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i fucked up big time again. i haven't had energy all day, i skipped school cause i couldnt get up, and my best friend in america(i'm in europe) he texted me "morning" but i didnt answer, then he texted "???" later in the day and i said "sorry" to him. and he just answered "oh." back and havent said anything else for five hours now and i literally dont have energy to bother talking to him and it makes me hate myself so much bc i know i'm being an asshole and a terrible friend but i literally cant

Just tell him what you feel. I know it’s sometimes so hard to get the energy up to do anything at all but he’s your friend and he can help you to feel better. Just tell him you aren’t feeling that well. I don’t want to sound like a parent because I skipped school too but skipping school won’t get you far in life. Even if you feel like shit try to go there. I still remember that one day when I almost passed out on my way to school because I’ve been crying all night long. I had school from 8am until 7pm. I was so done but friends kinda helped me. School can distract you a little bit from the mess in your head. Stay strong honey 

i’ve gained so much weight since we broke up. i have always been a comfort eater, which turned into anorexia when i was 13/14. now i feel like i’m over my ed, but now i’m back to comfort and boredom eating. which sucks. i dont really care much about the weight gain and how i look, because if i couldnt love myself when i was 50 lb smaller, then i wont love myself no matter how much weight i lose. im more bothered about how i feel. i dont feel healthy. im not really healthy tbh. i eat so much sugar its crazy. so i’ve decided to try and cut added sugar out completely. which will suck cause sugar can make you addicted and i’ll regret this decison by the end of the day lol but i wanna know if cutting sugar out and starting to do yoga every day again would help me feel better. i stopped doing yoga because it was so hard after a while. having a baby who is barely sleeping because of teething is hard and the last thing on my mind was excercise.

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I never really had any problems with super natural occurrences until i attended college. The campus was said to be an old renovated POW camp and the old dorms were particularly reported to have strange paranormal activities. I’d hear stories about people hearing conversations or furniture moving around in a room they knew was unoccupied.

I didn’t give it much thought mainly because i was housed on the opposite side of the campus in the newer dorms. I never felt anything peculiar until i was left alone after my room mate dropped out. Thats when i began to feel uncomfortable. Not to say it was because i was alone. It was as if someone was still there despite me knowing there wasn’t.

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okay well now I HAVE to ask about Tron

OH SHIT TRON. Okay, prepare yourselves for the ultimate in fuckboy mastery.

So at the end of high school myself and 2 of my best friends went to the coast on holiday, as did about 50% of every graduate in the country. There’s all these clubs and parties and shit, it’s like a rite of passage, sort of.

So anyway, one day (it was actually about 1 am) we were at this club called Crush?Crushed? idk it was fuckin 1 in the morning and there was this guy who had a face that looked like it had been chiseled by the gods. Like he belonged in a museum. So obviously my 2 straight friends were like “let’s go talk to him” and he was like “hey girls, they call me “The Legend” or sometimes just “The Leg” and you can guess why that is ;) ;)” and then he told us about his family crest. Which he wore on a necklace. And had it with him at that time. What the fuck. Eventually we got bored of him and left but he followed us everywhere. We left and went to a bar across the street and he followed us there too, talking about his family and their wealth and the holiday homes he has and the prestigious school he went to and all that shit. Then he tried to make us buy him drinks like, what about the money you were just bragging about fuckface?

At a point I ended up alone with him and I told him I was gay and he said, and I quote “you won’t be by the time I’m done with you.” and like, what was left of my heterosexuality just disintegrated on the spot. He kept bothering us until the barman saw we were uncomfortable and chased him away. We didn’t see him again, but we took pictures with him so we’d always remember the ultimate boss level fuckboy.