and i cannot get over it

I’m pissed off at neurotypical society. I want to get this off my chest and stand up for the autistic community all in one go. This rant can apply to society’s view of disability in general because disabled people who aren’t autistic will understand where I’m coming from. 

Disability carries a stigma that someone who is neurotypical and able-bodied cannot experience or understand unless they become disabled themselves. Disability itself is something society has been taught to fear and hate. 

Well, it’s time for me to throw down and speak up. This is what neurotypical society looks like to me. You are not going to like this picture. Too freaking bad! My voice matters and I’ve got something to say.

I am so tired of neurotypical society holding autistic people to standards it won’t define, won’t explain and won’t teach us about.

I am so tired of that same neurotypical society punishing autistic people for not meeting these nebulous standards like it’s our fault.

There are times when autistic people mess up, yes. Nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes. Mistakes are good and we should make more of them. It’s how we learn.

But at least 90% of that messing up is because neurotypical society leads us into messing up and then punishes us for it.

Autistic people are expected to reach up for goals while the neurotypicals keep lifting them up beyond reach like the tall bully kid dangling something over a shorter kid and raising it up higher every time the short kid jumps up to grab their stuff back. 

It’s very rare for neurotypicals to help us reach that thing the tall kid is dangling over our heads. No, autistic people have to do all the struggling, reaching and fighting while neurotypicals sit and watch and laugh.

Society, look at yourself and stop blaming autistic people for not meeting your impossible standards.

Society, look at yourself and stop moving the goalposts because you don’t like how autistic people approach them.

Society, look at yourself and stop punishing autistic people because we can’t inherently see the expectations you claim are so obvious– because if something was as obvious as you claim it is, we would notice! Autistic people are Fleet Admirals at Obviousness! Fleet Admiral is the highest rank you can get in the Navy, by the way, so you can’t get more obvious than that!

My point is the only obvious thing I see here is most of you neurotypicals don’t care to learn or communicate with me in my world– the autistic world– yet you expect me to learn, function, communicate with you and survive in yours. I’m always twisting myself into unnatural positions for you, yet you won’t even try to do the same for me.

Autistic people are always the ones inconveniencing themselves to please neurotypicals, but neurotypicals won’t inconvenience themselves to help autistic people.

Yes, I meant what I said. We have to please you, but you don’t want to help us.

How is that fair, society? Huh? How is that fair?

anyways lesbians who use he/him pronouns are still lesbians and gay men who use she/her arent suddenly girls because pronouns don’t equal gender! that simply is not how it fucking works! at all! and y’all jackasses can’t tell people who pronouns they can and cannot use! 

its the same stupid bullshit all over again. yall think you can tell people how they MUST present to *really* be the gender they say they are and its no different with this pronoun discourse now. bottom line is, people are who they fucking say they are! it’s fucking transphobic to tell people otherwise! people can and will use whatever pronouns they think fit and are comfortable with. it’s not that deep. 

listen i’m only gonna say this one fuckin time so y’all better get some fucking reading comprehension: pronouns don’t fucking determine people’s gender. no matter how many times people call me by she/her, that’s not gonna suddenly make me a girl. what would make me a girl is if i said im a girl. thats that. no one else gets to decide what gender i am besides me. it’s that fucking simple.

so stop being stupid and leave people the fuck alone! it really does not concern you! it’s as idiotic as telling people what to wear! get some damn sense!

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Do you have a favorite Hamgelica moment?

the moments they share in “take a break”, hands down.

1) alexander singing his letter to angelica over the “satisfied” melody
1.5) also the fact that he confides his frustrations in her, despite the fact that she’s in a different continent
2) “and there you are an ocean away, do you have to live an ocean away? thoughts of you subside, then i get another letter, and i cannot put the notion away.”
2.5) literally you could not shoehorn any more longing into that verse even if you tried
3) that really awkward “your favorite older sister” lmao
4) “my dearest, angelica”
4.5) the music stops? alexander sings the line w her? the gasp? the words are sung slowly?
5) “you won’t be an ocean away, you will only be a moment away.”
6) his little “hi”. like,,, you talked for six hours one time, dude. he’s got a brilliant mind and then just,,, angelica = short circuit?
7) angelica saying she’s happy to see his face, which is the “intelligent eyes in a hunger pang frame” that she fell for in the first place. and then admitting that she’ll miss his face if he doesn’t take a break w them.
8) alexander referring to himself as macbeth and, later on, angelica singing “screw your courage to the sticking place”, which is a line from lady macbeth

I promised, now I’m delivering.

It’s official - as of today, I have reached 1K in followers, and that means… Time for the “peak behind the curtain,” that I’ve promised you. 

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I’ll put everything under a “keep reading” link, however all I ask, is please do not reblog this. If you have comments or questions, use the reply feature or come to my blog and ask (anon is on) or use the IM feature. I get it, it’s the internet and I fully accept that I have no control over who does what – but still, I’m asking nicely. 

Thank you guys so much for the love you’ve show me and my blog – since I’ve arrived. I really cannot thank you all enough. 

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me thinking about Martin and his lack of glasses: EVERY SINGLE DAY (must protect him)

It’s KILLING ME that Martin is trying to get through this latest update in life fuckery with SHITTY VISION pls someone in-world, explain this situation. It cannot go on folks I’m getting a not-wearing-my-glasses sympathy headache over here

  • My heart: I'm so proud of this boy like he really deserves a lot, including recognition for his hard work. No, he's not the best at everything, but from day one till now??? He's so much stronger of an artist. Mad-fucking-respect and UGH I ADORE HIM SO MUCH. THIS HARD WORKING LITTLE BEAN I CANNOT.

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I simply CANNOT fathom why PH and/or the BRF are allowing MM to shape this relationship/engagement narrative in the public eye. Some say he's under his dad's press control. If so, why isn't PC countering MM's public narrative? I think she needs to show up with PH (looking "smitten" lol) before 2017 is over or she loses credibility with the press. And if she does show up with him, then PH is in on all these media shenanigans with MM. And THAT i cannot understand. (SMH) - R

 Let’s face it, Harry’s not that important and they don’t pay much attention to him. That’s how Vegas happened.

He’s also not very controllable. They couldn’t convince him to stay in the Army. They couldn’t convince him to get a job. They don’t like it when he does stupid interviews (like the Newsweek one) or stupid documentaries (like the Diana one), but they can’t stop him. 

If the BRF could really control these fools, Andrew wouldn’t have gotten involved with Epstein. Di wouldn’t have done Panorama or blabbed to Andrew Norton. We wouldn’t have had a War of the Wales. 

CH controls the KP press office. He doesn’t control Jess or Misha or Markus or Sunshine Sachs or the NBC publicity department or Emily Andrews’ inbox or the Daily Star voicemail. 

And Meghan’s narrative isn’t bad for the BRF if you consider that Harry is the spare and his job is to act as a foil to Will. Meghan and Harry make Will and Kate look like the epitome of dutifulness and responsibility. 

Meghan was papped getting a thousand-dollar facial while Kate was working out with underprivileged kids. Meghan showed up to “support” veterans in ripped jeans and smeared make-up while Kate dance with Paddington Bear in a cute pink dress. Harry and Meghan were frolicking in the African jungle while Will and Kate were in Balmoral supporting the Queen. Meghan was on the cover of Vanity Fair boasting about how she was “Mad About Harry” while William was taking George to school.

These were the two royal covers in September, 2017.

That’s not a bad contrast for Will. He’s the stable family man and Harry is…someone who’s involved with that.

Dueling US Weekly covers in the summer.

And the battle of the Hello covers.

In all of these covers, Meghan is half-naked or in jeans and leather and the headlines are all emotionally loaded–”wild about,” trouble,” “surprising,” “secrets,” “magical,” etc..

In contrast, Will and Kate are always fully clothes (and fairly formal) and the headlines are all about family, children, pregnancy, inspiration, royalty and stability. The descriptors are “perfect,” “peaceful,” “blossoming,” and children.

This is gold for Kate and Will, pure gold. 

No one is shaping Harry’s narrative because it doesn’t matter. The only narrative that matters is the Cambridge’s, and Meghan and Harry make them look like a million dollars. 

Yes, the gossip sites like Celebitchy complain that Will and Kate are boring and they are too formal with their helmet hair (or lack thereof in Will’s case) and shiny buttons, but it’s their job to be boring. That’s their role. 

Kate’s job isn’t to be a fashion plate or a charity powerhouse or even to be Queen. Kate’s job is to raise the future King. We can argue about modernizing or updating or whatever, but that’s the job. That’s been the job for thousands of years.

They don’t care about Harry’s narrative. It doesn’t matter. HM went through this with Margaret. They know how it works. 


I …well .. I do have an excuse for this actually. This is all @haikyoutooiguess ‘s fault. They were my exchange partner for the iwaoi exchange and had “KyouKen” written as their … fav other ship? :’D .. and……… then this happened? I’m sorry? Kind of?

have a soft klance based in part by @leggylance‘s post, also a thank you to my followers for being g8 

“oh, so he does have eyes”
“pfft, shut up… you’re embarrassing.. 😊” 

Things I appreciate about Joan:

  • Their beanie has a name
  • The beanies name is Marco
  • They’re very clever and rational
  • They help co write the Sanders Sides
  • And it’s so good as we all know
  • Also they help direct it
  • They’re really freaking funny
  • Big brown eyes
  • How dramatic they were when they played Roman
  • Has a doggo
  • Into theater
  • And for the record I generally dislike puns but Joan’s are funny not lazy
  • How overdramatic they can be while acting and how much it contrasts the rest of their personality
  • Super smart
  • Writes heartfelt songs
  • Just a super cool bean with a beanie

Things I appreciate about Talyn:

  • Okay I cannot get over their hair how do they keep it that vibrant how did the hair even get that vibrant to begin with
  • The pink to blue eyebrows like they’re so good with makeup
  • artistic
  • Expresses amazingly with fashion and style
  • Loves loves loves their cats (I think there’s more than one cat at least)
  • “…aspects”
  • Very reserved
  • But undeniably adorable
  • So shy but would probably talk for hours if you got them onto their favorite subject
  • Smiles shyly
  • Easily startled
  • Also when they played Roman and said “I AM FRAIL… AND BREAKABLE”
  • smol
  • Filmmaker
  • Knows how to lucid dream
  • Helps edit sanders sides and again as we know it’s so good
  • Occasionally wears Marco

Things I appreciate about Dahlia:

  • Super insightful
  • like basically a dream wizard?
  • Funny
  • appreciates puns
  • I don’t know a lot about her but I appreciate her a lot

Things I appreciate about Valerie:

  • bubbly and sweet
  • all of the bloopers from the Valentine’s Day video
  • just all of them
  • funny
  • I don’t know a whole lot about her but
  • YES.

Things I appreciate about Terrence:

  • Oh my god first of all Terrence as Patton I laugh so hard every time
  • him singing Birds on the soundtrack to Ultimate Story Time might be the prettiest thing ever
  • I hope someday that show tours again and I get to see it because I’ll bring tissues just for how that song makes me feel
  • when he played Roman and sang a Disney song
  • funny
  • I don’t know a lot about him either but he seems like a cool dude

Things I appreciate about Marco:

  • is a beanie

All this to say that I appreciate Thomas a lot, but I don’t feel his friends get enough appreciation, so. 


One Batch, Two Batch… Penny and Dime. I read her that book every night before this shit. I read it every single night, but, see, that was over now because Daddy’s home now. She looked at me and she begged me, Red. She begged. She begged. I said, “No. Daddy’s too tired, see. But I’ll read to you tomorrow night. I’ll read to you tomorrow night, I promise.” Yeah. Never think that… for her there was not gonna be any tomorrow, see. The last time I’d see her, I’d be holding her lifeless body in my arms. Meat was spilling out of her, Red. The place where her face used to be.

Picture this:

Grandpa Plisetsky bringing 10-yr-old Yuri to St. Petersburg, getting him set up in his dorm (or wherever kids live when they move to new cities alone).

“Yurochka, I have a surprise for you. A gift so you don’t get lonely.”

“What is it?????”

*pulls cat from behind his back*

Yuri is overjoyed, of course. Gramps asks what he’s going to name him.

Baby Yuri takes a good long look at the kitten and then says, very seriously, with conviction, “Puma Tiger Scorpion.”

Gramps: “…How about Potya for short.”

you know who this reminds me of?

these two nerds