and i dedicate it to

bae jinyoung as your boyfriend

wanna one boyfriends 8/11 - dedicated to @milktaeh

  • let me start off by saying one word only: s h y
  • like listen baejin can look pretty intimidating at first but he’s actually a soft floof
  • especially when he’s around you
  • he just feels very very strongly for you
  • you somehow manage to make his heart race without putting in any effort whatsoever
  • ngl he can get frustrated from time to time because he wants to have the same effect on you
  • will try to make you flustered by stealing random kisses from you but tbh he’ll be the one to end up blushing
  • you’re his emotional anchor and vice versa
  • frequently asks you about your day and genuinely cares about your answer
  • he just cares about you in general and always makes sure to let you know
  • “tell me if things are stressing you out too much, i’ll help”
  • “make sure you stay healthy and get enough rest okay”
  • “you can do it, i believe in you”
  • you’re his number one motivator and bring out the best in him so he’s eternally grateful for that and wants to return the favor
  • the type to send you cute little texts throughout the day to let you know how much he appreciates you
  • “remember that i love u”
  • “never give up babe i’m supporting u so much”
  • “i was about to go to bed but now i can’t stop thinking about u wow”
  • basically he thinks about you all the time so he might get distracted during dance practice with wanna one sometimes
  • which results in the older members teasing scolding him
  • appreciates skinship but he gets shy about it in front of people especially wanna one so he tries to play it down a little
  • speaking of skinship, he loves resting his hand on the small of your back
  • and boi your kisses are his favorite
  • like he will find incredibly dumb reasons and excuses to get you to kiss him
  • even if it’s just a cute little peck, the feeling of your lips on his will make him fucking weak
  • likes having you in his lap with your back resting comfortably against his chest
  • he WILL try and mess up braid your hair so be prepared
  • sometimes he’ll try and tickle your sides but your ass ain’t having none of that so tickle fights are a thing
  • wants to have these cute cooking dates with you but doesn’t want to fuck up so he always buys things that incredibly easy to make
  • “omg jinyoung instant ramen doesn’t count”
  • “well it’s the thought that counts isn’t it”
  • takes you to the beach or a nice, quiet spot in the city to watch the sunset with him
  • y’all frequently tell dumb jokes or pick up lines to each other and crack up at every single one of them
  • could laugh with and at each other for days
  • one time baejin tried using dish soap to clean up a spill on the floor and slipped and you couldn’t stop laughing at his dumb ass for about three hours
  • so sometimes when y’all are being a bit loud again his members will be lowkey highkey annoyed with you
  • “can you kids stop with your obnoxious antics some of the elders do value their beauty sleep thank you”
  • “daehwi shut up you’re like 12″
  • rests his head in your lap
  • likes having you close all the time, especially when the two of you are sharing a bed
  • spooning
  • likes to be the big spoon because he can pull you flush against his chest and nestle his face in the crook of your neck
  • doesn’t ever let go of you throughout the night because he’s the most comfortable with you by his side
  • honestly he just wants to be the perfect boyfriend for you so he tries really hard please appreciate him a lot

My collaboration with @whatthefoucault for the Captain America Reverse Big Bang 2017 @capreversebb. !!! The fic can be found on Ao3 

It’s my first time participating in a reverse big bang and it has been lovely !! Thank you so much @whatthefoucault for your enthusiasm and for this adorable domestic fic. 

Also I’ve had the pleasure to work with two authors for this event so stay tuned for another fic with nearly the same but not completely identical pic ! 


SuperCorp + A Sudden Vacation to Australia??? (at least Lena tried…) 


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