and i cant draw a silence

I’m not sorry Nolan Holloway imagine

Holding the gun at gabe and nolan “ c'mon (y/n) can’t you see dunbar is a monster” they were pursading you that they’re not in the wrong and that what their doing is something natural

“ I don’t believe you” holding the gun up while Corey, Mason and liam were searching for whatever it is that Mason discovered while back

“ you know we’re right and what you’re doing is so wrong I bet… I bet you’re one of them” closing your eyes and “ no she’s not” Nolan stepping forward “she isn’t I’ve been her firends since we were babies she can’t be” Nolan looking at you

“ I’m right aren’t I (y/n) that’s why you’re so protective of McCall and the rest of them because your in his little pack aren’t you” gabe taunting you “ I’m not and what makes you so sure that I’m one of them huh?” about to pull the trigger “ well show us then” mason stop looking and took the gun from you “ fine she’ll show you” mason taking over

“ you don’t have to I believe you” Nolan shouting as if gabe didn’t hear him “ I have to because I know you’re curious Nolan I know your judgement of me is clouded a bit” taking your pocket knife and holding the end while rolling your sleeve up “ I have to prove that I’m human and for this to be done with” you didn’t even blink which made Nolan gulped

“ you don’t have to” Nolan holding your arm “ I have to” pulling away

As you draw the knife near your skin you didn’t felt the blade pricing your skin as the blood draws and drops down to the plaster floor

As you drop the knife “ well” looking up as the blood continues to flow “ that doesn’t prove anything” gabe as astonished that you consider showing your true self


Meanwhile “ what’s taking them so long?” it was lydia she’s nervous and fidgety “ don’t worry I know their be fine” Scott looking at the clock “ why Scott… Why?” malia didn’t understand sending two humans and two supernatural to a stake house alone

“ because their not alone”

As Scott gives more time “ I can’t…. I have to know” lydia dishing out her phone till shot firer from inside the McCall house

“ SCOTT…. SCOTT…. SCOTT!! it was malia she wanted to know of Scott’s alive” Scott… Scott…. SCOTT!! “

As tended manroe was outside with a microphone ” LISTEN WELL MCCALL YOU CAN’T RUN AND YOU CANT HIDE WE KNOW YOU’RE EVERY MOVE" silence draws in but within the McCall house hold was ringing going on

“ move out” manroe gave the orders and she was pleased with the task that was done


Back at the hunters stake house “ well I’m not healing and I feel…. A little….. Slight dizzy” stumbling a bit Mason looked at your arm then to the floor indeed your not healing more like a pool of blood is forming

“ told you she’s human” Nolan taking of his tie and wrapping round your wound to stop the bleeding, as Corey and liam comes back “what the hell happend here?” they weren’t alone “ raeken I see you’ve joined the party” gabe smirking “ you okay?” liam looking at your arm and at Nolan “ hey slightly dizzy” stumbling “(y/n)…. (y/n)…. (y/n)” you suddenly drop to the floor and nolan attended to you

“ she’s gone cold can we drop this for now and help my best friend” Nolan looked at gabe he didn’t even move “ do not touch my body Nolan” as Nolan eyes widen liam moved away from your body “ I couldn’t tell you I’m sorry but there’s no one I’m going to let you murder in cold blood my firends over some guy who says we’re all monsters” standing there looking like nothing happened till your body on the floor vanishes “ I told you Nolan something fishy about her and what did I say clouded judgement”

“ well boys I don’t have time for this ridiculous game” snatching the gun from Mason and shooting gabe in the leg “ what are you doing?” Nolan looked at gabe “ bitch” as you shot Nolan in the right leg and foot “ oh I’m sorry I wasn’t meant to shoot you Nolan but you see (y/n) (l/n) the sweet girl that I use to be is dead….. Get over it” walking over to the door while liam, Corey, Mason even theo were shocked by this

“aren’t you coming” throwing the gun at theo and walking out

“I’m not sorry” shouting out so Nolan and gabe can hear

Rain. Night. Darkness. Empty hallways. Blur lights. Thunder. Silence … and then another one. Open door. Small room. Big windows. Lightening. You on the couch. Sleeping. Book next to you … drawings of me. Lightening again. Blue eyes. Warmth. Your nose … a kiss. Bright Lights. Book. Your voice. Your hand in my hair. Kiss. Your voice. Lightning. Bright Lights. Thunder. Silence. Darkness.
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I live for your fairygod setters! SO FUN TO READ THEM OMG. Are you working on more or do you just have too few good requests to make more? They're so good and I just love them so much can't wait for more in the future! :D

I’m glad you enjoy them!! And don’t you worry about my requests supply because there’s a load of them haha I’m just too busy to keep up… but they’ll definitely be coming!

Gonna answer a few asks while I’m at it tho

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yoonmin!couple au

look at me expanding from nct dream

-yoongi is the softest thing for jimin

-the SOFTEST thing

-yoongi with holly is like yoongi with jimin 1000000000%

-heart eyes min 

-yoongi is SO in love with jimin it hurts

-he would give jimin the fucking galaxy because he knows jimin would do the same in a heartbeat

-jimin likes staying up late with yoon at the studio because he wants to make sure he isnt lonely oh my gosh

-but yoon always forces him to go home and sleep

-so on the nights jimin doesnt stay up with yoon, he msgs him every so often to check up on him instead of sleEPING AW

-yoongi doesnt always reply to them but that’s ok!

-jimin doesnt expect him to

-he knows he’s reading them anyway

-sometimes they facetime so yoongi can show jimin the songs he’s been working on

-but shh it’s just an excuse to see jimin’s pretty lil face again

-and sometimes jimin will be so tired and sleepy from practicing so hard that day

-and he’ll doze off slowly but he tries sososososososo so hard to stay up for yoongi

-but sometimes he just cant stay awake 

-yoongi never ever minds

-he loves sleepy jimin so much

-he loves seeing jimin’s eyes slowly close and dart open when he tries to stay awake and he loves how jimin’s cheeks puff out when theyre smushed up against his pillow

-it makes yoongi wanna go home and hug him ;-;

-if something reminds yoon of jimin at the store or something, he’ll buY IT FOR HIM 

-it makes jimin feel so loved and happy and blushy and aWH

-yoongi likes holding jimin’s hands more than he’d like to admit

-he likes watching their fingers intertwine aWH

-yoongi likes giving jimin smol kisses on his face and it makes minnie feel so gigglY AH

-forehead kisses

-F O R E H E A D K I S S E S

-temple kisses too aW

-jimin always feels so small with yoongi around (even tho the height difference is like non-existent bYE )

-so smol

-so safe

-jimin brings yoongi coffeE

-if yoongi cant get a part of the choreo down, he NEVER admits it but jimin always notices so he helps him out <3

-yoongi likes napping with jimin in the room

-like, min doesnt even have to sleep with him

-yoongi just likes his presence awh

-falling asleep together is just the best thing

-jimin likes burying himself in yoongi’s chest and yoongi likes playing with his hair

-and jimin draws mindless patterns on yoon’s back and they just talk about the most useless things but they wouldnt have it any other way

-yoongi likes laying his head on jimin’s lap or stomach 

-whenever yoongi lays his head on his lap, he does this thing where he closes his eyes for a few moments and the two of them just sit in silence

-and jimin cant help but stare at his face and smile his squishy smile because “god howd i get so lucky i love him so much what a lil baby i love him”

-and then yoongi opens his eyes and sees jimin smiling down at him and then a smile slowly grows on his face and it grows to the point where it meets his eyes and his eyes crinkle into half crescents and his smile is all gummy and jimin just loves him so much

-every time jimin sees yoongi he feels like some highschool kid falling in love for the first time 

-all yoongi wants to do is grow old with him honestly

-yoongi has written COUNTLESS songs about jimin but no one knows about them bc noBODY CAN KNOW HE LOVES JIMIN THIS MUCH!!1!1111

-psttt yoongi everybody already knOWS

-he’s so blatantly obvious about it

-like, tae stole my hat and is wearing it?? giVE IT BACK U BRAT

-oh jimin did the same thing? bBY BOY I LUV U SO MUCH

-subtle yoon subtle

-yoongi wants to act tough and be a man for jimin!!11!!11! but jimin melts him and he just becomes a pile of goo

-yoongi makes sure jimin eats well and isnt always focused on losing weight!!11!! getting abs for the fans!!1!!1!

-yoongi isnt about any of that bullshit smh

-does the arthur fist thing if anybody touches jimin byE

-probably snapchats each other tbh

-yoongi saves all of jimin’s selfies im calling it now


-yoongi’s lockscreen is a selfie he took while jimin was sleeping on hiM

-jimin’s lockscreen is a pic of yoongi when he fell asleep at the studio and jimin found him in the morniNG IM DEAD

-jimin takes pictures of dogs he sees on the streets and sends them to yoongi

-one time he found a stray and took it home

-he took care of it for like a month with yoongi before the boys found out

-yoon likes it a lot when jimin helps him with his songs

-like sometimes yoongi will just ask him to sing a line to hear how it sounds like

-and jimin likes helping him come up with lyrics

-but yoongi never seems to need any help bc whenever jimin’s near him, he just spews out lyrics about him <3

-yoongi has an album on his camera roll just for jimin and holly

-on shows, they always instinctively reach out for each other but they have to remember to pull back and not do something theyd regret


-yoongi wonders if theyll ever be able to be together for real one day

-but it makes him too sad to function

-jimin probably sits on yoongi’s lap when he’s in the recording studio

-by probably i mean most definitely

-i luv yoonmin but not as much as yoonmin loves yoonmin

Guys guys guys guys
You need to read Radio Silence by Alice Oseman
It’s too good
My brain is all melty
Main character is bisexual woc (!!!)
Lots of diversity
Awesome chapter names
Frances’ mum is my favourite person
Like “Mums notes from her meeting, which consisted of the words ‘blah blah blah’, a smiley face and a small drawing of a dinosaur”
I love all the characters
Apart from that one psychopath. We don’t need to talk about her
I cried
Read it


Pietro x reader
Soulmate AU
A/N: the reader has angel wings and golden eyes.

I hated the damn thing. The tattoo of sneaker permanently sketched in the skin of my wrist. Why the fuck is it a sneaker? It’s so odd. I try not to question it too often but I can’t help but notice the bright blue sneaker. All my Friends had decent ones, Nat has a flower, Steve has a gun, Bucky has a moon. They would occasional ask me about it but soon quit after they see the look of annoyance on my face.

The team was all coming back from a mission, I had decided to stay back. They said it should be pretty simple so I took it upon myself to nap. My wings were getting pretty tired, I fly everywhere I can. I love the feeling of wind going through my hair and the sense of freedom to travel wherever, whenever I please. I love it also as much as sleeping. Which I was trying to do. That is until someone decided I needed to be wide awake rather than comfortably napping.

“We found him.” Nat says quickly, I think I must not have heard her correctly. I sit up leaning forward a bit so I can place my elbows on my knees. Nat is leaning back in the chair next to my bed with her arms crossed. Her hair is messy as is her makeup, which makes me think they were wrong about the mission.
“I know its probably hard for you to believe, especially since you had given up awhile ago but I’ll telling you, its him.” I raise my eyebrows, half yawning and rubbing my eyes. I shake my head almost as if it will clear my thoughts. It doesn’t work. I’m not waking up, this isnt a dream.

“Are you sure? I dont want to accuse someone of being stuck with me for the rest of their life.” She chuckles, looking down at her hands, I try and chuckle too as if I was joking. She looks up at me while shaking her head.

“As terrible as that make sound. He has wings, Thats his tattoo. Thats convicing enough for me.” I nod slowly, somewhat being conviced. Ive went through this before, I was positive he was mine until he finally revealed his tattoo to me and the fact that he’d been cheating for a month. So yeah, I have a bit of trust issues.

“Lets go meet him, I suppose.” Nat laughs looking at my hair and pyjamas. I shrug at my bunny pants and run my fingers through my hair. “If he cant except my bunny pants then he doesnt deserve me.” She nods walking out of my room. My wings dissolve into my skin around my tank top, appearing as a tattoo.

In the family room the whole team sits, including the newest members whom I’ve yet to meet, they all look tired and beat down. When we walk in everyone is staring at me, at least it feeling that way. Tony is siggling his eyebrows as he’s pouring a drink. “Make that two please.” I say breaking the silence. He nods, smirking to himself. Clint is whistling some I cant quite tell which song but Its familiar. I believe its a love song.

“(Y/N), this is Wanda, Vision, and Pietro.” She drags out the last name. “I think you and Pietro may have a lot to talk about.” The last sentence rolling of her tongue. He’s so handsome, damn. Hes smirking at me, which I return. Tony clears his throat, drawing my attention to him, his hand is out waves a drink from across the room. I decide to showcase my powers, stretching out my wings making my eyes glow gold. Nat stands a few feet away looking in amusement at Pietros face as his eyes widen. I fly over to Tony grabbing the drink and thanking him  I stand and lean againist the counter trying to flutter my wings more than normal while taking a drink of the chilled liquid. Pietro runs up to me, quickly may I add, and grabs my wrist. I look down at his shoes, they’re shoes I have been staring at my entire life. His eyes widen at my tattoo, he gaze returns to my face as a smile creeps onto his face. Not realising what Im doing I grab his shirt collar pulling him to my lips. I have waited my whole life for him. Just to meet him, to know his face as well as I know his damn shoes. He deepens the kiss making my wings, and my heart, flutter. The whole room is cheering making me flustered causing heat to rise up my cheeks. I slowly pull away, wanting to savior the moment, biting my lip nervously. He widely smiles leaning down so his head is at my ear and whispers, “Didnt see that coming?”



But no. Beauty Queen and Reyna get caught after they break into an Ichor Refinery and then a bomb is set, a specialized device is hooked to Piper arms to stop her powers, and Reyna cannot believe Beauty Queen chooses this time of ALL TIMES TO FLIRT THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF LIVES AT STAKE HERE FOR FUCK’S SAKE.

And then Beauty Queen is like, “I just want to prepare you, in case we cant get out and that bomb does go off–”

And then Reyna interrupts her with, “that’s not going to happen! We arent going to die!”

And then Beauty Queen is quiet for a moment and then says, “it’s not the explosion I’m worried about, Agent, it’s the Ichor. How do you think us ‘Category C’s are made?? The Category C stork?”

And then Reyna draws in a shaky breath and goes, “that’s not going to happen. Not to me and not to anyone else in my city.”

And then Beauty Queen’s sudden silence is louder than any of the shrill alarms going off and Reyna makes sure not to glance at her while she’s struggling against the ropes. u.u

Also Piper would dress for comfort, guyzzzz. Spandex is for nerds like the Justice Circlejerks, okay, and she is too cool for that.


So an anon requested a fluffy Stanford!sam x reader story. And here it is!! I hope you all enjoy it!!



My alarm went off, waking me up from my slumber. I shot up, panicked and silenced my phone. Mornings like these were dreadful. Only having a couple of hours of sleep in the past few days became normal. I had finals next week which meant studying during my free time.
The rain dancing across the rooftop echoed through my room. It was relaxing. I reached for my phone to check the time.
“Shit!” I yelped. “Its late!”
I removed the covers off my sore body and slid on an old pair of faded skinny jeans, along with my Stanford hoodie. I ran to the bathroom and stopped immediately when I noticed my horrific hair. I threw it up in a messy bun.
My reflection haunts me, I never liked what I saw. I guess I was never a big fan of my appearance. I splashed cold water on my face, and brushed my teeth fast but thoroughly. I reached for my glasses and made my way to Starbucks, where my best friend was waiting for me to study.


“I know, I know. I’m over slept.” I sighed.
“Don’t worry about it.” my best friend pushed a cup of coffee toward me. “I got your usual. I had a feeling you were going to be late.” He chuckled to himself.
“Shut up Sam.” I laughed as I smacked his arm. My best friend of 2 years meant the world to me. Though, I have always been attracted to him. We were nothing more than just friends. And in a way, I was ok with that. We were inseparable. As if we were joined to the hip. Sam Winchester was always there for me and I couldn’t thank him enough. He was my Prince Charming.

“Wait, how do you know what I like?” I scoffed. Sam rolled his beautiful eyes and huffed.
“You get the same thing every time we come in.” He inhaled and smirked. “A caramel macchiato with one shot of espresso and 5 pumps of vanilla. Just because you like your coffee sweet.”
I felt the blood rush to my cheeks and looked away, embarrassed to face him. Sam cleared his throat, and pulled out his books from his bag.
“Ok so where did we leave off last night?” He exhaled.
I mirrored his actions and pulled my book out. “Page 368 in the Anatomy book.”
Sam was in school for Law and I happened to be in school for Medical. They say opposites attract, and in this case, they were right.
“Oh yea.” he flipped through the pages of his book. “So your exam is on the human body. Define homeostasis.” he muttered.
I sat in silence for a moment with my hand pressed to my forehead. I know this one but for some reason, I was drawing a blank. These were the moments where I felt I would never pass this test. How could I if I cant even remember a simple definition.
“Shit I don’t know.” I sighed as I laid my head down on the table.
“Hey, its ok. You got this. I just think-” he paused for a moment, moving his hair away from his face. “You need a break. We’ve been studying for a week straight. Maybe we should go have some fun.” Sam flashed a smile, making my stomach flutter. My eyes averted down to his lips which created me to place my lower lip in between my teeth. “Y/n.” He said, catching my attention. “Uh yea sure. that’s fine.” I stumbled over my words. Sam chuckled to himself and began to put his books away. He was beautiful. No matter how Sam looked, and no matter what he did, he always had a way to distract me from the real world. I couldn’t help but fantasize about him. Daydreaming about our first kiss. But I know it would never happen. A girl could hope though right?
“I have the best day planned.” Sam said, interrupting my thoughts. Wait, did he say planned? He planned this?! What the hell?
“You planned something?” I hesitated. I swung my bag over my shoulder and held my books in my arms.
“Yeah. We haven’t done anything else but study. C’mon I miss having fun with my better half.” he winked at me and pulled his bag over his shoulder. My heart began to race and my breath hitched to the back of my throat. Those words ‘My better half’ replayed in my head over and over again like a broken record. A shock vibrated through me. I couldn’t help but smile.
“Come on.” Sam smiled and reached his arm out. I wrapped my arm around his and we started off.
The cold breeze hit my face and it felt refreshing. The café was beginning to suffocate me, maybe because of Sam? Who knows.


“Close your eyes.” Sam exclaimed as we stood outside his dorm room.
“Okay?” I was skeptical for a moment, but closed my eyes. After all, I trust him with everything I have. I felt his hands caress my waist and he lead me to in.
“What’s happening Sam?” I demanded as a little giggle slipped through my teeth.
“Hold on. You’ll see.” We stopped walking and his hands escaped my body.
“Ok you can open your eyes.” He muttered.
My eyes fluttered open and I was taken back. His room was decorated in white cotton, along with cut up snow flakes hanging from the ceiling. The floor was surrounded with white sheets and his dresser had two wine glasses with peppermint cookies.
“I remember you telling me how you miss home, mainly because of your family but also because of the snow.” Sam hesitated and wrapped an arm around my shoulders. “So I thought I’d bring the snow to you.” My head snapped toward the tall fellow and with no hesitation, I propped on my tip toes and collided my lips to his. Without thinking, I slid my hand up to his neck, pulling him in closer.

He was shocked at first but then immediately motioned back.
I pulled back to catch a breath and the realization of the situation dawned on me.
“I-I’m so sorry.” I whispered.
“I-it’s ok. Really.” Sam pressed his lips together and smiled. His arms pulled me in closer.
“Thank you for all of this.” I gestured to the decorations. This was the most incredible thing anyone has ever done for me. Sam was truly the best man out there, and for that, I was falling for him. And I was falling fast.

“That uhm, kiss was-” Sam began to speak.
“It will never happen again.” I cut him off immediately, fearing what hed say next. Sam took a deep breath and tilted his head to the side. His eye brows furrowed, but then softened soon after.
“There’s more.” He muttered and released me.
Sam grabbed his laptop and turned it on. The movie “how the grinch stole Christmas” was on the screen. He remembered my favorite movie.
“I thought since you can’t go home this Christmas, we can have it here. Just you and me.” His smile took my breath away, and all I could do was shed the tears that were barricading my eyes.

“You, Sam Winchester, are by far the best guy out there. How did I get so lucky?” My voice shook.
He smiled and gestured for me to sit on his bed. Sam grabbed the wine and the cookies and sat next to me as I started the movie.

“I love you.” I mumbled as I took a swig of the wine. Sam stiffened and I could feel him gaze at me.
“I love you too y/n. It’s just you and me.” He bit into the cookie and exhaled.
“Besides, who else am I going to trust to be my doctor?” He teased. I elbowed his side and returned my gaze to the screen.

This was all I ever wanted. And Sam made it possible. And I loved him for that. I loved him for him.


The wind was howling under a dark, gray sky. Soft rain was hitting the pavement below, forming puddles. There was an eerie silence through the streets. The tree swayed in the gusty breeze. Street lamps illuminated the wet roads. Nothing was heard throughout. Just silence.

A girl, stood about five foot two, wondered down the quiet street. She brought her black hood up and burrowed her hands in her pockets. Her red hair flickered in the wind and into her face, making it hard to see.

Her movements stopped, seeing a figure in the distance. She was hesitate to continue that direction, with a deep breath, she began to walk toward the figure. Within a blink, the shadow disappeared and her breath was taken from her.

Heart pounding, she started to sprint as fast as possible to her house. It wasn’t fast enough. Her feet slide from underneath her and she collapses onto the hard cement. She could feel the blood running from her knees where they were scrapped.

The eerie silence was broken when her scream pierced the air. A knife was trusted into her back and twisted. A deep chuckle is heard behind her. She’s frozen in fear and pain. The knife is yanked out before her throat is slashed. Thick, warm blood flows down the neck. Her hands cover her wound in her stomach. She can’t breathe, speak, or even move.

Body collapsing, her last breath is taken when the killer walks away from his work.

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game ending theories that might not happen cause dev isnt fucking clever lol

so since the 10th rival isnt the journalist daughter i think its super obvious WHO it is (info chan because dev isnt good with writing suspense n shit lol) so here’s what i think will happen. if it ever happens lol

so at some point near the end of the game u find out info chan is the daughter of the journalist and was secretly using you to further her agenda; which is clearing her father’s name and exposing the aishi family as who they really are. and what better way to do it; the papers! just when you finally have your senpai, the truth comes out, and everything you have comes crashing down. ayano and ryoba are exposed, her father’s name is cleared, and she has the big scoop like she always wanted. you have to stop her; how you stop her will depend on how each rival was eliminated (and to an extent if u killed any students or nah)

true pacifist (matchmaking/befriending; no one dies): info chan is frustrated; here she is trying to edge you on to follow your mother’s footsteps (so she can have an easier time exposing the aishi household as monsters) but you did the opposite. so since you didn’t kill anyone, she still tries to find a way to to expose your family. you also have a way to expose her; by pointing out that she blackmails students to give her pantyshots (this is still nasty…it should be money or some shit not some hentai bullcrap lol) and is stalking students. like her father, her name is ruined, no one believes her anymore, and you get to have your senpai

semi “pacifist” (bullied the rivals until they left school or worse): info chan gets results, although not in the way she expected. still, it’s enough to write in the paper what the aishi family really is. you have two options; destroy the papers or do the above paragraph (expose her BEFORE she gets the paper out). same thing; name ruined, senpai is yours

part time killer (killed some of the rivals but not all of them; killed some students as well): info chan, again, gets results in another way. she’s surprised that you, at the last minute, didn’t kill all your rivals, but you killed enough for her to put in the papers. you need to destroy all the evidence before she puts it out. how you do it is up to you (see semi pacifist and the last bullet)

true killer (you killed all the rivals and you killed a lot of students): info chan is pleased; you did exactly what your mother done and more. now she has all the proof she needs to expose to aishi household and clear her father’s name. this isn’t good for you; if word gets out that youre really a monster, senpai would never love you. so there’s only one thing to do; silence her forever. (note: dev said that you cant kill her in game but he never said in cutscene or something)

anyway here’s my theories that’s probably some wishful thinking like and subscribe if u want more thank you watching game theory


AUTHOR THESE ARE REALLY GOOD???? OH MY GOD i want to draw info chan and ayano during these



Doodles inspired by the previous night’s dream.
After dreaming about being in a rpg platformer type setting I couldn’t stop myself from imagining an AU with Fairy as the hero and Oranhamme as the main villain.

The over template is the same. Fairy has to fight through various levels and make their way to Oranhamme’s castle and defeat them. However, the two are both very aware of their setting and the tropes that go along with it. So they end up fudging some of the basic mechanics.

For example, Oranhamme is constantly, CONSTANTLY, poppin out of nowhere to chit chat with Fairy even when they’re in the middle of a boss battle. He also likes to offer them food a lot. He claims its because he wants Fairy in good health to get to the final level sooner but Fairy cant help but wonder if its some trick or maybe the dude’s just lonely.After all, he’s already conquered this fantasy realm so I guess he needs someone new to show off to.

Fairy is actually a bit of a reluctant hero trying to get this whole mess over with as soon as possible. But its really hard when you need magic objects to open new portals and the only way to get those is by doing mundane tasks. Like seriously lady, do you really need me to pick vegetables and whack giant caterpillars right now? You wont give me the thing till I do? Sigh…fine.

The disenchantment with the whole hero’s journey thing is something Oranhamme would comment on a lot. He’d also be trying to use it to further his own ends by trying to convince Fairy to drop the whole thing and maybe even flip to his side. While the offer to be done with the whole hero thing sounds extremely tempting Fairy cant silence the voice in their head reminding them that Oranhamme’s a villain. But the whole good and evil thing is super skewed anyway so is this all really worth it?

Is this a commentary on the nature of black and white thinking or did I really just want to draw cute fantasy outfits on my characters? The answer is the latter.




john: i think casey is a perfectly good name!

dave: john we arent naming it casey

teacher: TWO…

john: but dave!

teacher: THREE!!


[mandrakes wail in background]

john: wtf??

dave: like a stripper from a cake

dave: omg

dave: its punk rock

[the mandrake is indeed punk rock]

[silence save for some wailing]

dave: so… casey you said

john: what? i cant hear you??

haha i said i’d draw something and you probably didn’t believe me.

then again you probably didn’t expect second years dave and john tending to mandrakes.