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(anon about alec's line from earlier) i just kinda wanted to explain my thoughts more cuz i think using 'creepy' gave the wrong impression. the reason the line didnt sit well with me is b/c we have seen suicidal!alec as canon (literally he tried to kill himself) and magnus was the one who saved him, and for the most part the show ignored it except for like one scene. and while i am a big fan of the show, that's always bothered me so fucking much because i've loved people who thought their (1/4)

lives were worthless and so were they and it’s fucking terrifying?? and if the show were to actually talk about alec being suicidal and not just make it an intense plot moment for 3 seconds, i think magnus would still be terrified over that too. so (and i know this wasnt the show’s intention) alec saying ‘i dont think i can live without you’, if alec being suicidal wasn’t just to spook the fans, would scare the fuck out of magnus. and i love malec so much!! they mean so much to me,(2/4)

and i always thought i could count on them as being a healthy lgbtq+ ship, but with this line it terrifies me that the show is just gonna reduce magnus and alec into drama involving their relationship and ignore them as whole characters.i love them, i really do, but alec saying he can’t live without magnus is not only ignoring his shit ton of emotional problems, but it also reduces him to loving magnus and only magnus. he has his entire family, and yet with that line it seems like they just(¾)

threw that out and pretended like the only person to ever actually matter to alec is magnus. and same w magnus when alec asked him for help to close the rift, magnus made it seem (at first) like he couldnt care less about the rift & demons escaping and killing people just cuz he was mad at alec. and i know eventually he gave in, but that was only after alec talked to him for awhile, which is annoying and gross b/c i dont believe magnus would ever hesitate to do something if it saved lives.(4/4)

again, i know this wasn’t the show’s intention, but these scenes being written this way makes it seem like the only reason magnus and alec exist is to be malec. (and there are good scenes that counteract my argument, but it still bothers me that the scenes i am talking about are written this way) anyway. i know this is all me just reading way too far into stuff, but i’m just worried that i’m gonna have to see this ship burn because it’s being written like this. (5/4 miscounted my bad)

Ok, nonnie. First of all, I don’t want to sound like a dick but I disagree with you completely, like I understand what you are trying to say and every single one of your points, but I really disagree with all of them, and I understand why you are scared about this becoming an annoying or bad on screen relationship but I just don’t see it that way.

Suicidal!Alec is canon but like I said before I don’t think alec said it in a “If you don’t get back together with me I’m gonna kill myself” way, I think it was more in a “you are always gonna be a part of me” way. I think that, yes, Magnus hearing Alec say that may scare him and make him think that he can’t leave Alec but Magnus is not with Alec just because Alec can’t live without him or because Alec is forcing him to stay by emotionally manipulating him, Magnus is with Alec because can’t live without him either.

Now, what you are saying about the show reducing Alec and Magnus to only malec and giving them drama about the relationship….. yeah….. no… the “drama” we’ve seen on screen is literally not like anything I’ve seen on screen for relationships. It isn’t “I’m jealous because this person suddenly started talking to you” “I’m gonna cheat on you because I thought you were cheating on me” “You told me one small lie that didn’t matter so now I’m mad at you and I’m gonna forget you exist”, it’s not silly relationship drama for the sake of drama, the multiple arguments they’ve had is around one thing and one thing only, the fact that Alec is part of a privileged group and Magnus is part of a group that is being oppressed by them, it all goes back to that. 

They are a healthy relationship because even after all the problems, they always talk and go back to being ok, it never piles up, they have great communication and their relationship keeps growing. 

The “I don’t think I can live without you” is giving their relationship more development than taking it away. And not just their relationship but also Alec as a whole character, he went from “Am I gonna give up my life for you?” to telling Magnus he can’t live without him.

Also, what you said about the line making it seem like he doesn’t care about his family because it makes it sound like he only thinks about Magnus……… Alec has always been shown as someone that protects the people he loves (that’s literally what his name means) and it has been shown how much he loves his family. At the beggining he was shown as a very cold person but did you see the way he smiled and hugged Izzy, the way he smilles at Max whenever he sees him, the way he comforted Jace even tho he didn’t know what was happening, the way he knew when to start treating Clary with kindness because he knew he cared about her enough? 

He has always been shown as a guarded person, the only person he has shown complete affection, kindness, sweetness and even weakness to is Magnus, because Magnus is the only person he has an intimate relationship with, the only person who has even gotten him to open up emotionally, and the only person he trusts with his emotions. That’s why there is a difference between his platonic and familial relationships and the relationship he has with his partner Magnus.

And are you really telling me Magnus Bane wouldn’t have saved all those lives if it weren’t for Alec telling him people were gonna die? Af it weren’t because Alec talked to him? Magnus bane would never. I know you are saying the writting made it seem that way… but really? is that really how you are gonna leave? thinking Magnus would?. He would have probably shown up at the Institute anyways to see how he could help. In my house we treat Magnus Bane with the respect he deserves.

And lastly i do understand what you are trying to say but everything about their storyline as individuals and as a couple has been great I don’t think there’s anything we should be worried about really. I’m sorry if i sounded rude or harsh  with everything I explained above, but really, everything is fine my dude.

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Hey can you explain double cleansing to me? should i remove my make up with the oil and then wash it again with a cleansing gel? because i remove my make up with micellar water and then oil + gel cleanser. i tried to find this somewhere but couldnt find anything. sorry to bother u but ily

u can use tge water in place of a gel. u can look it up but basically the oil is there to remove waterproof and oil soluble stuff on your face like makeup, sunscreen, moisturiser and sebum and then you remove the oil with a soap cleanser (what you call gel cleanser) its rather called double cleansing than oil cleansing

       “—why them?” It was a question Rick asked himself more often then not nowadays. More often in private as he was now, finally away from all of those alternates of himself. Those reminders of who he could be, and who he was deep down inside. It seemed that everything he had touched in his life so far, everything he let close got destroyed in one way or another. And he just couldn’t cope; how could he?

       It’d been 182 days since the death of his wife and daughter, and it was all he could do just to smile everyday for them. It just wasn’t fair. “Diane… m-my baby girl… oh god…” He didn’t bother keeping it in anymore. Here without anyone to catch him in his lie, clutching to the only photograph he had of the only family he’d ever known. He was weak, so grossly feeble and it was all his fault that things wound up this way. That he grew attached, and let himself get close to someone - to think that he could have l o v e.

       — he wouldn’t make that mistake again.

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okay well now I HAVE to ask about Tron

OH SHIT TRON. Okay, prepare yourselves for the ultimate in fuckboy mastery.

So at the end of high school myself and 2 of my best friends went to the coast on holiday, as did about 50% of every graduate in the country. There’s all these clubs and parties and shit, it’s like a rite of passage, sort of.

So anyway, one day (it was actually about 1 am) we were at this club called Crush?Crushed? idk it was fuckin 1 in the morning and there was this guy who had a face that looked like it had been chiseled by the gods. Like he belonged in a museum. So obviously my 2 straight friends were like “let’s go talk to him” and he was like “hey girls, they call me “The Legend” or sometimes just “The Leg” and you can guess why that is ;) ;)” and then he told us about his family crest. Which he wore on a necklace. And had it with him at that time. What the fuck. Eventually we got bored of him and left but he followed us everywhere. We left and went to a bar across the street and he followed us there too, talking about his family and their wealth and the holiday homes he has and the prestigious school he went to and all that shit. Then he tried to make us buy him drinks like, what about the money you were just bragging about fuckface?

At a point I ended up alone with him and I told him I was gay and he said, and I quote “you won’t be by the time I’m done with you.” and like, what was left of my heterosexuality just disintegrated on the spot. He kept bothering us until the barman saw we were uncomfortable and chased him away. We didn’t see him again, but we took pictures with him so we’d always remember the ultimate boss level fuckboy.