and i could actually be good looking

I want to tell you all a story

I knew a guy once, actually just a few months ago, it was because someone of my family suggested that we could actually become good friends, I did, the guy seemed to be nice, good looking and smart so everyone was excited thinking “Wow, he could be the perfect match for you” and for a few days I tried  to believe that too maybe not because I thought he was perfect but also because maybe he was the opportunity to “try myself in something serious” just as a lot of people around me like friends and family wanted to get me in so I could be “happy”.

So, at the second day talking with this “Perfect guy” he was already talking about love, saying I was his, even getting jealous of my other friends, I thought it was hilarious because 1st I would never put my friends aside just to make a jealous boyfriend happy and 2ndly because I mean “dude” I just have 2 days talking with you, calm down…

After making questions to each other he told me he was not the kind of guys who spend too much time outside, while me on the other hand I like to go on long walks if I have the chance to, I love going out (Maybe not to parties or stuff like that but I love going to parks) so the guy makes a joke and says something like “Well too bad that when you become mine I’ll lock you up, take your phone and I’ll not let you go out with anyone” So I can hear some sirens in my head telling me “Wow, there’s something weird about this guy” 

But well it was just a joke so I let it pass one time, so the days continue and I keep talking with him but there was something inside me that said “I don’t even feel like myself now, I’m trying to make this work but is it really for my own sake or I’m just trying to make everyone else happy?” 

A few weeks later I was having a great day with my cousins and I started to get messages from him and when I told him how we were playing and that I was laughing of one of my cousins when he was trying to make me lose in one of the games we were playing he says something like “Good thing you are not playing with me or I would slap you right in the face if you dare to laugh” I was like “Did I just read that? Did he really text me that?!” For that moment I wanted so much to be Azusa and him to be a f*cking Unicorn so I could stab him and rip his heart out.

So I stopped the messages and the next day he texts me as if nothing happened but I told him nothing was going to be normal again he asked me why and I said “If I see you now I ‘ll want to stab you, I hate you and I really want to cut your throat” and he again says that “It was a joke” that he “loved me” and he didn’t want things to end that way, that I was important for him and that no one ever made him feel like I did since we met.

Now just a day ago I took him out of my life, because I really think he needs help, joking about violence is nothing you would do with someone you love and it’s just not right, I think he’s sick but I kind of felt bad to just throw him away so I waited for so long to make the choice but I realized no matter how much time passed I still hate him, my whole interest had just vanished and I was always angry at him and I was kind of tired to be a b*tch with him even when he deserved that and even more.

The worst part is that a lot of people around me was saying I was being exaggerated about it, that I should give him a chance or joked that at least I should f*ck him, no, girls (and this warning goes to you guys too), never let anyone treat you that way, at least I love myself enough to never let someone cross a line like that and think I’m just going to laugh and let it pass as normal, never let anyone try to make you think violence and stuff like that is just a joke, it’s just sick and totally wrong and if someone wants violence that much then that person should find someone who wants to stick their fists in their f*cking *ss.

Never put in risk your own happiness and your mental or physical health just to make other people happy, there’s good people out there, I know that too well but there’s also wolves disguised as sheeps, so the only thing you should always ask to yourselves is “Am I really happy with this? Is this really what I want?” Be sure to love yourselves before you decide to give your heart to someone else and if you do, then make sure that person is worthy, respect the people you love the same way you want them to respect you and be happy :3 

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oh i didnt know one of my FAVES was into musicals too could i find anyone else who would sell their soul for angelica??????





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Hi! I was wondering if I could trouble you to help me find any good Dom!juggie fics? Thank you!!💖

I personally blogged about this here - but I’ll do a sum-up for you here too because you’re the third person to ask. This list will look different than most here. Sorry about the aesthetic.

Seriously, there are LOTS AND LOTS of fics that have Jug with Dom tendencies - mainly because the actual Jug in canon has these obvious Dom tendencies. It’s not a big jump for authors to write a super protective Jug who touches Betty a lot and kind of just leads things. Dom!Jug fics don’t have to be smutty… though most kinda just ARE. Jug is just a confident leader - and generally just wants what he wants… and usually he wants Betty. Ya dig?

However - I have a couple go-to fics when I’m in the particular mood to read this kind of Betty and Jughead relationship.

Envy by @wordsonpages1  (and pretty much every one of her fics - because her Jug has a definitely Dom!streak in every one of her smutty fics)

Then I would have you check out The Perfect Gentleman by @heytherejones which is my favourite of her stories - but she often writes a very smutty and very dommy!Jug. You could also read her entire cake and cardigan collection (it’s like an anthology of extreme smut - many of which have a Jug of the dommy persuasion)

@lazydaizies writes a pretty Dommy Jug in both Summer Storm and Pieces of my Heart (though she didn’t realize it until we talked about it this morning!)

There are DARK Dom!Jug fics - like Marked by @cooperjones2020​ (which is actually one of my favourite fics ever - but he’s dom more so because he’s slightly unhinged - but it’s VERY clear that Betty is consensual so that’s always nice when dealing with a slightly unhinged Jug.

And if you’re thinking you want to go deeper into BDSM (which - if I’m being honest - is usually a bit more than what I’m referencing when I’m talking about Dom!Jug) then I encourage you to read first, Pain and Pleasure by @bettybettycooper and then Sucker for Pain by PurpleDragoness (which is literally the first actual researched BDSM Bughead I’d ever read and it’s hot and totally consensual… but like I said - a little MORE than what I usually go for. But still good - so you might like it!)

Not enough authors are tagging their fics with a Dom!Jug - mostly because like I said above - many many iterations of Jughead lean to the dom persuasion and because there is a serious misunderstanding about what the term actually means. It doesn’t only mean ball gags and safe words - though it CAN - so I think people are hesitant to admit they like it. Which is a shame. 

ANYWAY - Happy reading! - Jandy

dan has such a good heart and he’s passionate and funny and creative and he feels everything so deeply and tries so hard to be the best he can be for everyone even though his intentions are constantly misunderstood and he can never meet the ridiculous standards of his critics. he wants to look like this edgy dark memelord but he’s actually a giant softie who likes space and blushes when people call him cute and i just want to hug him and tell him he’s doing amazing.

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Scrolling through your blog after seeing your supercorp tweets has actually made me interested in season 7 of ouat having quit in season 5. The plot seems like it could be going back to its season 1 roots re the curse and their identities, and A&E have really impressed me by admitting their mistakes with the LGBT rep. I'm really surprised but I may be looking forward to it!

So I’m going to give you my season 7 pollyanna sales pitch:

I’ve now talked to Adam quite regularly on twitter and while twitter isn’t his best medium for communicating I believe that he’s got good intentions and recognizes and reads far more criticism of his work than people know.  He acknowledged to me between season 5 and season 6 that he regretted that the LGBT storyline was one episode, that it had been intended to be more, and he and then had a long exchange about the problem of getting your LGBT rep in side characters (he says that they were unable to book Meghan for more episodes).  He’s also said for a while that he wished that the show had more racial diversity.  When they had a chance to cast new characters they seem to be paying off on those lessons.  I completely understand if people don’t trust Once.  But I do think they are making a good faith effort to fix the the things they did wrong.

The change from “Book I” to “Book II” also essentially killed all the ships in one swing.  I don’t actually think this was an accident.  I believe they felt trapped in the stale ship based story dynamic and this is again their attempt to break out of it.  Will it work, who knows, maybe maybe not.

So a summary what is going on and how we go here:

Season 1-6 of Once are Book II.  The book ended with a big family dinner at the end of season 6 and everyone got their “happy beginning”.  The final than flash forwarded some large amount of years later to a little girl knocking on a door in Seattle and Andrew J. West answering the door as adult Henry.  The little girl is his daughter Lucy and she wants him to come with her because his family is in trouble.  Henry has … somehow lost belief.

We learned at Comic Con that Henry (with guest appearances in multiple episodes by Jared Gilmore playing 18-19 year old Henry) that he’s gone through all the storybooks he found and he’s not in any of them.  He wants to find his own story.  Thematically Regina also told Snow in season 6 that lives are made up of more than one story and that she wanted a new one that wasn’t dominated by the Evil Queen.  Henry goes realm hopping on a magical motorcycle to find his story and some time much later he crashes his bike into Cinderella’s carriage.  

How the fuck is Dania Ramirez playing Cinderella you might ask?  Well it’s not a recast.  Because there are more than one version of these stories there are more than one version of the person living them out.  Cinderella played by Jessy Schram still exists in Storybrooke.  This is a different Cinderella with a different story and we’ve now opened up the chance to meet different version of any story character we’ve ever met before.  So say… literary Frankenstein in addition to the black and white horror movie Frankenstein we’ve already met.  Something has gone wrong for Henry though and Regina, Hook and Rumple go to help him.  And they all mysteriously end up in a neighborhood in Seattle… with new identities.

The new cast and what we know of their character.  Dania Ramirez as Cinderella, she has a daughter named Lucy who is Henry’s daughter though we don’t know if that’s by adoption or biology.  Gabrielle Anwar is Lady Tremaine she is apparently a deeply unpleasant person but Anwar at comic con doesn’t think she has magic.  Both of them are regulars.  Mekia Cox is playing Princess Tiana who is apparently Cinderella’s roommate.  Adelaide Kane is playing the wicked stepsister Drusilla.  Rose Reynolds is playing another version of Alice in Wonderland.  All recurring.  They are currently filming ep 2, Jared has appeared in ep 1 and 2, JMo did her one and only guaranteed appearance in 2, and Emilie de Ravin is guest starring in episode 4.

Regular Cast women of color, Lana (Regina), Dania (Cinderella), Gabrielle (Tremaine), and Alison (Lucy Mills).

Anwar is 47, Lana is 40, Dania is 37, and Mekia is 35.  That’s how we get four women of color over 35 in the regular and recurring cast.

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Do you know of any shows that actually has decent Native representation? I'm always looking for more but so far (when it comes to Netflix) all I have is Frontier and even then it's still minimal representation based around the story of a white guy--

Oh man, television shows? I really don’t know. I’ve been meaning to check out Blackstone and Mohawk Girls, and I’ve also heard that Strange Empire was good (Cara Gee is a main character). Definitely could use some more representation.

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I don't know if this sounds weird or not, but could I please ask for some house decorating with their s/o headcanons for the nordics?


  • will go all out
  • wants it to look awesome
  • picks what he likes, even if it doesn’t match
  • s/o needs to make final decision


  • Actually has good taste
  • monotone with bright blast of color
  • goes for comfort


  • If s/o lets him decorate house alone,
  • it will turn into a Christmas wonderland
  • willing to compromise though


  • He isn’t picky
  • let’s s/o do whatever they want
  • as long as everything is from Ikea


  • will turn hose into a memeland
  • someone please stop him

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He has the cutest smile ever but like he doesn’t smile as much but I try and make him smile and occasionally it works!
And he understands my many mental problems and loves me anyway and ohhhh he has such pretty eyes I’d stare into them if I could but he’s not good with eye contact so I try not to do that bc I understand and I love him
Oh oh! He really likes op shops and a lot of his clothes are from there but they’re actually rly cool and he looks good in everything ughghgb
He used to have a lot of flannel but uh…I kinda adopted a lot of them…sorry bee but they smell like you and I love it
Oh! He has a lot of blankets!! Like six!! And he looooves sharks and football!!
And I got to go to my first real footy game with him to see his fave team and it was good and he was so !!! And I just love when he gets rly hyped over things!
Oh oh he makes perfect hot cocoa like heck man it’s so good!!
He gives the best hugs and even better kisses! He has a mark on his wall bc he made me wear his oversized leather jacket and then kissed me and I slid down the wall and it left a mark lmao
He also likes crystals! He’s a good witch and he cleanses them rly good and it’s so cool I’m like woah
Oh oh! He has the best voice holy heck man he sings and it’s just so !!!!!!!! Good like ugshdvsbhsmdbdk
He wrote songs for me?!! And sang me some!! And I died?! It was so pure and I was a ball of emotions?!!
He makes me so happy omg and we communicate via memes 90% of the time because idk we both have mental issues lol
Oh and we watch rupaul drag race queens together!! I love it! And dan and Phil too! We’re so much like dan and Phil actually though, like he’s dan and I’m Phil
And when we get our own place he wants a pink kettle and I think that’s adorable and we’re so gonna get one
Ooh he also likes bats! And bats are super cute lil beans I like them too!
And and and he has rly cool hair I’m jealous ugh
And also he’s a dork and I love it and he’s almost always in pyjamas which is actually the cutest thing also he has a thing with not liking pants so they’re rarely around
And he has a lot of plushies in a pile in his room and they all have names it’s so cute and he loves space! and I love him so much

so there was this nicktoons tv movie called the electric piper and i like. definitely saw it when i was a kid. and i had vivid memories of certain scenes but it ended up as a piece of lost media for a really long time so i could never look it up to see if they actually happened… anyways someone uploaded the whole thing to youtube a few months back and i watched it and im like. really weirded out by how well i remembered certain parts of it, even stuff i didnt realize i remembered

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So i hate to bring this up because I don't want to start drama but I just came back from a mission trip and found that the bet has been deleted. Do you know if anyone had a pdf saved of it because I really was looking forward to finishing it.

I don’t actually know if anyone has, sorry :/ I hadn’t actually finished reading it yet myself either before it was deleted so idk, did anyone else save it who might be able to help?


Imagine: Being best friends with Alison and forming a secret relationship with Jason.    

For: Anon

You’re sitting with your five best friends in Alison’s bedroom, you were having one of your traditional sleepovers. There was a movie playing on the TV, but the six of you were too busy painting your nails and gossiping to actually pay attention to it.

“That colour looks so good on you Ali!” Aria swoons at the bubblegum pink nail polish that Alison is painting on her toes.

“I know sweetie,” Alison responds sassily, as much as you loved Alison, she could definitely be a little bit bitchy sometimes, but she was one of your only friends and without her, none of the other girls would speak to you either.

Hanna reaches into the popcorn bowl and laughs, “What colour doesn’t look good on Ali?”

 “Thank Han, but you might want to lay off the popcorn darling,” Alison responds too sweetly. Hanna’s face instantly falls and she turns bright red, dropping the popcorn in her hand back into the bowl.

“Oh come on Ali, let her live,” You respond coolly.

She raises her eyebrows threateningly, “I’m only being a good friend to her Y/N.”

The girls look back and forth between you two, this was a common occurrence, you were the only one willing to stand up to Alison, but you knew that if you crossed the line, your high school life would be ruined. You bite your tongue to stop yourself from making another remark, not wanting to start another fight on a night that was supposed to be fun, “I’m gonna go get myself a glass of water. Does anyone want anything?”

Alison just rolls her eyes and the others silently shake their heads, this mood probably wasn’t going to last long, but you didn’t want to be stuck in the awkward silence so you walk out.

The hallways of the DiLaurentis house are dark; Alison’s parents were out for the weekend, so you had the house to yourself. Or so you thought.

You make your way to the kitchen, quietly humming, and you pour yourself a cold glass of water, in hopes to cool down your hot temper. You stand around in the dark kitchen until you hear the girls giggling once again; you know it’s probably safe to return, so you make your way back to Alison’s room.  

As you approach the stairs, a voice behind you makes your heart jump out of your heart, “Hey Y/N.”

You spin around on your heel and see Alison’s older brother, Jason, standing right behind you, “Jesus Jason! You nearly gave me a heart attack!”

“Sorry” he shrugs.

You stand in silence for a while, staring at each other through the dark. The initial surprise from Jason’s jump scare had worn off, but your heart was still racing due to the fact that your best friend’s incredibly attractive older brother is standing a bit too close to you. You finally break the silence, “Um, I should probably head back up stairs.”

He shakes his head, “Yeah, uh, I only stopped to because I wanted to say that it was really nice how you stood up for Hanna earlier.”

“Oh, you heard that?” You blush, luckily, he couldn’t see that in the dark.

“You girls aren’t necessarily quiet, that’s why I came down here,” He chuckles.

“Sorry,” You laugh.

Jason steps even closer to you, “You know, you’ve always been my favourite out of Ali’s Power Puff Girls.”

“And why is that?” You struggle to keep your voice from faltering. Jason’s proximity to you felt wrong, but you didn’t want him to back away.

“You’re the only one who isn’t afraid to stand up to my sister. You treat her as if she’s actually your friend, and not your ring leader. You don’t let her walk all over you like the other girls and my family do,” He pauses for a moment and then adds more quietly, “You’re also the most beautiful.”

You blush, “Thank you Jason.”

He brushes a strand of hair away from your face and tilts your chin up, he leans down so that you noses are almost touching and pauses, silently asking for your permission. The small part of you that fears Alison screams at you not to do it, but you ignore it. You stand up on your toes and close the gap between you two. This kiss starts off gentle, but slowly grows passionate. You finally pull away when you hear Alison’s voice call from upstairs, “Y/N! How long does it take to get water?!”

You shyly look up at Jason, “I should go.”

You’re about to head up when he grabs your arm, to stop you, “Do you want to go out to lunch sometime?”

“I’d love to,” You smile at him, “Jason, can we please keep this a secret?”

“I was thinking the same thing,” He laughs, “Ali would be furious.”

You nod, as the girls call you once again.

You bid Jason good night and rush upstairs. You walk in the door, and all the girls stop joking around at stare up at you.

“Y/N, what happened to your lipgloss?” Alison finally asks, you look in the mirror and notice that your lipgloss is all messed up. Shit, this is going to be hard to explain.


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@compromised-by-castiel : how are you at sewing? Could you do the sexy nerd ‘cosplay’ photos thing?

I’m shite at sewing lol. That said, I have a friend who’s offered her skillz for this very option in the past so maybe I should ply her with delicious food and see what she has to say now.

@teenwolfwhy : You could post the designs you do for the POD sites as printable art on etsy, maybe?

I already do this with some art as printable colouring pages actually!

@dreamedge : there’s transcribing work if your hearing’s good

@sarkastically : Amazon has their mechanical Turk thing which allows you to do tasks from home and get paid for it but they take forever to approve you.

@linatrinch : try looking at

Thank yoooooouuuuu!

okay hear me out: 

you know those photo series that are like “In The Running For The Next Spiderman/Young Han Solo/Bachelor/Prince Eric/Property Brother”

and it’s just like nine generically handsome brunet white men that might all be Henry Cavill or might all be Matt Bomer or might all be the photogenic runner guy from 2012 for all we know but it’s impossible to tell because they are just so generic?

and you know how nobody really remembers what Moist von Lipwig (slash Albert Spangler where applicable) actually looks like, they just remember the gold hat, or the glasses, or the bountiful ear hair?

what I want is an adaptation where Moist, whenever he’s being an anonymous face or The Man in the Golden Suit or Albert Spangler, is played by a series of generically handsome brunet white men who are swapped out shot-to-shot.


Am I still thinking about that one AU? Yes, definitely

sketch of some sort (๑ↀᆺↀ๑)

A Guide to Dream Daddy, by someone who has never played it

Mat Sella: He’s adorkable and runs a coffee shop 7/10 

Damien Bloodmarch: Good! Pure! Needs Protection! 9/10

Hugo Vega: “See you in class, bitch.” +1 points for being voiced by Ray Narvaez 8/10

Brian Harding: He’s probably nice but I always feel insecure around him 5/10

Craig Cahn: Tumblr doesn’t talk about him that much but he has an adorable baby so 7/10

Robert Small: Looks like he could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll 10/10

Joseph Christiansen: Looks like a cinnamon roll but is actually an unholy demon that needs to be purged from this earth -8/10


And there he stands in all his glory, laughing at something Chris Nolan said to him, a glass of whisky in his hand and his arm around her waist. And all I could do was stand here, from afar, watching them.

“He’ll notice if you keep staring, darling.” Anne handed me a glass of champagne.

“I-I-I was not staring. Just looking how wonderful they are together.” I could feel my face turn red by the second.

“Oh, darling, don’t try to fool yourself, I know you have feelings for him.” She smiled lightly at me. “Actually, I always thought you’re going to be together.”

My smile faltered and I looked at the floor. Silly Y/N, of course Anne knew. Apparently, everybody did! The boys, Gemma, Lou and now Anne. Clearly, I am not very good in hiding my feelings for my best friend. The guy who knows me better than anyone and yet can’t realize how much I adore him.

Harry and I have been friends since we were kids, really. Eventually we went separate ways: He went out to become the biggest celebrity out there and I went to college. Even though we lived in different worlds, we never stopped talking. We’re still best friends even after all this time.

I love him.

But it wasn’t always like this. When we’re younger, our parents used to tell us we would eventually get married. We’re too perfect for each other, that’s something we always knew, even though we didn’t have this types of feeling for each other.

It was in my senior year of college that this said feelings started to show. I spent a few weeks with him and the boys while they’re on tour and suddenly I started to fall for my best friend. If you have seen any movie out there, you would think that the feeling was mutual and we’re happily ever after. Not how things turned out, I’m afraid to tell you. I spent 6 weeks trying to find a way to tell him my feelings, even asked for the boys’ help, but when I was close to figure a way out, he met her. And gosh, how much he adored her. Since the beginning!

You know that stupid line that said when you love someone, you gotta let them go and find their happiness? His happiness was she and I couldn’t stand in the way of that. Even though I knew I loved him more than she could ever love him, it was time for me to set him free.

So I came back. Came to the UK, finished college and found a job I actually like. My life is all put together, as Harry likes to remind me. He’s right, my life is put together, except for my love life. I tried so hard to get over him, to not have feelings for him. I dated, I tried everything I could, but he was always there, in the back of my mind, even when I met my ex-boyfriend, Daniel. We broke up a few months later because he knew I had feelings for my best friend. Poor Dan, such a nice guy and I couldn’t love him.

Harry came back home. And moved in with her, much to my dismay. They’re together for 3 years now and they don’t seem to be breaking up anytime soon. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve thought about telling him, just to get it out of my chest, but I can’t. I cannot ruin this for him. I would rather suffer in silence than ruin his happiness and our friendship.

“Have you thought about telling him?” She asked me while we watched the couple from afar.

“I did.” I whispered. “I just can’t. He’s happy, Anne. He deserves to be happy.”

“My son is a fool, darling. He doesn’t know, but he does have feelings for you. A mother always know and I’m telling you he does. But I understand your side, I just don’t wanna see you both losing time with other people when you could be together!”

I breathed a laugh. Anne was always our biggest supporter, so it’s not a shock to me she would rather me with her son than his actual girlfriend. The poor girl is not a bad girl; she’s just not right for him.

She doesn’t get it how he can be such a morning person, always waking up at a 100%, telling everyone ‘good morning’ in his raspy voice. She thinks its annoying, but the truth is if he doesn’t do this, we’ll go back to sleep and miss his whole day. She doesn’t get his obsession for good health, but if she just asked him about it, she would understand he actually believes that those junk foods can kill you slowly, and he can’t lose anyone in his life, so we all have to eat health food. At least around him. She doesn’t understand how he can feel so down after reading mean comments on the internet, because for her how could The Harry Styles feel anything less than perfect?! He thinks he’s not worth it, even though he truly does deserve everything good that ever happened to him. However, he has insecurities, because by the end of the day, he is just Harry. And all he really wants is cuddles and a few reassurance words that those people are just mean people and are not telling the truth.

She doesn’t know him and a part of me thinks she just doesn’t want to. Yes, she knows what he likes for breakfast, what calms him when his in a bad mood, but she doesn’t know the little things I do.

It’s sad, if you think about it. He’s been with her for 3 years and she doesn’t get him. Maybe that’s why when he needs someone, he runs to me. He runs to my house at 3 A.M just so he could talk about his bad day. She never saw him cry, because he only cries when we’re alone and he can truly show his feelings. I’m the first person he calls when something good or bad happens. I’m his emergence contact in the hospital, I’m his safe place to go when he needs to just take a break. I’m the one who could leave her whole life on hold, just to take care of him when needed.

It’s sad because even thought I am his person, I’m not his and he’s not mine. She has him and I can’t truly express how much I wish that could be me.

“He looks nervous.” I pointed out to Anne.

“I was about to ask you this… Do you know why? He’s been like this for a few weeks now.” She looked deep in thought, trying to find a reason for her son odd behavior.

“I think…” I was interrupted by Louis, who looked out of breath.

“You need to stop him, he will make a terrible mistake, please Y/N, stop him!”

“Louis, what’s going on? What are you talking about? Breathe, Lou.”

“You don’t get it, he’ll…”

“Can I have everyone’s attention, please?” Harry called out from the center of the room. The party quickly died down, waiting for his speech. “I would like to thank you all for coming to my Dunkirk party. It’s so nice to enjoy the movie’s success with all of you, so thank you!”

Everyone around the room clapped and Louis was fussing by side. He looks nervous and I couldn’t understand why.

“As you know this is a special night for me and I wanted to be even more special. Lexa, can you come here, darling?” He asked his girlfriend to join him and I could already feel the tension growing around me. Anne, Louis, Niall, Liam, Lou and Gemma surrounded me and we all were just waiting for something to happen. Anything.

“Lexa, we’ve been together for 3 years next week and I feel so blessed to have you by side. I was smitten with you since the moment I saw you, you can ask Y/N for confirmation.” Everybody laughed a little and I could feel a knot in my through already. “So, in this special date for me and surrounded by friends and family, I would like to ask you…” he got down on one knee. “Will you marry me?”

And just like that my world stopped. I couldn’t hear anything, but I could see her nod and everyone clap for them. I think the boys were talking to me, but I could barely understand what was happening.

He proposed to her.

He is hers.

She is his.

And just like that I realized that all these years loving him, taking care of him, weren’t enough to make him fall for me. I was a silly girl who believed in the fairy tale that everyone thought we would live. I loved him with everything in me, I was always his but he was never mine.

And just like that I ran out of the party, leaving everyone – including the love of my life – behind.

I was always his.

He was never mine.

He was always hers.


Part 2

It’s been a while, I know, but I hope you’ve liked this. Please, leave me your thoughts about this oneshot, talk to me pleeease. Sorry for any mistakes, English is not my first language!

All the love, B. 



Oh look, a soma drawing that’s transparent, wooooo-

No but seriously this took me like two hours and editing the speedpaint took another hour so I’ve spent like three hours on this and-

I’m dead. But it was worth it.