and i certainly dont know what to name him

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You are making the Lord seem like someone whos selfish , conceitedand cruel and that is not true. The perseption of The Lord has been wrongfully changed throughout the years and Yeah Religions do have a big part in the blame but you should know that the Lord looks at your heart. Not just your belief . He looks ar your character and how you lived your life and you not believing is understanable because none of us have seen him but your disrespect is unnecessary & childish dont you think

I’m not making your imaginary friend in to anything. I am simply reacting to what he is presented as and the god of the bible is certainly conceited, cruel, and childish to name just a few of the negative qualities he most certainly embodies.Your perception is no more correct than any others, I don’t expect you to understand this because Christians often seem incapable of stepping outside of themselves and realizing that their beliefs are not at all special or unique. Every Christian wants to think that they have the right perception of their religion regardless of how many others have it wrong. Ego is pervasive in Christianity. I doubt it could continue to exist without an abudance of ego and solipsism.

As for the rest of your ramblings it is all the same garbage many non believers have heard a thousands times before. “He look in to your heart” but yet you still have to follow the rules of his book, believe in him, and praise him or you’re doomed to suffer. “He looks at how you live” but he’s apparently a judgmental prick and if he decides he doesn’t like how you decided to do it he’ll cast you in to a lake of fire. Not believing is understandable though? Not by the standards of most Christians, it seems that believing is the one fundamental thing required in order to be a good person. Rape, steal, murder, abuse, god will forgive you if you ask him to, but don’t believe? Well you’re just screwed then.

Religion disrespects humanity. We should be beyond these childish and ridiculous cult beliefs. We should have raised up beyond this so long ago but because of religion we’re continually dragged back down to it. We are forced to argue with people who look to justify idiotic beliefs with nothing more than “It’s my faith!”. This is not productive, this stops discussion, it stops conversation.  Religion doesn’t want us to progress, it knows once we do we will no longer have any need for it. Religion struggles desperately to maintain control over us. It seems sadly that you’ve been swallowed down, I’ve broken free. Don’t bother to look down upon me, because I truly pity you.