and i cant draw a silence

mars facts

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5 Things You’ll Find In My Bag
keys, water bottle, wallet, stress ball, lipstick

5 Things You’ll Find In My Bedroom
uhhhh fuckin. mitjo fanart all over my walls. lava lamp, clothes on the floor.. fake gator skull… plushies.. i have a little secret room in the wall where i hide the plushies. pretty rad

5 Things I Want To Do In My Life

  • i have no plans for the future uh
  • paint my car

5 Things I’m currently Into

  • im not rly into anything rn.. cept workin on my comic..
  • theres this one show on netflix thats good but mmm dont want 2 be judged
  • my car

5 Things On My To-do List
n/sfw drawings for patreon, grocery shopping, draw pg 100, uhhh…do my hair.. im forgetting something……..

5 Things People May Not Know About Me

  • will eat anything with avocado on it
  • cant work or do anything w/o background noise,, hate silence…
  • i can hand-fart like a fuckin champion
  • i got extreme paranoia, difficulty trusting ppl
  • it takes me 687 earth days to orbit the sun

5 People I’m tagging for this post:

if when you read the word “knuckles” ur first thought is the echidna and not that nonsense on ur hand, youre tagged. haha suckers

Guys guys guys guys
You need to read Radio Silence by Alice Oseman
It’s too good
My brain is all melty
Main character is bisexual woc (!!!)
Lots of diversity
Awesome chapter names
Frances’ mum is my favourite person
Like “Mums notes from her meeting, which consisted of the words ‘blah blah blah’, a smiley face and a small drawing of a dinosaur”
I love all the characters
Apart from that one psychopath. We don’t need to talk about her
I cried
Read it

really though “unprofessional” is the perfect word to describe myself as an artist lmao. 

i use a cheap, small-sized old wacom intuos pen & touch with a surface cover, i rarely change my nibs, my pen is in rough shape and i lose it every other day, i barely practice technique and dont draw traditionally nearly as much as i should be, i cant work in silence and gotta blast obnoxious rave music, im completely self taught and havent considered either making a career out of this nor going to school for it… im a gay fucking mess of an artist lmao