and i cant stop thinking about how that affected you

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I just want to say that at first i was sad because of his death and i thought i could get over it but i think it affected me a lot like i could not stop myself thinking about death and how his parents and members feel. I just feel empty and sorry. I really can't believe. It's still unreal. And the fact that he had gone through a lot is horrible. I know that i shouldd try my best to get over it but i cant.Sorry if this bothers you i just wanted to share my thoughts with someone. Have a good day!

Its alright to be sad but please do not let it destroy you as well. He would want us to keep moving. Please keep moving!

dear L,

it’s been nearly 2 months since we broke up.
2 months since i slowly started dying inside. 2 months of missing you like crazy.
i knew it was the right thing to do. i’ve dealt with some problems and i didn’t want to involve you in that and let my problems affect you.
but they did. i was distant and you knew something was wrong. my problems affected our relationship and i wasn’t going to let you suffer no more so i broke up with you.
i probably broke your heart. i know it hurt. it hurt me too. so much. it still does. because i still love you and i think a part of me always will.
i cant stop thinking about all the stupid things i’ve done, about how i hurt you. i didn’t deserve you.
im so sorry.
im sorry for everything i did, im sorry for breaking your heart. im sorry that my life is a mess, im sorry i didn’t have the courage to stay with you, show you off to the world and call you my girl.
im sorry and i miss you and it hurts but i try to play it cool. i’m sure you think i forgot about you, but i think about you every day.
i’m missing you every day and i know i don’t have any right to, but i do and i cant change it.
i know you won’t ever take me back and that breaks my heart because it’s really over.
i dont know if you know about this blog, but i hope you read this someday. i hope you’ll understand how i feel.


Antis be like “shippers dont think about how their ships affect REAL PEOPLE”

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Like you cant just be selective about who it affects. You’re doing absolutely nothing to protect others. No suggestions on how to block nsfw or triggering content. Just complaining about problematic ships and creating a toxic environment. Go target actual pedophiles out there because I assure you that shippers on tumblr aren’t the equivalent of that. There are thousands of articles every day about pedophiles in the real world doing terrible things, and what are you doing. Accusing us of supporting that? Get your head out of your ass and stop clinging to popular ship tags and focus on REAL PROBLEMS before you act like tough shit on here.

.Good Straight/White Person!™: *says something ignorant*
Me: That’s ignorant
Good Straight/White Person!™: UM™ EXCUSE YOU™ i dont know what you mean. i am very socially aware. and this has never affect someone before.™ i never ever want to talk about race/sexuality/gender again because it makes me uncomfortable.™ i dont think of race/sexuality/gender ever and i cant deal with it you just need to learn how to stop putting words in other people’s mouths.™ i didnt say anything bad.™ i would never do ANYTHING ignorant.™ I’m so done with u I’m sorry™