and i couldnt choose one of them

just had a dream that there was a my little pony character contest where they would choose a random pony character that was submitted and make an episode about them and my character won

his name was Dingle Dangle and he made chandeliers and his entire episode was about how one of the characters couldnt stand still to get her measurements even tho that doesnt make sense cuz u dont need body measurements for a chandelier

anyway it was a commercial failure and my family was mad at me cuz i got the show almost cancelled and i felt like shit but now im awake and im smiling at the idea of a shitty horse named Dingle Dangle getting onto one of the most recognizable kids shows of the 2010’s and nearly destroying it

Humans are Weird: Pain

Ok, soI was hanging out with my best friend, and westarted playing tennis (not real tennis, Im talking about slapping eachothers hand and seeing who can stand it the longest) and bloody knuckes. And that got me thinking… Tennis and Bloody knuckles are games that really hurt but its fun and we do it anyway. Even if pain is an indicator that something is wrong, or we should stop doing whatever caused that pain. So I had to write about this.

Ever since Viavian’ak overheard Alana and Rosa talking about eating capsacin in large amounts, xe kept xer distance. Eventually, xe had to start working with them again. Xe didnt want to, but its not there couldbe anything else that humans did that was stupid or dangerous right? Sure, there were numerous things, but still. There couldnt be anything else stupid or dangerous they did “just for fun.” Viavian’ak was still afraid of them but… no use in keeping distance.

At least thats what xe thought til xe heard Rosa suggest they play Tennis or Bloody Knuckles to cure their boredom. Viavian’ak really hoped they chose to play tennies. Bloody knuckles sounded very dangerous… and bloody to. Xe took back what xe said about Humans not doing anymore dangerous and stupid activities than they do already. Rosa’s suggestion of bloody knuckles proved that wrong.

“Do I really have to choose between Bloody Knuckles and Tennis? Both of those are fun!”

“You gotta choose! Ok Actually, how about we do both? Lets start with bloody knuckles. I always win that one.”

“I will this time!”

“No you wont.” Rosa laughed a bit. Viavian’ak was horrified. Xe was gonna get a medic but… morbid curiosity kept them from going to get one. And then, they started punching eachother! Well, only eachother’s knuckles but still! Viavian’ak still couldnt get up to get a medic. Whether xe was frozen in curioistyor fear, xe didnt know. This much curiosity is ahuman thing! Humans are rubbing off on xer… They continued punching eachother’s knuckles  for about five minutes before Alana flinched and pulled her hand up to her chest.

“Ok Ok you win again.”

“I knew I was.”

There was no blood but both of their knuckles were really red. Viavian’ak was pleasently surprised. Xe expected so much blood. But at least they were about to play tennis. A much more safer human activity. Xe did wonder where they were going to get the rackets and the balls.

“I always win at tennis to.”

“Ok, Im definitely winning this time!”

“Yeah right.”

Viavian’ak thought for a second, that they were going to arm wrestle instead, but no! They started slapping eachother’s hand! Very hard! Viavian was horrified. This wasnt tennis!”What are you two doing! That is not tennis!”

Both Alana and Rosa looked over to xer. Neither stopped slapping the others hand. They glanced at eachother and laughed  a bit. Alana decided to try and explain. 

“Ok, Vi. The ‘proper’ name of this game is slap tennis.”

“But doesnt that hurt?!”

Rosa immediately nodded.”Oh yeah. A lot. Bloody knuckles hurts a lot to.”

“Then why do you continue to do it!?”

“I always win, and its fun.”

“Isnt pain an indicator that something is wrong or you should stop doing something?!”

Alana rolled her eyes.”Well yes, but this is fun pain.”

“Fun pain!?” Viavian’ak couldnt take this anymore and just got up and walked away. Xe just couldnt beleive it.”Humans induce pain on eachother for fun… for fun!”

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Here are just some of my old sonas only going back as far as 2012 since any older files would not exist on this laptop. 

Before that I was a teddy bear, a stuffed bat, a cat, a bunny, a black dragon named black magic, a moth, like goodness sometimes I could change sonas in the span of a week. 

Let me tell you it was frustrating as hell. It was a long and arduous process that took a good span of my life so I feel you on the sona thing. 

Gonna include more under the cut.

This is really long cause its really personal sorry’’’’

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390 (“You’ve only heard his side of the story. You never asked mine.”) || 366 ("You heard me. Take. It. Off) || 338 (“Will you just shut up for a moment so I can say something nice to you!”) || 322 (“Where were you? Do you have any idea how worried I was?”) || 283 ( “There are plenty of people out there who love you.” “Yeah, like who?” “Like me.”) ALL JAMILTON PLS I COULDNT DECIDE ON ONE SO YOU CAN CHOOSE BUT JAMILTON PLSSS ILY

aaah! okay, so i picked 283, but i loved all of them!! please enjoy :D

Word Count: 678

Warnings: panic attack (please don’t read if it will trigger you, take care of yourselves <3) and swearing

The last thing Thomas ever expected to see was a moment of weakness in his enemy, Alexander. The guy never shut up. He was always over-confident and looked like he had life all figured out. Though he would never admit it, Thomas was jealous of that trait. He tried to carry himself in the same way, but he always had a little inkling of self-doubt in the back of his brain.

He would’ve died before admitting it, but he would give anything to trade places with Alexander.

So it was to his great surprise that when he entered the custodian’s closet to return some paper towels his class had borrowed, he found Alexander tucked into the corner. He was curled in a ball, his head between his knees, hyperventilating. Thomas dropped the paper towels and rushed over.

“Jesus, Hamilton, are you okay?” he asked, kneeling in front of the shaking boy. Alexander jumped at the sound of Thomas’ voice, but didn’t look up. He seemed frozen where he was, violently trembling and gasping for breath.

Thomas knew immediately it was a panic attack. He’d had many of them himself, but he never could have pictured Alexander having one. He tried to think of what would help.

“Alexander, can you look at me?” he asked in as gentle a voice he could. Alexander didn’t respond to the sound, so Thomas laid a hand on his shoulder. He jumped at the contact, and his head snapped up. Tears coated his red face as he hissed ragged breaths through his teeth. Thomas immediately felt for him. Even though he normally acted like he hated the guy, he knew what this kind of attack felt like, and he wouldn’t wish it on his worst enemy.

“Keep your eyes on mine, okay?” Thomas said calmingly. Alexander nodded his head sharply, still unable to breathe properly. “Okay, when I take a breath, you take a breath, got me?”

Again, Alex gave a jerk of his head. Thomas gave him a small smile and took in a deep breath. Alexander gasped loudly.

“Slowly,” Thomas said softly, and took in another slow, exaggerated breath all the while keeping a warm grip on the smaller boy’s shoulder. Alexander inhaled raggedly, but taking in more air than before. He let out the air as Thomas did. They continued like this, Alex’s breaths slowly getting longer and smoother, until, finally, he had stopped shaking and his tears had slowed.

“You good?” Thomas asked, removing his hand from Alex’s shoulder.

Alexander wiped at his face with his sleeve, a blush creeping into his cheeks. He shrugged in response.

“What triggered it?” Thomas asked before remembering that they weren’t friends. “Sorry, you don’t have to tell me…”

“No, it’s okay…” Alex said weakly. “Thank you, for… helping me, I just… sometimes I feel like nobody loves me, you know? Like all my friends are from far away, or at a different school, and… my fucking enemy was the only one here for me.”

Thomas’ heart hurt at the helplessness in his voice. Maybe he shouldn’t have been so mean to him for all these years, but he always seemed so… impervious. Thomas kicked himself for all the times he could have been nice, but instead took the low-road. He felt like such an asshole. Maybe… maybe Alexander needed to hear the truth.

There are plenty of people out there who love you,” Thomas said, resting his hand once more on Alexander’s shoulder.

Alex gave a snort of derision. “Yeah, like who?

Thomas took a deep breath, his stomach filling with butterflies. “Like me.

The shock was apparent in Alexander’s eyes as he gazed into Thomas’. “But… you… hate me,” Alexander whispered, confused.

“I’m jealous of you,” Thomas said honestly. “And… I like you. But I thought you’d never feel the same.”

After a moment of silence, Alexander whispered. “You were wrong, then.”

A little smile broke out on each of their faces and Thomas wrapped Alex in a hug. Thomas had never felt happier to be proven wrong by Alexander Hamilton.

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If your not too busy could I get like a reaction of rung, Ratchet, Fort max and drift to walking into a room and finding the sparkling trying to fight/interact/play (couldnt choose) with there own reflection thinking its another sparkling. Got this idea from this picture I saw a bit ago hope that's okay


He wasn’t sure if he should be concerned when Sparkling tackled the newly polished wall. He quickly made his way over to the; picks them up to check for injuries. 

Rung places them back on the floor. Sparkling instantly returned to the wall placing their little servos on it. The therapist smiles when he sees the problem. “Sweetspark that you no one is there,” he coaxed getting out to your level. “See,” he says gesturing to his reflection. Sparkling swats at it. Rung just shakes his helm.


The old mech has probably seem a few sparklings do this before but, it never ceases to amuse him. Of course he stops them from hurting themselves. Sparkling whines being taken away from their playmate. This sparkling never fails in making Ratchet smiles.

Fortress Maximus

Confused at first; should he tell Rung about this and see if he knows what to do. Surely Max doesn’t. After a close inspection he understands wants going on and chuckles at his sparkling’s antics. 

He boops you a way from the reflective surface. 


Walking in to your Sparkling trying to attack themselves in a mirror is usual to say the least. He doesn’t know what to do really. Drift quickly takes Sparkling from the mirror so they didn’t harm themselves. He finds it amusing to see Sparkling trying to get an intruder that’s actually just them. 


DCTV Ladies Appreciation Week
↳ Day 1: Favorite Character(s) [Part 1 - Berlantiverse] || All of Them 

“You do a mighty fine job bearing a burden few men could deal with.” 
“Good thing I’m a woman then.”

Anonymous asked: Wich is Muse best song? (in my opinion)
Well, i’ve always had a thing for Citizen Erased

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theyre saying im antisemitic bc i mentioned wetwareproblem, whos a jewish convert and also one of the most obnoxious inclusionists on here. because they think im “choosing the most convenient jew to blame” like bitch.. i.. am jewish and i mentioned them bc they were the first inclusionist i thought of and i couldnt remember how to spell that pereigesis whatever persons url. like its not that fucking deep 


merry spoopmas!!!!
i was planning on drawing some spg in halloween costumes but i thought of this and i just….. couldnt resist. im not sorry.
i have two more bot ones that i still have to finish purely because i couldnt choose which pic i liked best for them but theyre gonna take another day to finish so!!!! these are for the day of spoop. more spooped bots soon. i hope u all like em!!!
backgrounds taken from this post!!!

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15, 27, 28

asks for fanfic writers.

15. hardest verse to write.

when you try to write a college au but you couldnt even make it through community college……………………………….

27. best review you ever got.

jkdsdjfdlkf i really can’t choose i love all of them and appreciate them so much ;__;

28. worst review you ever got.

@placeboner commented this on one chapter of ntyisd and i will never forgive them for it