeping in this form, you cannot move him.  Fortunately, (or unfortunately) he tends to wrap around objects when he sleeps and you can move those no problem.  Shimazaki’s favorite prank was to grab the umbrella when seri was asleep, and place him in front of doors.  

Reigen eventually breaks Seri’s habit of nervous tail chewing, and he rapidly grows to his proper size.  Which is very good, because seri being that small is not healthy for him or anyone around him.


I made some Danganronpa Pokemon trainers ! (bg)

Hinata (I’ll always draw him with piercings ok )
-normal type trainer //subtype would be fire
-starter pokemon is an Evee that never evolved
-buys way too much objects, never uses them
-doesn’t have very strong pokemons, wins by strategy
-wants a charizard
-why use Fly when you have a siCK BYCICLE

-fairy type trainer //subtype would be normal or electric
-starter pokemon is a Celefairy
-battles everyone, wins against everyone
-her pokemons are level 200 or something
-definitely has a snorlax and naps on it when tired
-caught them all

-ice type trainer //subtype would be psychic
-starter pokemon is a Dewgong
-only has cute/pretty pokemon
-definitely has that aloha blue ninetails pokemon but it doesn’t like him
-his magicarp could rekt your gyrados but his gyrados could be rekt by your magicarp. His luck works weirdly 
-uses Fly all the time even just to buy groceries or walk a few meters

Meet the New Mods

Introducing Mod Evie and Mod Viena, my two new assistant writers! I think they’ve got amazing writing styles and will really help this blog turn out more content. I hope you all welcome them and enjoy their work~

Mod Evie

Yo~! I don’t really know how to start this, but as you can see, the name’s Evie and I’m a moderator for this blog. I’ve been playing Overwatch since the beginning and am deep into the lore. It’s the first FPS I’ve ever played (that counts), by the way.

My mains in competitive are D.Va and Mercy, though my favorite character lore-wise is definitely Genji. I would marry him in a heartbeat. I also ship Genji with a couple other of the male characters (mainly McCree), but other then that I’m not much of a shipper.

Other things about me? I live alone in an apartment, own a cat and stay inside most of the time. I draw and write, watch YouTube and play games (that is, Overwatch) in my pastime. I pretty much have no life, to put it simply. But that just means I’ll have all the time in the world for all of you.

Mod Viena

I’m mod Viena! My favorite ships are pretty much any with Hanzo in them (McHanzo, Reinzo, Reapzo, etc), I main Hanzo and Sombra in-game, and my favorite characters are Hanzo, McCree, Junkrat, Reaper, Zenyatta, and Mei! When I’m not reading or writing fanfic, I’m hanging out in other Discord servers or taking a nap, haha!

Mod Viena is currently on her spring break, so she won’t start work here until the 20th of March. In the meantime, Mod Evie and I will be opening the askbox shortly to begin our new collaborative effort! Also, I decided to post their request test responses under the cut so you get to see their amazing writing style ^^

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chimera-manticore  asked:

Oh mighty art god/goddess, how does one draw the great Papyrus because I'm kinda killing myself trying and I really like the way you draw him so

i will be honest, i despised drawing papyrus at first and still do a tiny bit (bones suck to draw in general but especially skulls). but i had to learn! i must love papyrus in every way.

he’s changed since i first tried drawing him but here are my warmups for that one comic with mettaton. my main thought was to make him look as different from sans as possible (without making him too angular) and going from there. almost every piece of papyrus’s face is the opposite of sans’s, which is cool

i dunno if this helps but i hope so! sans is easy enough for me to draw so thinking of papyrus as his foil design-wise made approaching him a little easier. as for parts of him that aren’t his face, i’d say study skeletons and think more about big shapes! both of which i gotta do more of…good thing magical cartoon skeleton monsters leave some room for artistic liberties

VIXX reaction to you biting their shoulders because of the pleasure they’re giving you

Thanks for the request! :D


Originally posted by fanyganger

„Damn, that hurts“, Ken would laugh, making you feel a bit bad but he would kiss you in such a way that demanded more.


Originally posted by thevixxforest

„Jagi, I’m going to need an ambulance, I’m bleeding“, he would joke, but you really did draw some blood, although that wouldn’t stop him.


Originally posted by saeno-e

If anything, your bites would only fuel him more, nailing you into the mattress even deeper.


Originally posted by flamingkrisma

Definitely be prepared for retaliation, you skin would also end up littered with bruises and bitemarks.


Originally posted by vvonsik

„I can show you pain and make you say my name“ a total dom, he wouldn’t be too glad about you biting.


Originally posted by blossomvixx

„Baby you can bite me as much as you want. Scratch me, bite me.“ It’s pretty hot. And the pleasure he’s providing is just too much to contain.

+admin Ella

anonymous asked:

OH GOSH DIFF ANON but the way you draw kgiii's lil :3 face is just... the best. The bESt I love it so much?? I love the way you draw him?? And his hair?? Like his curls and the ponytail and the pretty bow?? I love?? it??? sooo ??? mUCH??? FREAKING... THROW ME INTO A COFFIN AND BURY ME IN YOUR GORGEOUS KGIII PICTURES T-T

Aww!!! Thank you so much! Groff is a pain in the ass to draw but I definitely have a lot of fun drawing him.


some quick doodling lol. I promise i’ll draw more underbed au soon. uhh ok so! my best friend and i were talking about how Ogrest and Asriel are similar. If you’re unfamiliar with Wakfu, Ogrest ate 6 magical items that turned him into a monster. We thought it was funny that it was the same number of human souls. And then we realized Nox and Gaster are similar, and then things just got out of hand lool

Kriss is definitely Mettaton by the way. Cooking with… A KILLER BOUFBOWL PLAYER!!

Tiny dump of stuff about My Anti so I can remember to include it on his ref sheet later

-gap tooth (still don’t know the origin on this, can’t decide if it was from a fight or something stupid like him hitting his tooth on the mouthpiece of a bong too hard)

-no fangs, normal teef

-non-pointed human ears

-scar on throat from the exorcism (self inflicted)

-I’m criminally wishy washy about drawing him with long hair or not, either is fine it’s essentially like a little man bun but I definitely draw him more often with hair that sticks up instead of down, like Jack’s, since Anti has probably brushed his hair once in his whole time as a human

-hair is overgrown and faded, still green but way less vibrant than Jack’s

-I draw him with a bandage on his nose but I also don’t know where this came from, probably just another one of those bruises n scrapes he gets but I always draw it

-I think I have a bad habit of drawing him shorter than Jack even though they’re the same height, I pass this off as saying Anti has awful human posture and slouches all the time

-a little paler than Jack, dark red around his eyes from Not Sleeping

-his left eye is the same as Jack’s - white sclera and blue iris

-right eye is black sclera and green iris; one of the only things that carried over from his “demon self” (wears an eyepatch sometimes when he’s in public but hates the damn thing and takes it off as soon as he gets home)

-very very rarely his eyes turn black and his irises and pupils disappear (I wanna say it’s when he’s Angry™ but he’s angry a lot and it doesn’t happen. It’s only when he’s Advanced Angry™ and his demon….ness becomes too big for his body)

-same with his eyes bleeding - they bleed black and it’s just when his human body can’t handle his true size u kno (his Bad Eye bleeds a lot more frequently, sometimes just when he’s irritated, but it’s not scary and black it’s just like dark blood)

-wears exclusively shitty ironic Tshirts

-gauges are a little bigger than Jack’s, only because they were in when he replicated Jack’s body; Jack took his out, Anti didn’t

-thinner than Jack because he doesn’t eat very often, but he’s getting better about it and frankly his shirts aren’t skintight so you wouldn’t really be able to tell at a glance

-basically just imagine a trashy JSE who forgot to take care of himself thx


Fandom: Captain America
Pairing(s): 1940s Bucky Barnes x reader
Summary: You’re a nurse, working in the enlistment office at the start of the war. You don’t usually pay much attention to the men you sign up to war, until one Bucky Barnes passes through and steals your heart
Warnings: None
A/N: Okay so this got way out of control with the word count. I’m quite proud of it though, so feedback please?

“Barnes, James Buchanan?” you called, holding your clipboard to your uniformed chest and looking expectantly around the waiting room. A young man got to his feet, sauntering towards where you were waiting. You raised your eyebrows; you could spot his type a mile away. He was definitely only joining up to get a girl.
“Good morning, Mr Barnes,” you said politely, drawing the floor length curtain closed behind him. He nodded to you, winking.
“It certainly is, ma'am.”
You crossed the room, setting down your clipboard and turning to face him.
“Someone’s awful chipper today,” you commented, rolling your sleeves up.
“You sound surprised,” he replied, that stupidly cute grin never leaving his stupidly handsome face. You shook yourself mentally, trying to regain focus.
“Most of the men I work with are off to war, Mr Barnes.”
“Hey, call me Bucky.”
You raised your eyebrows. “Bucky? Your enlistment form said-”
“Ah, it’s just a nickname,” he smiled. “There are thousands of James’ out there, not many Bucky’s.”
You chuckled. “And you’ve never considered that there may be a reason for that?”
He frowned slightly. “Not until now, ma'am.”
“Please stop with the "ma'am”. It’s (Y/N/N),“ you told him, smiling softly.
”(Y/N/N)?“ he repeated.
"Short for (Y/N),” you added. “Only my mom calls me that though.”
He nodded. “(Y/N/N),” he said, as if testing your name on his lips. “I like it. Pretty name for a pretty girl.”
You rolled your eyes. “Did you come here to flirt with the nurses, or do you actually want to join up?”
He grinned. “Can I say both?”
You picked up your stethoscope, putting the earbuds in your ears. “Could you remove your shirt please?” you asked, cursing yourself inwardly as you felt your cheeks turning scarlet. You looked anywhere but at Bucky as he unbuttoned his shirt, draping it over the chair.
“Is this a test of how well I can stand the cold?” he joked. “Because I’d like to say I’m currently freezing.”
You snapped out of your reverie, still avoiding eye contact as you checked him over, taking notes as you worked.
“So, what’s the diagnosis?” he asked, putting his shirt back on. You turned to face him, smiling slightly.
“Welcome to the army, Sergeant Barnes.”
He grinned. “Thank you, ma'am. Tell me, do pretty nurses like yourself like dancing?”
“I’m not much of a dancer, Sergeant,” you smiled. “And I don’t get asked often. In fact, I’ve never been asked.”
“Well, those other guys must be blind,” he told you, picking up his jacket. “I hope to see you at the dance hall tonight.”
You shook your head, depositing your stethoscope on your desk. “I wouldn’t bet on it.”

“Why am I here?” you asked your friend again, shivering slightly. She’d made a habit of dragging you to the dance hall whenever she met a new recruit that she liked the look of. Considering that there were only two other nurses working alongside you two, this happened a lot.
“Because, this one was special! We totally had a moment,” she gushed, standing up on tiptoe to see over the crowds. “I can’t believe you haven’t signed up any cute ones.”
You rolled your eyes, thinking of Bucky and smiling to yourself. “Yeah it’s a shame.”
“There he is!” she squealed. “I’ll see you later, (Y/N/N)!” And with that, she disappeared into the crowd before you could protest.
You rubbed your arms, trying in vain to fight the cold. Being at the dance hall with no date was bad enough, but being OUTSIDE the dance hall with no date? That was just humiliating.
“And there was me thinking you weren’t gonna show.”
You turned round quickly, seeing a familiar face and smiling involuntarily.
“I didn’t realise anyone was expecting me,” you replied as Bucky leaned against the wall beside you. He was all decked out in his new uniform, his dark hair slicked back under his cap. You had to admit, he looked even more handsome than he had when you saw him that morning.
“I kept my hopes up,” he replied with a grin. “So what brings you here?”
“My friend. She keeps dragging me here so she can stalk guys she sees at the enlistment offices.” You sighed dramatically. “Poor guys.”
Bucky laughed. “So am I getting that dance or not?”
“I don’t remember agreeing to a dance,” you replied, raising your eyebrows. He grinned.
“I could tell you wanted to though.”
You shook your head. “I’m trying to avoid watching my friend embarrass herself for once, so I’m not going in there.”
He held his hand out to you. “Then we’ll dance out here, just you and me. Please?”
You smiled slightly. “Alright.”
Taking his hand, you rested your other hand on his broad shoulder. He held your waist gently, swaying the two of you back and forth.
“See? It’s not so bad,” he chuckled.
“Cold though,” you commented. He frowned.
“Well, we can’t have a pretty girl freeze, can we?” He shrugged his jacket off, draping it around your shoulders. It was lovely and warm, and smelt so distinctly of Bucky. You weren’t sure how you knew that.
“Thank you,” you said gratefully. He bowed slightly, making you giggle.
“It’s my honour. And it would be my honour to walk said pretty girl home.”
He offered you his arm, and you looped your arm through his with a smile.
“Do you know when they’re shipping you out?” you asked as you stopped outside your door. He took his cap off, turning it in his hands.
“Next week,” he told you. “I’ll write to you. If you want me to, I mean-”
You pressed a quick kiss to his cheek, cutting him off mid sentence. “Please write to me, Bucky. I’ll miss you.”
He smiled softly. “I’ll write every day. Will you wait for me?”
You nodded, squeezing his hand in yours. “I’ll wait as long as it takes for you to come home. Just…promise me that you will come home.”
He cupped your cheek gently, stepping closer to you. He stopped when his lips were only millimetres away from yours.
“I promise,” he whispered.