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You Bet [Part 2]

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Henderson!Reader

Request(s): A freaking lot

Word Count: 3233… too long I hate it

Song: Shook Me All Night Long by ACDC for no reason other than I love that song

Summary: Steve is awfully distracted by your getup for helping out at the Snow Ball

Warning(s): Smut (duh), Swearing (have you met me), arguing (Nancy and the reader), Jonathan being the coolest, Dustin being a little shit, this is really basic honestly it’s pretty bad

Author’s Note: IT’S HERE! FUCKING FINALLY! THIS HAS BEEN DONE FOR LIKE A WEEK I JUST HAVEN’T GOTTEN AROUND TO POSTING! I’M SO SORRY! Anyway, this probably isn’t that amazing but it could be worse i’m somewhat okay with how it turned out

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I really loved this episode. I wish we could have seen more episodes like this one in season 4 and season 5. We got to see input from the whole team and the personal life of Sharon.

I’m still not thrilled about the whole sickness thing. Mainly because it was done with Andy. Also because Mary McDonnell can do so much more. I do wish there had been a kiss between Shandy.

Andy’s speech was everthing though! Sharon’s I love you was icing on the cake. I even liked the interaction with Rusty. This is an episode that I’ll come back to watch.

dccomicnerd-world  asked:

So I'm almost done with masamune route but I can't decide between his divine ending or his noble ending. Could you give me some advice one which to pick? This is my first time doing his route. And just so you know I think your amazing 😄

Hello, fellow comic nerd! Also? Lovely background painting! Very nice!

Masamune’s Divine and Noble Endings have much of the same dialogue, just switched around, appropriately.

If you would like to spend more time with Masamune, then you may wish to choose his Divine Ending. Including the epilogue, it is almost 1,000 pages. 

The Noble Ending has significantly fewer pages, but what it lacks in length, it makes up for by being entirely in his POV– a feature shared by all of the other lords, as well.

Masamune’s Noble Ending will also reveal a glimpse of his yandere leanings, which the main story didn’t have time to focus on. 

We also get to see more of Masamune being vulnerable, but this time he makes the most of his emotional support, rather than relying on it as something that was always just supposed to “be there,” as the head of the clan. 

In the Divine Ending, Masamune cooks for MC for the first time, and also feeds her. In return, MC cooks a special dish, zunda mochi, for him in the epilogue. We also get to see Kojuro and Shigezane spying on Masamune, once again.

You can’t go wrong, either way!

Rick Sanchez/Reader: No Surprises

CW: Gender Neutral Reader. Substance use. Some Angst. Some Fluff. Drug induced use of the ‘L’ word, though I’ll let you decide if it’s sincere. Title is from the Radiohead song which is what I listened to as I wrote this.

I’ve done 6 prompts today and I still have like 10 more to do but I’ve got a stupid sinus infection and I started my period, so I decided to take a break and write something for myself. May it smack you in the feels.

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So I’m gonna have to put my license (BSL not my counseling license thankfully) on hold for now because of my inability to get my needed clearances from Georgia - I found out I have to go in-person to a DFCS office to get my child abuse clearance done, and that threw me over the edge. I’ve spent about $150 to get this damn license and I just can’t handle it anymore. More money, more time, more everything. I’m done. It’s not worth the extra $1 an hour at my parttime job when I only work 4 hours a week. Yes it would mean I could take more cases (they have a lot of kids on the autism spectrum that need staffed) but it’s not worth it anymore. I’m done. I guess when I apply for my LPC, I’ll have to plan a god damn trip to Georgia to get everything (and not around a holiday since everywhere is closed). Sigh.

It’s been sixteen days since TG:re 148 and I’m still dreaming about different scenarios of how Hide and Ken could actually end up together. If Ishida-sensei did it right, he could make Kaneki realize that he has loved Hide this whole time more than he loves anyone else - and it would make perfect sense. Hell, it would definitely make more sense than that touken bs aka the perfect example of forced heteronormativity.

Kaneki’s love for Hide has always been there. What he and Hide have - and what they could potentially have - is not as blatant as what Kaneki and touka shared - it’s more subtle but it’s there. And it has had a much bigger influence on Kaneki than that one fuck session.
Hide is the one who helped Kaneki right before he fought Arima the first time. It was the mere illusion of Hide which helped Ken when he fought Arima the second time. Hide is to Ken what Kimi is to Nishiki. Hide is the one without whom Kaneki felt lonely even when he wasn’t alone(!). And now, Hide is the one who brought ghouls and humans together to save Kaneki.
Compare that to what touka means to Kaneki or what she has done to support Kaneki emotionally/mentally/physically. Oh that’s right, she fucked him. He knocked her up and since that’s a responsibility they should share, he felt compelled to marry her. Big whoop.

Awakenings - Allison Argent

Originally posted by geceyeasilanyildiz

word count: 729 (it’s a prompt based drabble)
warnings: this is pretty angsty, i had a hard time with it even though it’s only a drabble.  just hit me somewhere inside i guess.
a/n: none just emotional pain :’)

[ love is saying ‘i love you’ every chance you get ]


My love,

Being in love with you, was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  Besides never knowing the intensity of the true feeling of love, that it was an emotion that had taken over more than my heart, you captured me.  Completely.  And I should have told you more just how serious it was for me.

You owned me, and in the best way possible.  I was one hundred percent yours, and I wish I could’ve told you that you were one hundred percent mine.  But I settled.  I was happy to be there for you when you called my name, when you asked for assistance.  From homework help, to a hug for support.  I was there the moment you beckoned for me.

I cherished those little moments.

I hope you did too.

I love you, Allison.  With all of my heart.  Till the end of the line.  To the moon and back.  Times infinity.  I, y/n l/n, love you.  Always.

Forever you’re in my heart,


You tugged Allison’s small frame closer to you and she instantly cuddled into your side.  Her head falling on your shoulder, legs swinging over your lap, her messy bun of hair tickling against your jaw.  You smiled involuntarily, loving when she got snuggly with you.

“It’s cute when you’re like this.  For the badass huntress that you are” You hummed  She hummed softly in response, eyes tired from staring at the flickering screen.

“I like when we can be like this” Allison whispered back.  As though if she’d spoken any louder, the moment would be disrupted.  “I feel safe, I’m with you.  What more could I want” Your lips pecked against the crown of your head before leaning down to rest your temple against the top of her soft head of hair.

“I don’t want any more than this, this right here” Your arm around her tightened, pulling her impossibly closer.  Allison hummed once more, pressing her cheek against your chest.  She felt warm just listening to your heart beating against her skin.

“Me too” She said quietly with a lazy smile.  “I love you so much”

“I love you too Ally” You replied with ease, kissing her head again.

You both fell asleep on that couch that night, in a quiet darkness.  And awoke to a sunny morning full of smiles and kisses over cups of coffee.

You never thought there’d be a day that she closed her eyes to sleep, and wouldn’t wake up.

You never thought that day would be today.

“Allison! Don’t do this, don’t do this to me!” You were in hysterics, clutching tightly to the limp body that now lie in your arms.  “You can’t! It’s not fair! It’s not fucking fair!” You screamed painfully, surely causing blood to trickle down your throat.

No one said anything, no one moved, not even the crickets could be heard with their sorrowful chirps.

“Allison!” You wailed, knuckles creaking and fingers turning pale as you held her tightly in your lap, your body doubled over top of her in an embrace that would have surely suffocated her, if she had still been breathing.  “Don’t do this” You pleaded.  “Don’t, please don’t” Your hands, trembling with fear and bitter coldness, rose to trace the features of her face.  Smearing the warm blood that had slipped off her bottom lip.  You sniffled and choked over the fluids running down your nose and eyes.

The only thing you could hear was the waterworks leaking from your eyes.  That loud sound in your head as you cried and sobbed.  You hadn’t noticed you began to rock with her, back and forth on the wet-with-rain concrete.

You hadn’t noticed that it’d begun to rain either.

You just focused on her paling body, skin now a ghostly white.  The emptiness you felt, even having her right here.  You’d never felt this way in the presence of Allison Argent.  So… low.  So depressed.

And it was like right then, at the moment you realized why you were sad.

Allison was dead.  She wasn’t coming back.  This wasn’t just a battle wound you were freaking out over.  She was gone.

She was dead.

She was dead.

Allison Argent, is dead.

Your screams began again.

And you weren’t sure they’d ever stop.

xoxo ~ jordie


“Just the generic traits, I think. Though, I like the people I associate with to be unique in some aspects, like all of us.” 


“I do find it hard to open up to other people. There are alot of things that I keep deep down, and it ends up clogging the drain. Kinda like a blockage.”


“No, I don’t think I could ever press the reset button on my life; I have too many people I care about!”


“Sleeping off the anxiety usually helps me the most, but when that’s not an option I enjoy showering and overall taking care of my hygiene.” 

Wanna ask Asphodel a flower themed question? find the question sheet here!

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Jaebeom x Reader


A/n: Hellohello! Thank you for requesting~ I also have this habit of either playing with my own hands or my friend’s one when I am bored and my friends would be so done with me because I’m interfering with their work gosh save me HAHAH

“You’re my kitten, of course I know you like the back of my hand. You always play with my hands when you’re bored, don’t you?”

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*whispers* I’m still ambivalent about the fact this thing even exists but I haven’t done any other writing for a fuckin’ longass time, so if you wanna see more of the travesty that is me writing goddamn Darkiplier/reader shit then here’s a link to my youtubey sideblog. I could probably straight up rewrite this chapter as Sefikura tbh (I stole the puppet dynamic for sure ‘cause that shit ain’t in the actual lore) but aha I guess it’s heckin’ obvious what tropes and character types are my weakness.

passionthatmoves  asked:

Talk about things you wish you'd known earlier, please.

I don’t even know where to start with this one…
- The majority of problems you have in high school don’t matter for long. I should have just enjoyed being young & carefree (skin clears, you get over your crush, even though you stay in touch with your close friends you make new, closer friends).
- Studying really really hard is important. I coasted through school/college/uni & got decent grades but these days I really know what I’m capable of & I could have done more.
- Losing lots of weight is not a good look for me. Being strong & healthy is.
- I deserve the best & I shouldn’t settle for less than that.
- To ALWAYS use sunscreen.
- To use really gentle skin products.
- If you work really hard & make the right choices you can do almost anything you want career wise.
- To say yes to as many exciting opportunities where possible. Particularly travel opportunities.
- If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.
- ‘Everything happens for a reason’ is BS. Fucked up stuff happens. Once it happens you just need to move on. (I’m still learning to implement this one).

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HEY WAIT. IDSB was recorded in the fall, then. So the second verse isn't about Tom! He didn't "drop her name" until GQ in February (though even that wasn't really a name drop, more just discussing the relationship)

well she also said ‘i need more song than that’ so hard to say when she finished it…could have picked it up later on. . no way to know.