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Furry Feets.

italiagurl1  asked:

Could you do an imagine where Axl takes you to a theme park, but you hate roller coasters,he doesn't know, and you decide to ride one with him, and all he hears is you screaming i want to die, and swear words.x reader please. THANK YOU, you write great stories.

yesss, here it is! i hope you like it! 😊

In a theme park with Axl

Words: 1043

Originally posted by somewherein-hell

I was laying on my bed reading a book, it was about 3pm at the moment. I lived in this house together with Axl, we had been dating for about seven months already. I furrowed my eyebrows when i heard someone coming inside to the apartment from the door but i didn’t get up, i was too comfortable under my blanket right now.

But suddenly Axl stormed into the bedroom, a wide smile on his face. I narrowed my eyes suspiciously.

”Why are you looking at me like that?” i asked carefully. ”And why are you at home this early anyway?”

”Put some clothes on, we’re going to a theme park!” Axl exclaimed but i just lifted my eyebrows. I  was still wearing my pajamas, i was too lazy to change to better clothes. Axl was crazy about theme parks but he hadn’t been there in a surprisingly long time.

I just rolled my eyes. ”What are you, nine?” i chuckled but he was dead serious.

”Don’t be so boring, it’s going to be fun. Have you even been outside today?” he asked and went to open our curtains which made me automatically close my eyes and put a pillow against my face so i wouldn’t become blind.

I looked at him again for a moment until i sighed. ”Fine, let’s go,” i chuckled and he let a quick ‘yay’ out of his mouth.

We arrived to the theme park and it was full of little kids and teenagers, i almost accidentally kicked one of the kids on the stomach because she was so small. Theme parks were really fun otherwise but the roller coasters weren’t really my thing. I had been on a roller coaster once before i guess, when i was just a little kid, but i didn’t remember much of it. And i knew Axl loved roller coasters.

But after we had been chilling in the theme park for a while, he asked me if we could go to the roller coaster and i saw the happy expression on his face, his wide smile, and i just couldn’t resist.

”Alright, let’s go,” i said smiling and i knew that i would immediately regret it but i couldn’t help it, this made him happy, which was really cute, so i decided to try as well.

We went in the line, there were a lot of people before us but it wouldn’t take too long until it was our turn. When we finally got to sit on the roller coaster, i tightened my grip on my seat and began to panic.

”Hey, is everything alright?” Axl asked, looking at me concerned. I turned my head towards him.

”Yeah, of course,” i said nervously and tried to smile. ”It’s just that, i haven’t really been in a roller coaster before. I mean, i guess sometimes but a really long time ago.”

He put his hand on mine but didn’t have time to say anything before the wagon started to move. He turned back to me one more time though. ”You have nothing to worry about, it’s gonna be fun,” he said eagerly.

I took a deep breath but once we were on the top, i started to panic. ”Oh my god, shit. I want to die. No, no, no,” i muttered under my breath, quietly enough that Axl didn’t hear me. But soon he sure heard me screaming, and so did others. ”OH JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, I’M GONNA DIE,” i screamed so hard i could and felt this really uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. ”OH FUCKING GOD DAMN HELL,” i screamed again the next time we went down, fast. Also Axl, and everybody else, screamed every time, but with totally opposite feelings than mine.

We got out of the roller coaster and i immediately felt like i could throw up. Axl came next to me and put his hand on my shoulder.

”Hey, why didn’t you tell me you hated roller coasters? You wouldn’t have had to come if you were scared of them,” he told me chuckling. I turned to look at him and sighed.

”I just, you love them and i hadn’t been there in a long time so i thought that, maybe it wasn’t so bad after all,” i said and shook my head. ”But i’m not putting my foot on that ever again,” i laughed and he smiled as well.

He stood behind me and put arms around me, kissing my head. ”Well, i’m flattered that you sacrificed yourself to something like that because of me but seriously, next time you’ll tell me if you don’t like going somewhere, we can do other stuff. Okay?” he asked seriously.

I turned to look at him over my shoulder and gave a light kiss on his lips. ”Okay,” i said smiling.

”So, do you like anything else here? Are you scared of heights otherwise?” he whispered in my ear.

I lifted one of my eyebrows. ”No, unless the machine goes down super fast,” i said seriously but he just chuckled.

”Well, how about we’d buy cotton candy and go there,” he suggested and pointed at a ferris wheel, still hugging me tightly against his chest. ”Atleast it’s slow.”

I pondered it for a few seconds. ”Yeah, i’d love that,” i answered smiling and put my hand on his and started walking towards the ferris wheel hand in hand. ”But i don’t want cotton candy, it’s fucking sticky.”

”Fair enough,” he laughed. We arrived to the ferris wheel, gave our tickets to the man before he let us in and then we sat in there next to each other.

I put my legs over Axl’s lap, head on his shoulder and he put his arms around me, taking me closely against his chest again. Soon the machine started lifting us higher and higher little by little until we were on the top.

”This is much better than that death trap,” i said and looked outside through the window. ”And the views are really pretty.”

”Yeah, the views really are beautiful indeed,” he said agreeing but then turned back to look at me. ”But they’re nothing compared to you.”

I just laughed and kissed him. ”You’re such a cliché.”


The Freeze Arc I Part VI

The majority of the clan gathered around the frozen chunk that lay outside the remains of the central den. The cracks in the ice had grown so big that they stretched to every edge of the icecap, breaking down the bridges and allowing each portion to drift further and further apart.

Amadeus was quite a sight inside the ice. His expression a contorted scream of fear and shame, one paw reaching up as if he could stop the Icewarden’s might. He failed.

Tallah stood closest to her mate, her leader. Her two children were each tucked under one wing and Noel still continued to sob.

“Peony, casualty report.”

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Filters: Yay or nay?

I looove this new trend in pastels especially with the color play on rose gold shades. But I’m having second thoughts on changing my style or color theme for both my IG and blog an even on FB.

It is rare that a travel or art blogger use this kinds of filters for their photos. Normally, we want to share the natural colors as the are and not to set different kins of vibes to the viewers.

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Hi everyone! Exams are over, yay! ^^ So I’ve reopened my askbox again (for Anons, too) and I plan to keep it open permanently for now (unless I’m getting too many messages to handle, haha). XD

I also added a new FAQ page which I might update from time to time in order to reduce the amount of repetitive questions.

And I’ve made a few changes on my blog’s appearance. Feel free to tell me if you like it like that or if there are any problems because of the new theme. ^^


L I F E  L A T E L Y

Beating the heat this summer with my calm and blue-haired girls, in addition, I’d also like to beat my routine at home and be back at doing something more than just chilling and wasting time. Like yuh, it’s been three months of chill, I may be busy with my small business (Pintura & Co.) but that only takes like a week or two. Anyway, you’ll be seeing more of my posts about my arts, adventure and all kinds of random Prei. Yay to no more acads! Hahaha! 

What’s new?

  • Hey, I changed my Tumblr theme! like for the nth time. Hahaha! I’d maybe really stick to this one.
  • Then last month, I dyed my hair, color blue AGAIN.
  • I joined the Art Exchange Manila Exhibit (I’ll make a separate story about this)
  • hmm… Oh! The Brave New World (BNW) my boyfriend’s band had their first ever gig in Noveleta, Cavite! Such an experience!
  • The Pintura & Co. got a very big news about expansion this coming third month of May! So better stay updated plus we are very sorry for being on hiatus on our social media, though you can still buy our products in The Craft Central, Greenbelt 5, Makati City.
  • hmmm… what else? Oh, I’ve been studying and reading online articles about art, business and finance because learning never stop. There’s a ton of online courses to study for FREE. Let’s use the most of this technology we have right now. 
  • Last but not the least! I’m starting to enjoy KDRAMA! Hahaha! when I was in college the only kdrama I watched was Descendants of the Sun, ever since I didn’t have the time to watch more koreanovela but now I’m currently hooked with Legends of the Blue Sea! Ep 3 pa lang po ako guys! Hahaha!
    (Finished with Scarlet heart! Oh my…that drama! It played with my emotions so freaking bad!)

    If you are viewing my profile by laptop ‘SINK’ is the button to my older posts. 


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Opening Commissions again!

I’m back in terrible trouble yo! :D

That’s why I’m actually opening commissions, this time won’t be about one theme, but about whatever theme! Yay!

Go ahead guys, you can commission everything you want me to draw for you (as long as you like my drawing style oc!) and you will only find the usual rules that I’m gonna list in this post about what I feel comfortable drawing what I don’t.

Here let’s face some rules for commission something to me:

- I won’t draw very explicit sex scenes

- Don’t ask me for prospective backgrounds, I really can’t do those nice.

- Prices will change based on the number of characters in a drawing

- I only draw illustrations, no comics or single pages of comics etc.


- I will draw chibis.

- I will draw ‘strategic’ nudes.

- I will also draw lgbt characters.

- I will draw animal features on characters (ears, tails, wings)

- I will draw crossovers

- I will also draw Disney/Dreamworks characters


Price list (wich is kinda the same as the OCs commissions):

Black and White, 1 character: 10$ (9 €)
Black and White, 2 characters: 20$ (18 €)
Black and White, 3 characters: 30$ (26 €)  (etc…)
- - -

Colored, 1 character: 15$ (13 €)
Colored, 2 characters: 30$ (26 €)

Colored, 3 characters: 45$ (40 €) (etc…)


For any other info just contact me here on my tumblr with a private message. For Payment I can only use Paypal, so be sure to have one! If you’re not European I’ll probably ask you to switch the currency from $ in € , if that is possible for you!

For any other ask, don’t be shy and just tell me. Thanks to everyone who will consider helping me. Thank you guys.

As Inevitable As Morning: End of Construction

This took me a day longer than anticipated, but things have been crazy and I haven’t had a whole lot of time for tumblr as of late. Anyway, blog construction has ceased and your eyes should no longer strain from hideousness. Yay!

Originally posted by distinguidos

What’s changed?

  • My theme. The old one was never my favorite, but I didn’t really know how tumblr worked a couple of months ago when I started. This one’s hopefully a little sleeker and easier to use.
  • I now have a functional ‘About Me’ page!
  • I also have a blogroll, which tracks #awesome people with awesome blogs.
  • In addition, you can now find all of my writing and poetry by clicking the pin icon. This follows #my writing.

Thanks for baring with me these past few days! I appreciate it!

Also, thanks for putting up with these posts. I know that they have a tendency to annoy some people, but I thought they would be helpful in the long-run.

If someone had gotten into my head, I don’t think there’d be so many doubts,” he said. “This isn’t something you can help me with, Harry.”
“Maybe,” I said. “Maybe not. Either way, you’re still my brother.”
“Broken damn record,” he said.
I held up a fist.
He stared at it for a couple of silent beats before he made a fist of his own and rapped my knuckles against his.
“Don’t call me,” he said.
“I’ll be patient,” I said. “But not forever.

Harry Dresden and Thomas Raith (Turn Coat by Jim Butcher)

On one hand, I am incredibly glad that Thomas’s transformation was somewhat retconned in Changes, because oh my god he is an absolute, unmitigated douchebag in the final chapter of Turn Coat, and I know that’s kind of the point, but HE IS A HIDEOUS PIECE OF SHIT. I think it’s also the way James Marsters makes him sound so much more like Lord Raith, with this smarmy, arrogant quality to his voice that makes your skin crawl. It also reminds me of Thomas’s physical resemblance to his father, and the last thing we need is another Lord fucking Raith. Give me fun, snarky, cool Thomas any day of the week.

But despite that, I really love that this scene shows Thomas in all his conflicted glory, and that Harry’s fear of losing his brother becomes a reality in a way he’d never predicted. It’s awesome that, over and over again, this book reminds us how much Thomas cares about people. There’s the scene in Zero, and everything Justine said about Thomas’s fears (he thought he might not be human enough, he’d be too different, they come from different worlds, and he doesn’t know how to be a brother) “He loves you, you know.
In this final scene, Thomas is the complete opposite of that person.

Likewise, this book really puts to the test Harry’s assertion that Thomas isn’t like the other vampires. This book features the White Court at its most monstrous IMO - Lara’s murder of Madeline is fucking horrific, all the more so for the fact that for the majority of it Lara is a burned walking-corpse who doesn’t look at all human. Zero is described as “the world as created by the White Court.” and he soulgazes a person Madeline enthralled.
Harry has a huge tendency to humanise the White Court, and a lot of that is to do with the fact that Thomas is his brother, how human/attractive they look compared to the other brands of vampire, and also their auras being much more subtle than other monsters in the DF verse. In this book, even Lara says to him, “At what point did you forget that I am a vampire, Dresden?” Morgan and Ebenezer both take pains to remind Harry how untrustworthy WCVs are (“Even when a White Court vampire is sincere, you can’t trust it. Sooner or later, its demon takes control. And then you’re nothing but food. It’s what they are.” / “He’s not your friend, Harry. You might be his, but he isn’t yours. He’s a vampire. When all’s said and done, he’d eat you if he was hungry enough. It’s what he is.”) But Harry has a hard time accepting that, often getting angry whenever someone so much as suggests that Thomas is just another monster. And now, here at the end, is Thomas proving them right.

And YET…

When Thomas says, “I’m… not wandering around blind anymore. Not trying desperately to be something that I’m not. Something I can never be.” there is so much irony in those words that it hurts. He still can’t touch Justine because he loves her! I love that this scene really, really shows just how utterly impossible it is for Thomas to feel truly fulfilled. Like the part in Dead Beat where Thomas teaches Harry what it is to be Hungry, this scene is an excellent demonstration of that fact that no matter how far on either side of the demon/human scale he goes, there is always going to be a part of himself that he has to suppress. It’s funny how this book places Thomas as a kind of antithesis to Morgan - Morgan is someone Harry never thought he’d go out of his way to protect, who starts off a villain and becomes a hero. Thomas is someone Harry has always maintained he will support until the bitter end, who starts off a hero and becomes a villain, and that last line “but not forever” is just… Holy shit. The thought that Harry could ever give up on Thomas is utterly insane, and the fact that he had to say it breaks my heart into tiny, bite-sized pieces.

So as much as I hate evil!angsty!Thomas, and I’m so fucking glad we haven’t had to deal with any more of that, I cannot fault Jim Butcher for including it in the book called Turn Coat. It is the perfect book for exploring Thomas’s character, and I always YAY loudly when Dredsen Files books have double/triple-meaning titles and consistent themes (the same way Blood Rites had a theme of family).

Excuse me while I just cry because Changes is up next ;w;.

anonymous asked:

Just finished 3x03 and what can I say. Hello pain my old friend. Got to give it to Sara, she immediately picked up on changes in his behavior. She saw this solo mission for what it was, not the "you've earned it" but as him distancing her and she wasn't impressed (nor was I). Bet she'd rather work on dozen cases with him or others than being sided like that. And stood up for herself again, my beautiful girl. Is he hurting or is he jealous? I wonder how self aware he is. PS yay, more people!!!))

(oh yesss, anon, our little “club” here is starting to gain members… ;)

Sara struggles with isolation/abandonment, as well - another theme she shares w/ Grissom - so it had to hurt. It was a “red flag” asshole move, a punishment of sorts, imo, but it won’t happen again. Still, it highlights the downside of having intense feelings mixed in w/ a work relationship that’s also a lopsided power dynamic since he’s her boss. This issue, Griss’ responsibilities, Sara’s behavior, and the very real costs of crossing lines (both of them are guilty of this) will be further touched upon/explored in S4 and S5, so I won’t go into spoiler-y details here.

I’d say that initially Grissom isn’t fully aware of just how much his behavior - mainly his confusion/fear/silence in the face of her open interest in him - is hurting Sara, but he listens, learns, and adjusts. Every time Sara or Catherine or Heather or Sofia points out some flaw in his science and/or behavior, you can always see him consider it, make a conscious effort to correct it, and try not to repeat it. He’s not perfect by any means but this ever present willingness to “fail better next time” is not only in tune w/ his core scientist identity but also makes him a “rootable”, all too human character, and the right person for Sara.

Yay! Finally I got some time to change my theme, Idk I got tired of my old one >.>… I guess it was because I’m not fan of cream/brown colors hahah  Anyways, here’s my new theme! :D Hehe this time I wanted some neutral and soft colors :D I think it suits nicely with these cute pics of them hehe XD I hope you like it!! :D *hugs you all*