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so anyways since I’m gay, I wanted to figure about how tall Eliphas is:

In Ep118, we get a pretty good shot with Yuuma and Eliphas standing in relatively the same place:

I then moved Yuuma over, lining up their foot placements to the best of my abilities:

Yuuma’s prongs are generally disregarded in the height chart, so I marked about the top of his head

Yuuma is 158cm (Five foot two inches) meaning the space between the red lines is 158 cm.

The orange line shows the space between the two lines, which is 114 pixels long. Therefore, each pixel is 1.38 cm.

Back to Eliphas:

I marked here as the top of Eliphas, since he is somewhat tilting his head down, and also I’m feeling generous today.

The orange line again signifies the space between the lines, coming to a total of 161 pixels. 161 x 1.38 is…

(That’s 7 feet and 3.8 inches)

(The more u know)

No one hold me to this since I’m tired af and I don’t think straight when I’m tired but I want to make a sheith network entirely dedicated to the softest ass sheith content in the fandom.

That’s my favourite thing about sheith. How fucking soft it is.

I just want to have a whole network dedicated to the fluffiest, softest and cutest sheith stuff out there

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Did you see Charles Manson finally died What will callmie do with her life now Charles Manson is gone

i did!! and what a happy day today is! not for miss manson, i’m sure. she must be mourning dressed as sharon tate and holding her copy of his book with her pic on top of it 

they bop!!!!!!

Dunkirque Interview with Fionna Wickerbasket and Henry Stencils 🎬


SuperCorp + Livewire Ships Them Too (and is Lena’s wingwoman)

Bonus (Earlier that Day):

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