and i cant tak it

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Dempsey:</b> So Tak, what's your type?<p/><b>Takeo:</b> Ah, you know; Dark hair, brown eyes..<p/><b>Nikolai:</b> I don't have brown eyes<p/><b>Takeo:</b> I know what I said<p/></p><p/></p>


“I cant keep doing dis…. I cant be keeping dis up for long….. I cant keep fightin’ it…”  Tak’jik mumbles to himself as he wanders around his mother’s ancestral home of Stranglethorn vale. His mind shifting to different thoughts as he makes his way through the thick jungle. “If I keep doing dis… Den der will be no turning back ta normal….” He looked down at his twisted form. Fel starting to seethe out of cracks in his skin. A deep growl escaped him as he felt shame wash over him and his demonic form. He forced himself to continue on to try and clear his mind. Tucking his wings close to himself, Tak leaped towards another tree hoping something would come to mind, but the more he moved and felt this new power in him, the darker his thoughts became. He found himself like before starting to revel in his new demonic strength, the thoughts of what ifs soon invaded his mind as well. “Well… I could always use dis new powa to help. Maybe I don’t have ta get rid of such wonderful powa….” He stopped as he looked at his twisted form once more and found himself admiring himself. “I almost look like da great Hir’eek, and I feel as strong as Hakkar boasts emself ta be!” With a toothy grin on his face, Tak’jik would start to lash out with his razor sharp claws, hacking and slashing the jungle trees around him as if they were made of parchment. Soon his mind started to envision faces over the trees as he sliced through them. With almost twisted delight he quickened his swinging until he slashed at a tree that he swore he saw his friend Leah’s face over. He stopped his slashing suddenly and gripped his head. “Loas no.. I didn’t just hit ‘er did I!?” He looked at the tree, fearing what he did, but all he saw was a dead tree. His grip on reality was starting to slip and it scared him deeply. “I need… I have ta…..” His thoughts wouldn’t form together coherently as he tried to choke out the words. Only the dark thoughts were the ones that were falling into place. “Loas ‘elp me…. Please…” Tak was shaking, but he knew what he had to do, and where he needed to go to do it. But something kept him there in place, to mull over the perverted thoughts going through his head. In despair he started to wander again, getting lost in the jungle and struggling to fight back the demon blood in him.


I enjoyed doing these. I missed drawing these children, I’m stuck at home so I might as well do it :000

I went on a random search for color palettes and tried to experiment with them.. I t was really fun ;w;

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Once me and my brother kinned the same character and we viciously fought over the character BC both of us didnt want doubles especially if that double is your sibling eventually he gave up and kinned someone else and I got to keep that kin :D

i dont know how to tak this seriously and i also cant believe people who hate doubles still exist


snapchats from day6

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They'll never give us this scene but imagine Clarke coming back and watching Bellamy's training sessions. Then one day he's looking for another spar partner and she steps forward. He's confused but intrigued, he knows that she learned a lot in those 3 months. So they begin, everyone watching them. Miller and Raven place bets. The scene plays out like it does in Pacific Rim, neither of them refusing to back down. Tension increases w/every pin. People are uncomfortable but can't stop watching.