and i could watch this part forever

Episode 12 was full of so many wonderful things, but this:

The fact that “light appears in the dark color of Haruka’s eyes” (x) after hearing Rin calling out to him is still one of my favorite things ever. It’s such a poignant, beautiful detail and it says so much it honestly kills me. Even more so because it’s a fact that they always, always made Haru speak through his eyes to make up for his silent nature. 

It’s been nearly a year and I’m still not over it ;~; 


I’m TV production student at Bournemouth University and I’m writing an essay about LGBT+ representation in tele-fantasy and using the 100 as a case study and I really need your opinions! I know no one ever really wants to fill out surveys but its a huge part of my grade and it would mean a lot it won’t even take ten minutes so pleaseeeee fill out and if you have followers who watch the 100 and you could reblog this I will be forever in your debt <3

This is the demo for the Big Donut training video song from the most recent episode of Steven Universe, “Joking Victim”.  Lyrics by me and Paul Villeco.  Music by Jeff Liu, Rebecca Sugar and me.

Now this just the first part of the song.  The other verses were separated out so that we could transition between them and make it seem like Steven had been watching the video forever.  But the bonus of this demo is you get to hear me get really goofy at the end.

In the actual episode, Mr. Smiley (played by Sinbad) sings this tune.  It was one of the highlights of my life to get in the booth and nervously ask a legendary comedian to sing a jingle I wrote about donuts.  But he did it and it was great!

Hey Guys!

We are an up-and-coming pop-punk band from Cary, IL called For The Record. Lately, we’ve been putting together a few acoustic covers for our Youtube channel. We would love to meet some new friends and fans alike, as we would love to have the opportunity to share our music around the country and hopefully someday around the world! 

If you could please take the time out of your day to check out our newest cover video “I’ve Given Up On You” by Real Friends, it would mean a lot! And if you’d be willing to subscribe to our Youtube channel and like/comment/share the video, we would be forever grateful. 

Here are the links to all of our videos:

A Part of Me - Neck Deep (Cover)

What Went Wrong - Blink-182 (Cover)

I’ve Given Up On You - Real Friends (Cover)

If you don’t have time to watch a video, please “reblog” and “like" this post to help us get the word out! Thanks so much for your support over the past couple weeks, we can’t wait to share our music with all of you guys.

With Love,

Matt Robbins, Emily Packer and Nick Canzoneri, of For The Record.

If you want to learn a bit more about us, feel free to send questions to our ask box on this account! Or, you can follow us on twitter here!

Thanks again! 

- FTR xx.

Looking back at the juggernaut that is Hamilton, Diggs selects a few standout moments, including a recent student matinee. “Before the matinee,” the singing actor explains, “there were representatives from all the schools presenting their work and their pieces on our stage, and that I’m absolutely never gonna forget. I was sick as a dog that day, and I was not going to come in, but I was laying in bed between vomiting, and just something in me was like, ‘You have to go see those kids! You’ve been looking forward to this for forever!’ I went down to the theatre and then watched them, and it was so inspiring I had to do both shows, and I could barely stand before I left [home]. I am for sure never going to forget those kids, who were amazing.

“Our White House trip—every part of that from the bus ride down, which was kind of the best party I’ve been to, to actually going there and being welcomed into that home by [the President and First Lady] and then getting to do workshops with kids in the White House. The kind of access they gave us and just how welcoming they were and how what large fans of the show they are—I was speechless all day, and I’m still speechless about it.”

There is one other evening that was particularly memorable for Diggs, a longtime fan of the Grammy-winning musician Prince, who threw a party for the Hamilton company about a month prior to his death.

“I’m never gonna forget that,” Diggs confesses. “I’ve been trying to see Prince my whole life, and I never got to see him. And then we get an email in the middle of the show saying Prince would like you to come to Avenue after the show, and we all went. I mean, nobody was missing that for the world. It was amazing. That’s another great thing to be part of something that people who are heroes of yours and you admire want to come and be a part of as well.

“You don’t ever get to say thank you to those people. Prince has informed so much in my life, and I got to see him that night and scream for him at a place that was really small. I got to actually say thank you to a person who has meant so much to me.”

—  Daveed Diggs Chooses Unforgettable Moments of His Hamilton Experience (& also his reaction to his Tony nom!) (Playbill)

Imagine Dib entering his teenage scene phase though and Zim watching him buzz the sides of his head and freaking out because anytime Dib changes anything about himself Zim thinks it’s a part of a new plan.  And then when Dib starts dressing differently–more alternatively–and gets ear piercings Zim wonders if it’s some kind of rite of passage into manhood and starts dressing just like him and ordering him to give him piercings too, to which Dib squints hard at him and says,

“You do realize you still have no ears, right?  Remember–no ears?”



We know thousands upon thousands of letters and tour outfits flash across your screen in the late hours of the night after your shows, but we thought we’d write you a little note to thank you for bringing us together. When I was in 7th grade (Amanda) I met the really loud girl who moved from Brooklyn on my soccer team (Victoria) and somehow her yelling at the refs made me want to be her friend. Fast forward one year and its May 13th and we are going to see the Fearless Tour together. That was the first time I have ever seen you live and I cannot begin to tell you how much it changed my life and our friendship. I remember coming home from the concert around 2 AM and immediately going to buy the Deluxe Edition (How could I ever have lived without it?). The best part of that day was the affirmation that Vic was going to be in my life forever. Fast forward to Speak Now Tour, Emily & Caileigh came with us and we watched you sing all of our favorite songs …so naturally, we had to go three times! We were lucky enough to be there on the closing night of the Speak Now Tour, where you sang my favorite song “Fire and Rain” with James Taylor. Speak Now came at a perfect time in my life and I never knew that to this day it’s the soundtrack to all of my happiest memories. Fast forward to RED and the four of us went to Metlife Stadium and were blown away by your presence in a huge arena…you were made to do this, Taylor. As much as we loved the songs and the dancing and the crying and the thrill of making outfits and posters there is nothing that beats driving to the concert with a car full of your best friends belting out the lyrics to the songs you’re craving so much to hear live. The four of us all go to different colleges, all live in different parts of New Jersey, but somehow you’ve always been the common ground for us. Your concerts are our sparkling nights together. So thank you. 

Fast forward to today, and in two days we will be seeing you in Philly clad in our homemade barista outfits and polaroid poster. We also thought since you love singing about Starbucks so much you’d probably want a gold card, so we made you one. Coffee sometime soon?

Can’t wait to see you again, 
Your Starbucks Lovers 

P.S. We know you dont follow us or anything so if people could reblog/like to help us get Taylor to see this we would love you forever and ever taylorswift tree-paine tswiftontour

P.P.S. Yes that is our local Starbucks, yes we were judged. starbucks

anxiety {mature fluff: n.m.}

tw: anxiety, anxiety attacks.

A/N: this was previously posted on a page i was a part of but then the blog was deleted (twobestfriendswriting)
You watched pridefully as Sammy and Nate rehearsed. You could watch Nate rap for forever, his flow flawless as he found your eyes and smiled. The time came and went and show time wildly approached. You had been looking for Nate for an hour now, he was nowhere to be found. Where could he be? Finally you heard heavy breathing and frantic ruffling of clothes hangers on a rack. You slowly opened the door and found Nate flipping through hangers of clothes. “Baby? What wrong?” You called to him. He just shook his head no and stopped. His breathing all that could be heard. “I-i can’t f-fuck-fucking do th-this.” He said shakily, his voice wasn’t the only thing shaking, his hands couldn’t be tamed. You walked towards him, he backed up. “What are you talking about, baby? Are you okay?” He shook his head no again and sunk down onto the couch, pulling his knees up to his chest. “I’m not as good as Sammy, I’ll never be! I-I’m going fuck up this show so bad and the fans will hate me and oh my god, YN, I’m just such a fucking fuck up and I can’t do this,” he said crying, shaking with his anxiety.
“Nathan Maloley,” you started. You walked to him and sunk down to him. You held him close, his head on your lap as you rubbed his back, “you’re fucking amazing. At every single thing you’ve ever done. The fans will never hate you. Please don’t talk like this, baby. You mean so much to so many people. You got this.” You reassured. “25 minutes!” Someone called, knocking on the door. His breathing picked up again.“Don’t. Calm down.” You said, pulling him up with yourself. You touch his cheeks into your hands, kissing him with all the love you had. “Go roll a blunt and get high as the heavens with Sammy,” you told him, he smiled, laughing a little. “I thought you wanted me to cut back on that, babe?” He asked hiding a smirk, you wiped his tears and kissed his nose. “You need it right now, Nate. I’ve never seen you have such an anxiety attack before. Just calm down, breath slowly, and go get stoned.” You smiled as did he. He pulled you closer to him by your hips and kisses you softly. “Nope, I don’t need no drugs to get me high, lil mama. I got you.” He said pulling you in for some more kisses. One thing lead to another and let’s just say you’ve never had such a hot make out session.
Which ended in a person yelling “two minutes! Show time, boys!” Nate sighed and pulled away slipping on a shirt.
“Go out there and get it, baby.” You smiled, “and when you crush it out there, I’ll take care of that for you.” You smirked and winked as you ran your hand over his bulge.“You drive me so fucking crazy, (Y/N).” He groaned. You just smiled widely, “I know.” He laughed then ran out to meet up with Sammy before the duo crushed it on stage.


You know what I really love about sweeter than fiction? (Quite long but please read anyway)

I love the fact that Taylor wrote it about the story of Paul Potts for the movie and yet the lyrics perfectly apply to each and every one of us swifties. I mean many of us have been there from the very beginning and there are equally others that haven’t but no matter what time frame you’re looking at where you joined this family there’s a part in the song that reflects that for all of us, like when it says “seen you lost in a crowd, seen your colours fade, wish I could make it better someday you won’t remember this pain you thought would last forever and ever” I feel like for us that was 2013 when all we thought we could do was watch as Taylor took blow after blow from the media and well basically everyone but then we began to fight back for her and I think that’s one of the biggest gifts we have given Taylor because we ourselves proved that we are always gonna be there for her no matter what because we love her and she made us proud. No matter what came her way she was always there head held high proving that everyone else wrong and carried on going. The bit where it goes “they never saw it coming you hit the ground running and now you’re onto something I say what a sight what a sight when the light came on proved me right proved me right when you proved them wrong, now in this perfect weather it’s like we don’t remember the rain we thought would last for ever and ever” and i feel like that’s how the tables turned when 1989 was announced and shake it off came out because even in early 2014 she was still getting backlash, and she came out with her favourite this she’s ever done and told everyone on her label she didn’t care this is how it was happening and she proved absolutely everyone wrong and yet we had always believed she could do it! We believe she can do anything! Like now it’s like she’s in this bubble where the media are always nice and the headlines come in day after day of things that she has done to help people in need or how she has amazing friends or how her album has reached new heights. Like when we go to her concerts and we are in the stands with thousands of others in one place it’s like our way of letting Taylor know that “I’ll be one the many saying look at you now, I’ll be one of the many saying you made us proud” and “you know that I’ll be there time and again cause I loved you then, when you hit the ground hit the ground hit the ground oh oh only sound only sound that you heard was no” I feel like there are a few points where it’s as if it’s Taylor’s viewpoint on us too like when she sings “there you’ll stand next to me, all at once the rest is history your eyes wider than distance this life is sweeter than fiction” she’s always thanking us for being there for her and I just felt like this song really represented our relationship with Taylor. What about anyone else?

What do you think taylorswift was this intentional or nah?

Eyes as blue as the ocean, fingers as long as you could imagine, veins surfacing underneath beautifully tanned freckled skin, and legs that went on for days. Your body was an adventure all in itself. I could have stared at you all day, every part of you. And your mind was so dark but so glorious; it was like reading a book that went on forever, but you never wanted to put it down.

When you cried, I dried the tears and kissed you as hard as I could in hopes to steal away the sadness. I watched you shake and I heard you scream. You bit the insides of your lips whenever you were concentrating and tried to crack your knuckles when you were nervous. I studied you, perhaps too much, but I did, nonetheless.

You were my foundation and your arms were my home. I picture you in my head, the night that you cried to your mother and told her that “saying goodnight to a screen is the hardest thing you’ve ever done” and you pleaded, “she’s my home.” She cried with you and understood. She said, “you’re a man now and I’d be happy to call her my daughter-in-law.” You called me in tears and we laughed together and spoke about our lives together as if it was recalling our favorites scenes from a replayed movie.

It took me four months to understand how much you loved me. How your heart ached and cracked whenever I told you I felt like dying. It took me four months to understand that someone could actually love me. I didn’t know, I couldn’t understand. My own mother didn’t love me, how could you? But you did. You watched me like a hawk and your eyes followed my motions as I would dance for you. It was four months too late, and now I can feel the pain through simple messages on my phone screen.

The pain in my chest is the equivalent to the deepest cut that I’ve placed on my left forearm. It’s deep, numb, cold, and it aches. It physically aches — I never knew love could do that. And what is love? A cocktail of chemicals in your brain that make you confused and flustered and happy, all at the same time. We call that love. Confusion.

Tonight you’re roaming around the east coast with your family. I feel you forgetting me, as I fall asleep. Please don’t forget me. Not yet.

—  A year (s.s)
If you want diverse kids’ TV, watch PBSKids

I could go on forever about Arthur but I don’t have forever so I’ll just list what’s awesome (diversity-wise) about my other favorite PBSKids shows ( I won’t tell you the plots because I want you to look these shows up if you don’t know about them)

Cyberchase: Two-thirds of the main trio are WoCs (and the “token white boy” isn’t blond), all the new friends they make who are explicitly shown as part of the group (Shari, Creech. Slider etc.) are PoCs and even among the villains, the lead female villain is more so the brains of the operation while the main guy is a bit of a blowhard (in a matchup somewhat reminiscent (though those two came first) of King Richard and Queen Madalena from Galavant)

Maya And Miguel: Latin@ family at the center of the show and no one  (whatever their race) is really a stereotype; the titular main twins are just dramatic foils off of each other. Speaking of the twins, each is a part of a sort-of-friendship-trinity that’s really diverse in both cases. Maya’s best friends are (Dominican) (thank you rainbowsandsunties) Chrissy and (Asian) Maggie. Of Miguel’s friends; Theo is African-American and Andy is a white boy but one who happens to have only one arm.

WordGirl: Even though the titular superheroine is an alien (with a Superman-esque origin story) she is still a WoC in a PoC Earth family. In that family, her mother works, in a high-paying prominent job no less (district attorney), her dad stays at home and her little brother idolizes her superheroic identity. Her best friend/sometimes-hinted-at-crush is perhaps the least stereotypical Asian character I’ve ever seen. Even among WordGirl’s rogues gallery, there is about a 50-50 gender split and the majority of the villainesses are WoCs 

The Electric Company (2009 reboot): Of the ten main characters, five are women, three are African-American, two are Hispanic and one is probably biracial. Also (although the show can’t talk about it since it’s a kids’ show), there are a couple characters that could be reasonably headcanoned as autistic and there’s queer subtext a lot of places.

Odd Squad: Since this show is shorter than the others, it’s hard to see the diversity since it does appear to have a very white cast but one of the two main characters is a Hispanic boy and the character who’s the boss of the entire titular organization is an African-American girl

It Could've Been Worse Part 1

Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader

Warning: Smut

I stood in the doorway not saying a word as Carl laid across the bed. You figured he already knew you were coming. Ever since the accident he developed a sixth sense or something. You sighed and walked towards him sitting on the edge of the bed.

“You can’t hide away in here forever.”, I told him and he chuckled.

“Watch me.”, he snapped.

“Carl come on. Why are you being like this?”, I asked and he tossed the pillow to the side.

“Because I have a hole in my face Y/N!”, he shouted.

“You didn’t get shot I did! You couldn’t even imagine how this feels! Walking around with everyone looking at you as if they pity you!”, he continued.

“No I don’t couldn’t. I’m just trying to help you.”, I said trying not to yell.

“Judith doesn’t even want to be around me anymore! My own little sister.”, he frowned walking over to the mirror.

He grimaced before turning to me. I had tears on the brink of falling as he shook his head.

“You wouldn’t understand how I feel.”, he mumbled.

“I’m…t-trying to understand.”, I stuttered as I got upset.

“Well it won’t work unless you catch a bullet to the eye. Just get out.”, he snapped and I turned to leave.

“In case you don’t remember I was there. I watched my mother and both of my brothers die right in front of me as well as my boyfriend who got seriously injured.”, I started and turned to see Carl with a pillow over his head.

“Now I can’t undo the pain Ron caused you but did you ever think that this could’ve been a whole lot worse for me? I could’ve lost you that night too if Ron hadn’t been killed.”, I stated as he didn’t move.

“But I guess you wouldn’t understand until you watch as Rick, Michonne, Glenn, hell even Eugene get torn apart in front of you. Then following that the one person you love with all your heart isn’t even there for you. Not thinking about how all of this affects you.”, I finished before turning to leave.

I walked down the stairs where Michonne and Rick stood with sadness on their faces. I walked past them straight out of the door to go on about my day. The rest of the day was dull and boring after what happened with Carl. I threw the comic book I was reading out the window before turning in my bed to face the wall. After a few hours of restless sleep I heard a faint knock at my door.

“Go away!”, I mumbled loud enough for them to hear.

They knocked again and I let out a sigh getting up to open the door. I swung open the door to reveal Carl’s bandaged face.

“What Carl?”, I asked.

He stared down at his feet mumbled words I couldn’t understand.

“What?”, I asked and he let out a sigh.

“I’m sorry.”, he said and I was taken aback.


“I should’ve….I only thought that this would effect me but I guess I was wrong. Babe I really am sorry.”, he explained and I crossed my arms.

“Then show me.”, I muttered.

He leaned down towards me capturing my lips with his. His arms wrapped around my waist before slowly moving his hands to my lower back. I gasped as he pulled away captivating me with his blue eye.

“You’re in just as much if a bad position as I am. I should’ve looked at it from you point of view instead of thinking I was the only one affected. I understand that now. If you were shot I’d be upset to for the way I acted.”, he said grabbing my hand.

He pulled me to my bed before slowing laying me on my back. He hovers on top of me before attaching his lips to my neck causing me to let out a soft moan. He slowly trails his kisses to my collarbone where he stills before continuing to my breasts. His hand rubs the curve of my hips as he leaves a purplish mark on my cleavage.

“Carl-”, I started to say but he cut me off with a kiss.

“Let me take care of you.”, he mumbled before grabbing the hem of my shirt.

He slides my shirt over my head leaving me in a blue lace bra. His hands cupped my chest while he nibbled at my neck. I arched my back as the ache between my legs intensified. I moved my hips to rub my clothed slit against his leg to get some friction.

“Please.”, I moaned and he slowly undid my jeans before sliding then down my legs.

They ended up tossed across the room leaving me in my bra and my panties. The corner of his lip turned up as a smirk found its way on his lips. He placed peppered kisses on my neck before descending further down to my stomach. He softly kissed my clothed mound before moving to my inner thigh causing me to groan in frustration.

“Carl s-stop teasing.”, I moaned and he shushed me.

He moved to my other thigh only to move up instead of down. He hovered back over my slit before sliding my underwear down my leg revealing my wetness. He spread my thighs apart before looking up at me.

“Are you sure about this? I won’t force you.”, he asked knowing I had never experienced this before.

“Yes I want this.”, I whispered.

He kissed my lips before turning his attention to my aching clit. His tongue swirled around the bundle of nerves causing me to arch my back off of the bed. I gripped the bed sheets as Carl held onto my thighs as he slid a finger inside me.

“C-carl”, I moaned out.

“Shh. Don’t want to wake up Dad.”, he told me and I bit my lip to quiet my noises.

I felt my stomach tighten as I bit down on my lip enough to draw blood. Before I knew what was happening Carl took my clit gently between his teeth and I saw stars. I shut my eyes tight as I came on his tongue. He came back up to kiss me letting me catch my breath.

“Now get some rest Y/N.”, he whispered and I closed my eyes.

“I love you Carl.”, I managed to say.

“I love you too Y/N.”, he smiled before kissing my forehead.

Tessa and Scott kiss during Sochi Team Event FD warm-up.


Talking about their many kisses (especially THIS one) I’m totally convinced that most of them aren’t accidental. During an accidental kiss you don’t close ALWAYS your eyes like if you are giving a real kiss, I guess, IMHO.

ps: I hope that the gif works because I made this post with my phone. If doesn’t work you can see it in the link above.