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I finally think I can accept myself. That I’m a woman… That I haven’t yet become the detective I wanted to be… I… I am a woman… and a detective. One who is seeking the truth with you and the others.

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Hi, I've got ADHD, and I found out that using color overlays can help. Do you know which colors might work best? I looked on the Irlen website, but I couldn't find any specific answers. I'm about to start another year of college, and it's really affected my academics in the past. I'm not against taking medication, but I'm already on two different prescriptions, and I'd rather not if I don't have to.

So weird thing: I have tested this.

What you need to do is get a few coloured light bulbs and get yourself somewhere that you don’t have any light except the bulb you choose, so like a closet with a lamp that you change the bulb for.

You want green, yellow, blue, and red. Don’t test them all right after each other. I’d do one colour per day.

When you test, you go into the space and turn on the lamp, then do a few tasks: write your name, do a jigsaw puzzle, maybe complete a few math problems, read a page from a book, and take note of how you’re feeling. Make sure you time yourself for the puzzle, the math problems, and the reading. (Don’t do the same puzzle/math problems/reading each time, just make sure they’re similar difficulty. Otherwise they could get easier each time just because you’re familiar with them.)

At the end, compare your results from each colour. One colour will make your mood better, your handwriting will be neater, you’ll find it easier to do a puzzle, do math, read, etc.

Everyone’s different, though two autistic kids I did this with did best with red. I do best with yellow.

Something else to take into account for the overlays is that the shade can have an impact. So definitely do the testing first as the bulbs can be pretty cheap (I think mine cost $1 each or something, or you can just use Christmas lights even) and overlays can be expensive. That’s why the Irlen people recommend coloured lenses in glasses; they affect everything you see rather than just what you’re reading on the page.

Depending on what you’re specifically having trouble with regarding school, our tips and tricks here could be really helpful or you can just ask us about a specific thing and we’ll point you to a post or give you specific suggestions in our response.

Good luck!