and i cant colour but whatever

300 follower art raffle!



There will be 3 winners

1st place: 2 characters, fully coloured, lined and shaded.

2nd place: 2 characters, sketched and flat coloured.(no clean outline)

3rd place: 1 character, 3/4th sketched (waist and up) (no colour)

Extra information

I will not do Furry, robots or realism. Nothing against em, I just cant draw em for shit lmao

the characters CAN be Ocs, I will need reference however and a brief paragraph on their personalities. Just so I get it right ;3

Most people follow me for undertale and NITW so, kinda try to keep to that area but you can request a different fandom. If I dont wanna draw that specific fandom and ask you to change, please dont argue with me.

For first and second place, I will do shippy stuff if asked


characters I wont do: toriel, asgore, asriel and alphys. This is because I cant draw then correctly yet. 

if a winner does not contact back in 3 days, i will chose another one.

Please be kind!

How to join

MUST be Following me. And please, dont follow me only for this ; w ;


1 entry = 1 reblog. Likes will do nothing. only 1 reblog per person!


still deciding. Might be the 1st of august. Which means theres only a week to reblog this post. Deadline might expand depending on the amount of entries.

Winners will be picked randomly from a bowl on a piece of paper.

Il reblog this everyday as a reminder!

I will contact the winners through direct messaging ^ v ^

Goodluck Darlings!

Day 3: Romantic Gesture/ Fairy Tale

when i saw the prompt, there wasn’t a trace of doubt in my mind

anonymous asked:

Hey our Session's Mage of Life went grimdark and we have no idea how to help her. Any tips on how to make her not be so..Grimdark?

Ok, I think Gear is asleep. She usually answers all the “Charge” questions but I just cant resist on this one. So normally the advice is to stay away and expose them to the opposite charges influence, but there’s a more fun way ; o )

Step 1: Get a really nice long stick with a handle on it, and copy it.

Step 2: Alchemize one stick with a dark book (Necronomicon, satanic bible, demon’s anonomous, whatever) and the other with a bible or holy book.

Step 3: Teleport to them and hit them with the stick with the opposite charge, then repeat until the player goes back to a normal colour instead of switching charges.

Added bonus: The quick changes and beating on the head will leave them with an all time hangover, you’re welcome.


SN Tech Support (Clown)

blue-streak-dolan  asked:

I was reading an anon ask that you answered with something along the lines of how you cant really read fics with Y/N and if its really bothering you so much there's a chrome extension that lets you put in your name and to all fics with reader inserts it lets you describe yourself (e.g if it has like H/C for hair colour you can set it to whatever hair colour you want) and lets you switch out Y/N to your actually name (this is not an ad just a girl helping another gal out) :)

That’s really cool!! Thank you for the tip, and heres for any of you who’d prefer to read your name instead of Y/N xxx


Name: Ruby (Red) Lucas

Age: Physically 22, but really around 47
Species: Werewolf
Gender: Female
Orientation: Pansexual
Profession: Waitressing, i guess?


Body type: Tall and Slim
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: White
Height: 5′7
Weight: N/A

Granny (Grandmother); Snow White and Prince Charming (Like the parents she never had): Anita (Mother †) Emma Swan (God-daughter) Neal Nolan (God-son) 


Physical Power: 8/10
Speed: 9/10 Near wolfstime 
Magic: 9/10 

Colours: Crimson
Smells: Rain, the woods, whatever Granny uses in the Diner, 
Food: Granny’s Lasagna 
Fruits: Apples (not Regina’s) and Oranges
Drinks: Water 
Alcoholic Beverages: Oh yes, she cant get drunk though so…
Favorites: Reading, running, cuddling.


Smokes: No
Drugs: No
Driver’s license: Yes

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reuploaded bc i wasnt happy with the colours and now it’s almost late whatever

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Name: Tenaya
Nickname: Tee
Zodiac sign: Libra 
Height: 5′3 :P
Favourite fruit: strawberries
Favourite season: Summer 
Favourite book series: immortal instruments
Favourite flowers: Roses, Sunflowers
Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite animals: All of them. Im not kidding.  
Coffee/tea/cocoa: ..Water lol
Average sleep hours:  either none or I cant get out of bed..
Cat or dog person: Both.
Favourite fictional characters: Harley Quinn
Blog created: Fuck knows..
Number of followers: Not sure.. I love all of them though ;D 

also ( I( think  overtagged but whatever I wanted to tag everyone 

I love you :D}

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i am good at shit. theres a lot of art stuff im good at. im capable of pulling off pretty solid character designs and im really good at drawing from reference and i like my own use of colour a lot. unrelated to drawing shit im a stellar writer and that matters a lot more with the comic shit i want to do than being able to draw pretty pictures or whatever. i need to stop getting so fucked up about what i feel like i cant do and focus more on what i know i can

See another fun fact: I recognize things by their symbol and/or whatever they may have used as a picture for whatever it is

Idk what kind of butter my family gets but it’s usually red or blue and has a picture of a girl on the front with a v grassy hill and blue sky


I’m doing commisions ! (Took ya fuckin long enough, Elliot.)
Here’s the rundown-
Icon- $5
Bust- $10
Waistline- $20
Full body- $30
+ $2 every extra character

Line Art- $10
Flat Colour- $15
Full Colour+Shading- $25

I will NOT do: NSFW (nipples on any body are whatever, just keep whatever they have in their pants in their pants), fetishes
I will do: OC’s (make sure you can provide reference photos), Fandoms, Furries (although i dont have much practice), drug use (weed, cigarettes, and possibly alcohol) basically anything that is SFW and doesnt break any major laws.

Help an artist out ! Even if you cant buy, still reblog this. If you are interested, just shoot me a message through the new IM system and we’ll work something out. Also, is there some more distinct categories i should add? Like specifically one for Manga/Anime, Chibi, ect.? Also shoot me a message about that ! Thank you !