and i couldn't stop from laughing

In the 8th grade, I was in science class and my teacher was up front teaching a lesson when he stopped mid-sentence because a phone was ringing. But it wasn’t a cellphone. It was a legit house phone ringing and the whole class was silent while we were all looking around because the phone was still going off, so I slowly turn to my best friend and this bitch pulls out her house phone from her pajama pants and answers it in the middle of class. The teacher was in such shock that he didn’t even yell at her he just quietly confiscated it and continued talking.

Yoongi in Cypher 4: I’m so high, who you looking at
It’s too tall for you even if you get help from someone

Also Yoongi: 

a non-musician's names for the instruments: a summary
  • Taken from my various interrogations of my non-musician friend
  • Violin: violin
  • Viola: violin
  • Cello: big violin
  • Double bass: big big stand-up violin
  • Piccolo: short flute
  • Flute: flute
  • Alto/bass etc. flute: long bent flute
  • Clarinet: clarinet
  • Bass clarinet: long silver-black saxophone
  • Oboe: what happened to that clarinet
  • English horn: what happened to that clarinet part II
  • Bassoon: brown tube
  • Saxophone: saxophone
  • Trumpet: trumpet
  • Trombone: slidey trumpet
  • French horn: round trumpet that you stick your hand into
  • Tuba: huge gold trumpet thing
  • Euphonium: slightly smaller huge gold trumpet thing
  • Timpani: large drums
  • Glockenspiel/vibes/marimba/xylophone etc.: whacky piano
  • Piano: piano
  • Harpsichord: weird sounding piano with the keys backward coloured
I’m sitting here listening to you on the other end of the phone and I can’t help but hate everything that comes out of your mouth. Everything you tell me or have ever told me is all a lie. I don’t know why I still put up with you. I guess it’s because all I ever wanted from you was to love me as much as I did you but you couldn’t even stop thinking about that other girl long enough to even consider me.
—  You’re laughing at a joke while I’m silently crying wanting to scream // Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #15

So I just got home from watching Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children with my brother (side note: really enjoyed the movie, never read the book, do with that what you will) and the theatre was packed cause it’s opening night right so my brother and I sat in different rows. I was in the front row in the middle and he was directly behind me.

Throughout the movie I could hear these annoying children making noise and talking and just disturbing my movie experience.

They were in my brother’s row.

What I did not realise is they sat right next to my brother.

They read the book.

My brother got live down-to-the-minute-before spoilers throughout the whole movie.

My poor brother got his birthday movie experience ruined by asshole nerds who couldn’t shut the fuck up during a movie like proper human beings.

Do not be asshole nerds who can’t shut the fuck up during a movie.

Eijun’s birthday event hasn’t over yet…

From Terajima-sensei’s tweets.

“On top of that, it’s how it would be in magazine’s story.”

Koushuu : Today is your birthday? I see…

Eijun : That’s right, so why!? Of course I won’t bother you. And it’s only one day in a year for everyone!! You should release your profile soon! I…It’s the first time I became 17 years old!! So I can be happy, right!!?

Koushuu : How many time has everyone celebrated your birthday till now…

“Here is an addition. You can read about Sawamura as a senpai only from the second part!! The story is being published in Magazine now!”

Kanemaru : Right!? Many people eventually from many sides celebrated his birthday at the end!! And he is a main character!! While I haven’t had a chance to appear!!

Toujou : Well, Shinji. Because Sawamura is a very popular person! You should think it’s a good thing. I also want to see too!

Kuki : Those two’s conversation reminds me of the good old days.


Please don’t break a fourth wall, Koushuu…