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Three Random Facts

I like these posts lol I got called out by @rosemarysmaryjane to give three random facts about myself.

1. Keeping with the broken bone topic, I’ve never broken a bone either (knocks on wood). I’ve bruised ribs in the pit at Warped, and I’ve sprained my wrist and ankle playing Ultimate Frisbee, but never broken. Oh, and all the road rash from longboarding. Cant forget that lol

2. At one point in time, I tried my hand at rapping and making music lol I have some stuff on YouTube that I keep up for my friends because they were really supportive during the time. But no, I will not link that on my blog lol

3. I just graduated from college as a double major in Graphic Design and Digital Media Production. I do all kinds of logo and apparel design, as well as video and photo editing. I’m saving up for a camera so I can start doing photo and video shoots again. So if anyone needs any design or editing work done, just let me know! I’d love to help!

Alright! Now it’s your turn!
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