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Phil Lester is a creative genius! Pass it on!

As much as I loved “Moon River” I feel like they haven’t used Melissa’s full potential in the musical episode. Her voice can go from really high to deep; have you heard her sing “La Vie En Rose”, “Take Me or Leave Me” or “Somethings Gotta Give”? Like, damn, the girl can sing! The Flash did the same thing as Glee, they quite limited her voice when they could’ve done so much more.

I feel SO happy that I can finally share my latest project: GORILLAZ - Saturnz Barz. 

Very unreal to work for such a big and well known client, but more importantly something that I myself have been a huge fan of for so long! These guys where literally in my top 5 of “totally-ultimate-dream-projects” and I might just be a bit more invested than the average fan when it comes to Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. I used to have Hewletts drawings all over my wall in school, so to actually be attending meetings with him and getting his personal feedback is beyond what I could have dreamed of! He is just plain and simple a super cool guy, competely in his own world and the storyboards he did for this video were insane.

The video was done at Passion Pictures and I got to work on the 3D animation with three other senior animators. It demanded so much technical work to mix the 2D with 3D while also making sure everything looked nice from all kinds of angles in the VR version. In the end we had to run it through a new software created by Google called Spotlight, which required different departments to all be working in same scene at the same time - what a beautiful mess :) Anyway, I animated on the ghost monster, the car, did some effects and also worked on some camera movement for the linear edit.

 (After the delivery we were invited to a secret concert in this big old factory in south London, where they would perform the entire album for us - joined by guest artists - and DAAAMN shit was on firel So excited for the release)


We were just friends.
You kissed me.
Maybe you shouldn’t have.
One thing you definitely shouldn’t have done is chase after me for 2 months and then drop me like an old toy when we started having problems.
You could have been straightforward and honest. I would have appreciated that much more than all of these pretexts.

A relationship of any kind involves solving conflicts or misunderstandings, not avoiding or running away from them. I just wish that instead of rushing and asking other people for advice when our friendship had problems, we talked them out alone and in person, you and I. I wish that every time you honestly told me if something I said or did hurt you so that I could make sure it did not continue. Sadly, lately I’ve been feeling as if there was a wall between us because nothing is the way it was before that night, when we were ‘just friends’. So the question is… were we…?


B-Day Stream requests! :D <3 


@martamicearts​ (I hope that’s right ;w;)


I’m happy ya guys gave happy birthdays to me I very much appreciate it and to all that didn’t come or missed it, no worries there’s always next year or if I ever do requests again XD I would have done more but I’m sorry to the ones I could not I’m very tired and need sleep and got my birthday to celebrate today~ HOWEVER THANK YOU FOR EVERYONE TO JOIN THE STREAM! I HAD A GREAT TIME AND HOPE YA DID TOO! <3 


Arabella: And how does it feel to be dad?
Adan: That’s… tough. But awesome indeed. Sometimes you just want to give up cause it’s tiring, and complicated, and you’re continuosly afraid to mess up sometimes. Every move you make could shape he’s character you know, it’s not something to understimate.. but when I see him, everything changes. He’s just our world now. What about you two? Still taking it slow?
Arabella: Everyone need its own time I guess… it’s not an easy step so, we’re figuring out which path to follow…

Tristan looked at her backing him up as if he never saw something more beautiful than that: she would have done anything to cover him with his friends, so that he wouldn’t seem weak or immature, even if he totally was. He knew how bad she wanted to get married he just… couldn’t? It was nothing to do with love, he loved her as much as when he poked her near the monkey bars… he was just scared. As fuck.

Inamura Yuna (Yuzu/Serena’s VA): Thank you for supporting Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V for these 3 years! It’s over, isn’t it. I wish I could have performed as Yuzu and Serena more. I’m glad I met them both! Even though it’s already over, I want to see both of them again!! There are still a lot of thoughts I have, but I’ll think I’ll go and write them on my blog ☆ #yugioh #arcv

Big Little Lies is perfect. I love that HBO decided to do this as a miniseries instead of a movie. I think this is what they need to do more often with stuff, especially book adaptations. Movies often require cutting too much material because of time constraints. Books that aren’t series don’t have enough material for a full TV show with multiple seasons but a miniseries is perfect. And even original content sometimes isn’t really “enough” for an entire show but could make a really great miniseries.

[side thought: Imagine if Harry Potter had been done as a TV show with a season for each book and 10ish episodes for each book. It would have been so amazing.]

That said I also can’t wait to see HBO’s adaptation of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

Good morning all you beautiful people! I just woke up today to see that We have reached 5,000 friends!!! I’m so in shock because just why? I never in a million years thought this would happen and I’m just so thankful for all of you. Thank you guys so much and just know that we have done this. It wasn’t just me. It was you guys too and this is a group achievement. I hope you all have a lovely day. I’m sending you all a bouquet of flowers. 🌹Also comment if theirs anything you want me to do and I promise I will try to do it as u guys know I’m quite the procrastinator.

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Multiples of seven for the SWTOR asks

7. Which player voice actor is your favorite and your least favorite?

Female inquisitor is probably my favorite - a great job of covering the various ways the class can be played (sarcastic, angry, sympathetic, slightly crazy, etc.). Other favorites - both smuggler voices, female agent and male sith warrior.

Least favorites? Nolan North sounds like he’s sleepwalking through his lines as the Jedi Consular. This is blasphemous, I know, but I also wasn’t really impressed with Jennifer Hale as the trooper - it didn’t feel like she went for much beyond “you can play Shepard” which was disappointing, since I’d rather see more differentiation.

14. Favorite planet story arc?

Republic Balmorra - really good job of making it feel like you were jumping into a war zone where even your ostensible allies weren’t necessarily thrilled to have you around. I could have done without the Barrager, though, as usual Bioware had no idea how to incorporate a superweapon into the story without making i stupid.

Imperial wise - probably Dromund Kaas. I like the intrigue, the environment and the insight into the various issues the empire faces even on its capital.

21. Which player ship is your favorite?

The Thunderclap may be ugly but I love how it’s a functional ugly, which is very appropriate for the class. Aesthetically, I’d go with the agent ship exterior (though I hate navigating it) and the Jedi ship internally.

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At least its not canon (praise be to god)

Or at least, I’m not taking it as canon.

That said, if they really wanted to bring in more Berseria elements into Zestiria, it could have been done wonderfully well.  Ufotable’s scriptwriter just dropped the ball, tripped over it, fell flat on their faces, tried to stand up, and then tripped over it again in the process of trying to write this.  Because it’s such a mess of an adaptation in ways that it didn’t need to be.

*sigh*  I weep for the lost potential the anime had …

I feel so bad for my mom all the time, I mean she’s still neglectful and she’s done a lot to hurt me by defending my dad but I feel like she really is more of a victim in this scenario than an abuser. If my dad can’t yell at me he takes it out on her, she has to function as a therapist for both me and him when there’s an issue in the house, meanwhile she’s really stressed just trying to work and go to school and manage the house like I wish I could have prevented all of this. 

I know from what she’s said that dad was abusive to her long before I was born and I know they used to scream and fight all the time. I wish I could have stopped them from meeting, I don’t really care if that means I wouldn’t exist. I don’t really want to. But my mom deserves better than all of this.

RK Discussion: Alignments

Okay, I’m fired up. Let me make one of these. I don’t know if I’m doing this right, but I’ll try.

Let me talk about my favourite character:

Yes, this snarky soba-loving asshole.

Now, what sort of Alignment can he be?

Well one part of that is pretty obvious: Lawful as fuck. In fact, he is so Lawful I can’t abbreviate the as fuck part. We all know why: he is a Shinsegumi with no ulterior motives, meaning he isn’t in it for personal advancement or anything of the like, no; he’s in there because he believes that’s what’s right: keeping the peace and the streets safe. He was part of the previous government and fought tooth and nail to keep the law and order of the previous establishment. How more Lawful can you get?

Even more, apparently! As he was on the side that lost the war, he could have done a whole lot of things, many unsavoury ones. Instead what does he do? Joins the police! Nothing is more Lawful than a police officer, especially one who does it for the morality of it all. He does it to keep his country clean, to keep his politicians honest, to help this world he too created by losing.

He even stopped a child from killing a guy not because blah blah blah but because Revenge Killing was outlawed in 82.

And of course…Aku Soku Zan. Come on we all knew that was coming xD He lives by that dogma, it’s ingrained into his being–a motto Hijikata coined and he adheres to it with every fibre of his being. Also, while fighting with Kenshin he mentioned he would rather die than deviate from the warrior’s path - which is walking away from a battle just because he could die - because that’s what Hijikata taught them. Hardcore Lawful, can’t be more lawful even if he tried.

So, Swift Death to Evil would put him on the Good side right? Because that’s what he lives by…well no.

Here’s the deal: Saito kills a lot lot lot of people. People he could simply arrest or somehow incapacitate in another way. But he doesn’t, he actually prefers killing them. The only opponents he faced and didn’t kill was that joke of an adversary, one of the Four Stars Gods whatever in the last arc, and the Venom look alike, the miner who had it out for Kenshin because “he managed to see him”. And even then he would have killed the latter had it not been for Kenshin’s staunch refusal.

And the people he kills…well, it ain’t pretty: one gets decapitated and the other dies mercilessly in the next panel and Usui the Blind sword…well, he gets cut in half. Legit Saito, legit.

With so much killing in such ways and that violence well, he ain’t Good; he’s not a necessary evil, because he isn’t evil but he is a person with a license to kill who uses it too much. Not irresponsibly and not at the drop of the hat and it’s not the killing he enjoys, so that’s why he isn’t Evil. But all the killing is why he isn’t Good.

So to me Saito Hajime is Lawful Neutral. Maybe if he ever retired from police and active duty he could slip into Lawful Good, but I don’t see that happening, not with his personality. His poor wife.

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When talking about disbelief in nb genders due to lack of evidence and such, transmeds are often called racist because of the existence of more than two genders in some cultures around the world. What are your thoughts on that?

I actually have been giving some thought to this recently because I have done some work at uni about this kind of thing.

Basically - yes, some cultures do accept and value the idea of more than two genders. It is deeply entrenched into their culture and of course I would not go to that culture and tell them that they could not believe what they do. But these are cultural practises we do not share in the western world - we have two genders that are correlated to sex (notice the word “correlated”). The concept of having loads of genders is not something that is in our culture and there is no reason for us to introduce it. In many of the cultures that accept multiple genders, genders isn’t as related to biology as it is here. Gender means different things in different cultures and we can’t take one aspect of a culture and plant it into our own - we either take all of it or none of it.

Hope that made some sense (I’m quite tired atm) :)

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apparently growing up means lousing your adhd and becoming a bland know it all super genius

(not original anon, but i feel them) thing to note: they took away his adhd

Ok yeah, no I definitely get what you guys are saying and that is kind of uncool. Like I said, I have very little interaction with Bart himself and know him on a team mostly. But I can totally see how some of Bart’s ‘kinks’ got smoothed over to make him more ‘palatable’. Like it's a double edged sword, I LIKED that Bart tried to better himself and take his heroing more seriously but again, he lost a bit of his kooky personality and an disorder that he’s had since the beginning. I still did like the first part of TTvv3, there was something about the tone and the way they portrayed the kids and their relationships that I really enjoyed. Could they have done better? absolutely but imo from what I can tell, TTv3 (the first 3 volumes at least) is one of the few stories to really look at the Young Justice cast and try and age them and work with them. The other versions of Tim’s Titans (N52 for example) didn’t even come fucking close.

tbh I could get like 40% more shit done in my life if I didn’t have to spend so much time trying to remember what I was going to do 2 minutes ago. I mean I still wouldn’t get it done, but at least I’d be able to. it’d free all that time up to not do even more shit.

Yuri on Ice x Ciel in Wonderland ( •᷄ὤ•᷅)?

I don’t know what this is… but I know for sure that I want to thank you all for your love and your support! 


Big Sean raised $100,000 for the Flint water crisis because the fight is far from over

  • Though Big Sean is living out in Los Angeles these days, it’s clear he hasn’t forgotten where he came from. 
  • The rapper revealed that through his Sean Anderson Foundation, he has raised about $100,000 for the people of Flint, Michigan.
  • In spite of the fact that the Republican-controlled House shuttered their investigation in December, Sean feels there’s far more work to be done in restoring this community to full health.
  • “I just know it’s not even close to being over,” Sean told Daily Show host Trevor Noah. "In that situation, I feel like, it wasn’t a natural disaster. It’s something that should’ve been prevented and could’ve been prevented. So it’s just disgusting to think about the damages that these families and even kids have to go through with the lead poisoning.“ Read more

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…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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