and i cant stop thinking about how that affected you

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Do you ever think about a masseur AU where John gives professional massages (knowing the human body as well as he does it only seemed logical) and one day Sherlock gets injured on a case and he goes for a massage and it's like.... his sexual awakening after feeling John's hands on him and he cant. stop. thinking. about. them. And John is so smug because he can see how his touch affects the gorgeous genius... *cue sexy times*


dear L,

it’s been nearly 2 months since we broke up.
2 months since i slowly started dying inside. 2 months of missing you like crazy.
i knew it was the right thing to do. i’ve dealt with some problems and i didn’t want to involve you in that and let my problems affect you.
but they did. i was distant and you knew something was wrong. my problems affected our relationship and i wasn’t going to let you suffer no more so i broke up with you.
i probably broke your heart. i know it hurt. it hurt me too. so much. it still does. because i still love you and i think a part of me always will.
i cant stop thinking about all the stupid things i’ve done, about how i hurt you. i didn’t deserve you.
im so sorry.
im sorry for everything i did, im sorry for breaking your heart. im sorry that my life is a mess, im sorry i didn’t have the courage to stay with you, show you off to the world and call you my girl.
im sorry and i miss you and it hurts but i try to play it cool. i’m sure you think i forgot about you, but i think about you every day.
i’m missing you every day and i know i don’t have any right to, but i do and i cant change it.
i know you won’t ever take me back and that breaks my heart because it’s really over.
i dont know if you know about this blog, but i hope you read this someday. i hope you’ll understand how i feel.


Antis be like “shippers dont think about how their ships affect REAL PEOPLE”

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Like you cant just be selective about who it affects. You’re doing absolutely nothing to protect others. No suggestions on how to block nsfw or triggering content. Just complaining about problematic ships and creating a toxic environment. Go target actual pedophiles out there because I assure you that shippers on tumblr aren’t the equivalent of that. There are thousands of articles every day about pedophiles in the real world doing terrible things, and what are you doing. Accusing us of supporting that? Get your head out of your ass and stop clinging to popular ship tags and focus on REAL PROBLEMS before you act like tough shit on here.

i cant stop thinking about how
my math teacher said one girl on our math teams purpose on the team
is to go to the competitions and distract boys from other schools
so they dont do as well.
and yes, this girl is pretty,
but this pretty girl is 14 years old
and this pretty 14 year old girl is learning
to use her body and her face
instead of her mind
and she is being taught priorities:
looks come before brains,
rely on your appearance
rather than your abilities.
this girl could be the greatest mathematician of our generation
but she’s too busy putting on makeup
and distracting boys
to even know it.

i cant stop thinking about how
on average
2 black people have been killed each week
by a policeman
for the past 6 years
as if their lives do not matter
as if their skin color determines their right to live
or to be free.
young black girls are taught to be scared
young black boys are taught to be scary.
discipline does not mean death.

i cant stop thinking about how
last month a gay couple was kicked out of a cab
in houston
and told they were going to hell
as if cab drivers were the ultimate decision makers on such subjects
as if being told hell was imminent
would suddenly make these men like girls.

i cant stop thinking about how i go to a blackhawks game
and notice every single person who works there is a man
announcer, assistant coach, athletic trainer,
chiropractor, coach, customer relations,
equipment manager, finance analyst,
general manager, goalie coach, lighting technician,
mascot coordinator, massage therapist, nutritionist, organist,
photographer, physician, president, recruiter, scout, team dentist,
as if a woman is not capable of doing any of these jobs.
as if a woman could not handle being a mascot coordinator
for a sport as violent as hockey.

i cant stop thinking about how a boy told me
that a woman couldnt be president of the USA,
as if he would be a better fit for the job.
he said that once a month,
a woman president would ruin everything,
as if periods didnt occur when estrogen is low
and testosterone is high,
thus making women as close to men
as they will ever be.
as if womens worth fluctuates
on a monthly cycle.

i cant stop thinking about how
the same boy said
“how messed up do you have to be
to be transgender?”
in the middle of our english class
as if there was no one there he couldve hurt
as if there is no one that could be affected by those words
as if there is anything at all wrong
with not agreeing with
your anatomy.

i cant stop thinking about how
ray kurzweil,
a scientist and author,
thinks he can end death
and let humans live forever.
he says he can stop the aging process
and he says it will be a huge leap for mankind.
as if death is the only thing that plagues us.
but i cant stop thinking about how
death is the only thing that can save us.
this generation will die,
and hopefully,
the hostility and discrimination will die with it.
the evolution of ideas
is the most important aspect of the human population
if no one died,
we would have the same ideas for the rest of time;
justice would never be attained
equality would never be accomplished
and people would go on living how we are now:
scared, lonely, weak, judgemental.
death is important, because
in death comes a fresh start.
hopefully that fresh start includes
the right to life
for everyone.
i hope ray kurzweil is wrong.

i cant stop thinking about how
we should all be permitted to live.

.Good Straight/White Person!™: *says something ignorant*
Me: That’s ignorant
Good Straight/White Person!™: UM™ EXCUSE YOU™ i dont know what you mean. i am very socially aware. and this has never affect someone before.™ i never ever want to talk about race/sexuality/gender again because it makes me uncomfortable.™ i dont think of race/sexuality/gender ever and i cant deal with it you just need to learn how to stop putting words in other people’s mouths.™ i didnt say anything bad.™ i would never do ANYTHING ignorant.™ I’m so done with u I’m sorry™

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I was watching a gif of bethyl interlacing fingers for a while and I realised if you actually look at their fingers, you realise they're not just grabbing, they're INTERTWINING, their hands are going together. The actors had to do that. They feel each others hands. That was so weird to say but i swear its beautiful hahaha

Yep!! This ain’t no basic hand hold ;) lol Daryl pretty much bumps his hand against hers, and she just pushes forwards against his and threads her fingers through. As it begins to pan up you can see he’s fully grasping onto her hand. It was a very tender and affectionate moment. Beth is affectionate, and Daryl loves affection more than he would openly admit. Which is why he spends the rest of the episode using every excuse he can to get close to her :) Including adorably bridal carrying her into a kitchen

They are so cute I can’t even take it