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The Elgang finds a fidget spiner

“What is it… Why is it spinning?”

“Can I eat it?”

“No, Elboy, you cannot eat it.”

Add was surrounded by the El gang, who were very curious over this contraption he had.

“It’s called a spinner. It obviously spins. Seeing as during the meetings I have nothing to do to keep myself busy during Raven’s droning lectures-”

There was a grunt of annoyance. “Hey you -!”

“- I decided to get one of these.” Add continued, ignoring Raven.

“It’s… Very interesting..” Rena muttered, a bit cross eyed from trying to watch it.

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oh man just wait until harry and matt go to italy, i would love to hear the conversation that ensues when matt finds out harry likes strawberry on his pizza

OH BOOOOOYYYY i cannot wait for matthew ‘spicy italian’ daddario to lose his fucking shit over this, i want him dragging harry for a good 20 minutes on that panel. we need to get someone to ask them this!

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Hi Mikki! Do you have any fic recommendations to help us get through this sadness of skam being over? Still cannot process that it's actually over, like what am I supposed to do with my life now haha

Hello my angel <3 I know how you feel, thankfully these beautiful characters live on in many beautiful parallel universes and i’ll share some of my faves with you <3

This one about prince Isak is amazing

the same writers are writing this incredible fic about pop star isak and indie musician Even

of course one of my ultimate fave fics, The Big Brother au 

this soulmate au is making me so happy right now

I haven’t read it yet but this Nooreva fic is a fake dating au and it’s supposed to be good. 

Just started this one but i like it 

i’m still making my way through this one and it’s so angsty but soooo good

I have so many bookmarked that I haven’t read yet so i’ll probably let you guys know what I think as I read them and find more parallel universes I love <3

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Can you please do a review of Suppressed Emotions by hopelesslydevotedxx?

Hmmm, lets see if I remember this correctly.

So its AU Year 7, Hermione and Draco are head boy and head girl, Hermione is with Ron, Draco is an ass and a death eater. They go patrolling together and something just randomly attacks Hermione one night. For some random reason Dumbledore makes Draco protect her. Of course over time they get to know one another and become friends and Draco turns to the Order, war happens and love and you get the picture. There is also smut.

I would say this is a lighter version of Isolation, very similar concept where Draco and Hermione are forced to live together and Draco redeems himself. But way less angst and you have Ron and Harry being major characters in this. 

It is a good plot, different from the normal war fics, but the characters were a little OOC for me. The romance was fast also. I really cannot remember much about this fic since I read it when it was being updated back in 2014-2015. I remember also that the author used to update regularly and then stopped for a while, then started back. So when she did come back, I continued reading the fic without going back and re-reading the previous chapters and was really confused for a while, so now I know the general plot of the fic but not the fine details. :(

But its well written, and if you like war fics, with a redeemed!Draco and action, then definitely check this one out! :)

Suppressed Emotions By: hopelesslydevoted.xx - M, 37 chapters “Granger what the hell?” Draco asked looking at her ruffled clothes, and her face covered in blood. Hermione let out a loud sob and threw herself into his arms. - Draco and Hermione are forced to live together after Hermione gets attacked during patrolling. Relying on her worst enemy to keep her safe, what could go wrong, right? 

- Lisa

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Hey dad if I wanted to possess Sam, could I? It would be an easy way of shutting him up until you get back, Dean wouldn't be able to kill me and I'd hop out of him and hand him over as soon as you found me

“Son, you aren’t an angel. You cannot simply “hop” from one body to the next.” 

“And if I ever hear you suggest possession of a vessel with complete disregard for consent and free will again, you are going into a very, very long time-out.” 

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I'm pretty sure my only friend is starting to dislike me because of how much I talk about my ex. He ended it and I'm still in love with him. I've admitted to myself and him that he was emotionally abusive and didn't treat me right half the time but I still want him back after 4 months. I don't hold anything he did against him. How can you stop being a fool for someone? I don't want anyone else other than him but he doesn't want me. I can't get over him. Help ☹️

Baby, don’t you dare coming back to him. Stick to your friends. Now you feel badly but love, you can’t make a living out of the people who treat you like shit. You need to talk to your friend about this problem…
the one thing i know is that you cannot come back to him.


I …well .. I do have an excuse for this actually. This is all @haikyoutooiguess ‘s fault. They were my exchange partner for the iwaoi exchange and had “KyouKen” written as their … fav other ship? :’D .. and……… then this happened? I’m sorry? Kind of?

Picture this:

Grandpa Plisetsky bringing 10-yr-old Yuri to St. Petersburg, getting him set up in his dorm (or wherever kids live when they move to new cities alone).

“Yurochka, I have a surprise for you. A gift so you don’t get lonely.”

“What is it?????”

*pulls cat from behind his back*

Yuri is overjoyed, of course. Gramps asks what he’s going to name him.

Baby Yuri takes a good long look at the kitten and then says, very seriously, with conviction, “Puma Tiger Scorpion.”

Gramps: “…How about Potya for short.”

“The future is not set in stone, and even if it was, stone can be broken.”                 ― Melanie Rawn

12x19 “The Future”

you know who this reminds me of?

these two nerds


im broke and im sad so i made this 

  • currently cannot buy BTS BON VOYAGE Season 2 
  • isn’t registered as an offical ARMY
  • can’t buy merch
    -saves enough money to buy merch (cue tears of joy)
    -gets bitchsmacked by shipping costs (cue tears of sadness)
  • can’t buy concert tickets or plane tickets
  • *is in europe*
  • the only way to support is by voting and sharing things on twitter
  • w e e p i n g
  • jealousy over other ARMYs BTS collections (i will admit to that)
  • doesn’t understand korean but smiles when the boys laugh (because i care very much about their happiness and health)
  • eng subs are my favorite thing
  • quietly awaiting for someone to upload and share BTS BON VOYAGE Season 2 on some other platform
  • *prints out picture of BTS* ”this is the closest i’ll ever get to them”
  • remembering that BTS is grateful for all of their fans including international  ARMYs and that they’re thankful and you feel much love and appreciation :’)
  • *is still broke but rich in love and support for BTS*

KURO WEEK - DAY 2: Identity

“And I cannot help but wonder,

where does ‘he’ end

and where do ‘I’ begin?”

Even after their escape, Kuro still felt the cold pressure on his back – the ever watching eyes of the Druids. Always waiting, always anticipating his next move to be a failure. Always looking for a reason to get to him. To hurt him and tell him how he needed to become the Champion – Shiro. Over and over again. Until he would believe it. Until he would embrace the idea of losing himself to the arena, and become their greatest weapon.

He could still hear them comparing him to his original sometimes. He knew he was an individual personality. He had to be. And still, after all this time, Kuro was at a loss.

He still wondered, what was real, and what not. What was him and what was Shiro? Which traits, which quirks, which likes and dislikes were exclusively Kuro? And which ones were copied from the original? Which facets of his personality were his? Which ones were only a mere shadow of a man he loathed and loved at the same time?

He was at a loss.

After all this time, Kuro still wondered, where Shiro ended

and where he began.


Okay, so my poor baby sometimes wonders if he’s a real, individual person or if his mind, too, is nothing but a copy. Second entry for the @kuroweek 2017 :3