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Keeping Oneself Entertained in a Magical Castle Over Summer Break: Part 2


Alright, PS4 in the Great Hall got old rather quick. I have to step up my game somehow. Luckily, I have an entire arsenal of confiscated goods in my office to work with.

Billy had an old first gen Nintendo DS cartridge of Mario Kart that shot actual fire out of the back of the game when you used a speed boost. Assuming the charm is somehow linked to the actual line of code that denotes when a boost is being used I could theoretically mod this out to create magical fire on command every time I execute a certain command on any linked up device.

Ok, I’ve got it. I’m modding out Rocket League in the Great Hall into sometime far more exciting! It’ll take about a day or so to figure out the logistics but I bet I can get this puppy to shoot flames every time I used the rocket boosters. After that’s done, we’ll have to figure out how to up the sound.

If the groundskeeper asks, I’m just saying this is a super secret project I’m working on for the Headmaster. 

Dancing with the Linebacker - Epilogue

Rated: M (NSFW: smut/swearing/less than brief mention of surgery)
Kristoff and Anna welcome their twins! Oh and a wedding or something…

*** I want to thank each and every one of you who’ve read and liked and commented on this story.  I appreciate it more than I can possibly say ***

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Despite how sore and tired she was, Anna could not stop smiling.  They were finally brining their babies home.  Born on August 1st, at 36 weeks and five days, Wesley came in at 5 pounds 8 ounces and Olivia weighed 5 pounds 3 ounces.   They now occupied the two brand new car seats, as her and Kristoff drove with the excitement of taking their newest additions home for the first time.

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I Could Do That: The Art Assignment

For those that need a response to “well, I could have done that? Why is that on a wall?” or when you’re questioning “why is this considered art?”

So you look at a work of art and think to yourself, I could have done that. And maybe you really could have, but the issue here is more complex than that – why didn’t you? Why did the artist? And why does it have an audience? We delve into it by looking at work by artists like Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Piet Mondrian, and Cy Twombly, among others. You might find it’s not quite as simple as you think.


Alabaster: So, what do you think Mercury?

Mercury: I think it sounds like an amazing idea. I think we have room for one more. 

Melrose: So, maybe I should carry the baby? You’re job is just so demanding, I’m sure you don’t want to be pregnant while working.

Carnation: Are you kidding? I’ve done it twice already. It’s really not a problem for me. 

Melrose: It’s been a while since you were pregnant though… are you sure you’d want to do it again?

Carnation: All the more reason to. I’m sure you could use a break. 

Melrose: I don’t really mind. But if you want to do the honors, I won’t stop you. 

Carnation: Are you sure you’d be okay with that?

Melrose: As long as you’re taking it easy at work, then it’s fine with me. 

Alabaster: Let’s talk about making an appointment then. 

Anonymous suggested:  amy is gone to a convention, sheldon has to sleep, cook and clean alone

Note:  I just made this about Amy in New Jersey instead of a convention.  It just made sense to me.

Sheldon knew it would be hard to have Amy gone.  He relied on her for so much, but he also thought he could handle being alone for a while.  He was a grown man.  He had this.  It was just a few months until she came back.  In the meantime, he had Leonard and Penny across the hall.  Still, Sheldon hadn’t really lived alone.  Ever.

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lost-wolfsong  asked:

Have you done Houses as Markiplier egos?

I would LOVE to do this and I’d 100% try my best, but I haven’t been in the community long enough to know them all fully (whereas I know pretty much all of Jack’s). I know most of their names, but not really their personalities or motivations etc. 

If you wanted, maybe you could shoot me a message and tell me a bit more about them, and I could write this once I know a bit more? This is a great request btw, thank you!

@jaxstronomy is to blame for getting me off my butt to do an effort piece getting me on board for a Cross tarot project! And given that Elysia is pretty much a living ray of sunshine, it was only natural that she get the Sun card!

I didn’t really think to document the process all that much, but @anryl was interested in seeing it, so I’m gonna put what I have of it under the cut.

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I’m so sad that it is ending. Especially when we know now that Vilde Chris Even Jonas and Magnus were supposed to have their season. The speech was amazing and heartbreaking but everything seems bitter and a bit rushed… And i’m still thinking what skam could have been if it had done all the storyline that are missing right now. And i’m pretty sure sana’s season would have been way more focused on her and better written.
Anyway, thanks Julie for skam because regardless it’s one of the best show i’ve ever watched

anonymous asked:

First of all, I love your art, it's so classic and just stunning??? It's also AMAZING to see more content for the German bros, whether it involves them solo or their history together (they're popular characters but I don't see nearly as much content on them as I'd like to). I saw you did a little delving into Nyo!Pru's characterization, but could you do more art or just general headcanons for her? I love your version of her so much!! ❤️

thank youuuuuu!

here she is, i don’t have a whole lot of headcanons for her because i’m not terribly fond of nyo’s, but….she’s basically like gil, except a little bit more untrusting/defensive and a little prankier, like, she very much enjoys her practical jokes. she always has her hair done up tightly, and will usually have a cap on if they’re not in a formal situation. 

So last night I watched His Last Vow and, even if I I tried, I really can’t bring myself to hate Mary for shooting Sherlock, although I understand people who do. I mean, yeah, she shouldn’t have done that, but in my opinion she didn’t want him to disturb her more that had already had, she wanted to get him out of her way, she wanted to solver things on her own, and shooting him was the only thing she could do. And besides, Sherlock kinda provoked her when he went, “Oh Mrs Watson, you won’t” after Mary threatened killing him. In the end Sherlock was capable of forgiving her, so why shouldn’t I?

But yeah, Moffat’s “She shot him nicely” quote was terrible. Still I don’t hate her, she was never a villain to me an she remains my favorite female character in Sherlock.

The FR community always seems to find something minor to complain about.  I don’t understand the strong feelings about some flights not getting their recolors yet. It seems like such a small thing to be annoyed about, particularly as it’s just an issue of time. My assumption was that they bit off more they could chew and were expecting to have all of them done and ran out of time  *shrug*   I am trying to have a positive outlook in all aspects of my life, and that means not reveling in drama or negativity when it’s not constructive.

I do think there a lot of legitimate complaints to be made about the direction the site has (or has not) gone - now that I’m playing lioden I see that there are better ways to do things like monthly events, keeping each one new and varied, and interactive parts of the site. The FR creators seem to spend more time making new familiars and apparel than anything else, when a lot of us really just want something more to DO - I would take no new familiars or apparel or genes for six months if it meant the roll-out of Adventure Mode (although I know that’s not a legit trade-off since they are different staff).  Even given all that I still love FR and have logged on every day for over two years.

anonymous asked:

What could I do to improve my social skills? Often in interviews it's the character aspect I think which really let's me down. Generally my written allocations or responses have been done well but interviews seem to select the more interesting people so I wonder if I should really be myself like what people say when myself doesn't seem to impress the interviewers :(

Hi there! Thank you for asking, this is a fun question to answer. Sorry if this reply has been a bit late; I’ve been out of internet as I’ve been overseas;; Interviews are a tricky process and I can’t say I’m a big expert on it, but I’ll just lay down the things I’m pretty sure about. Any interviewers reading this, I’d be happy to have your input! :)

Firstly, if we assume that you’re correct on your deduction that it’s the character aspect that lets you down in interviews, that’s kind of dubious in itself. Look, interviewers honestly do not care if you’re the most interesting character in the world; they’re looking to fill a job position, and they’re going to look for people who have the traits that fulfil that position. Just because you don’t have anything in your hobbies list that makes you a swashbuckling stamp collector that travels the world photographing abstract paintings, doesn’t mean that you don’t have the traits they’re looking for in a job. You need to analyse what exactly they’re looking for; is it a job that requires you to work in a team? A job that’s based around design and requires creativity? An entry level job that’s in retail? It’s kind of hard to help you answer this question without knowing exactly what type of job you’re applying for (so I would love to get a follow up ask about the type of jobs you’re applying for), but the idea is that you should have identified the personality traits they’re looking for before you go into an interview. If it helps, grab a list of personality traits and circle the ones that seem to match the job culture.

Then, you’ll need to identify something about yourself that matches those qualities the job is looking for. You’re going to have at least one hobby or work experience thing that exemplifies that. Even if not the entirety of the hobby exemplifies that and it’s just one of the situations that you’ve faced whilst doing said hobby/experience. I mean, think of how many times interviewers actually ask those questions in the lists of “most commonly asked interview questions”; most of my interviews actually asked me for a situation in which I did something, e.g. when I’ve taken someone’s advice into consideration, when I’ve helped mentor another colleague, when I’ve dealt with difficult customers, when I’ve dealt with conflict between coworkers, etc. Then again I’ve only applied for optometry jobs, so I can’t promise that’s true for all jobs, but I would assume interviews are pretty standard across most fields.

If you literally feel like there’s nothing about yourself that makes you a match for that job, then why are you even applying for it in the first place? Interviews are all about playing up the traits that make you perfect for the position, and not being vocal about those that don’t (you still have to be honest if they ask you). Don’t doubt yourself; you’re doubting yourself now by thinking that the interviewers are choosing people “more interesting” than you. You’re not perfect, but you’re limited edition, so have some faith in yourself. If you, yourself, don’t believe that the interviewers think you’re interesting enough for the job, then of course you’ll find it impossible to convince them that you’re interesting enough. If you’re doing well in your written responses, then perhaps you just need to let those qualities that you’ve written show in the interview process.

Of course, these are usually only for entry-level positions, which most of us would apply for as a student. Once you have worked a few jobs and are applying for senior level jobs, you’ll most likely have more technical and situational-specific questions.

Hope that helps! Feel free to send me the actual job description you’re applying for and I can maybe help you identify the qualities they’re looking for (though I can’t promise to be any expert).

fluidangles  asked:

I loved Katie's appearance, for all the reasons you have explained: H as (for once NOT) a first point of forgiveness for Draco, I mean. As much as she is often broken herself, it always seems to be like she's there more for him than he is for her. That is one thing that has been kinda bugging me for some time but I could never really put my finger on it. As much as I enjoy soulmates trope when executed well, I always preferred D&H to get together by overcoming prejudice, rather then by fate.

Yes, I agree, she is often there more for him than he is for her, and while I think that does make a lot of sense and is portrayed beautifully in a lot of different narratives (and bearing in mind that I personally have done it several times), this is ideally something somewhat new and different. Obviously both of them are still damaged, but they’ve each lived their lives separately to this point to what they likely perceive as success, and I think that’s important.  

I also wanted to take a good portion of Draco’s prejudice off the table by the time he and Hermione meet again so that it’s less a matter of him falling in love with an idea (i.e. the woman who first gives him a chance/shows him his Wrongs) and more the actual person, for all of her flaws. It’s a more tangible sort of love that way, really. 

Anyway, thank you for reading! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the story!

The three most recent comments on one of my ongoing fics:

“ur story is good but if you make the main character gay im going to have to stop reading because there are too many gay stories for this category”

“You’re taking too long to update.”

“Idk why you did -blank- when you could have done -blank- and make your story more interesting”

Anyways, I write what I want. I pair characters together however I please. And I will update when I’m ready. 



Stan Talent. Stan EXO. (pt 1) (pt 2) (pt 3) (pt 4) (pt 5) (pt 6) (pt 7) (pt 8) (pt 9) (pt 10 - other talents) (pt 11 - talent?)

Yuri on Ice x Ciel in Wonderland ( •᷄ὤ•᷅)?

I don’t know what this is… but I know for sure that I want to thank you all for your love and your support! 

a nocturne that’s more of a bird than a bat seemed like an interesting idea (´ι_` )