and i could actually be good looking

I hate reading what people tell me about how I am beautiful or don’t need to starve myself or need to treat my body better, blah blah blah.

Like, I get it. I know. If I could see my body differently and not have panic attacks every time I tried to eat healthily, I would.

If I could look in the mirror and not gag, I would. If I could be intimate with my lover and not cry, I would.

If I could binge without wanting to rip out my tongue after the fact, I would.

Also, I feel like most of the time people only say things like that to me because they want to feel good or better about themselves, or because they feel obligated to. I feel like it’s more of a curtesy than an actual care.

Which I’m sure isn’t true for everyone.

And honestly, messages like that DO help some people.

But seriously.

I’m not one of those people and all it does, when I get messages like that, is piss me off and make me want to hide and not tell anyone about my behaviors, which is worse in the end.

Like, what do you expect?

Someone: “You’re so beautiful, even though I’ve never see you before or spoken to you in my entire life and you don’t need to starve yourself !!”

Me: “omg wow I’m healed! You’re soooo right, I’m absolutely gorgeous and my eating disorder is GONE, thank heavens for your generous and selfless act/message”

Late night thoughts 🤔

I kinda want to die my hair black, but I’m unsure if it would actually look good.

I broke down and scheduled an induction for the 29th and I’m partly mad at myself, partly relieved

Should I cancel my induction???

Hopefully baby Easton will come on his own before then,

I can’t wait to start working on getting my body back 💪🏻

I’d love to have someone in the same situation as me.. and we could hold each other accountable and stuff. Let me know if you’re interested!!! ☺️

anonymous asked:

i was checking out your twitter and everything is in spanish so i dont understand anything but i saw you discussing with people calling viole ugly and then you tweeted something about maggie and flozmin, could you translate it?

lmao yes i was arguing with people who were saying flozmin and viole/flor are ugly, and basically that tweet about maggie is me saying that the same people who are constantly shitting on flozmin just because they don’t like how they look, are the same ones who used to complain about the fact that floriana lima isn’t latina and was portraying a character who was supposed to be latina. they literally don’t give a fuck about us (latinxs), they just want to be “woke” and get rts because the second we get actual good rep with a f/f couple from latin america they turn their backs and talk shit about us but i mean whatever 😴😴

ID #24336

Name: Adriana
Age: 15
Country: Slovakia

Okay, so I can’t believe I’m actually doing this, haha. My name’s Adriana, I’m 15 and I’m from Slovakia. I love English, music, writing, books and stuff like that. I speak English, a little bit German and I’m currently learning French, so it’d be really good if someone could help me with those languages, although that’s not something that’s necessary, I’m basically just looking for some friends. I could also help you with English or Slovak language, but I doubt that someone is actually going to want to learn it, haha. I’m very friendly and supportive, so I wouldn’t mind if you were a part of LGBTQ+ community. So, that’s basically it!

Preferences: Under 19

Less Than a Fortnight, my contribution to the Good Omens Holiday Exchange, is now posted to AO3! Written as a gift for nny and kindly beta’d by @averyautisticgayinspace

Word Count: 2858
Characters: Aziraphale, Crowley, Original Characters
Setting: London, December 1908
Summary: Crowley tries his hand at matchmaking.

There’s a hat in this story (actually more than one). Could this be the fabulous hat?

When I first read this post I took it very literal. I didn’t go into someone’s ask and send them something but actually went to my friends and family sending them things like “hey guys I hope you know I love you and I’m happy you’re in my life.”

Even though I knew Mark was posting something that was meant to be a funny thing to spread around our fandom it made me think that I actually don’t say things like “I love you” to people that often so I decided to do that instead of sending people stuff in their ask box.

From what I’ve seen from posts about this little game mark made it has scared quite a few people cause of what they received in their ask box and has been leaking into other fandoms when it shouldn’t. Maybe we could look at this post as a really good thing instead of just a game and send people we love positive messages.

                                “ Seriously, what is this? “ The vampire held up a long, grey dress and threw it to a pile behind her. “ That, “ Katherine pointed to the pile of dresses, jeans, shirts and even some shoes. “ Looks like it could be Elena Gilbert’s wardrobe, but certainly not mine. That is honestly the ugliest dress I’ve ever seen.“ She turned to the other with a sigh.   “ Please tell me there is actually a place where we can buy some good clothes. Because, otherwise, I’ll go mad. “ Soon enough, the whole store would be ruined - but Katherine couldn’t care less. If anyone complained - they could have to deal with her fangs and end up being her afternoon snack.

Open letter to YouTube.

YouTube. For all the years of entertainment you’ve made possible, and all the opportunities you’ve presented to so many people, I’m grateful. You’ve provided so much for so many, creators and consumers alike. I owe my job, and in a broad sense my general life to your platform. It takes a LOT to tear down that sort of built up trust. But you’ve managed to do it.

The constant changes to “the algorithm”, fair enough. The “sudden random bugs” that didn’t send out content to all the subscribers. Fine. Even when you, for some godforsaken reason decided that “Subscribe” was no longer enough, but you felt the need to add a bell, and yet a secondary step to go from “most content” to “all content”. Whatever. One would think a chronological feed of whatever recent post has been made by a channel would suffice. But you’re not alone in being guilty of this, every social network is doing it, why not you too. When the “adpocalypse” hit, and so many channels suffered, some even being unable to sustain, still most seemed to rally and say it’s not YouTube’s fault, YouTube is not the bad guy, there are only some bad creators, bad users. They’re doing their best.

I’m no longer convinced of this. When your system automatically flags the majority of content uploaded as “non-advertiser friendly” without having a clue what the video actually is. When you offer no way whatsoever, of whitelisting a channel with good track record. When you manipulate feeds and recommended videos, and prioritize content that will make you money, over content that actually appeals to the user. When you’re SO clearly granting preferential treatement to those who can “make you look good” rather than being good. When a “top tier” creator on your platform can make a multimilliondollar-living out of being as disrespectful and morally despicable as (sometimes) legally possible. When a “top tier” creator on your platform can broadcast a victim of suicide to millions of underage people… and you do nothing.

Not a single action has been taken, the best you could do was to claim your “hearts went out to the family”. Why not add in “one like equals one prayer” and “every retweet saves a child” while you’re at it. You don’t care, this much is clear. You don’t care, as long as you’re making money. You are a business, I know, but you CAN do both. You so badly want to be TV, that you never stopped to consider why so many people have almost stopped watching TV all together, in favour of you. Count your blessings, that you have no competition, I for one would jump ship in a heartbeat. If I’m wrong, tell me. Tell us, something. Anything. Ever.

Hypocritical, bureaucratic, orwellian… Tube.

okay hear me out: 

you know those photo series that are like “In The Running For The Next Spiderman/Young Han Solo/Bachelor/Prince Eric/Property Brother”

and it’s just like nine generically handsome brunet white men that might all be Henry Cavill or might all be Matt Bomer or might all be the photogenic runner guy from 2012 for all we know but it’s impossible to tell because they are just so generic?

and you know how nobody really remembers what Moist von Lipwig (slash Albert Spangler where applicable) actually looks like, they just remember the gold hat, or the glasses, or the bountiful ear hair?

what I want is an adaptation where Moist, whenever he’s being an anonymous face or The Man in the Golden Suit or Albert Spangler, is played by a series of generically handsome brunet white men who are swapped out shot-to-shot.

Of all the crunchy hippy shit that has yet to become popular over here but I found to be relatively common in the UK, I miss refillable soap dispensers the most. 

I’m not meaning, the multi-packs you buy in stores to refill something, I am meaning stores where you take your empty containers and get refills of all your liquid soaps (shampoo, hand, dish soap, laundry, whatever), so as not to have to buy MORE plastic shit that isn’t actually recyclable when you look closely at the labeling*.

You’d think US hipsters would be all over that self righteous eco shit but nooo, here I am, trying to do my bit for the planet and the one and only eco-friendly store I have in my whole State is using non recyclable plastics in their packaging while touting how superior their products are over “evil” chemicals. I’d be fucking better off using Dawn dish soap (if I wasn’t allergic to it) cause at least then I could fucking recycle the bottle afterwards. Good grief.

Idk maybe I just lived in hippy central in Scotland, who knows. I did grow up going to Faslane protests as a kid.

Don’t mind me kids. Just having a moment. I didn’t choose the crunchy hippy life, but by god if I have to do it for health reasons I want to damn well do it right.


Am I still thinking about that one AU? Yes, definitely

7.) Sombra / Widow

Widow: “You know, if I weren’t already dead, you would be the death of me.”

Sombra: “Ah- but then, mi amor, aren’t I the life of you?”

A small comic about Widow almost maybe KIND of having a …”feeling”. I just added the dialogue here because I think it got a little hard to read. I know it doesn’t make sense but it sounded poetic or something TO ME SO. *violently shrugs* 

sketch of some sort (๑ↀᆺↀ๑)

someone!!!! please!!! watch the stars!!! with me!!!!! we could rest our heads against a blanket & just look up while holding hands & point out constellations & be star geeks together

“Surprise?” Victor chuckled, taking in the intensity with which Yuuri stared. He held out his arms to Yuuri, palms open, displaying his siren markings. “Do you like it?”

Yuuri took hold of Victor’s hands, tracing his fingers up the gold patterns. When he lifted them away, his fingertips came off stained with gold. His face snapped up and he grabbed Victor, spinning him around to examine his wings. Gold ribbons looped from their hilts, winding around his shoulders. Securing them in place.

Realization struck Yuuri and he started to laugh. He glanced down, to the backs of Victor’s legs, looking closely at the markings on his skin. Just beneath his left knee, the ink had smudged.

“Don’t laugh at me, I worked really hard on this!” Victor said, glancing over his shoulder at Yuuri. “And these are heavy!” He pulled on the wing ribbons, shifting their weight up his back.

Yuuri touched the feathers once more, rubbing them between his fingers. They were definitely real siren feathers, the feel of them the same as his own. Victor understood his question before Yuuri asked them.

“They’re yours. Most of them anyway. The ones you molted during mating season. I had them dyed and arranged by a costume maker, someone who makes outfits for balls. They look quite good, don’t they?”

They did. Good enough to fool Yuuri. He ran his fingers down the length of the wings, feeling where the feathers shifted from his own to that of some other bird. Firm and long, from a hawk, another bird of prey. Yuuri smiled and nuzzled his face in between Victor’s shoulder blades, writing a question into his skin.

“Ahhh, well. Actually, I’ve been painting them every day this week waiting for you to come home so I could surprise you. I’m nearly out of the paint,” Victor said, flipping his hands over to look at the markings on his skin. “Minami helped, we did them with the references of your markings from his sketchbook. Did you think they were real?”

Embarrassed to admit so, Yuuri nodded. Victor laughed harder, turning to draw Yuuri into his arms. He kissed Yuuri’s temple and smiled down at him. “I had them done so I could do something for you. Sit down.”

Yuuri sat back on the bed, grinning from ear to ear. More when Victor gathered their blankets and pillows around him, forming a nest just like Yuuri had done for him. It was also when he noticed that the cabin had been rearranged, desk and dresser pushed to the edges, clearing more space in the center.

Victor slide his fingers into the feathers of his wings and when he lifted his arms, they lifted along with them. 

Yuuri watched, delighted, as Victor started to prance across the room, little tiny steps on the tips of his toes. A perfect imitation of the first mating dance Yuuri had performed, right down to the booty shaking and the dab.

The siren had never felt more in love.

🌅 Rising Signs 🌅

Aries Rising: can actually pull off red eyeshadow. hates waiting. thinks everything is a competition and people usually let them win because they’re scary when they get angry. doesn’t care about your problems. is every authority figure’s worst nightmare. 

Taurus Rising: that mf who actually looks good without makeup. no but fr they look like they walked straight out of a Jane Austen novel. the most awkward person ever. sucks at being spontaneous. once they develop a certain habit it’s there to stay. is really bad at reading between the lines. 

Gemini Rising: cute af and knows it. constantly interrupts you. doesn’t know what they’re talking about. is crushing on at least 5 people at any one time. has too many different interests and none of them stick for very long. the one sign that could actually make use of a fidget spinner.  

Cancer Rising: everyone thinks they’re gay and they’re right. has the weirdest laugh. makes a big deal out of everything. fragile but tries way too hard to pretend they aren’t. the Mum Friend™. kinda chubby. has probably seen every romcom under the sun.   

Leo Rising: has never had a single bad hair day in their life. puts makeup on to go grocery shopping. u either love them or u hate them. incorrectly quotes Shakespeare all the time. has to have the last word in everything. crowd-pleaser. always trying to one up u for some reason.

Virgo Rising: looks competent but is barely keeping it together. most common facial expression is disappointment. corrects ur grammar in the middle of a dmc. literally the worst person to be around before an exam. cracks their knuckles so much u have to wonder how their hands aren’t broken already. 

Libra Rising: spends too much time getting ready. deeply insecure but also cannot conceive of anyone disliking them. is both argumentative and afraid of confrontation. waits until the last possible minute to make a decision. pretends to want to split the bill. doesn’t have any bad angles. 

Scorpio Rising: reads too deeply into ur texts. you can never tell what they’re thinking. has the anime villain laugh down to a t. fake deep. intense eye contact, to the point where it’s actually kind of creepy. keeps detailed case files on everyone they’ve ever been in a relationship with. 

Sagittarius Rising: too fucking loud!! class clown. irritatingly optimistic. offers their opinion even if no one asked. thinks they’re a good dancer. probably has one of those “live, laugh, love” signs hanging in their house somewhere. somehow always has the money to travel?? 

Capricorn Rising: do these people even talk?? if they weren’t so intimidating you probably wouldn’t even know they were there. would genuinely sell their soul to get to the top. always expects the worst from every situation. never tells you what you want to hear. the ugly kid in class who grows up to be a millionaire

Aquarius Rising: the kind of person who looks like everyone else but also no one in particular. gives u a lecture on social issues every chance they get. thinks a pat on the back counts as emotional support. practically lives on the internet. is somehow friends with everyone you know. 

Pisces Rising: the ultimate manic pixie dream girl. no one really knows who they are, and chances are, neither do they. in fact, their whole life is just one ongoing identity crisis. is way too nice to everyone. wasn’t actually listening to what u were saying but agrees with u nevertheless. 


-meeting him when he was a douche

-but he was so flirty with you

-you friends had to constantly remind you he was evil

-and you had to push away your feelings until he turned good and sort of joined the pack

-once that happened you could actually go on a date with him

-he’s such a cutie when he really likes some one

-after that you were inseperable

-like, that boy is obsessive, but its okay because if you’d want to date this boi, im assuming you’re a little obsessive too (god knows i am)

-the first time he kissed you, he’d be the guy who put one hand in your hair to draw your face to his while his other went to the small of your back to pull your body in

-great kisser

-look at those lips

-he likes dates where you drive around in his truck and talk about things

-for some reason he loves driving in the rain and blasting music and singing with you

-he can actually be such a softy

-cuddling with beautifully muscular guys is the best (10/10 can confirm)

-he would carry you everywhere, like just chase you and throw you over his shoulder as you laugh and grab at his back

-the pack would hate the PDA

-but fuck that, you and Theo are heavy PDA (unless you’re super against it)

-lots of chasing and playing around

-he’s a hickie guy, he’s possesive

-he’s the guy that takes you to the fair, wins you a teddy bear, kisses you at the top of the ferris wheel and walks around with his arm around your shoulders, pressing kisses to your temple

-stealing his jackets sometimes because they smell like him

-sometimes having to defend him and his progress to people

-working out with him, even if its just being on his back while he does squats or letting him bench press you


-he’s definitely a Princess guy

-did i mention carrying though? piggy backs to the max

-like going on a classy date where you wear heals and they hurt your feet so he carries you home

-being so proud of him and his progress to being nicer to people


Oh look, a soma drawing that’s transparent, wooooo-

No but seriously this took me like two hours and editing the speedpaint took another hour so I’ve spent like three hours on this and-

I’m dead. But it was worth it.